320 hazards found, displaying on 11 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
339012 Apr 20102671630Christchurch Road / Unthank RoadTwo holes at mouth of junction heavily used by people on bikesFixed
6531415 Mar 20123729016Christopher Close NR1 2PQpotholes various sizes mostly near kerb reported at the request of a cyclist visiting meFixed
3027424 Feb 2010Clover Hill RdDeep pothole in bus/taxi/cycle laneFixed
2578221 Jan 201025782ColegateThe whole south side of the street is rutted and has been even before the snow. It is one of the worst maintained streets in Norwich, but the highest revenue raiser for the Council in parking fines. …Fixed
279151 Feb 2010colegateUneven surface from junction Oak street/Coslany steet to Duke street on Colegate (part of route 1 National Cycle Network)Fixed
372179 Jun 20102762080ColegateSeries of potholes running almost continuously along Colegate from Magdalen Street to St Georges Street. Each pothole ranging in size from 30cm by 30cm to 45 cm by 1.5 metresFixed
4897824 Feb 20113169417ColegateLong, narrow pothole on ColegateFixed
674946 May 20123807324ColegatePothole opposite octagon house 19 colegate Norwich Drivers are finding it hard to avoid as cars are parked on opposite side from holeFixed
8032722 Feb 2013process reference 4218476college rdlarge and deep pothole on a junction at the bottom of a small hillFixed
7920912 Feb 2013Colney laneLarge potholeRejected
4519928 Jan 20113698010Constitution HillPretty deep hole at mini-roundaboutFixed
4520128 Jan 20113127874Constitution HillRoad is extremely rough - some top surface removed/cracked. Hard to avoid.Fixed
4520428 Jan 20113127861Constitution HillRoad surface removed and very roughFixed
5948218 Aug 20113437177Constitution HillThere are potholes either side of the zebra crossing on Constitution Hill in Norwich - the zebra crossing at the crossroads with Denmark Hill and St Clemens Hill.Fixed
4376919 Jan 20113108280Constitution HillRoad surface removed on north side of roundabout. A fairly large area has cracked or come away.Rejected
4460625 Jan 20113108280Constitution Hill / Chartwell Road RoundaboutLong pothole on Roundabout Nowich outer ring road. Very dangerous position for cyclists using roundabout. Was repaired last year but not very wellFixed
6908418 Jun 20123869806Convent RoadSunken drain cover on roundaboutFixed
3841129 Jul 20102846007Coslany Street/Dyers Yard junctiondrop-out deflectionFixed
2366823 Nov 2009Cycle path to UEA playing field and River YareMultiple pot-holes at entrance to dual-use cycle path/footpath in between concrete cylinders that are positioned to make motor vehicle access difficult. The path has overhanging trees and the holes a…Rejected
2956117 Feb 20102601924Dereham RdSeveral large potholes in road all near each other by the BP garage traffic lights heading towards Costessey.Fixed
135933 Jun 2008Dereham RoadVery uneven poor surface on the right hand side of roadFixed
136535 Jun 2008Dereham RoadArea around drain in middle of crossroads has sunkFixed
309091 Mar 20102616386Dereham RoadOn approach to the Bowthorpe roundabout, heading from the Dereham Road, there is a large pothole pretty much the length of the road, where it looks like previously filled in pipe work has broken up.Fixed
2987720 Feb 2010dereham roadseveral potholes in the middle of the roadFixed
308721 Mar 20102616398Dereham RoadPotholeFixed
314504 Mar 2010Dereham Roadsunken drain in middle of roadFixed
4920825 Feb 2011Dereham RoadSunken drain on bus stop just before Gladstone Street.Fixed
543407 Apr 20113242046Dereham RoadEver increasing split in the road surfaceFixed
892044 Aug 20134443930Dereham RoadSharp localised dip in road - significant hazard to cycling. Road surface not brokenFixed
562794 May 20113272570Dereham RoadNumber of sunken drains and gullies in the bus and cycle lane on Dereham RoadRejected

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