75 hazards found, displaying on 3 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionsort iconStatus
864189 May 2013unclassifiedmultiple potholesReported
1397728 Jun 2008B4350Nasty hole where drain is sunken into road and long water made gully that traps wheelsIn progress
7070915 Aug 2012A470No signs indicating side roadReported
540234 Apr 2011red lanenumerousReported
463807 Feb 2011Upper Dolfor RoadNumerous potholes on the small 'back road' out of Newtown which emerges in Dolfor.Reported
12033625 Nov 2015B4396Old pothole, twice repaired by filling, not planing and re-surfacing, has opened up rapidly following the recent wet weather.Reported
1066257 Aug 2014heol phillippavement curb concreted and atrip hazerdReported
3367330 Mar 2010Pot holeReported
540194 Apr 2011red lanepotholeReported
540204 Apr 2011red lanepotholeReported
540214 Apr 2011red lanepotholeReported
540224 Apr 2011red lanepotholeReported
732786 Dec 2012bryn glaspotholeReported
755077 Jan 2013Hundred House to Howey over the Rogo.PotholeReported
1167923 Jun 2015B4393PotholeReported
755087 Jan 2013Hundred House to Howey over the Rogo.Pothole (loose chippings).Reported
7755730 Jan 2013A481 west of Hendra Einon Bungalow.Pothole and chippings.Reported
9103719 Oct 2013Pothole and poor surface. Reported
10899326 Nov 2014B4396Pothole near the edge of the road.Reported
7373618 Dec 2012A483Pothole next to gully drain on east bound side of A483.In progress
7216326 Oct 2012A44 Hereford to LLandegely PowysPothole on an A44 road 1 meter from the ditch in the route of cyclists. I have reported this to my local highways council department via e-mail and phone call but have heard nothing.Reported
10767525 Sep 2014berrington hill (bottom of) cwmtwrchPotholes and cracking across whole section of roadReported
6195913 Dec 2011Forge RoadPotholes as well as poorly repaired surface across whole of bridge crossing. Will only worsen as winter takes holdReported
6448324 Feb 2012Forge RoadPotholes on approach to bridge as well as on bridge itself. Have worsened considerably since first reported in December.Reported
8286121 Mar 2013Bron y CrugPotholes two years old and a large curbstone dislodged by the Councils bin lorry nearly two years ago.Reported
10538914 Jun 2014B4355Road surface is breaking up resulting in some deep pot holes which are damaging to my cars wheels and suspensionReported
674224 May 2012Series of potholes on the near side from Upper Chapel towards Lower ChapelReported
6127411 Nov 2011Between Gifach lane and Old House farmSeveral "holes" including several off the edge ones which are a danger not only to cyclists.Reported
8951120 Aug 2013Lower road Moelfre (Northward section,) SY10 7QJSeveral potholes exposing large foundation stones (2-5 cm) which are beginng to come out rapidly increasing erosionReported
694741 Jul 2012B4368 Clun Roadsignificant potholem where previous repairs undertaken. Hole not huge but the sinking rut leading into it tends to guide the wheel into it. Dark road with overhanging trees and almost impossible to…Reported

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