Windsor and Maidenhead

180 hazards found, displaying on 6 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
6290512 Jan 2012St Peters Road, MaidenheadLarge pothole, about 1m square and probably about 15cm deep in the middle.Reported
6238731 Dec 2011Large pothole in middle of road Reported
618369 Dec 2011A329 London RoadSunken drain, and collapse of tarmac around itReported
6141318 Nov 2011Howe LanepotholeReported
6092225 Oct 2011Howe LaneThe road surface between the bridge & Westley Mill, going towards Bracknell, is breaking up & is extremely dangerous to cyclists. After crossing the road narrow bridge I have to hand signal to turn …Reported
6027222 Sep 2011Slough Road, DatchetDeep round pothole beside kerbReported
6024421 Sep 2011Horton Road, Datchet, BerkshireDeep gully 90 degree to kerbReported
5975930 Aug 2011westley millPothole approx 18'' across & 6'' deep. This is on the right hand side of the road, approx 250 Metres from the junction with Howe LaneReported
5886728 Jul 2011Stanwell RoadDeep erosion and delamination of tarmac surface next to speed pillowReported
5886628 Jul 2011Stanwell RoadDeep erosion and delamination of tarmac surface next to speed pillowReported
5883327 Jul 2011northumbria road cox greenThe hazard is a severe danger to all road users, plus the grinding noise made by traffif from dawn till dusk, these pot holes are in a very busy residential areaReported
5868822 Jul 2011Slough Road - B376Series of holes, and uneven surfaces culminating in a sunken area surrounding drain ironwork.Reported
5678120 May 2011A330/B3024General heavy uneven-ness on metre nearsest kurb. Awful surface along whole length making cycling very difficult.Reported
5581026 Apr 2011B383 Broomhall LaneFailure of the surface dressing on the line of an old utility trench, two long cracks running parallel to the kerbline for approximately 10m with sections breaking out. This defect is on the alignmen…Reported
5580826 Apr 2011B383 Broomhall laneFailure of the wearing course at the joint between the construction of the north and south bound lanes. Long failure that is widening.Reported
5251622 Mar 20115 inch wide crack about 2 feet long near the keen running across the road.Reported
5166915 Mar 2011WhiteleyPothole at side of the road, next to a drain grate.Reported
4733813 Feb 2011Cannon LaneA large pothole in centre of road 40 metres from junction of Cannon Lane with Waltham Lane.Reported
4721512 Feb 2011Buckhurst RoadLarge, deep potholeReported
4709911 Feb 2011Concorde RoadApprox 10 potholes in middle of roadReported
4694410 Feb 2011Cox Green LaneTwo potholes ajacent to a reinstated trench roadworks. The reinstatement is fine, but along the edges of the repair work the existing road has deteriorated/crumbled in two places, leaving the pothole…Reported
4561631 Jan 2011Butchers LaneMultiple large deep potholes in middle of road surface on a bendReported
4286514 Jan 2011Hibbert RoadLARGE pothole and loose debrisReported
419325 Jan 2011Rise RoadLarge hole has opened up in the middle of the road causing not only a danger from the pothole but debris across the road as well causing safety issues for cars and especially motorcycles as it is rig…Reported
4077910 Nov 2010How Lane, just off B3024 (near Paley Street) BerkshireLarge crack where old roads mends have separated. Is rigt on corner forcing you out into the road to avoid it. Crack easily large enough for wheel to get caught in and cause a crash.Reported
3941815 Sep 2010Sutton RoadPrevious water repair now leaking again for some weeks leaving surface water on road which may cause dangerous icing when frosts return.Reported
392285 Sep 2010Albert RoadA number of potholes which were filled in after the cold winter but have reopened making this dangerous for cyclistsReported
3759922 Jun 2010Straight RoadDeep gap in road surfaceReported
3727410 Jun 2010Drift RoadA long crack and sunken road surface on dangerous cornerReported
370494 Jun 2010Paley StreetLarge hole adjacent to drain coverReported

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