Windsor and Maidenhead

200 hazards found, displaying on 7 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
8084328 Feb 2013Datchet Road SL3Deep holes around drain cover.Reported
8031722 Feb 2013larch avenueMultiple ruts/gullys/uneven in this section of road but most importantly the road seems to have sunken causing sections of the road to be raised quite steeply. hitting these raised potions of road…Reported
785707 Feb 2013A330 Ascot Rd - heading toward MaidenheadPotholeReported
784196 Feb 2013Lee LaneMultiple potholes along Lee Lane, Maidenhead, Berkshire. They are on either side of the road, so if you encounter another car then you have no choice but to pull into one of them. They are so dee…Reported
782404 Feb 2013arthur roadLarge potholeReported
754337 Jan 2013Deep rut around metal grate or drain on left edge of road when exiting Marlow Road and onto roundabout. Could easily throw a cyclist off if caught unawares.Reported
752095 Jan 2013Winkfield RoadSeveral potholes have appeared in this section of the road but I am only interested in the one that threatens cyclists. This is just past the traffic lights in the Ascot direction.Reported
751514 Jan 2013Pothole in direct track of cyclists.Reported
749684 Jan 2013Fifield RoadVery deep and wide pot hole on Fifield Road about 25cm from edge of road.Reported
733789 Dec 2012Slough RoadLots of ruts / holes /etc. on the left side of the Slough Road heading out of Datchet between the intersections with Eton Road and Castle Avenue (and a bit further), making it dangerous for cyclists …Reported
723836 Nov 2012A329In the roundabout is a deep medium size hole that makes turning right on the bicycle hazardous.Reported
7182511 Oct 2012drift roadarea across the whole width of road that has been repaired a bit but new holes appearing now.Reported
7179510 Oct 2012drift roadroad surface breaking away round manhole cover.Reported
710645 Sep 2012Stanwell Road, HortonSunken drain with holes developing out into roadReported
7063513 Aug 2012Stanwell RoadSunken drain with large pot hole.Reported
6998719 Jul 2012Ray Park RoadPothole approx 4inches deep, 6 inches in diameterReported
6893114 Jun 2012Rise RoadDeep pothole in middle of lane, dangerous for cyclists.Reported
6892014 Jun 2012Holyport roadDeep pot hole is a square shape where a chunk of the top surface of Tarmacadam has exposed the original concrete base layer. Many other holes on this section especially round the edge of road drain …Reported
673883 May 2012Waltham RoadSevere erosion around drain coverReported
673693 May 2012Osborne RdVery poor road surface with multiple potholes - dangerous to cycle over.Reported
6659217 Apr 2012old maidenhead rdpothole and surface crumbling .Reported
661775 Apr 2012old mill/monkey island lanea deep pothole not big in diameter but dangerous for horses and walkers etc.even more so in low light conditions,so get to it guys!.Reported
6450525 Feb 2012burfield road and priest hillThis proved nearly lethal to me 2 night ago. My wheel got caught in this pothole and I was lucky not to be thrown off into the path of an oncoming car. It is a relatively small but deep pothole.Reported
6301516 Jan 2012Burfield RoadMultiple potholes over a stretch of about 200m of road.Reported
6290512 Jan 2012St Peters Road, MaidenheadLarge pothole, about 1m square and probably about 15cm deep in the middle.Reported
6238731 Dec 2011Large pothole in middle of road Reported
618369 Dec 2011A329 London RoadSunken drain, and collapse of tarmac around itReported
6141318 Nov 2011Howe LanepotholeReported
6092225 Oct 2011Howe LaneThe road surface between the bridge & Westley Mill, going towards Bracknell, is breaking up & is extremely dangerous to cyclists. After crossing the road narrow bridge I have to hand signal to turn …Reported
6027222 Sep 2011Slough Road, DatchetDeep round pothole beside kerbReported

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