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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
6540916 Mar 201237892Waterloo bridgeThere is a deep defect in the road suface, pothole next to a drain, extending across a width of the road-edge which is the same width as the recently-ended bicycle lane. This is the width that overt…Reported
6520312 Mar 201237713Lower Regent StreetOn lower Regent street, in the middle of one of the lanes is a sunken manhole cover. I've almost come of my bike a few times as it's also really slippery (especially when wet)Reported
6517312 Mar 201237682Eastbourne MewsA pothole that is located in Eastbourne Mews in the north tunnel over 40 Eastbourne Terrace. The location is badly lit at night and the pot hole is very difficult to see. Due to the location of the…Reported
649998 Mar 2012Lupus Road, PimlicoDeep potholes as one travels from east to west of Lupus Road past the Pimlico Academy, after crossing over the traffic lights. The road also needs repair as one one travels from west to east of Lupus…Reported
648736 Mar 201237568Buckingham Palace Roadsiezable trough in middle of busy junction making it hard to avoid when crossing from South to North, where hazard runs horizontally across the carriageway.Reported
648666 Mar 201237567Market Placeonly 1/3 of holes treated but even so not correctly done. serious questions over conduct of the contractor or the comissioning process that Westminister have followedReported
6460927 Feb 2012park lanepothole in the left hand carriageway bang on the line a cyclist would take to head up the lowered kerb onto the cycle laneReported
6460827 Feb 2012Market Placethe road surface in uneven and potholed becoming dangerous for all trafficReported
6460627 Feb 201237213Hanover Stroad surface is uneven, potholed, sunken temporary repairs and breaking upReported
6452926 Feb 201237212A40 elevated section - Westway - EastboundA deep rectangular pothole possibly around 8" deep. It looks like a previous repair in which half the repair has lifted. Whilst posing little risk of injury to car drivers, this is a fast road freque…Reported
6444223 Feb 2012QUEEN'S GATE AND KENSINGTON ROAD JUNCTIONSeries of joined-up small and medium sized but deep potholes,Reported
638487 Feb 2012Avenue RoadCorner of Norfolk Road and on Avenue Road. Where the new houses were built the road has been decimated by the construction lorries. It is uneven, rutted and dangerous. Personally I cannot see why the…Reported
638417 Feb 201236725moscow roadMassive section of road in terrible condition. Dangerous junction, lots of large vehicles and right next to a primary school!Reported
6359231 Jan 2012Great Marlborough StreetPatchy, uneven, gaps, stick out man hole covers etc.Reported
6346228 Jan 201236336Waterloo BridgePoorly repaired potholeReported
6346128 Jan 201236335Seymour PlaceHuge crater - I see this has been reported almost a month ago & is still there - nearly had me off my bike - very dangerousReported
6333825 Jan 2012soho squareSmall but sudden jolt that could damage a wheel, and shook my light off it's stem.Reported
6326123 Jan 2012millbankPotholes, broken tarmac and subsidanceReported
6315420 Jan 2012Haymarket Hondon W1large deep pothole in the road - cycling there last night in the dark, I didn't spot it - momentarily concentrating on traffic and buses etc behind - my front wheel completely dissappeared into the h…Reported
6308818 Jan 201236062moscow roadWhole surface of road is pitted with huge deep craters, it is a section of road that many lorries, taxis, bikes and cars turn on, with pedestrians crossing too. There are also often parked vans. Very…Reported
625694 Jan 2012Mortimer StPothole - large and dangerous on Mortimer St where the former Hospital was.Reported
625033 Jan 2012Mortimer StreetPothole at centre of large area of broken surfaceReported
624683 Jan 2012Very deep (3-4") pothole exactly in the path of cyclists on Waterloo bridge. Forces cyclists into overtaking traffic.Reported
6228728 Dec 2011Seymour Pl1 metre squared pothole on the southbound highwayReported
6202216 Dec 201134975Seymour street/Great Cumberland Place junctionVery very uneven surface (approx 3m x 3m) in the middle of a junction - cyclists and motorcyclists have to swerve considerably - thus this is a serious hazard.Reported
6195813 Dec 201134921No cover on manhole in middle of path !! Been like that for 2 weeks Reported
6192612 Dec 2011Bridge StreetSunken drainReported
618238 Dec 2011The drains are all blocked up with dirt causing large puddles of water in lane 3 Reported
617625 Dec 2011haymarketMany potholes. Road has been bumpy for ever but even more tarmac is coming off now. With the downhill slope, cars rushing for traffic lights and changing lanes when the bus lane ends, its getting m…Reported
616871 Dec 2011346103 sunken man holes Reported

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