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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
4119225 Nov 2010St Johns Wood rdHi - there is a burst waterpipe that is leaking (for last 2 weeks). It is causing a pothole to grow.Reported
4115823 Nov 201024051Moscow RoadHazzard 38401 is still there and getting worse. Now covers a very large area. This is a well-used route for cyclists. Images attached.Reported
4111021 Nov 2010marylebone high stit is a long section of old cracks poorly repaired and un eveness on the asphalt that despite recent re surfacing of the whole road did not get addressed, it starts by pedestrian crossing of Hinde S…Reported
4103718 Nov 2010Sunken repair following cable laying Reported
4041927 Oct 2010sutherland Ave3 or 4 large potholes adn eroded surface at teh traffic lights at the top of Sutherland Avenue, where it meets up with Maida ValeReported
4010511 Oct 2010Large pothole in centre of laneReported
399988 Oct 2010Sunken road surfaces after pipe/cable workReported
398404 Oct 2010Council negligence Reported
397472 Oct 201022265Lord Hills BridgeThere is a large pothole with wiring appearing from underneath it.Reported
3948120 Sep 2010StrandLarge area of sunken/raised roadReported
3941415 Sep 2010BedfordburyThe entire length of this road is uneven and consists of small repaired sections of tarmac, all at different heights and gradients. There are cracks, abrupt shifts from one bit of repaired road to a…Reported
392938 Sep 2010Waterloo Bridge SouthboundWaterloo Bridge (southbound) big pothole (31/08/2010) sign instructing that cycle lane is closed- directs the cycling traffic into the path of pothole. Could be very dangerous for cyclists. witnes…Reported
392596 Sep 2010Parliament squareRuts in the centre of the road in parliament square - hazardous.Reported
3913731 Aug 2010Uneven road surface for 100m just at car-door-and bit more distance Outside marylebone police station!Reported
3906627 Aug 2010Bayswater RoadDeep hole around manhole coverReported
3904827 Aug 2010Kensington RoadDeep hole in the roadReported
3872810 Aug 2010MElcombe PlaceSeveral large potholes and poor surfaceReported
386456 Aug 2010Bayswater RoadPothole several inches wide and several inches deep in the path of oncoming cyclists.Reported
385122 Aug 2010Sunken drain covers at junctionReported
385112 Aug 2010Surface defectsReported
385102 Aug 2010Sunken road surface around drain coversReported
385082 Aug 2010Damaged section of roadReported
3806012 Jul 2010Hyde park cornerA deep ditch of a pothole on the cyclist crossing at hyde park cornerReported
379225 Jul 2010Junction - roundabout at Whitehall/Mall/Trafalgar SquareCrack across the carriageway, wide and deep enough in parts to cause danger.Reported
3727910 Jun 2010Harrowdeep hole right next to a drain, narrow but dangerous for cycle wheels.Reported
369432 Jun 2010Porchester TerracePotholeReported
369021 Jun 2010Shirland RoadLong hole on the tarmac which stretches from the inner side of the parking bay towards the middle of the road, where it becomes deeper.Reported
3683631 May 2010Westminster BridgeThere are about 7 newly installed manhole covers on the pavement. Although the actual covers are level with the pavement, there is a gap around each one where the surface has not been made level and …Reported
3669526 May 2010St Petersburgh PlaceUneven road surface with painted lines over the topReported
3510217 Apr 2010Millbankpothole / breaking up road surface in position marked by gps on the map going away from central London.Reported

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