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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
464627 Feb 201126245Double loose manhole cover causing both a huge danger and very loud crashing sound when busses/lorries etc pass over. Reported
460704 Feb 201126205Langham Placelarge deep pothole going across road very dangerous for Motorcycles and bicycles.Reported
459373 Feb 201126211Abingdon StreetPotholes around metal coverReported
459023 Feb 2011bayswater roadHeading west out of Hyde Park towards Lancaster Gate there is quite a long stretch of potholes and sunken drains that make things very difficult indeed for a cyclist.Reported
4551831 Jan 2011Inspection cover not flush with surface Reported
4467026 Jan 2011Bridge StreetPothole and broken surfaceReported
4425622 Jan 2011Westbourne Grove, London W2 5RUdeep pothole near the kerb, previously poorly filled in, with large uneven area adjacentReported
4402521 Jan 201125620StrandPotholeReported
4402421 Jan 2011StrandHigh ridgeReported
4391020 Jan 2011Chelsea bridgeLarge rut next to metal movement joint on northside of northbound Chelsea Bridge. Already caused punctures as right next to vertical edge of metal joint which is exposedReported
4378819 Jan 2011Pothole, prob related to bad repair after dig up and fill back for cable/pipe work.Reported
4364719 Jan 2011Horseferry RoadPothole created by loose tar on top of wobbly coverReported
4300515 Jan 2011abercorn placePothole on south side of abercorn rdReported
4274313 Jan 2011Large pothole There was one here before that got fixed Reported
420657 Jan 2011Intersection of Norfolk Place and Praed StreetThe hazard runs directly across the whole of Norfolk Pl as it enters Praed St. There is no way around it. A trench was dug here during the summer, but very badly filled. It was refilled recently (…Reported
420607 Jan 2011Bedford StreetMissing coverReported
418724 Jan 2011Randolph AveHi - a water pipe has burst, pouring water on the road and creating a pothole.Reported
4141612 Dec 201024459Carlton Hill, NW8Carlton Hill, NW8, in St John's Wood, between Abbey Road and Hamilton Terrace, is filled with potholes!! The road is in absolutely terrible condition, and has been that way for at least a year.Reported
4139410 Dec 2010Great Western RoadPothole, c. 25x50cm wide and 15cm deep in middle of the carriage way. The hazard poses a high risk to cyclists and motorbikes because of its depth, and because it causes them swerve into the path of …Reported
413054 Dec 2010sussex placeSunken patch in road, forces cyclists to either travel too close to parked cars, if passed on left, or facing oncoming traffic if passed on right. deep, with sharp, straight edges.Reported
4127830 Nov 2010Matthew Parker StreetThe hazards start as you turn into Matthew Parker Road from Storey's Gate as the road surface is cut up, potholed and damaged as you make the right turn (travelling north-south down Storey's Gate). …Reported
4126929 Nov 20101 of 3 dangerous potholes at this cross roads. Just caused me to loose control of my handlebars. Reported
4119225 Nov 2010St Johns Wood rdHi - there is a burst waterpipe that is leaking (for last 2 weeks). It is causing a pothole to grow.Reported
4115823 Nov 201024051Moscow RoadHazzard 38401 is still there and getting worse. Now covers a very large area. This is a well-used route for cyclists. Images attached.Reported
4111021 Nov 2010marylebone high stit is a long section of old cracks poorly repaired and un eveness on the asphalt that despite recent re surfacing of the whole road did not get addressed, it starts by pedestrian crossing of Hinde S…Reported
4103719 Nov 2010Sunken repair following cable laying Reported
4041927 Oct 2010sutherland Ave3 or 4 large potholes adn eroded surface at teh traffic lights at the top of Sutherland Avenue, where it meets up with Maida ValeReported
4010511 Oct 2010Large pothole in centre of laneReported
399988 Oct 2010Sunken road surfaces after pipe/cable workReported
398404 Oct 2010Council negligence Reported

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