646 hazards found, displaying on 22 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
5680821 May 2011Prince Albert RdThe area around the drain at the traffic lights is heavily sunken and requires filling - junction of A5205 Prince Albert Road with Avenue Road - west bound (South side).Reported
5666316 May 201128899Chelsea BridgePothole at start of Chelsea Bridge (going North to South)Reported
562924 May 2011Carlton Hilla smallish pothole - but it is right in the path of cyclists turning right from Hamilton Terrace into Carlton Hill or those turning right into Hamilton Terrace out of Carlton Hill.Reported
562192 May 2011Very deep (c25cm) pothole, gravel/hardcore across road, and wet surface due to burst water main - been getting worse for at least 3 weeksReported
5615330 Apr 2011avenue roada long section of the road is very uneven and dangerous to motorcylces filtering, as the bike follows the holes, and sometimes it can send you into the path of oncoming cars.Reported
5481613 Apr 201128165Bayswater RoadLarge pothole and sunken area of road surface surrounding a cluster of three drain coversReported
5481513 Apr 201128163Bentick StreetLarge area of 'sunken' road surfaceReported
5481413 Apr 201128161Bentick StreetLarge area of 'collapsed' road surfaceReported
5481213 Apr 201128162Bayswater RoadSeveral square meters of road surface completely missing across both lanes of the Eastbound carriagewayReported
5481113 Apr 201132717Bayswater RoadRuddy great potholeReported
539854 Apr 2011A40 Bayswater RoadHuge pot hole.Reported
538622 Apr 2011The MallPothole - on busy area with lots of cyclistsReported
5252622 Mar 2011Wardour StreetLarge pothole several metres in length and approx a metre in width. Surface of road completely gone in places revealing several layers of surface underneath. Significant depth at its deepest point …Reported
5202918 Mar 2011Berkeley StreetIrregular sized hole that covers most of a lane.Reported
5192717 Mar 201127413Kensington RoadCollapsed drain and surrounding road surface (2x)Reported
5182516 Mar 201127412Moscow RoadEntire stretch of road here is torn to shreds. Severe potholes, temporary fills and very uneven surface. Surface damage extends for 20+ meters and results in the need to cycle in the centre of the …Reported
5148714 Mar 2011L shape pothole. Dangerous if turning right onto Victoria Street.Reported
5147614 Mar 2011Bridgeman Street NW87ALPothole in the middle of the road. Quite a few of themReported
5111911 Mar 2011bridgeman streetlong and wide pothole (weather damage) in a common position for cyclists on this one-way street. also there is a primary school on this street and a lot of childen cycleReported
507928 Mar 2011Jermyn streetDeep cut in the tarmac, filled but not flush.Reported
506457 Mar 2011Arundel StreetGeneral wearing of top layer of tarmac in road, very significant number of large hazardsReported
501103 Mar 2011bayswatercoming out of hyde park on (a major cycleway) on west carriage drive and then turning left on to bayswater road, there is a stretch of very badly rutted an uneven road leading to lancaster gate and b…Reported
4953628 Feb 201126884Lowndes StreetSeries of small potholes in close proximity, and on a badly-lit stretch of road. Cumulative impact of hitting these (while cycling) is likely to lead to loss of controlReported
4936127 Feb 201126883StrandA long rasied/sunken part of roadwayReported
4889323 Feb 2011Parliament SquarePot hole plus deeper crack - lethalReported
4883123 Feb 201126743Great Cumberland PlaceRoad surface of junction completely worn out, with severe rutting and potholesReported
4881023 Feb 2011Melcombe PlaceThe conditions of the road outside the main entrance to Marylebone station is shocking. There are cracks, potholes, gullies and ruts over a substantial stretch of road. I ride a motorcycle over thi…Reported
4781516 Feb 2011Pothole in front of pedestrian crossing buckled both my bike wheelsReported
464627 Feb 201126245Double loose manhole cover causing both a huge danger and very loud crashing sound when busses/lorries etc pass over. Reported
460704 Feb 201126205Langham Placelarge deep pothole going across road very dangerous for Motorcycles and bicycles.Reported

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