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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
341186 Apr 2010marlborough place, london NW8Quite large, and getting larger with traffic passing over it. Quite a bit of loose debris spread around as the edge continues to break up.Reported
3363430 Mar 2010The Strand/AldwychTravelling east from Strand onto Aldwych the pothole is located approximately in the centre of the left hand lane of traffic, between the cycle lane into Wellington St and the pedestrian crossing acr…Reported
3300923 Mar 2010Fleet StreetCrumbling, sunken manhole surround. right in the cycling line between two zebra crossings on a very busy section of Fleet StreetReported
3277219 Mar 2010"Octer Circle" of REgents ParkSunken manhole in middle of road.Reported
314754 Mar 2010PiccadillyLarge pieces of debris and tarmac lifting from an earlier road repair. Debris size is like a paving slab sticking up. Vry dangerous to cyclists and motorcyles and could do damage to cars too.Reported
311442 Mar 2010Ebury Bridge RoadA large section of this main road has in the past had several problems. The whole pothole/shoddy repair extends right accross this very busy road. Serious dammage/accident is a certainty if this is l…Reported
308421 Mar 2010Most of the lower part of the road has pot holes, gulleys etc. Its in an appalling state..Reported
3046726 Feb 2010Harrow RoadDeep pothole next to man hole cover.Reported
2985320 Feb 2010North Carriage DrivepotholeReported
287668 Feb 2010Hanover GateFairly small potholes but crowded together and compounded by bad road surface (first reported in 2008!!!). Make turning into this minor road hazardous, especially when cars crowd cyclists.Reported
286778 Feb 2010pothole around drain coverReported
284135 Feb 2010Junction of Seymour St / Great Cumberland PlaceWide pothole (same sort of size as head-to-head right turn markings in centre of road), in centre of junction, exactly where vehicles wait to turn right. This is particularly dangerous to cyclists tu…Reported
2736427 Jan 2010Bentick Street, London W1Rut in roadReported
2736327 Jan 2010Seymour Street, London W1Sizeable rut in the road - major hazard for cycles if not seen in the dark.Reported
2721526 Jan 2010Bruton St, LondonA pothole formed on some old repair work on the road.Reported
2677923 Jan 2010Grosvenor RoadPothole / road defect, visible from the position pinpointed on the map, travelling away from LondonReported
2677823 Jan 2010Grosvenor RoadPothole / road defect, visible from the position pinpointed on the map, travelling away from LondonReported
2677723 Jan 2010MillbankPothole / road defect, visible from the position pinpointed on the map, travelling southReported
2677123 Jan 2010Bridge StreetReally bad road surface for 100m very difficult to cycle with heavy traffic around, needs urgent resurfacingReported
2656522 Jan 2010Duke Street, junction Oxford Street north side3x drain covers at junction Duke St/Ox st with poorly restored road surface around them including absence of road surface and wide gapReported
2630621 Jan 2010Shirland Road, between Bravington Road and Ashmore RoadThe road surface in this part of the road has several shallow potholes over a period of several metresReported
2568421 Jan 2010Townshend road, St Johns Wood, LondonSeries of pot holes (>5).Reported
2532119 Jan 2010Wigmore StPothole next to water hydrant(?) (metalwork) in centre of lanes travelling east along Wigmore StReported
2532019 Jan 2010Mortimer Street, near junction with Great Portland StPothole in centre of road between flows of trafficReported
2522318 Jan 2010The MallPothole just past Admiralty Arch on the West bound carriageway. Full length of West bound carriageway in poor conditionReported
2490215 Jan 2010HaymarketA small pothole outside the cinema on Haymarket, London, SW1.Reported
2489015 Jan 2010Exhibition RoadMost of the recent roadworks perpendicular to the kerb have been filled in too low and have now sunk, especially travelling uphill towards Hyde Park. Worst dips just out from parked cars encouraging …Reported
2488615 Jan 2010Seymour StPothole on junction and west-bound land riddled with ruts.Reported
2469712 Jan 2010Marleybone High StreetA whole strreetful of hazards to dodge - mainly where most of the shops are.Reported
2468912 Jan 2010Hyde Park Corner/Grosvenor PlaceLong & wide & deep pothole on the blind side of a corner coming off Hyde Park Corner onto Grosvenor PlaceReported

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