511 hazards found, displaying on 18 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
2149422 Jun 2009lancaster Placethis area has been repaired regularlyReported
2134812 Jun 2009harrow raod London w1very poor and broken road surfacing with holesReported
2130610 Jun 2009Hyde Park GateVery uneven surface stretching across the road - big jolt for cyclists not expecting it and could knock you off balance in the middle of busy trafficReported
2102228 May 2009Bayswater Roadthe first 200 metres of the western carriageway of Bayswater Road from Marble Arch to just beyond the first bus-stop are in the most appalling condition and have been for years. They are also deteri…Reported
2085221 May 2009Belgrave Square.Small patch of paint on road - probably more hazardous for motorcyclists cutting across it in the wet.Reported
2070116 May 2009Lancaster PlaceThere is a large lump of raised tarmac on the road surface that would be sufficient to throw a cyclist and given the traffic density in that area, that would be extremely dangerous and could be fatalReported
2068215 May 2009Hamilton TerraceGully exactly in the cycle lineReported
2063314 May 2009Picadilly ArcadeMan hole covers with surrounding pot holes and road surface warpped by heavy buses and lorriesReported
203163 May 2009Cavendish Sq.PotholeReported
2013628 Apr 2009KingswayLarge pothole, on the corner of a bend so can need evasive action.Reported
1981818 Apr 2009Hyde Park Gatepothole formed around manholeReported
1946810 Apr 2009Victoria Embankmentpoor surface after water main repair by Thames WaterReported
1902330 Mar 2009The StrandPoor road surface and large potholeReported
1866317 Mar 2009Arundel StreetTwo significant potholes right on the corner. Not very safe when struck signalling left or turning.Reported
1845710 Mar 2009St Georges DriveSunken channel stretching right across the carriagewayReported
1845610 Mar 2009St Georges DriveNumerous potholes and general damage to road surface particularly concentrated on the left hand side of the southbound carriagewayReported
1845510 Mar 2009Buckingham Palace RoadBadly sunken large manhole surrounded by potholesReported
1781319 Feb 2009harrow roadhuge pothole forming beside drainReported
1755515 Feb 2009Lancaster PlaceBuses have caused subsidence in road leaving large ruts and uneven surface along carriageway. Road is a major thoroughfare.In progress
1755115 Feb 2009KingswayLarge/deep pothole situated right on a bendReported
1678127 Jan 2009Grosvenor Roadbig pothole on left hand side of road by junction. very dangerous for cyclists given that many cars overtake far too close along that section giving no room for cyclists to take evasive action. …In progress
1653119 Jan 2009W Carriage Drivelarge potholeReported
1650917 Jan 2009Blomfield RoadMost of the speed cushions are damaged at corners and edges, esp the trailing edges on westbound side.Reported
1610420 Dec 200824470Hamilton TerraceSunken tarmac (probably due to underground services) that has been getting worse over a number of weeks. The hole is just to the right of the marked parking bays along the road, and difficult to spo…Reported
152947 Oct 2008baker stdrain cover missingReported
152937 Oct 2008hanover gategenerally huge potholes all along road. also a line of brick like cobbles has been used as a kind of boundary line, road has degraded on either side of this line so that the 'bricks' stand proud of t…Reported
1513424 Sep 2008Gilpin AvenueThe whole of Gilpin Avenue is uneven and full of holes.Reported
1507819 Sep 2008Westbourne GroveThe whole area at the centre of the junction is extremely uneven, with several deep cracks in the surface. It is a difficult junction to negotiate anyway and the poor surface makes it very dangerous …Reported
1507219 Sep 2008AldwychHuge pothole that has to be avoided, would probably cause damage and/or accident if hit.Reported
1494410 Sep 2008Craven Hill GardensA large area of very rough surface where road previously repaired. It has been bad for about a year and is getting worseReported

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