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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
9562826 Jan 2014ELM 120783Manhole cover is sinking. Heavy vehicles dislodge coverReported
9562726 Jan 2014ELM 120780Recent road repair has disintegrated leaving two large, sharp edged pot holes. A significant danger to vehicles and cyclistsReported
9508220 Jan 2014Union RoadSeveral very deep potholesReported
9497219 Jan 2014ELM 120515Yattendon RoadNumerous large and deep pot holes along left side of road when travelling East from Yattendon, past Burnt Hill along the Yattendon Road through Ashampstead Common and to the Pangbourne turn off. Espe…Reported
9478517 Jan 2014ELM 120364Waterworks have left large pot Hole in roadReported
934994 Jan 2014ELM 119879The StreetPothole meauring 3ft length x 1ft width x 8" depth. Positioned on The Street as you head from Mortimer towards Reading. This has been reported to West Berkshire Council. There is also a corresponding…Reported
933232 Jan 2014ELM 119567A number of potholes throughout the close due to wear and tear.Reported
933042 Jan 2014ELM 119530Potholes and uneven road surface from wear and poor repairsReported
9312630 Dec 2013ELM 119451Deep pithileReported
9312230 Dec 2013ELM 119450Lower wayRough uneven & broken surface, difficult to ride one handed whilst signalling right turn.Reported
9293426 Dec 2013ELM 119334a339Square patch surrounding manhole cover is missing. Within this patch there is another pothole that has formed that is over a foot deep. Side of manhole is exposed.Reported
9279522 Dec 2013ELM 119118Pole hole caused by cold weather Reported
9259215 Dec 2013ELM 118933potholes all along the roadReported
923523 Dec 2013ELM 118719A329Damaged area around drain cover - before and after drain Impossible to avoid due the damage on both sidesReported
923513 Dec 2013ELM 118720A329Large hole after drain cover. Getting much deeper and longer as time passes. Would certainly dislodge a cyclist or motorcyclist hitting the holeReported
9209022 Nov 2013ELM 118510PotholesReported
904746 Oct 2013Yattenden RoadVery large and deep pothole on the left edge of the road as you head into Yattenden from Pangbourne end.Reported
8991710 Sep 2013ELM 116370A417Pothole at edge of manhole coverReported
8991610 Sep 2013ELM 116372A329Previous repairs to potholes around manhole cover have broken up again, leaving holes and raised manhole cover edge.Reported
8944716 Aug 2013ELM 115746Potholes, uneven surfaces and gullies clustered together over 75m both sides of the road. Reported
8900724 Jul 2013ELM 115160A417 Wantage RdA long stretch where the filling-in from roadworks (a trench cutting to lay a pipe in the road) is breaking away, leaving long and narrow slits in the road.Reported
8804318 Jun 2013ELM 114039Bagnor RoadA large section of the lane is broken up, has been patched over time which is now breaking up, and has a number of deep potholes. The section is along the Southbound half of the Bagnor road and the s…Reported
8798016 Jun 2013ELM 114012Potholes along toad on both sidesReported
8795014 Jun 2013ELM 113994Wantage Rd A417There is a defect which is really dangerous to cyclists as you leave Streatley on the Blewbury road (A417) Where the road surface joins the repair from when the fibre optic cables were laid there a…Reported
875614 Jun 2013ELM 113630Priors Court Road / Graces Lane / A34 slipLinked pot holes on Priors Court Road adjacent to the top of the slip road onto A34 southbound.Reported
875604 Jun 2013ELM 113627Priors Court RoadMultiple pot holes on Priors Court Road on westbound side of carriageway adjacent to Priors Court Cottages.Reported
8739731 May 2013ELM 113501On the road to Great SheffordVery large potholes make this road dangerous for all two wheeled trafficReported
8737630 May 2013ELM 113494Pothole. About 10 cm deep. This has been marked up for ages. It's very dangerous in the carriageway as cyclist and motor cyclists could easily be thrown off if their front wheel goes in. It's nearly…Reported
8728428 May 2013ELM 113424Grove RoadGROVE ROAD, NEWBURY - numerous pot holes in road surface West bound carriageway - large holes outside number 16, plus the house with the bluebell bank East bound carraigeway - entire road surface l…Reported
8716324 May 2013ELM 113339This pothole had a bit of Tarmac thrown into it a couple of weeks ago, but they must have been running low on Tarmac as it was only half filled! It is still dangerous and causing motorists to swerve …Reported

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