429 hazards found, displaying on 15 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
8804318 Jun 2013ELM 114039Bagnor RoadA large section of the lane is broken up, has been patched over time which is now breaking up, and has a number of deep potholes. The section is along the Southbound half of the Bagnor road and the s…Reported
8798016 Jun 2013ELM 114012Potholes along toad on both sidesReported
8795014 Jun 2013ELM 113994Wantage Rd A417There is a defect which is really dangerous to cyclists as you leave Streatley on the Blewbury road (A417) Where the road surface joins the repair from when the fibre optic cables were laid there a…Reported
875614 Jun 2013ELM 113630Priors Court Road / Graces Lane / A34 slipLinked pot holes on Priors Court Road adjacent to the top of the slip road onto A34 southbound.Reported
875604 Jun 2013ELM 113627Priors Court RoadMultiple pot holes on Priors Court Road on westbound side of carriageway adjacent to Priors Court Cottages.Reported
8739731 May 2013ELM 113501On the road to Great SheffordVery large potholes make this road dangerous for all two wheeled trafficReported
8737630 May 2013ELM 113494Pothole. About 10 cm deep. This has been marked up for ages. It's very dangerous in the carriageway as cyclist and motor cyclists could easily be thrown off if their front wheel goes in. It's nearly…Reported
8728428 May 2013ELM 113424Grove RoadGROVE ROAD, NEWBURY - numerous pot holes in road surface West bound carriageway - large holes outside number 16, plus the house with the bluebell bank East bound carraigeway - entire road surface l…Reported
8716324 May 2013ELM 113339This pothole had a bit of Tarmac thrown into it a couple of weeks ago, but they must have been running low on Tarmac as it was only half filled! It is still dangerous and causing motorists to swerve …Reported
8712023 May 2013ELM 113248Pincents LaneSeveral potholes (circa 30+) making the road impossible to travel down without straddling the two lanesReported
8709922 May 2013ELM 113254Reading RoadVery deep pothole on the northbound reading road opposite the turning to Bunces lane.Reported
8591630 Apr 2013ELM 112727Broad Lane2 potholesReported
8563626 Apr 2013ELM 112560A338The road surface has now broken into a series of large potholes across the carriageway. There is no way to avoid them without crossing over to the opposite side of the road, which is not safe given t…Reported
8557425 Apr 2013ELM 112510Huge areas of deep holes esp by the bridge Reported
8534221 Apr 2013ELM 112383Poor repair. Reported
8527920 Apr 2013ELM 112374A340coming from tadey on the A340 fifty yards before the Aldermastion Skip Hire company the road is broken up in three parts on the both side of the road plus a sunken drainReported
8503217 Apr 2013ELM 112226Deep pothole, sharp lip. Reported
8485014 Apr 2013ELM 112158Hambridge RoadA large pothole on the road in line with the left hand side of cars/vans etcReported
8453811 Apr 2013ELM 112068B4009 junction with Priors Court RoadRoad surface has sunk on the western side of the mini-roundaboutReported
8452711 Apr 2013ELM 112052A339Multiple potholes around circulatory carriageway of A339 / Pinchington Lane roundaboutReported
840354 Apr 2013ELM 111833B4000 Ermin StreetThe B4000 on Wilts/Berks border is in very poor condition. There must be 10 or 12 very deep potholes most are the size of dinner plates and about 2" deep. A very dangerous road that badly needs atten…Reported
839853 Apr 2013ELM 111827A339Two potholes on the eastbound exit from the roundabout (A339 Newtown Road / B4640Reported
8363928 Mar 2013ELM 111702Sulham HillMany deep potholes and general poor condition of road following sustained flooding over the winterReported
8347826 Mar 2013ELM 111625A329The road surface around a manhole has broken away, leaving a deep exposed edge of the ironworks that would be large enough to cause damage to a car and unseat a rider. It is so positioned that avoidi…Reported
8318825 Mar 2013ELM 111574Red LaneNumerous small potholes have steadily grown in size to the extent that they cover almost the full width of the carrageway making them difficult to avoid either in a car or on a bike.Reported
8202114 Mar 2013ELM 110992not knownPoor repairs that need fixing againReported
814789 Mar 2013ELM 110772not knownA series of large potholes that have already been poorly repairedReported
813317 Mar 2013ELM 110700Yattendon Rd - Ashampstesd Rd - Common HillNumerous (far to many to to identify each one) potholes, failed missing repairs, sunken and proud inspection covers and large areas of missing surface along the 6mile stretch of road between Yattendo…Reported
813227 Mar 2013ELM 110696A338Large linked potholesReported
813207 Mar 2013ELM 110694Cock LaneLarge Open holeReported

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