380 hazards found, displaying on 13 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
7671121 Jan 2013Lower WayTwo potholes in Westbound laneReported
7671021 Jan 2013Lower WayPothole in Eastbound lane near centre of carriagewayReported
7670921 Jan 2013Lower WayPothole forming in Eastbound lane near centre of carriagewayReported
757388 Jan 2013ELM 107630Fairway AvenueA largish pothole that has appeared again in an area that has recurrent pothole problems. It is between two patched sections of several feet each, one of which has been re-repaired.Reported
7443830 Dec 2012ELM 107102A4 Bath Road, Readingpothole in road surface to nearside of two lanes approaching the rounadbout along the A4 Bath Road, reading heading towards J 12 of M4Reported
7399123 Dec 2012ELM 106940Took out two 18 inch tyres Reported
7398023 Dec 2012ELM 106934A329Flooding - Blocked drains? Even before the recent surge of floods were on the news. Every time it rains, this stretch of road pools water. I think there is only one drain. Recently it was impassibl…Reported
733418 Dec 2012ELM 106423UPPER EDDINGTONPothole, At least ONE cyclist and TWO cars have gone down it in the last weeks, I reported it to the local council, WEST BERKSHIRE at least FOUR weeks ago,since then NOTHING. its now got MUCH WORST.…Reported
731913 Dec 2012ELM 106333Manhole cover sinking rapidly (3 inches in last week). Manhole cover also loose. Danger to cyclists and motorists Reported
7287825 Nov 2012ELM 1059515 inches deep Reported
7211524 Oct 2012ELM 105038Carbinswood LaneManhole cover has sunk and is already hazardous to traffic using the road.Reported
7211424 Oct 2012ELM 105037Southend RdPothole at edge of road between Bradfiled Southend and Bradfield collegeReported
716524 Oct 2012ELM 104435Church StreetDangerous amounts of potholes and raised parts of the road where previous road works have not been properly resurfaced. The council was due to resurface this stretch of the road but sees the turning …Reported
716514 Oct 2012ELM 104434church streetBetween englefield road junction and the crown pub on both sides of the road. a mixture of potholes, deep gullies and unevenness. Really dangerous to road users both car and bike.Reported
7091827 Aug 2012ELM 103683Sharp and deep pot hole, has buckled one cyclist wheel already and frequently launches light trailers up into the air Reported
6999319 Jul 2012ELM 102655Poorly repaired pothole which is now degrading and has already opened up yet another pothole. Reported
6995918 Jul 2012ELM 102652Pothole in the roadReported
694782 Jul 2012ELM 102350Little Heath Road, Tilehurst, ReadingCorner of a speed hump has worn away due to recent cold weather and water. This has now collapsed into a pothole.Reported
6879411 Jun 2012ELM 101569A417Edge of road repair breaking up, leaving several potholes and general uneveness right along cycling line.Reported
6879311 Jun 2012ELM 101571A329Previous repair to potholes and broken up road around the manhole cover are falling apart, leaving very rough surface, raised manhole cover edge and several potholes.Reported
6879211 Jun 2012ELM 101572A329Broken up road surface and several potholes on run up to manhole cover. Very rough to ride over and forces cyclists into middle of a narrow and busy road.Reported
6879011 Jun 2012ELM 101570A329Section of road with several potholes and generally disintegrating surface.Reported
686453 Jun 2012ELM 101564Agricola WayMultiple holes and a crevasse across the junctionReported
686443 Jun 2012ELM 101566Wheelers Green WayMultiple holes in the road. Some filled poorly but as you are turning out of the junctionthe tyres and wheels are subjected to sharp edgesReported
686433 Jun 2012ELM 101565unnamed road between B3051 and Brimpton LaneMultiple holes across the roadReported
6806517 May 2012ELM 100982Charnham StreetOn a mini roundabout and therefore difficult to see or avoid, also near the centre of the road being turned in to and therefore driver's side front tyre is turning as it hits the pothole and the jolt…Reported
6718730 Apr 2012ELM 100623Bath RoadHole forming around a manhole.Reported
6718630 Apr 2012Bath RoadIt is a long deep pothole and that was once filled in, but no longer.Reported
6663519 Apr 2012ELM 100172B4009Numerous potholes adjacent to gullies and service covers on B4009 in Curridge, West BerkshireReported
662418 Apr 2012ELM 100096Church streetsection of road about 20 metres long by 2 wide is a mixture of potholes, uneven surface and long deep gullies which present a clear danger to cyclists as there is no way to avoid it without cycling d…Reported

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