Telford and Wrekin

87 hazards found, displaying on 3 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
219019 Feb 2007Frost damaged road surface , "gravel " across road . If braking loose surface would prove dangerous , or gravel thrown up accross road.Reported
486825 Mar 2007Potholes and very bad resurfacing work on junction.very dangerous for bicycles having to take to centre of roadReported
53084 Apr 2007potholes of varying size and also exposed drainpipe causing constant stream of waterReported
2097526 May 2009A sinking of a repair that stretches the FULL width of one lane, so no avoiding it. the left lane heading North towards Bridge Rd. It has very sharp edges that could easily puncture a tyre, apart for…Reported
4411721 Jan 2011Broken glass covering width of cycle path and footpath. Reported
4432323 Jan 201112 to 13 pothole in 30 yard stretch. Reported
4432623 Jan 2011Poor finish work after cutting channel. Repair has come up leaving 3" deep holes Reported
4432723 Jan 2011Dropped manhole coverReported
5344030 Mar 2011Damaged footpath due to heavy vehicle turning Reported
605719 Oct 2011099186Broken glass on NCN55/footpath Telford town centre side of underpass to Priorslee at St. Georges. Reported
617283 Dec 2011At least two kerbside drain covers missing, leaving open drain. Dangerous for cyclists. NB These are not the same drains as those on the same road but closer to Muxton, which are already marked with …Reported
618127 Dec 2011On junction with b rd several pot holes Reported
6432020 Feb 2012On junction Reported
6432120 Feb 2012PotholeReported
6432320 Feb 2012PotholeReported
7009021 Jul 2012Broken bottle. Reported
7226831 Oct 2012175593Holes on edge of roadReported
9176511 Nov 2013Over grown cycle path Path for bikes is on the right of the picture but is not clearly marked so people walk and run on itReported
10865613 Nov 2014MudReported
53134 Apr 2007'Ladywood' or 'Bower Yard' (an old lane)Many potholes & leaking, exposed land drain pipe due to road wearingReported
55 Jan 2007150mmLarge potholeReported
73813 Jul 2007?wood decking as road surface next to river severnReported
2411811 Dec 2009A442 QueenswayThere is a 2 foot square sunken manhole cover which is positioned on the left hand side of the lane, right where I cycle on my daily commute. It happens to be alongside a central island, so cars alr…Reported
3263617 Mar 2010Audley AveneuePothole at mini roundabout between focus and Countrywide, audley Av, Newport,ShropshireReported
1522430 Sep 2008B5061numerous potholesReported
203815 May 2009b5061depression in road surfaceReported
204036 May 2009B5062Deterioration of road surface where a patch of new tarmac meets road surface - gully formingReported
216956 Jul 2009B5062very poor road surface with a number of pothole. Very uneven surface.Reported
457691 Feb 2011b5063long uneven sectionReported
108626 Feb 2008bridgenorth road tweedale telfordPothole Raised/sunken manhole or drain Unevenness due to rut or gully Debris on road surface Surface poorly restored after roadworks Total disgrace on this very poor road, just waiting for an …Reported

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