Telford and Wrekin

87 hazards found, displaying on 3 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionsort iconStatus
3286821 Mar 2010roden lanelarge hole in carriage wayReported
55 Jan 2007150mmLarge potholeReported
203113 May 2009Not knownLarge potholeReported
636814 May 2007Station RoadLarge sunken manhole inline with nearside tyre of car, thus causing cars to either drive against the kerb to avoid or have to cross the white line to avoidReported
4551731 Jan 2011Wrekin CourseLarge water-filled hole at dip in road by entrance to track leading into woods; road narrows and twists at this point. Hazard is long-standing and part of inadequately repaired area. Because of narro…Reported
287398 Feb 2010Coalport RoadLong trench on left of uphill section of road. Several large potholes within it at least 20cm deepReported
457691 Feb 2011b5063long uneven sectionReported
208718 Feb 2007Wellington RoadManhole sinkingReported
422839 Jan 2011High StMany assorted potholes across a depression in the road, some approx 2ft across and 4 inches deep.Reported
53134 Apr 2007'Ladywood' or 'Bower Yard' (an old lane)Many potholes & leaking, exposed land drain pipe due to road wearingReported
10865613 Nov 2014MudReported
1522430 Sep 2008B5061numerous potholesReported
277028 Feb 2007ladywood/bower yardNumerous potholes and exposed land drainage pipe.Reported
673904 May 2012Mafeking RoadNumerous potholes. One in particular well over 60mm depth.Reported
1979918 Apr 2009Wellngton Road/Admaston RoadOn approaching a traffic restriction which reduces the road from two lanes to one. All road users can't fail to hit the damaged roadb surface.Reported
3282520 Mar 2010queen ston entrance to car park off queen street very large pot hole all across roadReported
6432020 Feb 2012On junction Reported
618127 Dec 2011On junction with b rd several pot holes Reported
9176511 Nov 2013Over grown cycle path Path for bikes is on the right of the picture but is not clearly marked so people walk and run on itReported
4432623 Jan 2011Poor finish work after cutting channel. Repair has come up leaving 3" deep holes Reported
6076317 Oct 2011QueenswayPoorly finished seams between different phases of resurfacing making numerous ruts across carriageway also similar ruts along the carriageway between lane and chevroned area, particular dangerous if …Reported
208618 Feb 2007King Streetpot hole in the roadReported
108626 Feb 2008bridgenorth road tweedale telfordPothole Raised/sunken manhole or drain Unevenness due to rut or gully Debris on road surface Surface poorly restored after roadworks Total disgrace on this very poor road, just waiting for an …Reported
6432120 Feb 2012PotholeReported
6432320 Feb 2012PotholeReported
3263617 Mar 2010Audley AveneuePothole at mini roundabout between focus and Countrywide, audley Av, Newport,ShropshireReported
2917212 Feb 2010Priorslee Avenue, Telfordpothole by crossover point near mini roundaboutReported
4955128 Feb 201194152Wrekin RoadPothole in the road.. approx 30cm long, 15cm wide, 15cm deep (test - Andrew Meredith)Reported
4414621 Jan 2011Whitchurch rdPothole on the corner of the roundaboutReported
3375031 Mar 2010UnclassifiedPothole, the shape & size of a small dust bin lid, in centre of lane which is not easy to avoid. It blends with the road surface. Vehicle drivers need to straddle it.Reported

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