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IDAddedHA Ref.sort iconRoadDescriptionStatus
6850429 May 2012Horsham RoadLarge potholeFixed
686886 Jun 2012Pothole from worn-out road surface Fixed
6888313 Jun 2012pothole around metalwork coverFixed
6913619 Jun 2012Broken road surface in area of previous patching. Deepening pothole exposed. Dangerous to cyclists and cars. Thiis is only the worst in a series of defects along about 200m on this roadFixed
694932 Jul 2012Tilburstow Hill RoadLarge pothole in driving line of northbound trafficFixed
7029028 Jul 2012Tandridge LaneTall grass blocking vision at junctionFixed
705126 Aug 2012Craddocks AvenuePothole 300mm dia x 100 deep about a metre from the kerb and 10 metres short of the mini roundabout. Two other smaller ones close by. Also a sqare metre of tarmac fissuring and about to break up nea…Fixed
711127 Sep 2012Pothole caused by weather.Fixed
7135520 Sep 2012Victoria WaySunken manhole/broken surface around manhole in the middle of a busy junction where 2 lanes become 3 and trafic is swerving into other traffic to avoid it.Fixed
7151127 Sep 2012Raised drain gully trip hazard Fixed
7180910 Oct 2012Epsom Rd, LeatherheadKerbstone has been moved, now protruding into roadFixed
7199319 Oct 2012Vale RoadThe trench cut across the road has started to sink, leaving a hole a few cm deep with pretty sharp edges.Fixed
7199419 Oct 2012Guildford RoadRepairs to man hole covers on both sides of this road have subsided.Fixed
7200620 Oct 2012Pot hole. Getting worse every day. Fixed
7200820 Oct 2012Large potholes at the end of the road Fixed
7202721 Oct 2012Pothole approx 8cm deep and 30 long Fixed
7265417 Nov 2012Potholes from badly repaired roadFixed
7280523 Nov 2012Big pothole in gutter on approach to traffic lights Fixed
7299527 Nov 2012Byers Lanelarge pothole in centre of road on a bend - dangerous as it is in the drive line i.e. where offside wheels of vehicles normally runFixed
7308128 Nov 2012Pothole from poor repairs Fixed
7356414 Dec 2012B3007 -Weybourne RoadRoad surface breaking up causing the manhole cover to sink and collapse.Fixed
7429828 Dec 2012Oatlands DrivepotholeFixed
7439130 Dec 2012Lower road, bookhamQuite a large whole about 80cm round x 50cm deepFixed
745881 Jan 2013Very badly repaired road. This pot hole was repaired less than a year ago and has reappeared. Fixed
756728 Jan 2013Pothole near kerb from disintegrating road surface Fixed
7596010 Jan 2013This whole road is full of holes, resurface the whole road!!!!! Big holes in road!!!Fixed
7596110 Jan 2013Massive hole,very deep on roundabout!Fixed
7611211 Jan 2013Pollards Wood RoadSunken gully, loose pieces of concrete surroundFixed
7613511 Jan 2013As you enter the roundabout from Guildford there is a pot hole and hen as you go straight over on the 2nd exit again another pot holeFixed
7613611 Jan 2013Where the road has an island (one car at a time) the road has a man hole on one side and then a pot hole on the other side Fixed

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