1,057 hazards found, displaying on 36 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.sort iconRoadDescriptionStatus
3560524 Apr 2010Sunny BankPotholes on both sides of road (see photo)Fixed
3560624 Apr 2010Sunny BankSeveral potholes clsoe together on road (2 of them very deep and hard to avoid (see photo)Fixed
3560724 Apr 2010Sunny BankLine of potholes in road (see photo)Fixed
3560824 Apr 2010Sunny BankPotholes (see photo)Fixed
3561024 Apr 2010Sunny BankNumerous potholes on worn-out road surface around degrading speed cushions (see photo)Fixed
3561324 Apr 2010Sunny BankHuge and deep pothole in road (see photo)Fixed
3573027 Apr 2010Ash RoadDeep pothole in the section of the road used by cyclists. This could easily cause significant damage to a bike, or force a rider to swerve into the road.Fixed
359172 May 2010Brickhouse LanePothole in centre of road, just before bendFixed
359182 May 2010Redehall Roadpotholes have formed around drain covers in centre of raised road platformFixed
361078 May 2010Itchingwood Common roadLarge pothole that is requiring driver to use the grass verge to avoid the holesFixed
3627213 May 2010More Lane, B2028Along a stretch of about 100 yards are three large areas where the road surface is completly missing. More than potholes. These are some 6 to 10 freet long, about 1.5 to 2 feet wide. and about 4" dee…Fixed
3627313 May 2010More Lane. B2028Several large areas where the road surface has disappeared, leaving large (several feet long or wide) and some 3-4" deep. There are too many to list seperatly. It need someone to go along the road an…Fixed
3632015 May 2010Rupert RoadA long gouge along the centre line the road surface running up to the junction.Fixed
3645920 May 2010London RoadThis junction is in a terrible state. Worse, repairs have recently been carried out twice, with minimal improvement. Dozens of potholes, cracks, etc. A few were poorly filled. Worse, last week one …Fixed
3650821 May 2010Wolf's Road, LimpsfieldPreviously repairs to a cluster of potholes, nearly full width of road, has failedFixed
3657925 May 2010A3100 Portsmout RoadLarge pothole / sunken repair. Very hard to spot.Fixed
3659725 May 2010A24 London Road3 potholes + glass debris in the gutter on the southside of the holes. Going south, the potholes are at the lights, just as you go through them and just after them. They are in a particularly dange…Fixed
3680130 May 2010Croydon Barn Lanepothole at road junctionFixed
3742915 Jun 2010St Georges RoadSt. Georges Road leading up to the St Georges Road bridge East of Farnham - several missing metal drain covers along the edge of the road. These were covered by cones but many of these are now missin…Fixed
379064 Jul 2010Crowhurst RoadDangerous crevasse, just the right width and depth to grab a front wheel. Further to report #37240 from another user.Fixed
386878 Aug 2010Broadhurstmulitiple pot holes and broken up road surface along this stretch of roadFixed
3895221 Aug 2010Horsell RiseWide pothole on a corner outside the school entrance. It's where cars tend to drive around the corner but also where a cycle would naturally be.Fixed
391852 Sep 2010Dowlands LaneMultiple potholes and uneven patches - very hazardous to cyclistsFixed
392737 Sep 2010Sunbury CrossBadly sunken manhole coverFixed
3938314 Sep 2010Long and deep rut in road where the slip road meets the main road (parallel with the someone faded traffic light line painted on the road. Fixed
3941115 Sep 2010Tandridge Lane, TandridgeGully grating missing, again. It's dangerous.Fixed
3945117 Sep 2010Pothole repaired badly after winter road damageFixed
3945217 Sep 2010Damaged and unprepared road surfaceFixed
3947820 Sep 2010The DriftRefiled trench collapsingFixed
3953122 Sep 2010Redehall RoadSeveral potholes have developed around 2-3 access covers on the raised road platform at the junction of Redehall Road and Plough Road. Hazardous to cyclists.Fixed

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