1,156 hazards found, displaying on 39 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedsort iconHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
9444813 Jan 2014Greville Park RoadPotholeFixed
9409710 Jan 2014Prior Rd.Very deep pothole. Extremely difficult to see in the dark and rain. perfect for wrecking right hand wheels.Fixed
938968 Jan 2014Two potholes in line three foot apart on left hand side of road as you go towards junction Fixed
938948 Jan 2014Pothole on entrance to alma way on junction line Fixed
938688 Jan 2014This is a deep pothole on the exit of a bend. This pothole has been fixed at least four times in the last six years, so it must be an old friend. As tarmac repairs are evidently not working, why not …Fixed
937667 Jan 2014Large and deep pothole Fixed
937467 Jan 2014Oft repaired drain cover has pothole around it once again. Fixed
936556 Jan 2014a22Large hole around manhole cover.Fixed
936496 Jan 2014Road collapsed, pothole, metal manhole collapsedFixed
934694 Jan 2014Woodcote RoadLarge pothole developing as road traffic breaks up surrounding surfaceFixed
933682 Jan 2014Holdfast Lane GU27 2EUPothole with steep side, often filled with waterFixed
9318231 Dec 2013Series of potholes on east bound side of the road across the carriageway. Possibly related to recent works. Fixed
9316231 Dec 2013Large pockets of gravel and potholes along road about 3/4 from turn off from m25 gatton bottomFixed
9316131 Dec 2013Potholes along first 50 metres into roadFixed
9277621 Dec 2013Buckingham Way2 deep potholes in approx 50 yardsFixed
9276020 Dec 2013Balmoral DriveVery large areas of missing road surface. A distinct hazard for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles. Possibally the result of substandard repairs.Fixed
9272519 Dec 2013TestFixed
9272119 Dec 2013Test Fixed
924539 Dec 2013Badshot Lea RoadA series of potholes and poorly repaired potholes liable to damage tyres/wheels if hit at speed.Fixed
9228730 Nov 2013Deep pothole, 20x 7cm. 10 cm deepFixed
9228430 Nov 2013Appalling road surface throughout this road. Potholes, gullys, deteriorating surfaceFixed
9194117 Nov 2013walton roadLarge pothole which would cause a serious injury to a cyclistFixed
916187 Nov 2013Two potholes on northbound side of road. Fixed
915175 Nov 2013Square Rut in the road from poor roadwork finishing.Fixed
9089114 Oct 2013Doods WaySurface of the road missing and underlayer disintegratingRejected
9085714 Oct 2013Cranley RoadThere is a substantial pothole in the location described below. It is particularly dangerous because of the restriction of road width due to parked cars on the opposite side of the road. I forgot a…Fixed
9073610 Oct 2013Portsmouth Road A245/A3 Painshill roundaboutRutted, broken road surface on Painshill roundabout particularly on south west corner.Fixed
903841 Oct 2013903847 pots holes in this section of Philanthropic Rd including one poor recent repair which has also failed . Largest 500x300mm and up to 150mm deepRejected
9016221 Sep 2013Pothole arising from bad preexisting repair. Fixed
9015920 Sep 2013Pothole in road, its location causes drivers to swerve into opposite lane of oncoming traffic near to a junction.Fixed

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