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IDAddedsort iconHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
813267 Mar 2013Pothole uk size 10 shoe in picFixed
813247 Mar 2013Pothole - in pic UK size 10 shoeFixed
811564 Mar 2013UnknownHeath House RoadPot hole that jars the car even at low speed just other side of cross roads and thus having halted and then crossed the road into Heath House Road.Woking.Surrey the pot hole is on the left side of th…Fixed
809191 Mar 2013Potholes all along the road. Fixed
8086228 Feb 2013Bluehouse LanePothole-within-a-pothole, growing day on day. Dangerous as cyclists are forced into centre of road; riding over it isn't an option.Fixed
8081828 Feb 2013Repaired road broken up and with potholes. On the same side as the red lion pub towards sandy lane junction. Fixed
8056825 Feb 2013MG00372650Potholes and rough roadFixed
7943914 Feb 2013MG00368381Huge long hole. LethalFixed
7942314 Feb 2013MG00367971Pothole and loose debrisFixed
7917512 Feb 2013Pothole getting worse. Road surface broken up badly with another 2 holes approx 1 metre and 2 metres away. Lethal as if you miss the first the next two you don't.Fixed
7913312 Feb 2013Road continuing to break up yet again and two pot holes developing and sub base is visible. This road is extremely dangerous to cycle along due to pot holes , ruts and failure of wearing surface.Rejected
7889010 Feb 2013MG00363523Three Gates LanePotholeFixed
781914 Feb 2013Pollards Wood RoadGully cover missing. Dangerous.Fixed
781384 Feb 2013Halliloo Valley Roadlarge pothole near centre of road - in driving line for offside wheels of vehiclesFixed
7770231 Jan 2013Weydon lanePothole.Fixed
7752930 Jan 2013Halliloo Valley Roadlarge pothole at edge of road - very dangerous for cyclistsFixed
7752730 Jan 2013A22 Wapses Lodge RoundaboutPothole in driving line on very busy roundaboutFixed
7742829 Jan 2013London Road, Guildford, SurreyRoad repair that is now coming loose, the surface has gone and a hole with sharp edges is in the near side wheels tracks of most vehicles especially cyclists.Fixed
7738929 Jan 2013Pit hole right by traffic lights on carriage way to Weylea Avenue first left on roundabout. Looks like its around a draincover.Fixed
7695025 Jan 2013Guileshill Lane, OckhamWashed out banking causing large gulley at side of road and considerable amount of debris on road itself. Damage caused by large vehicles (HGV, 4x4 etc) squeezing past each other in a narrow lane. Ba…Fixed
7694925 Jan 2013MG00354191Sopwith Drive, Brooklands, WeybridgePothole at nearside edge of roadFixed
7687724 Jan 2013Crawley HillSunken inspection coverFixed
7683723 Jan 2013Repaired surround of drain - chunks of Tarmac missing.Fixed
7683623 Jan 2013Horrendous pothole - would wreck a car if hit at speed let alone a cyclist. The worst I have seen.Fixed
7613611 Jan 2013Where the road has an island (one car at a time) the road has a man hole on one side and then a pot hole on the other side Fixed
7613511 Jan 2013As you enter the roundabout from Guildford there is a pot hole and hen as you go straight over on the 2nd exit again another pot holeFixed
7611211 Jan 2013Pollards Wood RoadSunken gully, loose pieces of concrete surroundFixed
7596110 Jan 2013Massive hole,very deep on roundabout!Fixed
7596010 Jan 2013This whole road is full of holes, resurface the whole road!!!!! Big holes in road!!!Fixed
756728 Jan 2013Pothole near kerb from disintegrating road surface Fixed

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