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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
3961128 Sep 2010Hill RoadPothole on junction of Hill Raod and College Hill in Haslemere, Surrey. Difficult to see even when you know it is there.Fixed
397161 Oct 2010Parvis RoadParvis Road, at traffic lights with Old Woking Road/Camphill Road. Large area of road breaking up due to poorly completed road works. Close to junction when turning right down Camphill road. Very dan…Fixed
397221 Oct 2010Oakdale RoadSmall deep pothole on corner.Fixed
397442 Oct 2010London Roadnew pot holeFixed
399787 Oct 2010Gapemouth RoadBig pothole in the carriagewayRejected
4020515 Oct 2010Tattenham WayPothole in middle of roadFixed
4037926 Oct 2010Churt RoadTrench cut by utility contractors poorly finished and is sunken.Fixed
407168 Nov 2010Brickhouse LaneWithin a hundred yards of road, there are three very very large potholes. One is in the centre of the road, the others on the edge.Fixed
4085312 Nov 2010Camphill Roaddeep narrow trench developing across width of road.Fixed
4105819 Nov 2010DrainFixed
4125028 Nov 2010Brickhouse LaneLarge potholes at entrance to Long Meadow Farm - fairly shallow at the moment, but they are increasing in sizeFixed
4138510 Dec 2010Manor RoadVery deep pothole full of waterFixed
419946 Jan 2011Hermitage RoadPothole forming adjacent to the previously reported potholes - on cycle desire line!!Fixed
419956 Jan 2011Hermitage RoadThe gully/rut that I reported last year that has not been fixed and is now resulting in pot holes forming which force cyclists to swerve/move further away from the kerbline to avoid the hazard. It i…Fixed
420026 Jan 2011Slines New RoadLarge pothole at bend in road - hazardous to oncoming traffic as westbound traffic swerves to avoid holeFixed
420987 Jan 2011Wapses Lodge Roundaboutseveral potholes are reforming after being repaired only a few weeks agoFixed
420997 Jan 2011Slines New Roadpothole forming around drainFixed
421007 Jan 2011Slines New Roadroad breaking up in centre - was repaired last year, but same problems again this year i.e. potholes formingFixed
421027 Jan 2011Tilburstow Hill Roadtarmac has folded up into a ridge, with a gully on one sideFixed
421388 Jan 2011Copthorne Road (A264)Series of potholes spread over 100 metres of road - very poor for an A-class roadFixed
421498 Jan 2011Terrace Rddeep and wide potholeFixed
4238710 Jan 2011Walton RoadTwo large pothles close together, opposite the entrance to the car parkFixed
4243010 Jan 201142430Crimp HillVery deep pothole on crest of a hillFixed
4294014 Jan 2011Croydon Barn Lanedangerous potholes at edge of bend in road - westbound traffic veers into oncoming traffic to avoid potholesFixed
4294114 Jan 2011Perrior RoadSeries of small but deep potholes (around 5) running along the center of the road.Fixed
4294314 Jan 2011Plough Roadlarge pothole at edge of road causes danger to oncoming traffic as westbound vehicles swerve to avoid itFixed
4294414 Jan 2011Plough Roadpothole forming again around drainFixed
4342218 Jan 2011Lower StreetLarge potholeFixed
4364319 Jan 2011Pothole at the side of the road. Opposite side of the road used for parking so little scope for road users to avoid this hazard. Fixed
4388320 Jan 2011Large dangerous manhole cover with missing Tarmac Fixed

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