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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
6583928 Mar 20122567893Woodbridge Road (B1069)Surface breaking up and pothole formingFixed
6573324 Mar 2012Pothole at kerbsideFixed
6518012 Mar 2012Spring RoadThe road works to service a new house have subsided creating a very steep edge on the hole that has formed. As this is a downhill section, cyclists can be travelling at speed and it would be difficu…Fixed
6515812 Mar 2012New Streetsubsidence, creating a large depression in the road, which is difficult to see as the surface has not brokenFixed
6515712 Mar 20122829495Sun Lanesubsidence, creating a large depression in the road, which is difficult to see as the surface has not brokenFixed
6515612 Mar 2012The Street, Butleypothole and road surface breaking up near ironworkFixed
6513011 Mar 20122552734B1084 (Rendlesham Forest)A string of tramline potholes over about a mile of road when coming to Rendlesham Forest. From just after the rise from Spratts Cottage to the entrance to Daisy's WalkFixed
6512911 Mar 20122552796A1152 (Eyke)pothole on A1152, near junction with White Womans Lane when approching Eyke.Fixed
6357931 Jan 20122521268Pothole on near side of road in the direction of Icklingham Fixed
627929 Jan 2012Ipswich Borough CouncilSpring Road/St HelensThere are a variety of potholes, gullies and generally poor surface at the crossroads. As a cyclist, I notice them in particular when travelling towards Ipswich. The holes are sufficent to shake me…Fixed
590963 Aug 20113059189Ship Meadow Walkovergrowth of nettles and other vegetation, nd water permiating onto path - slippery slime algea forming. path surface breaking upFixed
5895330 Jul 20112352771Pothole, surface breaking upFixed
5892830 Jul 2011A1022 Franciscan Way (start of)series of pothole when exiting roundabout, and due to volume of traffic very difficult to avoid, with a risk of falling offFixed
5892730 Jul 20113047990Felixstowe RoadBrambles and shrubs encroaching onto cycle /pedestrian shared pathFixed
5761719 Jun 20112310468St Johns Streetsurface breaking up in numerous places, with base layer stones coming out, forming large potholes. Other areas, the surface dressing has lifted badly and makes it very difficult to negotiate a strai…Fixed
5761619 Jun 20112310481Vicarage Hillsurface breaking up in numerous places, with base layer stones coming out, forming large potholesFixed
571593 Jun 20112291378Gt Bealings to Culpho/IpswichGully trench across road has subsided all across roadFixed
563846 May 20112259922Pothole from cold snap not repaired. Fixed
5533619 Apr 2011Spring RoadA series of three potholes on the carriageway where it is dangerous for cyclistsFixed
5533519 Apr 2011Rushmere Road/ Reading Roadlarge hole on the corner of the road when turning left from Reading Road into Rushmere RoadFixed
5473212 Apr 20112241096Old Barrack RoadStarting from about #9 Old Barrack Road and continuing all the way to the Duke of York PH (formerly The Seal PH) there are numerous potholes opening up again after being poorly patched, plus the road…Fixed
4958828 Feb 2011Wantisden Road ?Road surface breaking up into long potholesFixed
4941227 Feb 20112382752B1078 Orford RoadpotholesFixed
4941127 Feb 2011B1069 Woodbridge Roadpot hole on exit of roundabout in the direction of TunstallFixed
4941027 Feb 2011B1069, Woodbridge Roadptohole hazard as you move to centre line of road to turn rightFixed
4713811 Feb 2011Upper north StreetMultiple potholes along the stretch of road from Upper North Street Hundon to Hall Road. The one described in this report is typicalFixed
461215 Feb 2011Playford Roadpothole , with a need to swerve as you go past a busy road junctionFixed
461205 Feb 20112176498Old Barrack RoadString of potholes and deteriorating road surface on Old Barrack road. Particularly big potholes adjacent to houses 29, 37 & 61. Smaller holes forming across junction of Through Duncans and opposit…Fixed
4454425 Jan 20112162960unknownPothole right against the edge of the roadFixed
4431323 Jan 2011Felsham RoadLarge pothole, with several smaller potholes near to it.Fixed

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