377 hazards found, displaying on 13 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
10175827 Mar 2014Pothole in cycling line Fixed
10166425 Mar 20143327683Large pot hole on corner. Highly dangerous as near school and on a corner causing cars to swerve.Fixed
9791415 Feb 20143287635Pothole getting larger by the day. Unavoidable if cars coming other way and will smash a wheel and suspension. Fixed
965353 Feb 20143272422Pothole on mini roundabout Fixed
962961 Feb 20143270530Westerfield/Valley Road roundaboutRoad surface is broken away in centre of carriageway where two repaired surfaces meet and is deep enough to catch a cycle wheel and throw the rider off balanceFixed
962951 Feb 20143270527Valley roadDeep pothole next to drain, causing cyclists to pull out on leaving the roundaboutFixed
962941 Feb 2014Woodbridge Road Eastbroken surface and potholes in cycle laneFixed
9622531 Jan 20143270379Chantry Roadseveral potholes across the width of the roadFixed
9588728 Jan 20143262932Large pothole in road in the direction of bury st Edmunds just after the Mill road junction. Fixed
939949 Jan 20143237395Playford Roadwide trail of leaf mulch, mud, manureand stones either dropped from a tractor or pushed from verge. very slippery to ride on at times. even get wheelspin on a cycle. Both sides of road need sweepi…Fixed
934193 Jan 20143237394Clay LaneA pot hole that keeps being formed due to the water pouting from the field. This needs to be pipped to prevent further damage the road as its like a stream after rainfall its pretty bad.Fixed
932601 Jan 20143225374Norwich LaneDangerous pothole with road edge crumbling concealed by waterFixed
9319131 Dec 20133224828New StreetLarge hole around iron cover in road. Tarmac has worn away leaving a gap of about 30cm all around, and 1m across. Both hazard to cyclists and pedestriansFixed
9286824 Dec 2013CRM 667840aster road ipswichAbout 30-50 holes along part of the road. Reported many timesRejected
9247210 Dec 2013The Water RunPotholeFixed
9175811 Nov 20133180859Broadlands Way, IpswichThis is a soft repair in the road which is being eroded by traffic creating a long pothole which spans nearly half the road widthRejected
9118924 Oct 20133157914Chapel LaneThis is a very dangerous pot hole on a narrow bendy road. It needs urgent attention before an accident happens. If there is any damage to my car through going into this pot hole then someone will b…Fixed
8819321 Jun 2013Huge pot joke opposite building currently which has wooden panels around it. Road is narrower due to this hitting the pot hole is unavoidableFixed
8816921 Jun 20133496741Main Roadsurface around kerbside drain breaking up and subsidingFixed
8793814 Jun 20133004970High tripping hazard. Danger of collapsingFixed
8793714 Jun 20133005136Pot hole x 2 causing a bump each time a car goes past causing noise and damage and further damage to roadFixed
8693520 May 20132972144orford Road, B1078, at junction with road to Butleytwo potholes on junctionFixed
8676117 May 2013B1084 (Rendlesham Forest)string of pot holes along forest road going towards ButleyFixed
8536922 Apr 2013Melton Road/Woods lane/A1152 junctionlarge area of broken road surface (de-laminating) causing a pothole effect on busy junction. Impacts when turning right from Woodbridge direction at traffic lights.Fixed
8457411 Apr 20132928995Newton Road / Northern Road RoundaboutMultiple large potholes across the roundabout and on approach from Newton Road. Very dangerous for motorcycles and cyclists as it is impossible to take the proper route around the roundabout.Fixed
8446710 Apr 2013Old Barrack RoadThe drains at the kerbside of the road have subsided. The one indicated is the worst. A few others along this road need checking for quality as well.Fixed
8309924 Mar 2013Britannia RoadTwo large potholes dangerous for cyclesFixed
8286221 Mar 20132906082Pothole in road Hit hard in my car which i now think has sustained damage Awaiting investigation of suspension components. Fixed
8186113 Mar 20132900603Ashfield Road, Elmswell, Suffolkpothole re-appeared and now larger following earlier repair - previously reported/logged as 79545Fixed
812565 Mar 2013A134A patch of the road is worn out and breaking upFixed

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