350 hazards found, displaying on 12 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
10307822 Apr 2014A.49 trunk roadlarge section of trunk road seriously damaged.Reported
1024388 Apr 2014Pattingham Lane & Westbeech RoadMultiple potholes and areas where the road has simply worn away from the grass verge one one side along Pattingham Lane and into Westbeech Road.Reported
10190830 Mar 2014Pothole previously repaired now returned ! Bad workmanship, loak road and st cuthberts crescent require resurfacing. Reported
996553 Mar 2014no name, country lanepotholeReported
996533 Mar 2014no name - country lane out of Neen Sollars2 potholes 100 yards apartReported
9912225 Feb 2014Circular pothole nearly up against the kerb of the roundabout, exactly where a vehicle's front off-side wheel is going to drop into it as that vehicle negotiates for the A442 Bridgnorth exit. And it …Reported
9821018 Feb 2014Pothole in a previously repaired part of the road, about 0.5m from the kerbside.Reported
9792015 Feb 2014Road surface has been badly redressed and there are bald patches in some places and excess gravel (from the redressing that has come away from the surface) in a number of areas causing both a skid ha…Reported
9748312 Feb 2014Multiple pot holes all along glebelandsReported
9735810 Feb 2014Linear pothole Reported
9733610 Feb 2014B4376 Much Wenlock to Broseley Roadpothole on blind cornerReported
9733510 Feb 2014B4376 Much Wenlock to Broseley RoadPotholeReported
969386 Feb 2014Series of 6 potholesReported
969326 Feb 2014Two deep, carriageway-wide troughs, about ten metres apart.Reported
9625531 Jan 2014A529Pothole that has damaged my tyre and wheelReported
937817 Jan 2014Rookery LaneRookery lane surface is breaking up where it joins the main road and looks like the lane is becoming 'detached' from the main road through Marchamley. Due to the gradient at this point this part of t…Reported
933242 Jan 2014Smallbrook Road Whitchurch Shropshire SY13 1BTa pot hole by the kerbside. estimated one foot square approx 6" deepReported
9317030 Dec 2013Chapel Lane NorthwoodVery rough surface 10mtrs squareReported
9316330 Dec 2013B5063Pothole on blind corner. Very dangerous for cyclists.Reported
9298828 Dec 2013Chetton RoadBroken Road surface and pot holes on corner at corner, stretching across width of roadReported
9278622 Dec 2013Recent pipe repair tp drain has collapsedReported
9171710 Nov 2013Stanton Road ShifnalMultiple potholes an tramlinesReported
9118624 Oct 2013Debris from agriculture - rotting straw and mud, and gravel from recent very poorly executed and failed 're-surfacing'. Worst from entrance to Netley Hall entrance to far side of small bridge beyond …Reported
9088814 Oct 2013Underhill StRecurrance of potholes and uneven surface on a bend and crossingReported
897772 Sep 2013A458 Shrewsbury RoadThere are a number of large potholes directly in the part of the road that cyclists use that are not easily avoidable; furthermore these are not isolated holes – one stretch of potholes goes on for…Reported
8892820 Jul 2013Haywood lane CheswardineMelting Tarmac has created multiple potholes and one piece of Tarmac went though a windscreen after beng thrown up by a passing carReported
8871510 Jul 2013COUNTY LANEPOTHOLES EVERYWHERE - NOT JUST WHERE INDICATED! Reported County Lane many times, with little ever done to sort it. I AM GETTING VERY TIRED OF NO ACTION SHROPSHIRE HIGHWAYS AGENCY! I DO NOT want to be…Reported
885535 Jul 2013Pothole from previous roadworks Reported
8837228 Jun 2013Lots of pot holes across the whole junctionReported
8837128 Jun 2013 Very large pot holeReported

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