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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
508578 Mar 2011Road surface collapse at junction and then a series of potholes along chapel lane as far as Gallantry FarmReported
508548 Mar 2011Several potholes on south side of roadReported
508538 Mar 2011Multiple potholes / uneven road surface across width of road.Reported
508528 Mar 2011Potholes across width of the roadReported
508518 Mar 2011Pothole/Uneven surface across half width of road on a blind bend over a distance of 15 - 25 yards. Very dangerous for cyclists. It is about time someone made a decent job of repairing this. It ha…Reported
508508 Mar 2011Potholes and ruts in the road - covering half the width of the road.Reported
508488 Mar 2011Uneven road surface and potholes across width of roadReported
508468 Mar 2011Mixed potholes and very uneven road surface across the width of the road. Dangerous for a road bicycle.Reported
508458 Mar 2011Mill Lane6 + potholes in the 75 yds of road south of the Wollerton village sign.Reported
507868 Mar 2011A488Large round potholeReported
502534 Mar 20114402862County Lane - middle sectionPotholes along length of County Lane, Staffs/Shrops border - NOT JUST IN ONE LOCATION - read on...Reported
501873 Mar 20114402861a41road surface uneven on both inner and outer tracks of the southbound lane.Reported
500842 Mar 20114958596Trimpley, Ellesmere B5068medium size, deep hole on existing patch outside entrance to Ellesmere Medical Centre on B5068Reported
4790516 Feb 2011CopeleaHole approx 3 ins from kerb. Hole is approx 7 ins long and 4 ins wide. The problem is you can look into the hole and see down for approx 2 feet! If anyone were to park a car on this piece of road, t…Reported
466798 Feb 20114402822Greatt Ness to Little NessThe road between Little Ness crossroads and Great Ness has numerous potholes espicially in a dip approximately half way along the road caused by heavy agricultural traffic and the harsh winter.Reported
457681 Feb 2011church road uffingtonlong section of holesReported
4543430 Jan 20114402806Sydnal LaneMany pothole linked together, too deep to ride throughReported
4462925 Jan 20114402805 Road surface badly broken up on major trunk road A41.Reported
4403521 Jan 20114402791Harriotts Hayes Lanenumerous enormous potholes along whole length of Harriotts Hayes LaneReported
4332918 Jan 20114402784Overdale RoadDeep hole in the road, right on the driving line. Makes car jar badly when you go over it. Would be very dangerous for a bicycle.Reported
4117924 Nov 20104402715Pattingham LaneLarge pothole in middle of the roadReported
4037025 Oct 20102 PotholesReported
3966229 Sep 20104402649B4371Dangerous road edge failure on a bendy length of narrow 'B' class road, on the riding line. Not good on a bicycle and pretty bad in a car as the surface is in a terrible state. I first encountered t…Reported
3935211 Sep 20104402635B4379Series of poorly repaired potholes now potholes themselves. There are a series of hazards for both cars and cyclists on the hill down into Sherifhales Village. Cyclists must ride near the middle of…Reported
3877212 Aug 20104402602Unclassified.Road surface across half width of lane is pitted by several small potholes. Cyclists have to use the wrong side of the lane in order to avoid. Sited in the middle section of a "Z" bend with limited…Reported
3877112 Aug 20104402601Chapel Lane / Rosehill Road,Road surface collapse. The surface has broken down on the corner. The entry / exit is very narrow & used by daily buses which tend to cut the corner.Reported
387159 Aug 2010Lower HordleyThe hole road is full of potholes, for at least half a mile.In progress
368951 Jun 20104402498unclassifiedSurface removal on brook bridge, only one-vehicle width, & westwards towards Poynton Green "T" junction where surface has been worn away on curve.Reported
3645520 May 2010junction of Edgley rd and Newport rdDeep pothole right on a road junctionReported
3645020 May 2010Calverhall roadPotholeReported

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