296 hazards found, displaying on 10 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
7935313 Feb 2013Potholes along edge of roadReported
7935113 Feb 2013Series of a significant number of potholes along length of roadReported
787359 Feb 2013B4373Several potholes/ uneven surface. This part of the road is always in a poor condition and should be resurfaced - not patched! It causes significant risk when cycling over it and is unavoidable.Reported
784546 Feb 2013Alkington Road, Whitchurch, ShropshireCircular hole in the centre of Alkington Rd about30 metres Alkington side of the junction with Beech Ave. Near a bend in the road making it hard to avoid. Surface breaking up adjacent to existing pot…Reported
7773331 Jan 2013higher heath Whitchurch shropshireVery deep and you try to avoid, as the car bangs when going over it.Reported
7717228 Jan 2013Plex Road, Hadnall Shrewsbury ShropshireAt least 22 holes bigger than 6inches on one strech of road.Reported
7705927 Jan 2013Numerous big potholes and ruts along the length of Bowling Green Lane out of Albrighton towards David Austin RosesReported
7694125 Jan 2013County LaneThe entirety of County Lane (single carriageway), from the Codsall Road to the A41 junction is a nightmare for bicycles at the best of times, but has become VERY dangerous, with MANY MANY big holes a…Reported
7694025 Jan 2013County LaneThe entirety of County Lane (single carriageway), from the Codsall Road to the A41 junction is a nightmare for bicycles at the best of times, but has become VERY dangerous, with MANY MANY big holes a…Reported
750664 Jan 2013B5068 Elson Roadbig pothole by drain coverReported
7422728 Dec 2012A528There are 2 potholes that have developed on either side of the road, which is causing vehicles to move out into the middle of the road and likely to cause a head on collision as it is just before a b…Reported
7419327 Dec 2012Neens Hill leading to Neen Sollars2 large potholesReported
7412826 Dec 2012Potholes Reported
7412726 Dec 2012Potholes Reported
7412626 Dec 2012Potholes and poor repairs Reported
7365617 Dec 2012Rudge roadMy car hit a large pothole near rudge hall. It was dark and late so I couldn't get a good look.Reported
7365317 Dec 2012Ice on road, surface not gritted. Reported
7354113 Dec 2012Masses of cracks and potholes over a substantial distance at the top of this lane Reported
732063 Dec 2012B4378Large pothole has appeared in B4378 in Brockton village, on the side of the road heading north-east towards Much Wenlock. Approx 50yds south west of the crossroads by the Feathers pub.Reported
7202821 Oct 2012UnnamedMultiple large potholes spread over quite a large area with some surface debris.Reported
7194917 Oct 2012Large diesel spill. Worst nearer to Dark Lane junction and nearby bend in road. Very strong smell of diesel. Spill is continuous along whole stretch and spreads across both lanes of carriageway at po…Reported
7149327 Sep 2012A489Large sunken area under rail bridge on A489, as marked on map, causing cars to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid.Reported
7139821 Sep 2012Burma RoadMultiple pot holes which are now unavoidable, a matter of time before cars are damaged.Reported
7136920 Sep 2012Acess to BT BUILDING off BURMA roadAt the junction indicated below on to Burma road, there are a number of potholes and a badly rutted suface which is causes the motorist to try and avoid these and will cause an accident to happen if …Reported
7122713 Sep 2012Burma RoadMany potholes in Burma Road, Oswestry, Shropshire causing a very real hazerd to cyclists and motorists alike! This needs to be dealt with as a matter of urgency.Reported
7071015 Aug 2012Loads of potholes all down the lower section of this roadReported
696438 Jul 2012B4379A recent washout pothole on the southbound side of the B4379 between Kemberton Quarters and Brockton, grid ref appox SJ721042Reported
695183 Jul 2012The road is so rutted that it is causing us cyclists to swerve in order to avoid and endangering our safety when traffic passesReported
6911419 Jun 2012A41 jcn A53 foot by 1.5 foot hole that was reported to both the Highways Agency and Shropshire CC a fortnight ago. the hole has previuosly been repaired several times and is on a roundabout jcn of A41 with A5 …Reported
6904017 Jun 2012Large pothole adjacent to drain coverReported

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