2,059 hazards found, displaying on 69 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
12425819 Feb 2016Previous repairReported
12425719 Feb 2016Previous repairReported
12425619 Feb 2016Previous repairReported
12425519 Feb 2016Previous repair\nReported
12425419 Feb 2016Pothole from previous repairsReported
12424319 Feb 2016Blackthorn Road Launtontarmac surround to water hydrant completely warn away leaving a deep gullyReported
12424219 Feb 2016Bicester Road LauntonSeveral deep potholes at the Traffic Light approach on the railway bridgeReported
12420418 Feb 2016Big pothole in bus stopReported
12417818 Feb 2016deep potholeReported
12414417 Feb 2016A329Pot hole developing where previous repair is failing.Reported
12410617 Feb 2016Launton RoadLarge potholeReported
12409817 Feb 2016B4507Deep potholeReported
12407316 Feb 2016Pothole from dust vehicles at traffic lights!Reported
12404816 Feb 2016East Lockinge to West Ginge roadPotholeReported
12404716 Feb 2016Woolstone Road, UffingtonBroken suface, appears to be collapsing after previous repairReported
12404616 Feb 2016Ickleton Rd (B4507)Pothole and uneven surfaceReported
12404516 Feb 2016B4507Potholes (x2)Reported
12397815 Feb 2016Potholes & uneven road surface Reported
12397715 Feb 2016730185Pothole - possibly already reported as markedReported
12397615 Feb 2016Pothole - possibly already reported as markedReported
12397415 Feb 2016Loose kerb stoneReported
12397315 Feb 2016PotholeReported
12397115 Feb 2016Raised IornworkReported
12382213 Feb 2016730046High StreetA large & deep hole by the nearside edge of the road (High Street) between Clifton Hampden and Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire.Reported
12381513 Feb 2016large pothole in middle of road. Hard to see and avoid and could damage carsReported
12364411 Feb 2016Two potholes in between to repaired potholes. Outside 8 Spruce Drive. Reported
12363911 Feb 2016B481 to Rotherfield GreysSeries of potholes have appeared on both sides of the road. This has been like this for several months. You have to swerve to avoid them.Reported
12360910 Feb 2016High stLarge pothole near pedestrian crossingReported
12355210 Feb 2016Any number of potholes on both sides of carriageway, at a corner, vehicles driving in middle of the road to avoid them. will be an accident here soon.Reported
12354410 Feb 2016part of pot holes outside school. potential fir accident as cars avoid them.Reported

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