1,624 hazards found, displaying on 55 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
10303321 Apr 2014Surface removed leaving 2" holeReported
10299020 Apr 2014PEM 639255Wroslyn RoadRoad has fallen away creating a large holeReported
10294819 Apr 2014Series of potholes in road surface braking upReported
10275715 Apr 2014Straight milePothole on left hand side of road as you are turning in to drive along straight mile road which leads to Horton Cum Studley from BeckleyReported
10272815 Apr 2014PEM 638878Pothole form road repairs Reported
10265413 Apr 2014Pothole getting bigger, result of previous work.Reported
10262412 Apr 2014greenwood avenueLarge pot hole in the middle of the road.Reported
10253610 Apr 2014Banbury roadRaised manhole cover as tarmac has sunk around it. Makes half the cyclepath unusable. THIS IS ON THE CYCLE PATH ADJACENT TO THE ROAD.Reported
10253510 Apr 2014Oxford roadtarmac breaking up around previous roadworksReported
10253410 Apr 2014First TurnTarmac has sunk where a channel was dug across the road on the bridge. It's the channel nearest the school, not the one nearest the Woodstock road. There is no way to avoid it as it runs right acros…Reported
1023486 Apr 2014Pothole x2 from erosion. 8cm deep. Reported
1022425 Apr 2014Deep hole on corner of road forcing vehicles into oncoming traffic on bendReported
1021994 Apr 2014Potholes Reported
1020301 Apr 2014A40 eastboundDeep pothole in centre of eastbound carriageway just before the first island after the Burford RoundaboutReported
10195131 Mar 2014Damage to centre of road. Deep. Cars try to avoid, creating hazard at junction.Reported
10194431 Mar 2014PotholeReported
10189930 Mar 2014Pothole/trough arising from poor road repair. Reported
10189830 Mar 2014Pothole - 4 feet x 2 feet wide x 10 inches deep. Dangerous to cars, cyclists and pedestrians.reported 2 months ago Reported
10189730 Mar 2014Uneven cover and potholes / ruts Reported
10189630 Mar 2014As series of potholes and ruts 10 metres longReported
10189430 Mar 2014Badly rutted edge of road for some 29 metres inc deep holesReported
10189330 Mar 20141 long pothole 4feet long x 1 foot wide x 5 inches deep and another pothole 1 1/2 feet long x 1 foot wife x 6 inches deepReported
10189230 Mar 2014Poor repairs = ruts and holes = dangerous for cyclists Reported
10189130 Mar 2014 Hole / rut that is dangerous for any cyclist who catches their tyre in itReported
10189030 Mar 2014Pothole. 2 feet x 1 foot x 6 inches deep. Dangerous for cyclistsReported
10188930 Mar 2014Series of ruts and holes - dangerous for cyclists Reported
10188730 Mar 2014Pothole1x1 feet x 6 inches deep. Dangerous for cyclists Reported
10181628 Mar 2014B4507PotholeReported
10172826 Mar 2014Eynsham RoadThe entire road surface on the Eynsham Raod just after the A420 flyover, both out-bound from Oxford and inbound, is broken up, uneven and pot-holed. It is dangerous in the way it forces cyclists to w…Reported
10168925 Mar 2014Cowley RoadDamage to road surface at bus stop has left narrow and busy road dangerously uneven for cyclists.Reported

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