2,093 hazards found, displaying on 70 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1253947 Mar 2016Pothole due to poor road repairReported
1253336 Mar 2016Hole due to failing old utility work. Several similar along this stretch, likely to force cyclists into centre of road on a bend. Reported
1253035 Mar 2016B4020Lots of potholes and very poor flaky road surface. Many hole big enough to cause damage and I have seen at least one serious injury to a cyclist due to a large hole.Reported
1252905 Mar 201684 oxford hillPothole - looks like previous re poo air attempts have failed and patches splitReported
1252214 Mar 2016dangerous pothole!Reported
1251053 Mar 2016two holes close together in southbound side of roadReported
1251043 Mar 2016line of holes and road break up.Reported
1249651 Mar 2016Pothole top of hill heading towards witney os tyre track, dangerous by school, swerve to miss pothole with children around, dangerousReported
1249621 Mar 2016Bad pothole damaged tyre (burst) and damaged shock absorber, will be claiming, cost us half a dayReported
12492229 Feb 2016PotholeReported
12491229 Feb 2016Whole series of potholes right on junction, crash and clatter over them, I swerved to avoid, should have seen the look on the face of the geezer coming the other way, dangerous, we shouldn't have to …Reported
12491129 Feb 2016Bad potholes, series of the on, too many to a wood, glad I don't ride motorbike as the one I hit would have you off straight into an on coming carReported
12486128 Feb 2016huge deep pot holeReported
12482227 Feb 2016unnamed roadat least 3 large potholes, 2 on one side and 1 on the otherReported
12462424 Feb 2016732622lots of tyre popping pot hole all along the edge of this road pretty much the length of it. Reported
12462324 Feb 2016giant pot hole. will pop tyres if hit.Reported
12457423 Feb 2016Eastern BypassLarge hole in the carriageway that could cause an accident.Reported
12452923 Feb 2016Wallingford RoadDeep pothole.Reported
12440522 Feb 2016Twyford RoadDeep and dangerous pothole in the middle of the left-hand lane. Located just over the crest of a bridge (after passing the M40) so no sight on approach, very dangerous for cyclistsReported
12436021 Feb 2016pothole just by traffic lightsReported
12428019 Feb 2016Was riding my bike and saw a car hit the pothole very hard. Reported
12427319 Feb 2016Previous repairReported
12427219 Feb 2016Previous repairReported
12427119 Feb 2016Previous repairReported
12426919 Feb 2016Previous repairReported
12426819 Feb 2016Previous repairReported
12426719 Feb 2016Previous repairReported
12426619 Feb 2016Previous repairReported
12426519 Feb 2016Previous repairReported
12426419 Feb 2016Previous repairReported

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