1,486 hazards found, displaying on 50 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
9535123 Jan 2014Woolstone Road UffingtonA potholeReported
9534523 Jan 2014Thame RoadHUGE pothole that is across an entire side of the road. Completly un-avoidable and has been there since Nov 2013 - completly unacceptable.Reported
9523922 Jan 2014Surround of drainReported
9523722 Jan 2014Hole surrounding drain. Reported
9508520 Jan 2014Pothole on previous repairReported
9508420 Jan 2014Fail repairReported
9507220 Jan 2014Pothole at edge of previous worksIn progress
9504620 Jan 2014Edges of road surface have collapsed causing dangerous conditions if two vehicles meet. This caused a tyre to be nearly wrenched off my car on Monday damaging it beyond repair and costing £275 to pu…Reported
9497719 Jan 2014Rose HillPothole in Rose Hill side road.Reported
9489817 Jan 2014uxmore roadPothole at bottom of descent causing a danger for cyclists who may have picked up speed.Reported
9489717 Jan 2014Uxmore LaneNumerous potholes in edge/middle of ward filling with water and causing a serious hazard for cyclistsReported
9489617 Jan 2014B4526Numerous potholes along road, filled with water causing a serious danger to cyclists, horse riders and car drivers, there are numerous potholes along this road and it is a disgrace!Reported
9482317 Jan 2014Pothole on junction Reported
9481517 Jan 2014London Road headingtonLots of ruts and holesReported
9481017 Jan 2014Failed repair of a failed repair of a failed repairReported
9468916 Jan 2014Pothole at edge of drain. Reported
9467415 Jan 2014B4027Deep pothole in the path of cyclists , it cannot be seen in the dark.Reported
9461315 Jan 2014Speed bump at the top of the hill disintegrated into holes and ridges. needs mending or removingReported
9429512 Jan 2014b481 Peppard road2 deep potholes in roadReported
9428812 Jan 2014A420The whole of the a420 from faringdon To swindon is awful full of holes and very badly resurfacedReported
9428312 Jan 2014Poor repairReported
9428212 Jan 2014Cracked Tarmac around repairReported
9427212 Jan 2014Chinnor roadMassive pothole across roadReported
9417710 Jan 2014A423Pothole round drainReported
9417410 Jan 2014A423Pothole in roadReported
9411410 Jan 2014Dunstan RoadSpread of rough patches and hollows, Dunstan Road, Old Headington, on south side, near foot of driveway to Manor Farm House. Dangerous for bike. Commuter route with speed bumps nearby.Rest of road s…Reported
9410210 Jan 2014B4507PotholeReported
9410110 Jan 2014B4507The repair around a manhole has disintegrated leaving the original hazard, i.e a pothole around the parimeter of the manhole/drainage coverReported
9409310 Jan 2014Mansfield RdSeveral areas of uneven road surface, including potholes, on the length of Mansfield Road.Reported
9409210 Jan 2014Iffley RdPothole in cycle path. Avoiding it requires moving into traffic or onto pavement.Reported

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