1,689 hazards found, displaying on 57 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1060269 Jul 2014B4508Two small potholesReported
1060038 Jul 2014Stapleton RoadRound pothole approx 40cm accross and 10cm deepReported
10585330 Jun 2014652856bridus waymultiple pot holes and total break up of surface, there have been two children fall off their bikes in these holes in the last month as it lies on a major route for cycling to school for the village.Reported
10578827 Jun 2014Park End StreetThe Hazard is pretty much all of the above. When I cycle along this road it's mainly used for busses. The state of the road is so very bad I have to cycle right out in the middle of it if I'm to get …Reported
10563720 Jun 2014PotholeReported
10557819 Jun 2014Busgrove Lane/Wyfold RoadHoles, loose gravel and debris all over a stretch of road.Reported
10547416 Jun 2014As you approach the traffic lights a44 northbound there is a trench in the road, quite deep now and 40 series profile tyres crash over the rut which runs across the whole carriageway. I slowed right …Reported
10546016 Jun 2014PEM 649594A40 westbound, entrance to Eynsham roundaboutPothole on entrance to roundabout, position of nearside wheel, ACROSS the carriageway so near impossible to miss, distracting and potentially dangerous at busy roundaboutReported
10545916 Jun 2014PEM 649579A 40 westbound100 yds beyond Cassington lights, multiple broken road surface with potholesReported
10542715 Jun 2014Large, deep hole right on bend of road requiring the corner to be taken wide.Reported
10536513 Jun 2014Pothole 6 inches deep x 2 feet wideReported
10536413 Jun 2014Raised water main cover - dangerous to cyclists and carsReported
1051939 Jun 2014minor road between Chipping Norton and Hook Norton. SP 343 309pothole in hazardous placeReported
1050544 Jun 2014Mill Street (I think)Several deep potholesReported
1050534 Jun 2014Mill StreetSeveral metres of potted road and poor road surfaceReported
1050524 Jun 2014Pound LaneDeep potholeReported
1050383 Jun 2014Bath Street OX14 1EBdeep pothole with many large stones scattered around churned up from the below the surfaceReported
1050143 Jun 2014ID #105014Dunstan RoadSerious hazard for bikes, mixture of pothole, damaged surface and ruts. I reported it some time ago, but still not repaired.Reported
1050093 Jun 2014Larkhill RoadLarge pothole next to curb, full of water all the time due to unresolved water leakage somewhere so creates not only potential damage to cars and bicycles but also splashing of water and grit onto pe…Reported
1049902 Jun 2014Straight Mile RoadA single potholeReported
1049892 Jun 2014Horton HillSeveral metres of potholes roadReported
1049722 Jun 2014B4507PotholeReported
1049712 Jun 2014B4507 Ickleton RdPotholes on approach to junctionReported
1049692 Jun 2014Sunken manhole near middle of carriageway. Reported
1049531 Jun 2014Busgrove LaneSizeable potholes in carriageway (see photo)Reported
1049521 Jun 2014Busgrove LaneSignificant potholes in road.Reported
1049491 Jun 2014The whole stretch of road is a dangerous and disgraceful state almost impossible to cycle on safelyReported
1049481 Jun 2014 Broken road surface with large potholes very difficult to cycle across. Reported
1049421 Jun 2014Potholes all the way up Neals Lane beyond Neal's FarmReported
10482229 May 2014A424 Wyck hillSeveral potholes on the A424 towards Burford Wyck hill.Reported

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