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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
10748716 Sep 2014Iron work missingReported
10748516 Sep 2014A4074Water running along side of road approx distance of run off 50yds and gradually spreading out into roadReported
10743115 Sep 2014Hole with sharp edges around small utility cover. Reported
1073359 Sep 2014George StreetA man hole has been fixed but has sunk again, also near to this is a cracked and broken road surface.Reported
1073349 Sep 2014B 4035 West bar streetLarge section of road surface cracked and pot holed with further pieces breaking off all the time causing debris and stones on the road surface. Section of road is around half a mile long and in my …Reported
1073339 Sep 2014Windsor street / Cherwell street A4260Deeply sunken man hole and broken road surface near by, approx 4 to 5 feet away from the man holeReported
1071803 Sep 2014Ickleton/Hame Rd junction, WantageThe road surface is very poor at the junction due to a combination of factors (previous repairs, drain/inspection covers, surface breaking up).Reported
10710329 Aug 2014High Street, Goring on ThamesHigh Street, Goring on Thames. Work was done this past week or so and now there is a huge sunken hole in the road.Reported
10708028 Aug 2014Spencers CloseNext to the man hole, the road has a big hole next to it.Reported
10704227 Aug 2014Station RdPothole/previous repairReported
10686720 Aug 2014Mollington RoadThree patches on road have lots their top layer of road surface - I guess with hot weather.Reported
10686520 Aug 2014Mill StreetLarge pothole on bend of road and large section of road fallen away.Reported
10677615 Aug 2014kingston hillseries of repaired potholes starting to degrade againReported
10667110 Aug 2014Norham GardensThe whole road surface is falling apart - numerous potholes, loose surface material, crazing, cracks, loose sets, and a road sign uprooted and lying wrecked on the pavementReported
1066166 Aug 2014Clifton Hampton roadVery uneven road surface and pot holesReported
1065503 Aug 2014Foxhall roadAll around the drain cover is breaking up partially next to the kerb.Reported
10642728 Jul 2014Mill StreetLarge pothole on bend of roadReported
10639925 Jul 2014Tarmac covering trench has sunk leaving drop of 2-3 inchesReported
10638625 Jul 2014B4020terrible road condition forcing drivers and cyclists to swerve in and out on this v fast road. Car divers use the center of the road to avoid potholes.Reported
10636323 Jul 2014656410The junction of concord avenue and hennef wayA cracked surface about six inches deep and two feet long on the roundabout and further along the carriage way a series of pot holes ranging from six to ten inches deep which stretches for about five…Reported
10631121 Jul 2014B4016Large hole in road ajacient to traffic island, impossible to avoid.Reported
10627419 Jul 2014Series of large potholes and uneven road surface.Reported
10608710 Jul 2014PEM 654542Pothole several developing Reported
10608610 Jul 2014Pothole offside wheel track Reported
1060269 Jul 2014B4508Two small potholesReported
1060038 Jul 2014Stapleton RoadRound pothole approx 40cm accross and 10cm deepReported
10585330 Jun 2014652856bridus waymultiple pot holes and total break up of surface, there have been two children fall off their bikes in these holes in the last month as it lies on a major route for cycling to school for the village.Reported
10578827 Jun 2014Park End StreetThe Hazard is pretty much all of the above. When I cycle along this road it's mainly used for busses. The state of the road is so very bad I have to cycle right out in the middle of it if I'm to get …Reported
10563720 Jun 2014PotholeReported
10557819 Jun 2014Busgrove Lane/Wyfold RoadHoles, loose gravel and debris all over a stretch of road.Reported

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