1,522 hazards found, displaying on 51 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
971058 Feb 2014Deep pothole on edge of roadReported
971018 Feb 2014Southam RdSeveral severe pot holes, and badly broken up surfaceReported
971008 Feb 2014Heneef WayPoorly filled potholes have created large areas of VERY rough and un even surface.Reported
970998 Feb 2014Southam RdSeveral severe pot holes approaching a busy junction/Reported
970747 Feb 2014high stpot hole in the road where the high street joins the side road down to goring mill. the tarmac is gone and while rubble underneath can be seenReported
970727 Feb 2014high stpot hole in middle of carriageway in high stReported
970557 Feb 2014A420The whole of the Shivenham By-Pas section of the A420, in both directions.Reported
969416 Feb 2014A420long stretch of road covered in potholes of varying sizes and depths has been like this for months getting progressively worse it is a danger to all road users.Reported
967985 Feb 2014High st, Goring.Deep pothole causing traffic to slow, if seen or swerve! On a narrow piece of road in Village centre.Reported
967965 Feb 2014Fawler RoadSeveral patches applied last year have disintegrated leaving potholes, which combined with a poor quality orad surface makes a 20-30m stretch of road dangerous, specifically when descending the hill.Reported
967945 Feb 2014Charlton Road (A417) WantagePotholeReported
967925 Feb 2014Charlton Rd (A417) WantagePotholeReported
967154 Feb 2014high stpothole by the kerb on northern side of road of goring high st Road is narrow so taking avoiding action is trickyReported
965313 Feb 2014Pothole due to poorly repaired previous pothole repair. This is tyre damaging!Reported
965303 Feb 2014Newbury RoadDeep pot holeReported
965193 Feb 2014Pem 623234A4421Various pot holes as your leave Newton Purcell going towards Bicester until you get to the turning on the leftReported
964242 Feb 2014A417Big pothole!Reported
963942 Feb 2014Multiple deep potholes on side and middle of road. Reported
962881 Feb 2014St Johns RoadPothole by side of drain cover in a narrow part of the street, such that one is almost forced to ride/drive through it.Reported
962811 Feb 2014Osler roadVery deep pothole that at night will be difficult for a cyclist to see, and is large enough that a cyclist would almost certainly be thrown off their bicycle.Reported
962711 Feb 2014southam roadpothole opened up in road next to drain.Reported
962661 Feb 2014PEM 622943A4421Big pot hole getting bigger every day on the way to bicesterReported
9624831 Jan 2014Potholes on junctionReported
9618531 Jan 2014Main Street Sibford GowerA large deep pothole difficult to see and avoid particularly after darkReported
9607930 Jan 2014622434Large pothole on round about Reported
9602729 Jan 2014not sure what the name isAbout 20 meters of deteriating road. Makes people want to drive in the middle of the road to avoid. Horrendous and other pot holes have been fixed around it leaving this lot.Reported
9601729 Jan 2014unable to see as dark but massive dip on left hand side of road with sharp forward edge that car wheel went into with forceReported
9599229 Jan 2014Bicester RoadLots of pot holes, and cracks. As a cyclist I find this road dangerous as I have to "take the lane" to avoid appalling road surface at the left side.Reported
9590828 Jan 2014Large hole in road following building works. Was filled in but has reappearedReported
9581228 Jan 2014Baulking LaneSeriously deep potholes on Baulking Green road SN7 7QE which I encountered riding with my childrenReported

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