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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
12201617 Jan 2016Two large depressions / potholes on London road towards Oxford just before traffic lights. On right hand edge of cycle lane, just where it can affect cyclists on the road - often travelling at speed …Reported
12201517 Jan 2016Large depression / pothole on London road towards Oxford just after Latimer road. Next to kerb, just where it can affect cyclists on the road. Looks like indentation from heavy vehicle tyres.Reported
1213785 Jan 2016B471almost impassable on a busy narrow road. a sunken manhole next to a pothole. as i use this road every weekday i have seen the pothiole enlarge and become more harzardous. often impassable if there i…Reported
1213254 Jan 2016722962London roadHedge is so overgrown that pedestrians are walking on dedicated cyclepathReported
1213164 Jan 2016Fenny Compton roadPothole recently expanded s - road surface in the area around is already poor but this feature has grown especially bad and is now the most harsh of them all.Reported
1213074 Jan 2016Priory Rd, OX7 5SZ A44 north just before lights. Bad rut gulley across carriageway. I have reported this before and nothing has been done. This is 5ph road and when i hot the rut with low profile t…Reported
1213054 Jan 2016Pothole at side of tosdReported
1213034 Jan 2016Nasty pothole in os wheel track Reported
1212963 Jan 2016Town FurlongTwo deep potholes in middle of road, difficult to avoid in a carReported
1212733 Jan 2016Rut and gulley quickly deteriorating into Pothole, just watched a motorcycle swerve to avoid it, he might not have been so lucky in the dark, get your white paint out and wander along the road, there…Reported
1212532 Jan 2016tyre popping pot hole on northbound side, you can't miss it.Reported
1212522 Jan 2016tyre popping pot hole on northbound side, you can't miss it.Reported
12120131 Dec 2015multiple pot holes along side of road heading southbound. from the bend on vessels way to Hagbourne Road. Reported
12120031 Dec 2015multiple pot holes along side of road heading southbound. from the bend on vessels way to Hagbourne Road. Reported
12116829 Dec 2015Reforming hole after the resurfacing a year or back\nMiddle of road outside SuperdrugReported
12109728 Dec 2015Sheepstead RoadSeveral potholes dangerous to all vehicles and cyclists, covered often by water making them lethal, on edge of carriageway, opposite entrance to Harding Way, Sheepstead Road, Marcham, Oxfordshire.Reported
12109027 Dec 2015Pothole where all traffic is constrained by traffic calmingReported
12107225 Dec 2015multiple huge potholes heading westbound Reported
12105624 Dec 2015Pothole at side of road\n\n\n\n\nReported
12095719 Dec 2015721881edge of road break up. large hole getting further and further into Road.In progress
12090817 Dec 2015A40 cycle pathLeaves rotting on cycle path. Needs sweeping/cleaning.Reported
12090717 Dec 2015Ambassador AveTrenchReported
12090217 Dec 2015Iffley Road A4158A nasty deep pothole on a busy road at side is hazardous to cyclists and other road usersReported
12090017 Dec 2015London Road parallel cycleway (on pavement)Tree stump protruding through cycle pathReported
12089717 Dec 2015Hollandtide LaneA pothole, by edge of road. Unavoidable if vehicle coming the other wayReported
12080214 Dec 2015721165Deteriorating previous "bodge" is now a pothole againReported
12078413 Dec 2015Pothole and badly sunken drain. The whole high street is littered with potholes. It's no good sending a man down with a tin of marker paint and only marking one pothole. Why don't you mark them all…Reported
12077113 Dec 2015721278large elongated potholeReported
12077013 Dec 2015721273large elongated potholeReported
12076913 Dec 2015large elongated potholeReported

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