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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
12080214 Dec 2015721165Deteriorating previous "bodge" is now a pothole againReported
12078413 Dec 2015Pothole and badly sunken drain. The whole high street is littered with potholes. It's no good sending a man down with a tin of marker paint and only marking one pothole. Why don't you mark them all…Reported
12077113 Dec 2015721278large elongated potholeReported
12077013 Dec 2015721273large elongated potholeReported
12076913 Dec 2015large elongated potholeReported
12076813 Dec 2015720942large elongated potholeReported
12076713 Dec 2015721270large elongated potholeReported
1206287 Dec 2015Oxford HillHuge hole, going up Oxford Hill, after the zebra crossingReported
1206277 Dec 2015720690Oxford HillHuge hole, going up Oxford Hill, after the zebra crossingReported
1205645 Dec 2015Shocking potholeReported
1205544 Dec 2015720380Poor repairReported
12040629 Nov 2015719234Oxford HillV deep pothole near centre of roadReported
12035826 Nov 2015719486Bottom Lane, Bradleys Steet, Lovegroves LaneThere are at least 12 pot holes of varying depth and width on all the single track roads surrounding Bradley's Street, Checkendon. They are getting worse daily and, when filled with water, very hard…Reported
12025722 Nov 2015B4437Pothole adjacent to drainReported
12022920 Nov 2015unnamed. Norman Cox & Pnrs, past Garsons Farm, towards Ipsden, S OxonSeveral holes and large areas of standing water, therefore unable to gauge depth of hole. Thick mud in road and debris at sides of road.Reported
12021720 Nov 2015Path way leading from Dunmore Road, Abingdon to the village of SunningwellSplit in path leading up to bridge over the A34 - this is used frequently by walkers and cyclists. This gully/crack is getting bigger and will cause injury if walking over it or a bicycle wheel goes…Reported
12020419 Nov 2015In o/s whhel track, very sunken drain, lanes are narrow and people swerve to avoid, witnessed a near miss tonight. People dont pay their taxes to crash over sunken drains, this one is dangerousReported
12009916 Nov 2015Heading away from Oxford there are 2 sunken drains in the cycle lane just before bus stop. Width of cycle lane making it unusable\nReported
12008215 Nov 2015Pothole has damaged suspensionReported
11994710 Nov 2015PEM 717155Long and thin crack in road, width of bike tyre, at high speed part of roadReported
1198827 Nov 2015Pothole near the side of the road it is tree covered so a dark section of the road which means you don't see it until it is too late and buckle your alloy wheel driving through it. Reported
1198364 Nov 2015Southfield Park meets Bartlemas CloseThere is more than one pothole, and a lot of damaged road surface here. It is on a bend, on a downhill section of a road where there is poor street lighting - ie very hazardous to cyclists. the only …Reported
11969227 Oct 2015715372Big pothole rut arrived from poorly repaired burst water main repair. Reported
11966825 Oct 2015Pothole in driving lineReported
11966725 Oct 2015Bad pothole damaging carsReported
11958219 Oct 201571445380 W End, OX28 heading into witney there is a recent roadwork patch that is very poor, almost beyond belief, now building in potholes, mind you the whole stretch of road is a sequence of patches and …Reported
11950714 Oct 2015714062Mill Road, Stratton Audley near OX27 9ANA number of lengthy and irregular longitudinal cracks, up to about 1ft deep, with a vertical displacement at the surface of up to 2 inches and a similar width. The longest single crack is some 40 ya…Reported
1193769 Oct 2015Banbury ROadGravel in centre of road. Hazard to motorcycles and cyclists. I have skidded a couple of times on it, and bike ABS has saved me. It is between the islands just before the Ferry Road lights on the Ban…Reported
1193527 Oct 2015Nasty potholeReported
1193156 Oct 2015Cyclist who swerved dangerously into the centre of the road reported a 'massive pothole' in Westminster Way, near one of \nthe speed bumps.Reported

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