2,171 hazards found, displaying on 73 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1290511 May 2016Pothole 2 1/2 feet long 1 foot wide 4 inches deepReported
12897529 Apr 2016A415 Marcham Road2 weeks back, I reported a hole and a few days later saw that workmen were working there, causing traffic chaos that backed into the town nearby and onto the A34 dual carriageway. The hole has not b…Reported
12890127 Apr 2016Market Palce, WantagePotholeReported
12890027 Apr 2016B4019Pothole near side of roadReported
12880425 Apr 2016742375Somerton RoadVery deep pothole at bottom of dipReported
12873924 Apr 2016A420Large pothole, almost immediately after the Park Road Roundabout on the A420Reported
12873724 Apr 2016There's a couple of potholes on this road some have been tagged but that's been weeks now. Reported
12872824 Apr 20165 inches deep 3 feet long by two feet wide Reported
12870724 Apr 201676 West End, Oxfordshire, another pothole opening up near side, why don't you attend to them all in one go rather than one a week the road is in appalling condition and breaks up by the day due to th…Reported
12870524 Apr 20161 West End, Oxfordshire, England, OX28 1NG just past bend another pothole opening up near side, why don't you attend to them all in one go rather than one a week the road is in appalling conditionReported
12867723 Apr 2016Bad rut and ridge that could throw a cyclist off their bike / damage car tyre Reported
12866122 Apr 201626 Bridge Street, Oxfordshire, England, OX28 1HY towards old court hotel nasty pothole getting bigger by the minute with the rain and traffic already a big danger to motorcyclistsReported
12865822 Apr 2016Manor RoadpotholeReported
12865622 Apr 2016A series of potholes near side heading towards Harley dealersReported
12857421 Apr 2016A415 Marcham RoadThe surface surrounding a drain has broken away, leaving a large hole with unprotected ironworks edges in it. Because of the position, it would be impossible to avoid if there is traffic in the adja…Reported
12853820 Apr 2016potholeReported
12853520 Apr 2016elongated pothole Reported
12849220 Apr 2016741376Pothole on roundaboutIn progress
12848019 Apr 2016Hennef way, Warwick road, Bloxham road, Southam roadNumerous on hennef way on both carriageways past ermont way going away from motorway towards tesco extra in Banbury.. Now also numerous on Warwick road from dukes meadow drive to orchard way roundabo…Reported
12843719 Apr 2016A4260 Oxford Roadpothole next to drainReported
12843619 Apr 2016741284A4260 Oxford RoadLarge areas of tarmac coming away from road surface.Reported
12843219 Apr 2016741276Woodstock road (A4144)Sunken and broken road surface near kerb just past drain cover and just before you get to the large roundabout sign. Dangerous as right in a cyclist's path and could throw them off into path of car.Reported
12843119 Apr 2016741280B4100Large potholeReported
12842419 Apr 2016A415 Kingston RoadThe road surface along one side of a rectangular manhole has broken away, leaving a deep and wide hole, bordered by a sharp metal edge.Reported
12839818 Apr 2016A415 Marcham RoadA series of holes in the carriageway, across the width of the lane.Reported
12839118 Apr 2016Davenport RoadPothole on apex of bend at exit to Methodist Church church. The road is a cul-de-sac but is a popular route from the local estate to a primary school and much of the footfall is under 11 and users o…Reported
12838318 Apr 2016Pothole four feet long three feet wide on a blind corner causing people to swerve . Very dangerousReported
12835218 Apr 2016high stRoad surface suddenly dips by circa 1 foot.Reported
12832818 Apr 2016Road surface worn away over a long stretchReported
12830317 Apr 2016Several potholes. Poorly patched road surface following several previous roadworks and repairs. Worst outside number 4 Mill Lane but while road requires pothole repair attention. Reported

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