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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1235179 Feb 2016These are two of several deep potholes on Boot Street that have been marked with white paint but not yet repaired. They present a serious hazard to cyclists and pedestrians, especially in the dark (n…Reported
1235169 Feb 2016This is one of several deep potholes on Boot Street that have been marked with white paint but not yet repaired. They present a serious hazard to cyclists and pedestrians, especially in the dark (no …Reported
1235109 Feb 2016Very poor quality, uneven road surface in cycle laneReported
1235099 Feb 2016Very poor road surface, dangerous for cyclistsReported
1235089 Feb 2016very poor, uneven roadwork repair, dangerous to cycle over. Several places with poor repair, all related to the services to, and construction of, the new houseReported
1235079 Feb 2016Pothole right in line with cycle lane - very dangerous and uncomfortable to cycle over, especially in the darkReported
1235069 Feb 2016Very poor, uneven road repair, dangerous to cycle over Reported
1235059 Feb 2016Pothole from poor roadwork repair, dangerous to cycle overReported
1233868 Feb 2016Pithone northReported
1233367 Feb 2016Set of potholes, nasty, right on junctionReported
1233357 Feb 2016Nasty Pothole, have a cyclist or motorcyclist off could thatReported
1233117 Feb 2016UnamedLarge hole in path of left hand wheels when Henley bound. Several smaller holes across whole carriageway.Reported
1231163 Feb 2016Croft roadSeries of 3 potholes (2 very close together); 1 is set apart from the other 2. Expectation that eventually the 2 that are close together could form a single, very large, pothole. Given the nature of…Reported
1230813 Feb 2016Rain damageReported
1230803 Feb 2016Rain damageReported
1230793 Feb 2016Rain damageReported
1230783 Feb 2016Rain damageReported
1230763 Feb 2016Rain damage to poor repairReported
1230502 Feb 2016A40very poor road surface/poor patch repairs on A40 Westbound from Cassington traffic lights to Eysham roundabout.Reported
1230082 Feb 2016Ickleton Road/B4507Road heavily rutted between Locks Lane and turning to Letcombe Regis with numerous potholes of various sizes Most significant is a long rut heading WestReported
1229821 Feb 2016Ashfield RdPothole approx the size of a washing up bowlReported
1229621 Feb 2016enormous hole wrecking tyresReported
1229151 Feb 2016Bottom of Oxford Hill, by Zebra crossing, going up the hill towards a40Massive holeReported
12287131 Jan 2016B4030Road surface has collapsed and sunk in,Reported
12279229 Jan 2016B4477There are a great deal of ruts and potholes dotted all around this junction. If a team fixes this junction I will personally drive down with beers and/or cakes for the team as this junction is a pai…Reported
12278829 Jan 2016B4477A big pothole on a busy stretch of road. It is quite a hazard and it is easy to spot. It is where the road meets the verge, in the direction of Cartoon Town ((Carterton).Reported
12278629 Jan 2016727976B4477A big, deep pothole.Reported
12276629 Jan 2016Pothole on infill after new lights\nSth bound near centre if roadReported
12276529 Jan 2016Pothole from failed infill after new lights insertedReported
12271328 Jan 2016B4477A pothole that has previously been filled but is in a high wear area.Reported

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