1,419 hazards found, displaying on 48 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
906569 Oct 2013A long section of potholed broken road, extending from Combe Halt towards the railway bridge. The surface forces cyclists onto the centre line of the road. Hazard had been reported previously and a s…Reported
905939 Oct 2013605374Old repairs have split and grown leaving road excessively bumpy. Reported
905929 Oct 2013605371Big enough to cause wheel damage. Reported
8993811 Sep 2013601714Ickleton RoadNumerous damaged edges to drains/manholes, potholes and uneven road surface where previous splash and dash road covering has peeled away. Each hazard forces a cyclist to either stop or move under ca…Reported
898807 Sep 2013601156Very uneven, holed surface. Repaired badly. Needs redoing. Reported
898797 Sep 2013Nasty potholeReported
898566 Sep 2013Cracked and broken road surface Reported
897601 Sep 2013Pot hole and very poor road surfaceReported
897591 Sep 2013Pot hole and very poor road surfaceReported
897581 Sep 2013Pot hole and very poor road surface Reported
897571 Sep 2013Pot hole and very poor road surfaceReported
897561 Sep 2013Pot hole and very poor road surfaceReported
897551 Sep 2013Pot hole and very poor road surfaceReported
897541 Sep 2013Pot hole and very poor road surfaceReported
8966528 Aug 2013599887Pothole near fully on white lineReported
8966028 Aug 2013599878Big potholeReported
8961726 Aug 2013599428Heyford road, just off Tackley Road, In Roushamnumerous pots holes and road in poor repairReported
8958324 Aug 2013Hollandtide lane (just short of junction at Chalgrove end)Water filled pothole - possible water pipe leak too?Reported
8951620 Aug 2013599004A huge rut .. The bottom is 10 inches from the top+ a number of bad potholes . This stretch of road and damage has been reported numerous times for over one year Reported
8951520 Aug 2013598999Pothole at side of manhole cover.1 foot x10 inches wide x 3 inches deep. Dangerous to cyclistsReported
8949719 Aug 2013598945Pothole - 3 feet x 3 feet by 6 inches deepReported
8949619 Aug 2013Pothole1 foot by 10 inches by 5 inches deep . Reported
892667 Aug 2013A series if potholes along a 15 metre section. Extremely dangerous to cyclists and lay between recently reported and repaired potholes!Reported
892657 Aug 2013A series humps and potholes caused by sinking of infill by utility works. These are dangerous and have been reported previously over a year!Reported
892637 Aug 2013A pothole 2 1/2 feet long x 1 foot wide x 3 1/2 inches deep + long deep ruts adjacent caused by infill of utility works .dangerous to cyclists Reported
892627 Aug 2013Pothole 1 foot x 10 I chest 4 inches deepReported
892617 Aug 2013A series of potholes from repaired roadReported
891682 Aug 2013Pothole alongside speed bumpReported
891672 Aug 2013PotholeReported
891662 Aug 2013PotholeReported

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