1,828 hazards found, displaying on 61 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1131603 Mar 2015Aston Hill A40Rut stretching across the downhill lane, with a small pothole at the inside edge. This is VERY DANGEROUS as it's at the bottom of a long hill, so cyclists will be travelling fairly fast. There is n…Reported
11292027 Feb 2015Omg potholeReported
11285126 Feb 2015White Horse, UffingtonPotholeReported
11276025 Feb 2015A43A43 between Baynards Green and Evenley (https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.9742418,-1.1922535,15z). Large pothole in left hand lane, followed within ~150 feet by a second equally severe pothole also i…Reported
11259223 Feb 2015Hithercroft Road2 potholes near the edge of the roadReported
11259023 Feb 2015Church RoadLarge, deep pothole.Reported
11258322 Feb 2015harpsden waypotholes at bottom and round corner from hill, deep and dangerousReported
11258222 Feb 2015widmore lanelots of ruts and potholes at road junctionReported
11258122 Feb 2015Kings road roundaboutpothole in middle of 2 lanesReported
11249321 Feb 2015One side of the path has subsided, leaving a crevice approximately 2-3 inches wide, and about 6 inches deep (with one side significantly raised above the other) running along the middle of the cycle …Reported
11242519 Feb 2015On approach to to roundabout, pothole forming niceley, give it a couple of days and it should be a good suspension thumperReported
11237618 Feb 2015Blewbury Road / B4016This is a deep pot hole which is just inside the village of East Hagbourne - as you enter the village from the direction of BlewburyReported
11231718 Feb 2015Immediately adjacent to another recent repair. Why wasn't this filled in at the same time? If anything it is more dangerous on a bike than the one repaired which is further off to the side...Reported
11231118 Feb 2015QUARRY roadlarge deep hole on left of roadway at crest of small rise on bend, this is difficult to see and avoid due to ongoing traffic, there is a significant risk of danger to cyclists who may be unintentiona…Reported
11231018 Feb 2015Parts of the road surface are worn awayReported
11230918 Feb 2015Pothole on recently resurfaced roundabout.Reported
11230818 Feb 2015Pothole on recently resurfaced roundabout.Reported
11230318 Feb 2015684303a4130crater in road and lots of gravel/stones being kicked out the holeReported
11225917 Feb 2015684300Dukes Meadow DriveNasty pothole at giveway line when heading westbound/turning into winter gardens wayReported
11221616 Feb 2015A poor roadwork repair now opened up into a bad pothole and getting worse by the day, heaven forbid a motorcyclist doesn't hit it in the dark, IMHO it would 'have em off'. 16/02 suggest it is looked …Reported
11214715 Feb 2015Several potholes opening up nicely cos the chaps who filled in the last holes were a bit selective and choosey, after all, why fill in a small hole whilst working in the road when you can leave it to…Reported
11212415 Feb 2015Missing water cover in pavement. Reported
11203812 Feb 2015High StreetOn High Street all ironworks/manholes (4 or 5) between Rose Lane and Longwall Street are sunken and dangerous. Could be lethal for cyclists in the darkReported
1118039 Feb 2015Lambs Crescent, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX16 9BZPothole has reappeared (again) in middle of the road. The road is very narrow and congested and cars are getting damaged when drivers try to go a few inches to the left or right of the holeReported
1118009 Feb 2015B4027/Wheatley Road in Forest HillA pothole has developed around a drain at the curb, going into the road. It's also on a poor visibility bend where affected traffic needs to be extra careful when moving into the road to dodge the po…Reported
1116586 Feb 2015Very deep pothole in the middle of the road, right on the bendReported
1116406 Feb 2015Two holes in road outside my home that have appeared due to previous poor repair. Reported
1116296 Feb 2015682839Huge pothole in the centre of the carriageway as you head north to Oxford. \n\nHas gotten worse over past two months - no a significant hole that is difficult to avoid. Reported
1115865 Feb 2015B4507Pothole at edge of road near vergeReported
1113442 Feb 2015Radley RoadDeep pothole on nearside of lane leaving Abingdon on the Radley Road, already a repair which has degraded over last few months.Reported

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