1,595 hazards found, displaying on 54 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
10168925 Mar 2014Cowley RoadDamage to road surface at bus stop has left narrow and busy road dangerously uneven for cyclists.Reported
10168825 Mar 2014Garsington RoadHole in road surrounding metalwork, near busy junction.Reported
10167625 Mar 2014Foxcombe roadLarge pothole on Foxcombe Road just before left hand turn to Sunningwell.Reported
10162025 Mar 2014635757Dangerous road humps with damaged edges likely to damage tyresReported
10142322 Mar 2014Greenwood AvenuePot hole in middle of the road.Reported
10142021 Mar 2014Bike land ver uneven and rutted near bus stop. Extends for some way. Reported
10135321 Mar 2014Eynsham RoadpotholesReported
10126520 Mar 2014B4106 Bessel's WayA deep hole in the roadReported
10126320 Mar 2014Carterton to Brize Norton villagePoorly repaired roadworks (trench across road) giving rise to two potholes on line of vehicle wills.Reported
10112919 Mar 2014Saxton RoadThere are 5 very deep and wide potholes down Saxton road between the Reynolds way junction and the Golafre Road junction. They very urgently need fixing, as cyclists are finding it hard to see them …Reported
10105718 Mar 2014634060Pothole from previously poorly repaired works. Reported
10105618 Mar 2014Pothole from failing road surface Reported
10105518 Mar 2014Pothole from previously poorly repaired works and sunken manholes Reported
10095416 Mar 2014633648Clare Hill road, possiblyFor traffic travelling east, there is a substantial pothole extending halfway across the road. The B480 is the road between Chalgrove and Watlington, Oxon. This hazard is just off the B480 near Cut…Reported
10094416 Mar 2014Abingdon RoadHole getting worse where works have previously taken place.Reported
10088715 Mar 2014633621Series of holes and ruts Reported
10088615 Mar 2014633633Rut /pothole 3 feet x 2 1/2 feet x 8 inches deep .. Reported
10088515 Mar 2014633615Pothole on edge of riad1x1 feet x 6 inches deep turning into bigger hole Reported
10086015 Mar 2014Pothole around gulley on at zebra crossing leading to cycle laneReported
10080814 Mar 2014B4047 junction with Brize Norton Road, Minster LovellTwo large potholes in centre of road adjacent to tee junctionReported
10063912 Mar 2014PEM 632920A40 westboundClearly visible, in middle of carriageway, A40 westbound as it turns into dual carriageway for Witney bypass (say 50 yards from dual) .Reported
10063712 Mar 2014PEM 632924A40 westboundHole approx 2ins deep, 1 ft 6ins deep and 1ft 6ins wide. Approx 150yds from Cassington tarffic lights, westbound on A 40. Approx 5ft from kerb.Reported
1002349 Mar 2014Multiple potholes on roadReported
1002339 Mar 2014Damaged speed humps with adjacent potholes. Very likely to cause tyre damage and lead to potentially fatal blowouts Reported
1000096 Mar 2014631522Cassington RoadNumerous potholes through the village of Yarnton particularly heading West. I cycle to work from Witney to Yarnon Industrial Park and have had numerous punctures particularly at night when the holes …Reported
998996 Mar 2014London RoadNumerous bad potholes with some being very big and severe.Reported
998976 Mar 2014London RoadNumerous potholes on both sides of the road. The bus lanes are particually bad. Some of the potholes are pretty big and could be dangerous if they're not avoided.Reported
998776 Mar 2014631339Two small deep potholes around drain coversReported
997985 Mar 2014Failed previous repair around drainReported
997845 Mar 2014Deep and dangerous pothole - this one is the largest of many on this road, including collapsed speed bumps on this bus route.Reported

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