1,749 hazards found, displaying on 59 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1097565 Jan 2015677882A4130Recent road surface reinstatement on the Southbound A4130 between Hawksworh and Basil Hill Road is already seriously failing and presenting a significant hazard to all traffic, most noticeably at the…Reported
10967131 Dec 2014A4130dedris. This road needs to be swept far more often than it is because the debris accumulates very quickly. In the past I have sent you photographs of this road mess but you never seem to learn about …Reported
10967031 Dec 2014Hagbourne HillMissing inspection hole coverReported
10950822 Dec 2014A4158 iffley roadRecently made substantial repair so badly carried out it's now worse than before after only a month - now a death trap as new black tarmac patch has near invisible large holes all along the leading e…Reported
10930110 Dec 2014It's the road off the Eastbound A40 to Barnard GateThere is a long stretch of this road that is almost unpassable due to huge potholes & long ruts where the road surface is completely gone. THere is no part of the road that is safely rideable - the h…Reported
1092066 Dec 2014pem 675425A series of potholes forming nice, perhaps this time someone can take the time to deal with them all in one goReported
1092056 Dec 2014B4526 Reading roadThere is a series of at least 4 pot holes, road defects and one sunken area by a manholeReported
1092046 Dec 2014B4526Large series of hole on left hand side of roadReported
1090841 Dec 2014Hithercroft RoadOne large pothole and a number of smaller onesReported
10902828 Nov 2014B4507 near Sparsholt turningTwo potholesReported
10880618 Nov 2014672819Banbury RoadRoad subsiding in cycle path - dangerous camberReported
10876918 Nov 2014Snowswick LaneSeries of potholes. The road is crumbling around a corner. Previously repaired.Reported
10876818 Nov 2014Fawler RdSeveral repairs made earlier in the year have failed leaving potholes. This is a dangerous hill to descend on a bicycle with poor quality road surface over about 20m stretch of road. The holes aar…Reported
10876718 Nov 2014B4507Pothole approximately 200m to the West of Challow crossroads (B4001 and B4507). Not sure of size but hit it last Friday and had a flat by the time I arrived homeReported
10876317 Nov 2014672665Banbury RdHuge pothole+ debrisReported
10872616 Nov 2014Masses of compacted & very slippery leaves especially underneath the overhanging trees on the westbound corner on the cycle path at the Eynsham roundabout on the A40.Reported
10862712 Nov 2014PEM 671981Rut across carriage way heading towards Witney, clouts offside wheel, getting worse and could possibly have a motorcyclist offReported
10860912 Nov 2014B4508Pothole has been repaired on numerous occasions and has opened up again about a month after the last repair. Needs a bigger fix !Reported
10855510 Nov 2014Bridle PathDouble potholeReported
10855410 Nov 2014Bridle PathDouble potholeReported
1084456 Nov 2014Packhorse lanePothole easily hit when coming out of the turnReported
1083751 Nov 2014Pothole arisen following what I assume we're holes dug to check the foundations of the road. The concrete used to fill the hole has now sunk (there are multiple potholes on this road caused by this s…Reported
1083741 Nov 2014pem 670590Pothole arising from badly restored road works. Just before it and slightly to the right is another pothole of similar depth. At night as the road is not lit, it is extremely dangerous coming around …Reported
10812022 Oct 2014Not a pothole. More subsidence at the kerb, really. A big dip which can be difficult to avoid. Reported
10809421 Oct 2014669553pothole in road, Kingston Rd, on left hand side of carriageway, just after corner turning left from A338.Reported
10809221 Oct 2014669553pothole in centre of road when turning right from Kingston Rd into road towards WantageReported
10801616 Oct 2014Thrupp LaneHole on a narrow lane that has lorries rumbling through it all day and shaking near by farm house plus there is a marathon due on 19th (Oct) someone may twist or break an ankle.Reported
10798015 Oct 2014DUke Meadows DriveMissing Road furniture, with the Arrow plastic light up bollard blown/knocked off its lighted grounding plate.Reported
10797915 Oct 2014Warwick RoadMissing Road furniture, with the Arrow plastic light up bollard blown/knocked off its lighted grounding plate.Reported
10796314 Oct 2014Ickleton Rd B4507Broken tarmac around manhole/inspection coverReported

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