202 hazards found, displaying on 7 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
781133 Feb 2013CORR10584A627 - heading to Oldhamvarious potholesReported
7741229 Jan 2013CORR10485Grimshaw Lane, Middleton, McrA series of deep potholes that present a trip hazard to pedestrians and will cause damage to drivers vehiclesReported
7717328 Jan 2013CORR10454Den LaneA large gully has developed from a series of potholmesReported
7663119 Jan 2013Broadwayhole on right side of the roadReported
7656217 Jan 2013High St / Greenfield LanePrevious road works are breaking upReported
7623212 Jan 2013Bullcote lanemultiple potholes of various sizes and depths along a 200m stretch and on both sides of the roadReported
757998 Jan 2013Ripponden RoadLarge deep pothole on inside line travelling southapprox 20 metres before the "THINK" signReported
757988 Jan 2013CORR10050Ripponden Roadround pothole on the inside line travelling south 0ne of four in a row.Reported
747762 Jan 2013Blackshaw lane / Rustbury Drtarmac around manhole cover has broken upReported
746251 Jan 2013CORR9849Rochdale RoadCollapsed raod surface around manhole coverReported
7451331 Dec 2012CORR9839Three Acre Avenue / Lower Fold AvenueMissing man hole cover - possible water board typeReported
7443730 Dec 201216326Lower Fold Avenue3 individual pot holesReported
7364016 Dec 2012Oldham Rdspecifically there is a huge pothole on side of the road just where the cyclist needs to passReported
7357215 Dec 2012milnrow rdsunken/missing cover for ?water other utilityReported
7282924 Nov 2012CORR9305Collapsed drain cover next to bus stop on Huddersfield roadReported
7280123 Nov 2012Extremely large and dangerous pothole resulting from poor grid repair. Manhole is loose and debris is spreading over the pavement and bus stop every time a vehicle goes over it. Reported
724167 Nov 2012Shaw Road, OldhamVery uneven / damaged roadReported
724157 Nov 2012Sandy LaneLarge potholeReported
7124013 Sep 2012Very deep pothole Reported
710836 Sep 2012Milhrow Rd Jubilee Bendsprevious repair around a manhole cover broken up leaving a deep hole located on a bend so to avoid it you have to move to the centre of the roadReported
7093028 Aug 2012Access road off BroadgateA number of large, deep, wide potholes in the access road at the side of our business premises. These get regually filled in but are now worse than ever before. If you look on the satellite image y…Reported
7076018 Aug 2012Middleton RoadLarge potholeReported
7059410 Aug 2012Denton LaneLarge hole around a drain coverReported
7016323 Jul 2012westminster roadgravel all over this junction after the recent fixReported
695224 Jul 2012stannybrook roadblocked drain causing huge pools of waterReported
695123 Jul 2012kew roada long line of broken surface in many places down to very old surfaces beneathReported
6657417 Apr 2012Green lane, Strinesdale Oldham OL4 3RBThe whole surface is uneven due to water damage from the excess water running down the lane constantly. Reported several years now and still not been repaired. In 2010 the road was condemned and no m…Reported
6642213 Apr 2012Vincent AvenueSerious hole which can't be avoided. It 's on the driving line. this is approximately 50% of the way along vincent avenue on the RHD driving from Littlemoor lane to Leamington street. You cannot mis…Reported
6589829 Mar 2012Roadwork trench sunken& broken up with5 inch edgeReported
6579127 Mar 2012Grains RdThe whole surface of the road is severely broken and has numerous potholes over a large area in the centre of Grains Rd near the Shippon B&B.Reported

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