224 hazards found, displaying on 8 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
9312530 Dec 201316414Pothole arises from poor road work repairsIn progress
9298527 Dec 201316405Several bad potholes in the middle f the road. Can damage vehicles and be dangerous for bikers.In progress
9265117 Dec 201316323Grains RoadComplete disintegration of road surface on short section (<50m) between two sections of newer road surface. Potholes, cracks and broken surface numerous and various in size. First frost destroyed al…In progress
861645 May 201318831St. Phillip's DriveCompletely deteriorated road surface, down to Victorian cobbles in many places.Reported
859952 May 2013Pothole Reported
859781 May 2013Deep pothole from poor previous repairReported
859771 May 2013Large pothole from crumbling surround to ironworksReported
859761 May 2013Very uneven road surface Reported
859751 May 2013Pothole caused by crumbling surface around ironworks. Reported
859741 May 2013Loose sharp gravel across several areas of road. Appears to be an attempt at repair! Very dangerous. Caused me to come off my bicycle tonight. Reported
8535722 Apr 2013CORR12154Potholes forming from crumbling surrounds to ironwork. Reported
8490815 Apr 2013CORR12003Healds Green OL1Road surface almost completely worn away. Noisy for residents and extremely dangerous for cyclists descending Tandle Hill, as the damage isn't obvious until you're almost upon it.Reported
8462112 Apr 2013CORR11910Middleton roadRoad surface removed over a month ago dropping approximately 2 inches for a distance of 50 yds with no warning signs. Raised drain covers causing traffic to swerve into oncoming traffic. No warning s…Reported
8303623 Mar 2013Harsthead StreetDeep Potholes on Harsthead SreetReported
8303523 Mar 2013CORR12116Park RoadPark RoadIn progress
8276320 Mar 2013CORR11554Middleton road at junction with Mills hill road.The hazard is on Middleton road its covers the complete surface of the road its been like this for at least 6 monthsReported
812465 Mar 2013CORR11282Park Bridge RoadDeep filled Pockets full of waterReported
812445 Mar 2013CORR11280Park Bridge RoadVarious Size but depth upto 5-6inchesReported
8089728 Feb 2013CORR11170Rochdale roadMultiple pot holes near the centre lines - these cover an area approx 10 metres long - as you drive along the off side wheel of the car hits all these potholesReported
8031422 Feb 2013Foxhill, ShawVarious pot holes on Fox Hill, Shaw. Myself and a few residents have been reporting these pot holes for about 3 weeks but nothing has been done, these are about 30cms deep now and are still getting b…Reported
8012120 Feb 2013CORR10972Series of potholes due to bad previous repairs & frostReported
8009719 Feb 2013CORR10969Oldham roadexposed man hole / missingReported
781133 Feb 2013CORR10584A627 - heading to Oldhamvarious potholesReported
7741229 Jan 2013CORR10485Grimshaw Lane, Middleton, McrA series of deep potholes that present a trip hazard to pedestrians and will cause damage to drivers vehiclesReported
7717328 Jan 2013CORR10454Den LaneA large gully has developed from a series of potholmesReported
7663119 Jan 2013Broadwayhole on right side of the roadReported
7656217 Jan 2013High St / Greenfield LanePrevious road works are breaking upReported
7623212 Jan 2013Bullcote lanemultiple potholes of various sizes and depths along a 200m stretch and on both sides of the roadReported
757998 Jan 2013Ripponden RoadLarge deep pothole on inside line travelling southapprox 20 metres before the "THINK" signReported
757988 Jan 2013CORR10050Ripponden Roadround pothole on the inside line travelling south 0ne of four in a row.Reported

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