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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
11039020 Jan 2015Pothole on roundabout Fixed
11020115 Jan 2015Dallington Park Road, Dallington, NorthamptonTarmac disintigrated round Manhole cover leaving large hole and exposing base of Manhole cover.Fixed
1099079 Jan 2015715193A43Numerous potholes on approach to roundaboutRejected
10742514 Sep 2014A45cycle path is poorly maintained and covered in detritus, it's a cycle path not a nature walkFixed
10686920 Aug 2014CRM:707462Welton Lanecycle path has 2 sunken repairsFixed
1065704 Aug 2014704456A4254 large man-eating DANGEROUS, HAZARDOUS, POTHOLES shaded by a huge treeRejected
10645629 Jul 2014Multiple Potholes, some which span the full width of the carriageway at this junction. As a driver and a cyclist it's impossible to avoid these and you just have to crash through them risking damage…Rejected
1051346 Jun 2014Pothole arising from poorly repaired road.Rejected
10463224 May 2014Shoddy repairsRejected
10462324 May 2014Pothole Rejected
10460924 May 2014RutRejected
10341128 Apr 2014Pothole on the east bound carriageway towards Milton Keynes.Fixed
10304521 Apr 2014Along this road for aprox 1 mile before the petrol station there are 3 large potholes all in excess of 50mm depth, the road surface in two places is also starting to fail and subside. Fixed
10065912 Mar 2014Crack in the road that has developed into very dangerous potholeFixed
1001438 Mar 2014Extreme pothole - maybe 12" in diameterFixed
999226 Mar 2014PEM692151New Streetwhole road is potholed, hard to drive on let alone ride a bike. There are so many holes and repairs it's hard to count, absolutely shocking repairs and an absolute waste of money. FIX IT PROPERLY and…Fixed
9903925 Feb 2014PEM691345A605Severe damage on the roundabout leading to Thrapston, Northants.Rejected
9027726 Sep 2013676240Roundabout at Rowtree Rd / Wooldale Rd junctionRoundabout is uneven and rough with a significant area of wear where 2 strips of tarmac meet. This wear means that the roundabout is very dangerous for a cyclist to navigate without swerving around t…Fixed
892316 Aug 2013673112Upton Valley Way EastRoad is sinking over the last few weeks/months in 1 area on the new Upton Valley Way East road just off the roundabout, it's been patched but seems to have sunk further.Fixed
892306 Aug 2013673108Banbury LaneHole has formed on the top of the bridge over the canal, it's been patched before but has appeared again.Fixed
891612 Aug 2013672803Hartwell Road in RoadeThere are a series of holes through the top layer of the road surface around the traffic calming area in Roade. Some of these have been marked for repair but there are other similar holes extending o…Fixed
8838028 Jun 2013Tollgate WayRut around roundabout which is now in the path of cars/cyclists going straight over the roundabout due to the building work that has restricted the width of the roundabout.Fixed
8792113 Jun 2013CRM:0318172Multiple potholes and debris from road surface and previous poor attempts at filling old potholes.Fixed
8584129 Apr 2013Multiple Huge holes that are forcing cars across the road to avoid. These are all over the road and cover an area of 100's of metres!Fixed
8548823 Apr 2013Two serious and deep pot holes by a previous poor repair.Fixed
8542923 Apr 2013Wootton RoadHole towards kerb, dangerous position for a cyclist and deep enough to cause severe wheel damage.Fixed
8464012 Apr 2013Two very large and deep potholes, one partially filled with water.Fixed
8463312 Apr 2013Carriageway has terrible areas as much as 100mm deep and 150-200mm wide that are 5-8 metres long! These are all down the centre of the road, also some seriously large/deep potholes you have to swerve…Fixed
8380831 Mar 2013658799Yelvertoft RoadOne of many defects on this road, but one of the worst - on a bendFixed
8354827 Mar 2013A 43 northbound carriagewayNumerous potholesRejected

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