179 hazards found, displaying on 6 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
662598 Apr 2012626384Weather related damage Fixed
6586128 Mar 2012Road between Harrington & KelmarshDeep pothole and approx 1ft wide, approx 50cm from edge of road, precisely placed to either catch out bikes or be hit by car's tyres.Fixed
6570924 Mar 2012Pot hole from poor repairs Fixed
6421117 Feb 2012622750Road surface on both sides for a 100 square yards, uneven and potholed, some due to very shoddy repairFixed
637624 Feb 2012621749The rut/gully runs in the centre of the road and is dangerous to cross between lanes to turn left.Fixed
637503 Feb 2012621746Large pot holes in filter lane to turn right onto gold streetFixed
6311118 Jan 2012tollgate waypothole formed by edge of drain coverFixed
6069814 Oct 2011Braunston Road, DaventryTriangular shape pothole on the edge of a repaired hole.Fixed
6018017 Sep 2011Griffin RoadPothole on a sharp corner right on the appropriate line a bike or motorbike would take. Several smaller holes on the same corner.Fixed
590602 Aug 2011606754Daventry RoadThis is a shocking bit of road for cars and cyclists. It looks like a repair on a repair on a repair, there are too many problems to list. The poor repairs to the road are breaking up and making the …Fixed
590582 Aug 2011606749Well LaneTarmac round the drain is gone leaving a hole and edge of metal drain exposedFixed
571092 Jun 2011Approx 18" square pothole. It's on the brow of the hill and very difficult to see in advance and avoid. Fixed
563375 May 2011A427A narrow but deep pot hole, that can catch a cycle wheel very easily and threaten to throw the rider off the bike. It nearly had me off.Fixed
5359731 Mar 2011473441Glendon Road KetteringBits of lorry cables etc left after serious collision over 4 weeks agoFixed
5359631 Mar 2011473444Rockingham RoadPothole in centre of lane at roundabout, big enough to throw a cyclist off when following traffic for a right turn.Fixed
5104510 Mar 2011471274The Avenue NN3 has developed many potholes. Fixed
4904324 Feb 2011Potholes on the roundabout. These holes have angular edges and, being difficult to avoid, are likely to lead to tyre damage if not filled. Fixed
4903724 Feb 2011474647Abington GroveRoad surface braking up around previous patchworkFixed
4903524 Feb 2011Kingsthorep GrovePothole next to iron works cover ib centre of the eastbound laneFixed
4903324 Feb 2011Welford RoadRoad surface breaking upFixed
4880323 Feb 2011468779A5199Large pothole in centre of the roadFixed
4880223 Feb 2011468782A5199Road surface breaking up over a large area at this junctionFixed
4755814 Feb 2011467688Welford RoadRoad surface breaking upFixed
4755614 Feb 2011467698Welford RoadRoad surface breakin gupFixed
4755314 Feb 2011467697Harborough RoadPot holeFixed
4755014 Feb 2011467688Welford RoadPot holeFixed
4156622 Dec 2010459850Banbury LaneDeep potholeFixed
4081311 Nov 2010453797Pothole in otherwise good quality surface, but enough to catch a narrow car wheel. Fixed
3778628 Jun 2010436169Kettering roaddeep pothole and poor surfaceFixed
3545822 Apr 2010427450Benefield RoadPotholes and long ruts where old old roadwork resurfacing is deterioratingFixed

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