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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
7907912 Feb 2013Pothole growing in size in a matter of hours, many popping up over the past few weeks east and westbound, this one shook the cab, and I saw one car with a punctured tyre in the next lay by Rejected
7884710 Feb 2013Pothole. Nr to jncFixed
781344 Feb 2013Massive drop in road, surface pocked but not yet fully broken upFixed
781294 Feb 2013A45 Higham RoadThere are several along one stretch of road. The worst ones are on entrance to the dual carriage way. Very difficult to avoid but very damaging to suspension. I will report the worst three. Number th…Rejected
780103 Feb 2013652344Melrose AvenueLarge pothole right in the middle of the road, with loose hardcore within itFixed
7680323 Jan 2013A43As you travel along the A43 from Brackley towards Towcester/Silverstone direction, there has been a large wide pothole in the left hand lane for the last couple of weeks. It is located close to the c…Rejected
7676822 Jan 2013Pothole virtually all the way across the junction dangerous as its on the junction as you turn into Westfield. Rejected
7613011 Jan 2013Middle streetMassive potholeFixed
750514 Jan 2013647607Preston Capes RoadEdge of road breaking up now affecting the road forcing cyclists into the middle of the laneRejected
746892 Jan 2013A14Near to junction 1 of A14. WelfordRejected
7423528 Dec 2012A14 EastboundThere are several potholes on the A14 eastbound between the M1 junction and junction 1, particularly in the stretch where HGVs are limited to the inside lane. They are getting very bad and while not …Rejected
7288925 Nov 2012Badly repaired road work for about 3rd timeRejected
710826 Sep 2012638363Deep potholes in centre of road and near edge of road on westbound carriagewayFixed
704222 Aug 2012635741Unnamed road linking Fotheringhay and TansorLarge pothole at edge of mended section of roadFixed
7027027 Jul 2012645517unnamed road North out of EltonLarge deep hole in roadFixed
6977513 Jul 2012Church Street, Woodfordroad surface broken up leaving deep pothole. Cars swerving to avoid the hole and consequent damage to tyres etc.Fixed
694511 Jul 2012633607Ardington RoadPot HOle - getting worse every time it rains and situated just to the right of parked vehicles just where cyclists need to use the road.Fixed
6895114 Jun 2012631429Church St / Abthorpe Rd, SilverstonePothole on a bend in a hard to avoid positionFixed
6895014 Jun 2012631423Graham HillCompletely disintegrating road surface - multiple potholesFixed
6894914 Jun 2012631427Graham Hill, SIlverstonePothole near the top of Graham HillFixed
6813019 May 2012629711Broken road surface due to weathering Fixed
6701927 Apr 2012628500Very deep pot hole, large stones left on carriageway, will cause damage and injuryFixed
6688225 Apr 2012627522A428Two potholes and generally poor surface. HGV`s etc hit these holes and generate not inconsiderable noise. Obvious danger to cyclists and motorcyclists.Fixed
662598 Apr 2012626384Weather related damage Fixed
6586128 Mar 2012Road between Harrington & KelmarshDeep pothole and approx 1ft wide, approx 50cm from edge of road, precisely placed to either catch out bikes or be hit by car's tyres.Fixed
6570924 Mar 2012Pot hole from poor repairs Fixed
6421117 Feb 2012622750Road surface on both sides for a 100 square yards, uneven and potholed, some due to very shoddy repairFixed
637624 Feb 2012621749The rut/gully runs in the centre of the road and is dangerous to cross between lanes to turn left.Fixed
637503 Feb 2012621746Large pot holes in filter lane to turn right onto gold streetFixed
6311118 Jan 2012tollgate waypothole formed by edge of drain coverFixed

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