587 hazards found, displaying on 20 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
537382 Apr 201197663New IslingtonRidge of excess tarmacReported
536291 Apr 201197332Scotland RoadpotholeReported
536281 Apr 201197331Orphan StreetpotholeReported
536271 Apr 20115231166Grove StreetpotholesReported
536261 Apr 201197337Mulgrave Streetseveral potholesReported
536251 Apr 201197336Hatherley StreetpotholesReported
536241 Apr 201197335Rosebery StreetpotholesReported
5356531 Mar 201197330Pothole in front of speedbump at the bottom of linner rd and also at bottom of lovel rd Reported
5350831 Mar 201197327Copperas Hillpothole surrounding a gridReported
5350731 Mar 201197325Speke Boulevarddepression in the road surfaceReported
5346730 Mar 20115211898Dunlop Road/ Hale RoadDunlop/Hale Road Liverpool alongside John Lennon airport. Series of potholes for 200/400 yards.Too many to give details but all are large in surface area and depth.Reported
5313726 Mar 201196415Leeds Streetseveral small potholesReported
5313026 Mar 201196413Stonebridge LanepotholesReported
5312926 Mar 201196412Stonebridge LanepotholesReported
5312826 Mar 201196414Stonebridge LanepotholesReported
5312626 Mar 201196416Croxteth Hall LanepotholesReported
5303326 Mar 201196402Princess Drivenumerous potholes and rutsReported
5303226 Mar 201196397Princess DrivepotholesReported
5303126 Mar 201196401Princess Drivenumerous ruts and potholesReported
5303026 Mar 201196407Princess Drivenumerous potholes and rutsReported
5302926 Mar 201196409Princess Drivenumerous potholes and ruts in the road surfaceReported
5302726 Mar 201196410Princess Driveseveral potholes at the crossroad junctionReported
5302626 Mar 201196399Booth StreetpotholesReported
5302526 Mar 20115209655Goschen StreetpotholesReported
5302426 Mar 201196404Ronald StreetpotholesReported
5302326 Mar 201196406Prescot RoadpotholeReported
5302226 Mar 201196403Prescot RoadpotholeReported
5302026 Mar 201196408Prescot RoadpotholeReported
5301926 Mar 201196400KensingtonpotholeReported
5301826 Mar 201196398Ingrow RoadpotholeReported

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