691 hazards found, displaying on 24 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
571463 Jun 2011Everton Browpothole surrounding a gridReported
571453 Jun 2011Queens Drivelarge sunken manholeReported
571132 Jun 2011109250Netherfield Road Southnumerous large potholesReported
571122 Jun 2011109251County RoadLarge sunken manholeReported
5688123 May 2011107468Wappinglarge pothole/depression in the road surfaceReported
5688023 May 2011107469Upper Parliament Streetseveral potholesReported
5665015 May 2011105755Greenbank DrivePossibly the worst road in Liverpool. Numerous potholes (20+), varying in depth from 2 inches to over 1 foot deep. Extremely dangerous to all road usersReported
5664715 May 2011364325Woolton Hill RoadPoor road surface on steep hill. Forces cyclists (at 10mph) to ride in centre of road to avoid dangerous degradation of surface.Reported
5664615 May 20115611631Woolton Hill RoadExtremely poor road surface - many potholes and gullies. Dangerous as it forces lots of changes of direction to avoid the worst of itReported
5664515 May 2011381750Springwood AvenuePoor road surface - very dangerous for cycling on as it forces lots of changes of directions to avoid worst of it.Reported
5664415 May 2011105752Greenhill RoadPothole in centre of lane as your turn into Greenhill Road from booker avenueReported
5580326 Apr 2011Liver Streetlarge potholeReported
5538720 Apr 2011101542Aigbruth Dr,Mossely Hill DrSefton Park, Liverpool, the road around the park is 2miles and is heavily used bye cyclists and cars. The problem is not just one or two potholes but in sections it is the hole road and cars are hav…Reported
545109 Apr 201199090Leeds StreetpotholeReported
545099 Apr 201199089Long Laneseveral sunken manholesReported
545089 Apr 201199078Long Laneseveral potholesReported
545079 Apr 201199079Long LanepotholeReported
545069 Apr 201199077Hanson RoadpotholesReported
545059 Apr 201199081Long Laneseveral potholesReported
545049 Apr 20115214800Long Laneseveral potholesReported
545039 Apr 201199084Hall Lanenumerous potholesReported
545019 Apr 201199082Kinross RoadpotholesReported
545009 Apr 201199083Sherwoods Laneseveral potholesReported
544999 Apr 201199085Sherwoods Laneseveral large potholesReported
543747 Apr 201199073Vanbrugh RoadpotholeReported
543737 Apr 201199068Hildebrand RoadpotholeReported
543727 Apr 201199069Hildebrand RoadpotholeReported
543717 Apr 201199074Morella Roadseveral potholesReported
543707 Apr 201199076Normandale RoadpotholeReported
543697 Apr 201199071Flemington AvenuepotholeReported

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