611 hazards found, displaying on 21 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
541656 Apr 201198485Rice LanepotholeReported
541646 Apr 201198496Cavendish DriverutsReported
541636 Apr 201198493Gladstone RoadpotholesReported
541626 Apr 201198487Cavendish DrivepotholeReported
541616 Apr 201198489Cavendish DriverutsReported
541606 Apr 201198494Cavendish Driveseveral potholesReported
541596 Apr 201198492Helena StreetpotholesReported
541586 Apr 201198484Helena StreetpotholeReported
541576 Apr 201198482Helena StreetNumerous potholes and rutsReported
541566 Apr 201198480Helena StreetpotholeReported
541556 Apr 201198481Lancaster StreetpotholesReported
541546 Apr 201198479Elm RoadpotholesReported
541536 Apr 201198478Elm RoadpotholeReported
541526 Apr 201198488Elm RoadpotholeReported
541516 Apr 201198490Church RoadpotholeReported
541506 Apr 201198498Walton LanepotholeReported
541395 Apr 201198502Mossley Hill Drive, Aigburth L17A long stretch of large potholes and gullies taking up one lane of the road for about 20 feet. Very difficult to avoid, and difficult,uncomfortable and dangerous to ride over, especially when there i…Reported
540635 Apr 2011112873West Derby Roadnumerous potholes and rutsReported
540625 Apr 2011112872West Derby Roadnumerous potholes and rutsReported
539683 Apr 2011272700Walton Lane2 potholesReported
537432 Apr 201197665Great Howard StreetpotholesReported
537422 Apr 201197664Great Howard StreetpotholesReported
537412 Apr 201197667Great Howard StreetpotholesReported
537382 Apr 201197663New IslingtonRidge of excess tarmacReported
536291 Apr 201197332Scotland RoadpotholeReported
536281 Apr 201197331Orphan StreetpotholeReported
536271 Apr 20115231166Grove StreetpotholesReported
536261 Apr 201197337Mulgrave Streetseveral potholesReported
536251 Apr 201197336Hatherley StreetpotholesReported
536241 Apr 201197335Rosebery StreetpotholesReported

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