643 hazards found, displaying on 22 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
542816 Apr 201198600Lisburn LanepotholeReported
542806 Apr 201198598Grove Park Avenueseveral potholesReported
542796 Apr 201198625Meadow Laneseveral potholesReported
542786 Apr 201198603Meadow LanepotholeReported
542776 Apr 201198624Kerman ClosepotholeReported
542766 Apr 201198626Dwerryhouse LanepotholesReported
542756 Apr 201198616Dwerryhouse LanepotholeReported
542746 Apr 20115241643Lower LanepotholeReported
542736 Apr 201198622Lower Lanesunken manholeReported
542726 Apr 201198613Lower LanepotholeReported
542646 Apr 201198620Elham CrescentpotholeReported
542626 Apr 201198591Karonga RoadpotholeReported
542616 Apr 201198593Lower LanepotholeReported
542606 Apr 201198585Lower LanepotholeReported
542596 Apr 201198584Lower LanepotholeReported
542586 Apr 201198599Longmoor Laneseveral potholesReported
542576 Apr 201198602Longmoor LanepotholeReported
542566 Apr 201198587First AvenuepotholeReported
542556 Apr 201198588Sixth AvenuepotholeReported
542546 Apr 201198589Longmoor LanepotholeReported
542526 Apr 201198586Melling RoadpotholeReported
542516 Apr 201198595Melling RoadpotholeReported
542496 Apr 201198609Hooton RoadpotholeReported
542486 Apr 201198614Warbreck MoorpotholeReported
542476 Apr 201198610Warbreck MoorpotholeReported
542466 Apr 201198623A59several potholesReported
542456 Apr 201198619Rice LanepotholeReported
542436 Apr 2011A59large potholeReported
541696 Apr 2011A59large sunken manholeReported
541686 Apr 201198483Windsor RoadpotholesReported

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