1,772 hazards found, displaying on 60 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
7898511 Feb 2013PEM 1067429Quernmore RoadSurface very uneven and ruttedReported
7898411 Feb 2013PEM 1067407Quernmore RoadLarge hole near the side of the roadReported
7894511 Feb 2013Several deep and wide holes on the bend. Very dangerous for cyclists.Reported
7894411 Feb 2013Large holeReported
7894311 Feb 2013B6480This entire section of road is a mess. Multiple holes across the entire width of the road. Some areas are more hole than flat surface. There is a stretch of around half a mile that needs complete res…Reported
7894211 Feb 2013Hornby RoadSeries of long recessed trenches in the roadReported
7884510 Feb 2013PEM 1067132Tewkesbury DriveLarge hole in road immediately off a junction with main road. Very difficult to see or avoid in the dark!Reported
7883410 Feb 2013PEM 1067118This hole has been repaired a number if times. The latest effort saw a metal plate being fitted across the hole. With constant traffic driving over it, it looks as though its ready to collapse again.Reported
7883210 Feb 2013PEM 1066945Dilworth Lane longridgeOnthe inside of a left hand bendReported
787169 Feb 2013PEM 1066610Dawson LanePothole in the cycling line just before entering the roundaboutReported
787159 Feb 2013PEM 1066624Wigan RoadPothole badly patched and very rough, pothole is starting to form againReported
787149 Feb 2013PEM 1066643Wigan RoadVery poor repairs to multiple trenches/potholes a the bottom of a hill, difficult to negotiate as there is a traffic island that narrows the road. To avoid the worst of it you have to move out toward…Reported
787139 Feb 2013Lydiate LanePoor worn and potholed road surface on apex and immediately after a cornerReported
787119 Feb 2013PEM 1066773Huge hole like a shallow grave in the road!Reported
787079 Feb 2013PEM 1066600Pothole at junction caused by wear. Reported
786328 Feb 2013PEM 1066120Bank Head LaneLarge area of uneven surface and potholesReported
786318 Feb 2013Gregson LaneDeep Pothole on a bend which is hard to avoidReported
786308 Feb 2013PEM 1066112Gregson Lanesunken drain/manhole cover which has produced a very large pothole hazardReported
785887 Feb 2013A6 South of the Cumbria BoundaryFaulty Gullies. Several gullies on the A6 between the Cumbria Boundary and the A6070 are in a vary bad condition. I am attaching a Photo of one to this report. It can be seen on FillThatHole.org.uk …Reported
784156 Feb 2013Badly eroded edges and bad road repairs in cycle zone for a 100m or so from bridge on hill heading south Reported
784146 Feb 2013Badly eroded potholes Reported
784116 Feb 2013Pothole, reported April 2012 still not fixed. On narrow country lane, on blind bend If Strava any indication at least 206 cyclists have ridden this section in last month or so!Reported
784106 Feb 2013Gincroft Lane, Edenfield, Ramsbottom, BURY BL0 0QXMultiple Severe potholes on both sides of lane. Someone has tried to fill one in with foreign material. Has damaged steering alignment on my week-old vehicle.Reported
782765 Feb 2013Hole on corner of Warwick drive and Somerset Ave north end in middle of road has got worse since last snow fall.Reported
781754 Feb 2013B6251 bracewell laneThis is quite a large pothole in the side of the road (no pavement) on the road between Gisburn and Barnoldswick. It appears quite deep and long and is quite dangerous as it is on a bend. To avoid t…Reported
780253 Feb 2013Common Bank LaneFrom Common Bank Farm, the track to Bark House Bridge, has become seriously podsol. Its boggy and impassable, in fact the path has spread into the joining field. That is also difficult to find a dry …Reported
780203 Feb 2013German LaneThe lane from the turn of to Valley Farm to Bark House Bridge, is very wet and muddyReported
780073 Feb 2013The road surface on this stretch of Long Lane is a disgrace. Several large potholes which are dangerous for cyclists and have caused multiple punctures.Reported
779782 Feb 2013PEM 1227757A6 Scotforth Road LancasterMost of the gullies on the A6 both sides between Collingham Park and Ashford Road are blocked and don't take water when it rains. Most have been in this disgusting state for years. Get them properly …Reported
779762 Feb 2013A6 Scotforth Road LancasterThere has been a large mound of debris on the footway and the adjacent road surface for ages. Recently some of it was removed but a lot has been left. I know street cleaning is a district function bu…Reported

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