2,229 hazards found, displaying on 75 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
9739011 Feb 2014The road surface between woodplumpton and Broughton along newsham hall lane is terrible and needs to be repaired. Reported
972129 Feb 2014grenville ave walton-le-dalepothole it is getting deeper in the roadReported
971438 Feb 2014PEM 1242877Dorchester RoadPot hole outside 10 Dorchester RoadReported
970968 Feb 2014queenswaySeveral potholes in road, getting bigger by the day :-(Reported
970928 Feb 2014Long LaneThis stretch of Long Lane, from the Junction with Scarth Hill Lane to the Junction with the B5197 has an archipelago of holes, on both sides of the road and down the crown of the road, ranging in siz…Reported
970587 Feb 2014A683Large drop hole around drain on roundaboutReported
969296 Feb 2014PEM 1242389Test Reported
967815 Feb 2014A570A series of undermined surfaces which require the cyclist virtually to halt, and being on slight bend makes it awkward due to following vehicular traffic.Reported
967374 Feb 2014The road around the Grid in the road has been eroded away. Grid is now raised and causing cars to avoid the grid and creating problems on the bend in road. The road is a public highway with buses fre…Reported
966454 Feb 2014PEM 1241714Crosshall Brow / Wigan RoadLarge crater just appeared in traffic flow on very busy two-way road.Reported
966174 Feb 2014PEM 1241600A577Pot hole outside Pub entranceReported
9599329 Jan 2014Freckleton Road and Kirkham Road at Kirkham (near Preston)Potholes on Freckleton Road and Kirkham Road at Kirkham (near Preston) from junction of A583 Kirkham By-Pass with Freckleton Road to junction of Kirkham Road and Hillock Lane. Potholes mentioned in …Reported
9577427 Jan 2014RUT DOWN CENTRE OF ROAD OPPOSITE FISHING LAKE ON Halfpenny Lane, Longridge, PRESTON, PR3 2EA Reported
9577327 Jan 2014PEM 1235278worn road surface (large area) opposite Halfpenny Lane Farm on Halfpenny Lane, Longridge, PRESTON, PR3 2EA Reported
9577227 Jan 2014Rut down middle of road outside 97 Halfpenny Lane, Longridge, PRESTON, PR3 2EA Reported
9577127 Jan 2014Long Rut down centre of road on Halfpenny Lane, Longridge, PRESTON, PR3 2EA Reported
9577027 Jan 2014Damage across road outside 103 Halfpenny Lane, Longridge, PRESTON, PR3 2EA Reported
9576927 Jan 2014PEM 1235177area down centre of halfpenny laneReported
9576827 Jan 2014PEM 1235199potholeReported
9576727 Jan 2014PEM 1235128rut in the middle of halfpenny lane, longridgeReported
9576627 Jan 2014rut at side of halfpenny laneReported
9563826 Jan 2014pothole due to neglect by the highways department on brabiner lane approaching cumeragh laneReported
9563726 Jan 2014PEM 1233711on right hand side of brabiner lane approaching cumeragh laneReported
9563626 Jan 2014another gully on this neglected lane...on last bend before brabiner lane joins cumeragh laneReported
9563526 Jan 2014potholes along the left side of brabiner lane (on a bend) heading towards cumeragh lane...causes vehicles to swerve into the middle of this narrow lane Reported
9563426 Jan 2014gully on a bend along the left side of brabiner lane heading towards cumeragh laneReported
9563326 Jan 2014gully & potholes along the left side of brabiner lane towards cumeragh laneReported
9563226 Jan 2014another pothole (there are too many to list separately)Reported
9563026 Jan 2014PEM 1233719more poorly repaired road Reported
9562926 Jan 2014PEM 1233712gully due to poor repairReported

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