1,972 hazards found, displaying on 66 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
860112 May 2013Multiple potholeReported
859651 May 2013Whitewell RoadRoad so badly damage it's impassable by bike.Reported
8590030 Apr 2013PEM 1097194B64800.5KM length of road is deteriorating over the whole width of the road. It is breaking up and old repairs are breaking away at at different rates. Its worse than cycling over cobbles. It could easily…Reported
8557825 Apr 2013Petre Crescent RishtonSeveral potholes on Petre Cresent Rishton Lancashire.Reported
8557325 Apr 2013Rough patch of broken road on northbound side of A6 poses risk to cyclists and needs to be avoided, stretches about 2m into the road and is 2m long.Reported
8557225 Apr 20133 large 8cm deep potholes where the surface Tarmac has come away revealing the original road surface. Reported
8555224 Apr 2013Aldcliffe RoadSeveral potholes around SLOW road markingReported
8555124 Apr 2013junction Lunecliffe Road with Aldcliffe Roadlarge pot hole in roadReported
8538622 Apr 2013PEM 1094688Rishton Roadpothole in roadReported
8537822 Apr 2013PEM 1094467Join opening up in centre of roadReported
8536222 Apr 2013PEM1094374pothole Reported
8534021 Apr 20131163420Wigan Roadnumerous pot holes and the small broken down bits are like ball bearing across the roadReported
8520819 Apr 2013Many large potholes on this road and it is deteriorating all the time. Possibly the worst road in Lancashire for potholes?Reported
8520719 Apr 2013Large rutted sections which have also developed holes. Cyclists forced to ride down the centre of the road close to the white line Reported
8510918 Apr 2013Maden RoadI was riding at the weekend over a bridleway that extends from Maden Road in Bacup past the recreation ground. This bridleway is extremely rutted and uneven and caused my horse to trip on more than …Reported
8506917 Apr 2013Aughton Street / Bridge StreetBroken road surface on busy main road and adjoining junction that is used as a short cut rabbit run by town centre traffic.Reported
8506817 Apr 2013Greetby Hill / Dark LaneFrom the top of Greetby Hill / Dark Lane and down to Blythe Lane, a series of potholes and uneven road surface has developed over years of neglect and harsh winters. In some parts, the verges are c…Reported
8505317 Apr 2013The road surface & markings at the junction is in complete disrepair and in urgent need of a major resurface.Reported
8494015 Apr 2013PEM 1092225Preston Road B5269several stretches of previously temporary filled holes now very bad again, holes and uneven and ruts and sharp edges, needs wholly going over end to end.Reported
8452011 Apr 2013ashford roadsleeping policeman disintegrating across road, providing traffic hazardReported
8449410 Apr 2013a588a series of deep ruts and gouges and one large pothole on the apex of the bendReported
8447510 Apr 2013Poor repair and absence of double white line on blind browReported
8446610 Apr 2013uneven road surface next to drainage gridReported
8446510 Apr 2013pothole on narrow & dangerous roadReported
8446410 Apr 2013uneven road surface next to manholeReported
8446310 Apr 2013another pothole on this narrow & dangerous roadReported
8446210 Apr 2013ruts & gullys on a narrow dangerous roadReported
8446110 Apr 2013early potholes on a bend on a narrow & dangerous roadReported
8446010 Apr 2013early pothole on a bendReported
8445910 Apr 2013two of a series of potholes on a bendReported

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