1,635 hazards found, displaying on 55 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
724207 Nov 20121035977Belmont RoadLarge potholeReported
7227531 Oct 2012Church LaneA rut forming in the centre of a trench cut into the road surface, its start to the finish of the bridge. See photo for more info.Reported
7223930 Oct 2012PEM 1034205Pot hole and uneven surfaceReported
7219928 Oct 2012PEM 1034215Ashurst Road j/w Whalleys Road, AshurstNumber of small potholes of varying sizes, at previous reference #62419. Work done in April 2012, unsafe again now, with numerous holes appearingReported
7215926 Oct 2012PEM 1034172Pot holes both side of bridge and a failed repair on bridge Reported
7215426 Oct 2012PEM 1034185Higher House LanePothole formed by topping from a previous repair having failed and a series of smaller pole holes in a line. Please see the photo.Reported
7215226 Oct 2012PEM 1034179Dark LanePrevious road repair, the topping has become lumpy. See photo.Reported
7214225 Oct 2012PEM 1034097Pot hole next to a repair Reported
7212424 Oct 2012PEM 1034175Large section on road surface is eroded away, come winter this will be a prime spot to black ice to collect on a blind bend country lane, its bad enough this has be ignored on 2 reports now, but the …Reported
7208723 Oct 20121032414Cockers Dyke Lane into Fluke Hall LaneFull length of Cockers Dyke/Fluke Hall Lane, Pilling (private road & bridlepath) in terrible state of repair. I understand cyclists have the same rights of access on bridlepaths as horseriders? Sever…Reported
7207822 Oct 20121032403Hoghton LaneGully forming, similar to a tram line running a long distanceReported
7207722 Oct 20121032409Hoghton LanePoor road repair, now a couple of small pot holes are starting to formReported
7198619 Oct 20121032129Coote LaneExtremely rough holed surface over much of the west bound side of the road.Reported
7191215 Oct 2012The hole street is full of potholes which results in damaging my car suspension and stone chips on my car bodywork which if i had repaired would cost up to £2000 and my son fell while he was playing…Reported
7191115 Oct 2012Bacup roadChildren can hurt themselves due to these potholes getting deeper every day when they are crossing and vehicles car suspension may be damaged because of these potholesReported
7189915 Oct 2012Small but deep pothole Reported
7188414 Oct 2012Elm Brow, on the main road between Longridge and ChippingDeep and, for cyclists, potentially lethal pothole that has exposed the corner of a metal plate covering some kind of utility facility.I am a regular cyclist on this road and it must have seriously d…Reported
7188314 Oct 2012Pothole near dangerous blind junction Reported
7181210 Oct 2012PEM 1031325Hala RoadLarge pothole, extremely dangerous for cyclists and motorcyclists. (Surrounding road surface is also in poor condition.)Reported
716885 Oct 2012PEM 1031299Lancashire Moor Roaddeep hole opened up on nearside of road.Reported
716805 Oct 2012PEM 1031304Gt.St.John StreetOn Gt.St.John Street, just south of the traffic lights at Stonewell, recent trench across road. Tarmac surface disintegrated, backfill being torn out, deep hole.Reported
716785 Oct 2012PEM 1028569Tabbys Nookvarious large hole in tarmacReported
716654 Oct 2012PEM 1032365Dawber's LaneA poor surface restored, after several attempts of either a repair or curter excavations.Reported
7153128 Sep 2012PEM 1027706Birchin/Lower Copthurst LanePoor road surface on the LHS of the bridge, in fact its dangerous if you meet up with a large motor vehicle being driven recklessly.Reported
7152328 Sep 2012PEM 1027494ormskirk roadLarge pot hole near to round about outside chip shopReported
7144525 Sep 2012PEM 1026698Longridge Rd.A deep pothole on a bend so hard to avoid.Reported
7143224 Sep 2012PEM 1026633Southport/St Thomas's Roadbroken road surface surrounding coverReported
7143124 Sep 2012PEM 1026630Bolton RoadThe road surface is all broken up around the coverReported
7138720 Sep 2012PEM 1043961Gubberford Lane, ScortonDrainage Problem. Ever since the road was resurfaced a few months ago a large lake has formed whenever there is any significant rain. This makes it very difficult for pedestrians trying to get under …Reported

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