2,253 hazards found, displaying on 76 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
9922826 Feb 2014Large deep hole at side of road. Reported
9914725 Feb 2014Many potholes and road breaking up. Always reported but no action takenReported
9914625 Feb 2014PEM 1248249Many potholes and road breaking up down to cobblesReported
9914525 Feb 2014Many potholes and road breaking up down to cobblesReported
9913525 Feb 2014Disgusting state of very poor repairs over past two years Reported
9913125 Feb 2014PEM 1248243Bacup rdVarious holes and trenches.Reported
9904925 Feb 2014PEM 1247972Network of pot holes in around round traffic islandReported
9892523 Feb 2014several pot hole and failed repairsReported
9884423 Feb 2014PEM 1247666St. Michael’s Road and A6 Preston Lancaster Road junction at Bilsborrow (near Preston)Pothole at junction of St. Michael’s Road and the A6 Preston Lancaster Road at Bilsborrow (near Preston). It’s on the North bound feed lane from St. Michael’s Road as it merges with A6 Preston…Reported
9884323 Feb 2014A6 Preston Lancaster Road at Claughton-on-Brock (near Preston)Pothole on A6 Preston Lancaster Road at Claughton-on-Brock (near Preston) on North bound lane about 40 yards before New Lane junction (Roger’s Garage).Reported
9884023 Feb 2014PEM 1247651B6243 Blackburn Road, LongridgePothole 5cm to 10cm deep. 1m wide by 75cm long.Reported
9879422 Feb 2014B5269 Preston Road at Inskip (near Preston)Pothole on North bound lane of B5269 Preston Road just North of Derby Arms pub at Inskip (near Preston)Reported
9879322 Feb 2014Kirkham Road at Kirkham (near Preston)Potholes on 20 yards stretch on Kirkham Road at Kirkham (near Preston) on east bound lane between 40mph signs (from 60mph area) to Woody Timber yard entrance.Reported
9879122 Feb 2014St Michael's Road, Bilsborrow, PR3 0RY (near Preston)Potholes on the road opposite the exit / entrance of Myerscough College, St Michael's Road, Bilsborrow, PR3 0RY (near Preston). This is the West side entrance.Reported
9842819 Feb 2014Hillock Lane in WartonThere are again a number of potholes and ruts in the road along the whole length of Hillock Lane in Warton. Too many to list.Reported
9820918 Feb 2014London WayPothole next to grid directly on cyclist line / nearside wheel of vehicle line.Reported
9813417 Feb 2014Kirkham Road and Freckleton Road at Kirkham (near Preston)A number of potholes on north bound lane of Kirkham Road/Freckleton Road at Kirkham (near Preston) from junction of Kirkham Road with Lower Lane to junction of Freckleton Road with A583 Kirkham By-Pa…Reported
9813317 Feb 2014A584 Lytham Road between Church Road junction and Harbour Lane junction in Warton (near Preston).Potholes/ruts in A584 Lytham Road between Church Road junction and Harbour Lane junction in Warton (near Preston). The potholes are opposite where the shops are near BAE Systems.Reported
9792115 Feb 2014pem 1246044Hillock lane at Kirkham (near Preston).Pothole/rut in middle of road mid way along Hillock lane at Kirkham (near Preston).Reported
9783615 Feb 2014PEM 1246021Higham Side Road, PR4 0TF Inskip (near Preston), near Derby Arms pub.Pothole on east bound side of Higham Side Road about 20 yards from the junction of Higham Side Road and Preston Road B5269 in Inskip (near Preston), near Derby Arms pub.Reported
9783415 Feb 2014Freckleton Road, Kirkham (near Preston)Pothole on Freckleton Road, Kirkham near the entrance of Woodys Warehouse, PR4 1HY. Last week a number of potholes in area were fixed, but this one was missed. Thanks.Reported
9783115 Feb 2014Freckleton Road, Kirkham, PR4 2RN (opposite Kirkham Prison)Pothole in middle of road outside Kirkham Prison, Freckleton Road, Kirkham, PR4 2RN. Last week a number of potholes in area were fixed, but this one was missed. Thanks.Reported
9740411 Feb 2014Stoney Lane GalgateLarge pothole on the centre line of the road. Cyclists have to ride out here because of all the parked cars which are always present on this road.Reported
9739311 Feb 2014Witham RdPot hole and other various ruts and gullies.Reported
9739011 Feb 2014The road surface between woodplumpton and Broughton along newsham hall lane is terrible and needs to be repaired. Reported
972129 Feb 2014grenville ave walton-le-dalepothole it is getting deeper in the roadReported
971438 Feb 2014PEM 1242877Dorchester RoadPot hole outside 10 Dorchester RoadReported
970968 Feb 2014queenswaySeveral potholes in road, getting bigger by the day :-(Reported
970928 Feb 2014Long LaneThis stretch of Long Lane, from the Junction with Scarth Hill Lane to the Junction with the B5197 has an archipelago of holes, on both sides of the road and down the crown of the road, ranging in siz…Reported
970587 Feb 2014A683Large drop hole around drain on roundaboutReported

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