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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
10647530 Jul 2014PEM 1277898Carr House Lanelong rut in the carriageway which is becoming widerReported
10645930 Jul 2014Turning right from Bescar Brow Lane onto Southport road, the car will run over a small ditch in the centre of the road, which doesn't appear to be visible. Taking a turn from Southport road onto Besc…Reported
10643028 Jul 2014Lea LaneThe road has been top dressed with loose chippings which are a skid risk and are being thrown about by passing traffic. There are speed limit signs for 10mph which everyone ignores. We were hit by fl…Reported
10638425 Jul 2014A6 at Bilsborrow (near Preston) from junction of Church Lane to just past junction with St Michaels Road.Potholes and ruts in in road on south bound carriageway of A6 at Bilsborrow (near Preston) from junction of Church Lane to just past junction with St Michaels Road.Reported
10628919 Jul 2014Old Tram RoadVery Dangerous Barriers across the steep downhill track where Route 6 meets the Guild Wheel. A barrier is necessary to stop reckless cyclists racing across the other path but this barrier is dangero…Reported
10576225 Jun 2014PEM 1271125gregson laneseveral potholesReported
10563820 Jun 2014PEM 1270205Bollards on left hand side of road when moving northbound have been flattened, leaving some of the raised kerbs intended for traffic-calming hard to spot.Reported
10560720 Jun 2014PEM 1270026N/S of carriageway in a very poor state of repair. Cyclists have to use the centre of the road due it's conditionReported
10560620 Jun 2014Very rough and uneven road surface on bridgeReported
10558619 Jun 2014A6 Preston Lancaster RoadBusted Gully That would cause a cyclist to crash. Grid is half sticking up and half down the hole.Reported
10547616 Jun 2014PEM 1269096Pothole on bend. Cars attempting to avoid it and moving into counter flowing direction of traffic on blind bend. Reported
10543015 Jun 2014PEM 1268905An area that has been repaired previously has deteriorated again & we now have a larger very dangerous gully in the centre of the road. This whole stretch of road needs resurfacing.Reported
1050554 Jun 2014PEM 1266306Robin Hood laneThe road surface is breaking up and a number of pot holes have now appearedReported
1050423 Jun 2014PEM 1266198Mewith Lanea lot of potholes filled leaving very rough surface needs planing and resurfaceReported
1050113 Jun 2014PEM 1265979Pendleton RoadA pothole situated 20 metres from a junction forcing a cyclist to the middle of the road.Reported
10484629 May 2014PEM 1262621garsdale roadcan not get out of my drive without driving through the large hole reported two weeks ago to lancashire county council how long is acceptable to wait??Reported
10458024 May 2014PEM 1264571two potholes on railway bridge . Reported
10450621 May 2014PEM 1263891sabden roadrough uneven road surface, mixture of small pot holes, eroded road surface, gullies stretching for some distance up Sabden RoadReported
10447521 May 2014PEM 1263693roach rdsmall pothole forming but looks like there is some subsidance.Reported
10446520 May 2014Carr Road, FleetwoodVery deep pothole likely to cause damage to any vehicle or bike dropping into it.Reported
10435017 May 2014Syke House LaneVery Deep hole beside the gully. This is right in the line where a cyclist would ride when a car was overtaking. The hole is deep enough to cause any cyclist to crash. Please treat as high priority!Reported
10428716 May 2014Aldcliffe Road,several pot holes forming and one deeper one already formed over a wide area of resurfaced road in a meter wide strip next to the curb - several meters in length. BElow is the main pothole - but the…Reported
10427916 May 2014School LanePAVEMENT SUNKReported
10420715 May 2014Rishton Roadpothole in various places along the same small road, in middle car goes down it every timeReported
10402110 May 2014PEM 1261758Stoney LaneIt looks as though the house immediately north of this point may be creating a new entrance right on this bend. This looks a very unsuitable location for an entry. Please take a look at it and ensure…Reported
10401810 May 2014PEM 1261745Cinderbarrow LaneYet again the road outside this filthiest farm in North Lancashire is running with cow slurry. The surface is also breaking up due to the corrosive effects of the slurry. This is an offence under the…Reported
1038868 May 2014Kellet LaneUneven road surface due to weathering - raised trench repair, potholes.Reported
1038377 May 2014PEM 1260949Rivington Lanelarge pothole wide and deep in area used a lot by cycliusts and motorcyclists.Reported
1037264 May 2014PEM 1260727Mill laneVarious potholes at many points along the full length of mill lane from hall green stretching to the beaconReported
1035691 May 2014wall lane, little ecclestonwater main seems to have sunk and the road has a larget hollow in it now - missed it on my bike and nearly ended up in the hedgeReported

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