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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
7009721 Jul 2012PEM 1006077B6254Seriously failing gully. See Photos. The bars of this gully have rusted down to a thin knife like edge and one has rusted right through leaving ragged sharp edges. These knife like edges are likely t…Reported
7005920 Jul 2012PEM 1006083Pot hole and subsiding gully grid.Reported
6996618 Jul 2012Fallen treeReported
6986916 Jul 2012PEM 1005489Pimbo Lanebreaking up of the carriageway and a dropped section like a wedge has been cut out of the road about 8cm deep which is masked by being covered by a double yellow lineReported
6975413 Jul 2012Pothole in the middle of the road just as it joins the roundabout and small various ones in the area of the roundabout. Reported
6975113 Jul 2012Large section of road heading from wrea green to warton has eroded a few inch down. And the edges of this road are crumbling into the surrounding soft mud as no kerbs exist to stop erosion. Again thi…Reported
6975013 Jul 2012Close to the kerbs for about 400 metres along this section of road are many various sized pot holes and rough surface. Including a very deep pothole. A hazard to many cyclists using this route to bae…Reported
6974712 Jul 20121003724Postern Gate RoadA deep and dangerous pothole in the left wheel track. See PhotoReported
6969810 Jul 2012Smithy LaneSeveral potholes causing a hazard to cyclistsReported
696679 Jul 2012PEM 1002429Bolton RoadOn a decent from Bolton towards Abbey Village. Out on practice loops before the Ironman race and could cause serious damage if participants come off here.Reported
696338 Jul 2012Large bumps with cracks and holes in the middle caused by tree roots Reported
696328 Jul 2012PEM 1002447Lancaster RoadGrid Missing from Gully. About 0930 Sunday morning the grid was missing from one of the gullies on the northbound side of the A6 shortly before Hest Bank Lane. This is very dangerous for any nervous…Reported
696288 Jul 2012National cycle route 55There are large cracks in the cycle path surface caused by roots. The are now so raised and cracked that they are a real hazard for both cyclists and pedestrians.Reported
696178 Jul 2012PEM 1002419Huge potholes, badly repaired road RIGHT at the part where you go from bright sunshine to darkness under the motorway bridge. You hit the holes before your eyes have adjusted to the dark. Very danger…Reported
694922 Jul 2012B5269badly broken surface with deep holes forcing a cyclist out into the traffic to avoid, east bound side of road just before fruit and veg farm seller standReported
694912 Jul 2012PEM 1002389T Junc with Catforth Road and Preston Roadpotholes at T junc and around it's corner, hard to avoid.Reported
694902 Jul 2012PEM 1002416Deepdale Lanelong stretch of broken road and pot holes, very wide causing need to cycle out wideReported
694601 Jul 2012PEM 1002409Pothole in the middle of a busy road. Loose material has damaged a number of cars. Reported
6922422 Jun 2012PEM 997740Jubilee Way / Wilding's Lane JunctionA couple of potholes have appeared at the junction, following work by United Utilities. While not too bad at present, they are deteriorating daily and growing larger.Reported
6906317 Jun 2012PEM 994463Stoney LaneSurface total failure. There are literally dozens of potholes in this road between the Motorway underpass and the Galgate Traffic lights. I tried to count them the other day but had to give up. It is…Reported
6906117 Jun 2012PEM 994474A6 Preston - Lancaster RdAt many points on the A6 between Garstang and Hampson Green hedges and trees are overgrown to such an extent that they are overhanging the tarmac forcing cyclists to ride much further out than is saf…Reported
6905817 Jun 2012A6 Preston - Lancaster RdDeep and dangerous hole in the footway. deep enough to get a foot stuck in it. Note also that this footway is grossly overgrown. Please get it fit for purpose. People shouldn't have to walk in this …Reported
6905417 Jun 2012PEM 994452Broadgate, Prestonedge of patch repairs has come out leaving a rut in the road surface your bike tyre could 'fall into' - in line of cyclingReported
6898415 Jun 2012Tosside RoadDrain sinking in road due to collapsing tarmac surround.Reported
6889013 Jun 2012Wyresdale RdVery poor road surface across all westbound carriageway - causing considerable danger to cyclists who are usually at speed following the fast descent down Wyresdale Rd. A narrow bridge has to be nego…Reported
687388 Jun 2012PEM 991090Lancaster Road.Loose roof slates on roof of brick built barn are in such a condition & position that the 'wrong' wind could easily blow them onto the road, and road users.Reported
686755 Jun 2012PEM 990970durton lane preston lancashirepotholes and poor road surface under motorway bridge. poor visibility especially when weather is good going from brightness to darkness. whole area very bad.Reported
6837826 May 2012PEM 987254long moss lanepothole on bendReported
6826722 May 2012Surface has broken up. Pothole is about 4 inches deep in the centre by about 0.5 metres long.Reported
6821021 May 2012Large potholeReported

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