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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
10337028 Apr 2014Incredibly rough road surface Reported
10325625 Apr 2014West way, Astley village chorley.A number of potholes some in previously 'repaired' patches.Reported
10319924 Apr 2014Aldcliffe Road,potholes and similar dips along a stretch of repaired road.Reported
10319224 Apr 2014PEM 1259140barrowford roada pot hole has appeared next to a sunken drain / manhole coverReported
10314823 Apr 2014Multiple hole pothole, someone has attempted a very poor repair.Reported
10301221 Apr 2014PEM 1258580Dark laneThis road is extremely dangerous because of the amount of potholes and uneven surfaces. I had to swerve a number of times along this road to avoid the amount of pot holeReported
10301121 Apr 2014PEM 1258579Hobcross laneThere a number of potholes on this road that cause me to swerve significantly on my bike. The hazards are so many that a car nearly had a head on collision because I had to swerve so muchReported
10299120 Apr 2014PEM 1258563Spen Lane at Kirkham (near Preston).Pothole on the north bound side of Spen Lane at Kirkham (near Preston) just north of the railway bridge above Spen Lane.Reported
10298920 Apr 2014PEM 1258558Harbour Lane at Warton (near Preston).Potholes on Harbour Lane at Warton (near Preston) opposite Co-op shop near the junction of Butlers Meadow and Harbour Lane.Reported
10298820 Apr 2014PEM 1258566A6 from Barton Grange Garden Centre at Brock (near Preston) to junction with St. Michaels Road at BilsborrowPotholes on south bound side of A6 from Barton Grange Garden Centre at Brock (near Preston) to junction with St. Michaels Road at Bilsborrow.Reported
10298720 Apr 2014PEM 1258561Hillock Lane in Warton (near Preston)A number of potholes and ruts in the road along parts of Hillock Lane in Warton (near Preston) that were recently fixed have again appeared.Reported
10295119 Apr 2014Birdy BrowRoad is broken with many potholes and Tarmac debris all way from junction with Bailey Bank near Hodder bridge most of the way up to Longridge Fell. As this is a classic cycle hill it is extremely dan…Reported
10293719 Apr 2014Massive amounts of debris at sides of both carriage ways. Debris causes cyclist to ride in first lane on a 50mph road. Is this road suppose to have a cycle lane? It is not up kept like a cycle lane s…Reported
10293519 Apr 2014There is a 20 yard stretch of gullies and potholes. It is extremely hazardous on a bike as you have to ride the centre line in busy traffic to avoid the holes. This photo is just one hole. There must…Reported
10288417 Apr 2014PEM 1258425Trough of BowlandDangerous "Safety" fence. The cable fence on the west side of the road between Dunsop Bridge and Sykes is extremely dangerous for any cyclist or motorcyclist falling or knocked off into it. The ang…Reported
1025019 Apr 2014Pothole in road probably due to amount of rain water assembling in this areaReported
1024538 Apr 201414a back st annes rd westdrop in surface like a gullyReported
1024428 Apr 2014Bentwood Road, Carrs Industrial Estate off Haslingden by-passmultiple pot holes in Bentwood Road, Carrs Industrial Estate near Halingden, LancsReported
1022495 Apr 2014The EsplanadeMultiple potholes with the road surface breaking up along a long stretch of roadReported
1022485 Apr 2014Fleetwood RoadThe road outside is like a scene from a world war 1 battlefield. Multiple potholes and the road surface badly broken up. This is a main road on a school route and used by heavy vehicles and cyclists …Reported
1022465 Apr 2014PEM 1256231Promenade SouthA long series of deep ruts running across the road due to poor restoration post roadworks. This road is narrow and busy especially during the tourist season which poses a risk to cyclists. My bike pu…Reported
1021183 Apr 2014This section of road is sinking, it had once been repaired and levelled, distance is approx 3m and is about 3m wide, the depth in the middle must be 6 to 10" below normal level, soon it will collapse…Reported
1021032 Apr 2014PEM 1255533Castle LaneDeep pot holesReported
1021012 Apr 2014Greetby Hill/Dark LaneTerrible pitted road surface, littered with poorly repaired potholes and sunken drains.Reported
1020982 Apr 2014Tower HillPotholes at the T Junctions at each end of the road.Reported
1020591 Apr 2014Seriously uneven, loose Tarmac/surface stone, potholes (some recently filled but not to any standard) It spans a large area and has been like this for to long now. Driving over it causes damage, for …Reported
1020371 Apr 2014Roundabout in Kirkham (near Preston) at junction of Poulton Street, Church Street, Preston Street and Freckleton StreetLarge deep potholes around the roundabout in Kirkham (near Preston) at junction of Poulton Street, Church Street, Preston Street and Freckleton Street. Potholes mostly on the Poulton Street side of …Reported
1020361 Apr 2014A6 at Bilsborrow (near Preston) at junction of Church LanePotholes on A6 at Bilsborrow (near Preston) around the area of the junction with Church Lane.Reported
1020351 Apr 2014Hillock Lane in Warton (near Preston)There are again a number of potholes and ruts in the road along the whole length of Hillock Lane in Warton (near Preston). Too many to list. This was raised in Hazard #98428 on 19th February 2014, …Reported
10194331 Mar 2014Multiple potholes, impossible to avoid in car. Depth 8cm.Reported

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