1,730 hazards found, displaying on 58 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
7679923 Jan 2013B6480Series of long potholes/severe surface decay from Wennington towards the Lanacashire CC boundary with North Yorks CC near to Low Bentham.Reported
7672421 Jan 2013Heyhouses Lane B5261long stretches of holes forming and stones being thrown out, road is quite a mess.Reported
7672221 Jan 2013Blackpool Roadlong stretch of holes appearing down centre line of roadReported
7667620 Jan 2013Road surface of Marsden hall road north is starting to break up.Reported
7659918 Jan 2013PEM 1057156St Alban's RoadLarge pothole, which is unavoidable when turning into St.Albans road. As with the huge amount of pot holes on St.Annes Road East (B5233) It's only going to get worse.Reported
7659718 Jan 2013PEM 1057163Holmefield RoadPothole in the centre of the road, It's appeared where the surface has previously been dug up.Reported
7649516 Jan 2013Dallas Roadpothole - down to brick work on Dallas RoadReported
7649416 Jan 2013Aldcliffe Roadpothole next to curb on sharp bend in Aldcliffe Road just past the turning to Aldcliffe Hall Drive as Aldcliffe Road leaves the canalside.Reported
7643915 Jan 2013Eskrigge LneI writeas Chair of Gressingham Parish Council to advise that there a very large hole has appeared at the top of Eskrigge Lane near Belle Vue Farmand needs urgent attention to prevent endangering pede…Reported
7637714 Jan 2013deep pothole in road due to wear and tear.Reported
7633013 Jan 2013PEM 1053961Bye-Pass Road Bolton le SandsNot a danger but a hole in the tarmac exposing the sensor cable for the traffic lights. If not fixed the cable will be damaged causing problems with the lights.Reported
7632913 Jan 2013PEM 1053956A6 Scotforth Road LancasterA whole series of cracked hollows in the tarmac and uneven ironwork appears to be along the line of a water main from the ironwork lids.Reported
7632513 Jan 2013A6 Main Road, Bolton le SandsDeep hole 300 across. Noticed briefly when I had to swerve to avoid itReported
7619412 Jan 2013tincklers laneVarious sized potholesReported
7609711 Jan 2013Carr House LaneBig pothole at junction of Carr House Lane and Dallas Road. But Carr House Lane up to Aldlciffe road is bumpy, with cracks, a raised manhole cover, and other potholes.Reported
7606911 Jan 2013Yewlands DriveSame potholes as reported before under #64351 . Yewlands Drive. AS cars always parked on right its difficult to miss the now nultiple potholes against the curb on the left if travelling from the Scho…Reported
7599610 Jan 20131052404Pothole Reported
759519 Jan 2013Hall Gate Lane A588Multiple Potholes on Hall Gate Lane. These are very dangerous for Cyclists. I was forced into some of them today by a convoy of school busses that seem to think they must pass a bike even when there …Reported
759489 Jan 2013Mill Lane HambletonLots of very deep and dangerous potholes. These may be associated with the Electricity work in this area which has closed the adjacent road. Please get these very deep potholes filled asap (they are …Reported
759469 Jan 2013Skitham Lane, Near GarstangSeveral Potholes in the left wheel track going westward on the first bend west of Copthorn Lakes. There are several other bad areas on Skitham LaneReported
759009 Jan 2013Eskrigge LaneOne very large pothole plus several other smaller potholes along Eskrigge Lane.Reported
757518 Jan 2013Massive pothole in puddle concealed. Probably damaged my car Reported
753256 Jan 2013PEM 1050633Clieves Hill3 very large deep potholes!Reported
752925 Jan 2013PEM 1050610Roach RoadOn a national speed limit road travelling at about 30MPH, in the dark, we hit a hole with the front LHS wheel, deep enough to open the glove box door. We don't think it damaged the car as it's dark,…Reported
751284 Jan 20131050556Crawford RoadDeep square subsidence in tarmac, often water-filled. Already the cause of a recent scooter accident.Reported
750814 Jan 2013PEM 1050507Chorley RoadPoorly restored as a series of works on the roads surface. See photograph for more info.Reported
750744 Jan 2013Chorley RoadAn sunken drain coverReported
749474 Jan 2013PEM 1049918Deep pothole Reported
749153 Jan 2013Very deep and dangerous pothole with debrisReported
748483 Jan 2013Pothole Reported

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