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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
813407 Mar 2013Large Pothole across road width. Pedestrians and cars use the road. Reported
812736 Mar 2013Not sureRoad surface is crazy bad along this stretch, nearly disappeared down one of the craters on my bike last weekend, please get it sorted!Reported
812726 Mar 2013PEM 1077642Huge road corrosion, needs urgent attention! Reported
812555 Mar 2013Church Road at Treales (near Kirkham)Large white washed stones/boulders placed on Church Road verge about 500 hundred yards north of the Derby Arms Pub at junction of Kirkham Road and Church Road at Treales (near Kirkham). These are dan…Reported
812545 Mar 2013Roundabout in Kirkham Town Centre at the junction of Freckleton Street, Church Street and Preston Street B5192There is a pothole at the roundabout in Kirkham Town Centre, near the Market Square, at the junction of Freckleton Street, Church Street and Preston Street B5192.Reported
812535 Mar 2013Hillock Lane meets Kirkham Road (Warton near Preston)There is a pothole at the east end of Hillock Lane in Warton (near Preston) at the junction where Hillock Lane meets Kirkham Road.Reported
812395 Mar 2013This road is very rutted with cyclists forced to ride in the centre of the road, causing delays for motorists and potentially dangerous situations.Reported
812295 Mar 2013PEM 1077383Pothole Reported
811804 Mar 2013PEM 1077178A682Long pothole on A682Reported
811794 Mar 2013PEM 1077185A676Deep potholeReported
811714 Mar 2013PEM 1077161This stretch from the pub for a few miles has some really chewed up sections.Reported
811704 Mar 2013PEM 1077166This whole stretch is badly broken, from the bridge to the junction. Reported
810923 Mar 2013Sheep hill laneLarge pot holeReported
810833 Mar 2013preston Rd A6drain sinking. makes cyclist move from line. in busy traffic could be dangerous.Reported
810683 Mar 2013PEM 1076626Drummersdale LaneCouple of deep potholes in road surfaceReported
810463 Mar 2013edge of road has become a gully causing vehicles to swerve into the middle of a narrow roadReported
810453 Mar 2013PEM 1076458edge of road has disappeared making it a long potholeReported
810443 Mar 2013PEM 1076437potholeReported
810413 Mar 2013PEM 1076429potholeReported
810393 Mar 2013PEM 1076426pothole Reported
810252 Mar 2013Plex lane halsall near OrmskirkSeveral large Potholes across the roadReported
809932 Mar 2013PEM 1076250hazardReported
809842 Mar 2013PEM 1076246potholeReported
809822 Mar 2013PEM 1076239pothole following roadworksReported
809561 Mar 2013A49 euxtona crater alongside a manhole the size of a manhole along the part of a rode cyclists use without riding in the middle of general trafficReported
809491 Mar 2013PEM 1074192Multiple holes on this stretch Reported
8087928 Feb 20131073943Large pothole in the road on the Caton to Quernmore sideReported
8082928 Feb 2013Lots of loose stone on the road junctionReported
8082828 Feb 2013Lots of loose stone and gravel on the junction. Dangerous skid riskReported
8082728 Feb 2013The road is extremely rutted on this sharp bend and there is also a significant build up of dangerous debrisReported

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