1,833 hazards found, displaying on 62 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
8082728 Feb 2013The road is extremely rutted on this sharp bend and there is also a significant build up of dangerous debrisReported
8082628 Feb 2013There are several large holes in the road just south of LancasterReported
8082428 Feb 2013Large potholeReported
8075527 Feb 2013PEM 1073169Pothole around manhole cover.Reported
8069926 Feb 2013PEM 1073117Several large holes and rough road surfaceReported
8062725 Feb 2013Arundel Drive4 potholes in road at various points on the roadReported
8058325 Feb 2013pem 1072780Rothwell RoadPOTHOLE AND CRUMBLED PAINTED DOUBLE YELLOW LINESReported
8050324 Feb 2013Road surface broken upReported
8047724 Feb 2013Hillock Lane , Warton ,PrestonThe whole of this road is full of potholes and ruts and is very dangerous to a cyclist, I have heard many motorist complaining about this road as it is awful for them too.Reported
8046524 Feb 2013PEM 1072667Potholes across junction Reported
8044223 Feb 2013Runshaw Lane, EuxtonA number of potholes all across the roadReported
8044123 Feb 2013Mossy Lea Roadpothole, near speed cameraReported
8043723 Feb 2013PEM 1072606The road is pretty bad here with lots of holes and uneven surfaceReported
8043523 Feb 2013PEM 1072688The road is very rough, rutted and contains numerous holes on the uphill section shortly before the bend on the Caton to Lancaster side.Reported
8043423 Feb 2013PEM 1072688There is a succession of holes along this road. Some are particularly largeReported
8043323 Feb 2013PEM 1072601Several large holes on the road along hereReported
8043023 Feb 2013PEM 1072532Pothole and road surface breaking upReported
8027222 Feb 2013Lancaster LaneA pothole has formed, the previous layer now exposed. See photo for more info.Reported
8027021 Feb 2013Wigan RoadA nice pothole is forming, its about a metre from the edge of the road. See photo for more info.Reported
8026821 Feb 2013Claughton Dr and Hala Square, LancasterA large Pothole just outside the give way line. This is part of the very busy cycle route to Lancaster University. Someone will come to grief hitting this pothole as they get too far left trying to k…Reported
8022121 Feb 2013Slaidburn road NewtonBroken tarmac around BT manhole cover. so bad people have put a cone to warn road usersReported
8022021 Feb 2013Broken Tarmac around large man hole coverReported
8014120 Feb 2013barker Browseveral pot hole at edge of the road. they are a bigger hazard as they are the bottom of a hill so cyclist will be going fast so higher possibility of causing damage/unseating rider.Reported
8013920 Feb 2013barker Browmanhole cover edjing is failing causing a hazardReported
8007319 Feb 2013B5272 Park Lane, Winmarleigh, WyreVery deep & dangerous hole round a gully. The vertical face in the direction of travel is at least 150 and the bottom of the hole is well below the Gully. The hole is so narrow and deep the mud and s…Reported
8006419 Feb 2013Series of potholes dangerous to cyclists from half way down to the turn at beech roadReported
8004619 Feb 2013Main StreetSeries of potholes at road junction of main streed and Sand Lane in warton, carnforthReported
8004519 Feb 2013Hollins LanePothole where previous road patch has broken down.Reported
8004319 Feb 2013Pot holeReported
7985017 Feb 2013Road badly eroded, resembling a farm track And not a roadReported

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