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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
9446514 Jan 2014Harbour Lane at Warton (near Preston)Deep pothole on Harbour Lane at Warton (near Preston) just north of the roundabout at junction of Harbour Lane and Hastings Avenue.Reported
9435613 Jan 2014Crosshall Browmuultiple poor patching...Reported
940489 Jan 2014PEM 1219518Large holes on Newchurch Road at junction with Staghills RoadReported
940469 Jan 2014Poorly repaired potholes along centre of road along full lengthReported
939678 Jan 2014Bristol AvenueBristol Avenue, Farington. There are many potholes along this road of significant depth with the worst being opposite the Northern end of St Christines Ave.Reported
938237 Jan 2014PEM 1211997Warwick DrivePothole on entrance road to Warwick Drive ClitheroeReported
937146 Jan 2014rishton road, clayton le moorspothole in middle of road, everytime car wheels go downReported
936606 Jan 2014PEM 1208720Bottom of Alderhill St, EarbySeveral potholes are present at the bottom of Alderhill Street, Earby Lancashire. Areas are worn (right down to the Victorian cobbles) and have severe edges.Reported
934734 Jan 2014PEM 1204957The road has fell away causing an uneven road heading towards traffic lights, dangerous on motorcycle.Reported
933752 Jan 2014Higham Side Road and Preston Road B5269 junction in Inskip (near Preston)Pothole on junction of Higham Side Road and Preston Road B5269 in Inskip (near Preston), near Derby Arms pub.Reported
933742 Jan 2014Freckleton Road and Kirkham Road at Kirkham (near Preston)Potholes on Freckleton Road and Kirkham Road at Kirkham (near Preston) from junction of A583 Kirkham By-Pass with Freckleton Road to junction of Kirkham Road and Hillock Lane. Potholes mentioned in …Reported
933732 Jan 2014PEM 1201757Church Road at Treales, near Kirkham.Sides of Road along edges of Church Road in Treales, near Kirkham starting at Derby Arms at junction of Kirkham Road and Church Road, and headingrnorth to Cross Lane are again disintegrating leaving …Reported
9310930 Dec 2013PEM 1198117this road has alot of potholes, over a long distance,its that bad i go an alternative route, road works have been carried out on this road,but the potholes have not been adressedReported
9310730 Dec 2013Edge of road is broken up on the inside of a left hand bendReported
9310630 Dec 2013Surface of bridge is very rough. Reported
9309529 Dec 201390104A6070Dangerous branches twigs and brambles overhanging and obstructing the road. See Photo. Not only do these severely limit view on this bend but when riding within 2 feet of the kerb they catch you in t…Reported
9306329 Dec 2013Wiswell Shay, WhalleyLarge deep pothole in roadReported
9304629 Dec 2013PEM 1197237Road in general poor state. Partially due to bad drainage as water runs over road. Frost exacerbates the situation. Reported
9303629 Dec 2013PEM 1197524Section of road in general poor state of repair. On a bend in a dangerous positionReported
9300428 Dec 2013PEM 1197057Pothole by joining of road services by end of small copses. Reported
9286924 Dec 2013Oak CrescentPotholes covering half of the road in one areaReported
9285424 Dec 2013Knowsley RoadAlong a 400 metre stretch of Knowsley Road the tarmac is breaking up and creating numerous potholes. This was reported over 12 months ago and a temporary 'filling in' of the potholes was completed. H…Reported
9285324 Dec 2013Pothole arising from bad road surface, large rut in the road.Reported
9284924 Dec 2013PEM 1203357carr hayes driveA collection of potholes ranging from 10 - 30 cm wide and upto 10 cm deep in the middle of the road at the juction of carr hayes driveReported
9279822 Dec 2013PEM 1195418A6 Preston Lancaster Rd.Dangerous debris and vegetation on the shared cycle facility. I reported this direct to LCC Highways highways@lancashire.gov.uk on 17 November 2013 along with a number of other issues. None have been…Reported
9260415 Dec 2013Blythe Lane, OrmskirkThe drain cover has sunk & disappeared, leaving a large hole on a bend. Thsi is extremely dangerous and needs urgent attention.Reported
9251212 Dec 2013PEM 1179457grange lanedamage of entire road surface.Reported
9250412 Dec 2013Lightfoot Green LaneIt's just a standard sort of potholeReported
924478 Dec 2013PEM 1171017Lightfoot Lane B6241 over railway bridge in Fulwood (near Preston)Pothole on Lightfoot Lane B6241 over railway bridge in Fulwood (near Preston). Pothole located between Lightfoot Green Lane and Fulwood Free Methodist Church.Reported
924468 Dec 2013PEM 1171038A6 at Bilsborrow (near Preston) from junction of Church Lane to just past junction with St Michaels Road.Potholes on A6 at Bilsborrow (near Preston) from junction of Church Lane to just past junction with St Michaels Road.Reported

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