1,697 hazards found, displaying on 57 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
746441 Jan 2013Stoney Lane GalgateLots of large woody hedge flailings on the road forcing cyclists to ride much further from the edge than they otherwise would and putting them in danger from passing cars. Please tell the farmer to c…Reported
746421 Jan 2013Scotforth Road, LancasterRoad braking up badly round one of the large square ironwork lids outside the former waterworks a few yards before the central island when travelling north. This is dangerous for bikes bouncing them …Reported
746411 Jan 2013South Road/Penny Street LancasterFaulty Traffic Lights. The Traffic lights On South Road approach to Penny Street Bridge Lancaster do not detect and change for bikes. This morning I had to wait for several minutes with no other tra…Reported
746391 Jan 2013Wigan lanepot holesReported
746381 Jan 2013Wigan laneroad surface failingReported
746351 Jan 2013Wigan lanepot hole and failin road surface and poor repairs.Reported
746311 Jan 2013Wigan lanepot hole just after junctionReported
746291 Jan 2013bolton Rdpot hole on junction.Reported
7451131 Dec 2012Big, deep hole in roadway. Also broken up section of road across full width. Reported
7446230 Dec 2012Aldcliffe Road LancasterLarge deep pothole in the middle of the road.Reported
7429628 Dec 2012PEM 1048344Shore Road CarnforthVery Dangerous broken up road surface. The attached photos show just some of the dangerous potholes on this failing road. This is doubly dangerous as the road is frequently covered with large puddles…Reported
7413626 Dec 20121047716A6832 potholes either side of roadReported
7410925 Dec 20121047701A588 Hall Gate LaneDangerous rutted and broken surface on this sharp bend. This is particularly dangerous for cyclists and motorcyclists who can be deflected of course by these ruts. Also going south from this bend th…Reported
7410725 Dec 20121047698B5377 Park Lane PreesallDeep and dangerous pothole beside a gully. Very dangerous for cyclists especially in the dark.Reported
7410625 Dec 20121047695Pothole in centre of road caused by bad repair when water pipe put across road 200mm x 200mm Reported
7391621 Dec 2012PEM 1047407Long Lane, AughtonHole in the road,Reported
7384420 Dec 20121046974Deep pothole caused by partially sunken manhole adjacent to bench Reported
7379719 Dec 2012PEM 1057041Whams Lane, Bay HorseA very deep and dangerous pothole which would certainly cause a cyclist to crash. It is right in the wheel track and very difficult to avoid in the hours of darkness. This is very dangerous. Please g…Reported
7378119 Dec 2012PEM1046832eachill roadsurface brokenup over large areaReported
7363816 Dec 20121046003Bolton RoadSunken drain and the road has collapsed around the drain cover .Reported
7360916 Dec 20121045908Road edge generally in a state of disrepair between moorfield lane and healing lane. Hazardous to cyclists. Reported
7360716 Dec 20121045905Edges generally in a state of disrepair. Reported
7360616 Dec 20121045900Smithy laneDeep hole - dangerous to cyclists and motoristsReported
7358716 Dec 2012PEM 1046027Rainford road. Also know as Four lane ends, BikderstaffeSignificant sized pothole which is on slip road route and approach to Murco petrol station. Caused damage to wheel which had to be replaced. Petrol station manager spoken with and stated it was counc…Reported
7354713 Dec 2012deep rut in roadReported
7354613 Dec 2012it s a pot holeReported
7354513 Dec 2012potholeReported
7347511 Dec 2012PEM 1044889Station Lane ScortonA small but deep pothole in the centre of the road. This is a hazard for cyclists as they have to ride in the centre to pass the parked cars. It is also a hazard for pedestrians crossing the road and…Reported
7342210 Dec 2012A6 Garstang RoadPothole in approach to traffic lightsReported
733959 Dec 2012PEM 1049867Cable street LancasterNew pothole opening up where an old patch is breaking up.Reported

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