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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
10946719 Dec 2014PEM 1303445Very poor effort Reported
10945518 Dec 2014Heading from Longridge towards Clitheroe, about a foot to the left of the centre of the road roughly where the road starts to climb there is a nasty pothole which is only a few inches wide and an inc…Reported
10938015 Dec 2014Trough RoadLots of hedge trimmings on the road which are hazardous for cyclists.Reported
1092719 Dec 2014Chatburn roadIts like a patchwork quilt. An uneven one. Drive down here and play a game of dodge the holes.Reported
1091925 Dec 2014Higher Lane, Near A5209 roundabout.Road frequently covered with flowing water off the hillside due to a blocked drain and insufficient drainage. This happens every winter and when temperatures drop below freezing this is extremely ha…Reported
1091735 Dec 2014Chipping RoadDeep hole round manhole coverReported
1091323 Dec 2014Subsiding roadside a significant hazard to cyclists\nReported
10900727 Nov 2014Sandy Lane, LathomMultiple potholes and rutsReported
10895925 Nov 2014PEM 1299397Lythe Fell RoadWater standing on the bridge has lifted the road surface into a rough state with deeper holes under the water. Needs a complete resurface and water diverting into the ditch.Reported
10885520 Nov 2014Mill Lanemultiple potholesReported
10869615 Nov 2014Skipton road3 large and growing potholesReported
10867114 Nov 2014Surface has sunk on a previously filled hole outside the back yard of 17 Trower Street. Surface is soft when walked on. Reported
10865413 Nov 2014PEM 1297223Strand RoadStrand road in Preston has been re-surfaced. The grit has all been forced to cycle lane. It will be dangerous over the winter.Reported
10833630 Oct 2014Harwood rdCycle lane Road surface disintegrated, rut from separation of surface, fast moving traffic on narrow road with narrow cycle laneReported
10807320 Oct 2014PEM 1292973Rakehouse Brow (apparently)There's a large patch of dodgy tarmac, which is hidden around a corner (on a descent) which could easily bring a cyclist off (and did nearly cause my child to fall off).Reported
10790510 Oct 2014Lamaleach DrivePotholeReported
1077581 Oct 2014A6 Slyne RoadConkers & beech nuts debris causing cyclists to swerve or pull out into trafficReported
10773229 Sep 2014Aldcliffe Roadwater constantly running down the road and accross an entrance to road.Reported
10771228 Sep 2014kerbxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…Reported
10750217 Sep 2014PEM 1286462A673 Bolton RoadThe section of road has numerous hazards for a cyclist including sunken/crumbling edges to reinstatements and generatlly poor surface quality. Difficult to pin-point exactly given the general road co…Reported
10739712 Sep 2014Lowry LaneDangerious gully, could cause some one to fall of their bicycle, see photo.Reported
10739412 Sep 2014A584Series of deep undulations confined to one area on tarmac situated just after LH turn off for car parking on Blackpool-bound side of the A584. This has sunk deeper over several months (subsidence) an…Reported
1071682 Sep 2014PEM 1283744Aughton RoadThis has already been reported to the Police. It is here for public record in case anyone is injured. A brown slurry pipe about 4 ins diameter was across the road in a shadow and with no warning sign…Reported
1071321 Sep 2014PEM 1283491Ormerod Road, Burnley.Grate cover is an old one which has the ridges running in line with the direction of travel. This is on a newly created cycle lane.Reported
10709929 Aug 2014PEM 1283129Coe Laneo/s 44 two small potholes next to each other that send a cyclist of courseReported
10704627 Aug 2014Eskrigge LaneDeep pothole with steep edges. A narrow lane and so there is no way of avoiding it when driving a 4-wheeled vehicle. Distance from edge of tarmac such that cyclists would hit it.Reported
10699224 Aug 2014Multiple potholes. Cracks. Uneven surface. Reported
10694122 Aug 2014PEM 1282278Carwags LaneA series of several potholes and poor patches at the bottom of a steep hill on the inside of a blind bend. This is a long standing very serious hazardReported
10693722 Aug 2014PEM 1282199Stannah RoadLong stretch of serious potholes, towards the bottom of a descent towards a T-junction, therefore carrying above average danger.Reported
10668710 Aug 2014Higham Side Road and Inskip Road in Inskip (near Preston)Potholes along Higham Side Road and Inskip Road in Inskip (near Preston) 1. Pothole on junction of Higham Side Road and Preston Road B5269 in Inskip near Derby Arms pub. 2. Pothole on east bound si…Reported

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