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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
733959 Dec 2012PEM 1049867Cable street LancasterNew pothole opening up where an old patch is breaking up.Reported
733107 Dec 2012PEM 1043955PotholeReported
732916 Dec 2012PEM 1044272Wigan RoadA one metre long pothole, the cobbles and original kerb can be seen. See photo for more info.Reported
732675 Dec 2012PEM 1043953Sabden Roadlarge group of potholes along section of road - aprox 12-20 consecutive potholes, making road surface uneven and car using opposite side of road to avoid this section.Reported
732665 Dec 2012PEM 1043951Padiham RoadLarge chain of potholes (approx 10) along surface of roadReported
732495 Dec 2012PEM 1043956stonygate lanesunken man holeReported
732434 Dec 2012PEM 1148934Bailrigg Lane LancasterDangerous lack of visibility at the exit from cycle track onto Bailrigg Ln. From the give way line visibility left is very limited. Equally drivers on Bailrigg Ln cannot see cyclists before they shoo…Reported
732424 Dec 2012PEM 1053950Hala Road, LancasterOne very large pothole and other lesser ones. The surface is failing and needs major renewal. This has developed very rapidly and is dangerous for cyclists and motorcyclists.Reported
732334 Dec 2012Eskrigge LaneSeveral dangerous potholes on Eskrigge Lane.Reported
7313730 Nov 2012PEM 1041572Back St Annes Rd WestpotholeReported
7308328 Nov 2012PEM 1041571Factory Lane, Whittle Le Woods,ChorleyNumerous deep and large holes in road surface the length of the roadReported
7303927 Nov 2012PEM 1298872Cuerdale Lanepot hole appeared right in the secondary cycling position. this pot hole gave me a pinch puncture and made me late for work. This could do damage to a bike and is dangerous as on a unlit road that …Reported
7288425 Nov 2012PEM 1040738Twiston LanePothole caused by field water running down roadside and freeze thaw action over the past winters. The hole is on a bend forcing the cyclist out into the middle of the road but almost impossible to se…Reported
7285524 Nov 2012PEM 1040722Moss Lane BilsborrowVery deep dangerous pothole outside a farm. See Photo. This is on the road surface not on the farm apron. It would certainly throw off any cyclist that hit it in the dark and could wreck a car suspen…Reported
7285424 Nov 2012PEM 1040755B5269 No Name on Google MapsDeep pothole beside a gully (see Photo) This goes right through into the sump and is big enough to get a foot down. Several others are developing potholes where the concrete surrounding the gully joi…Reported
7285324 Nov 2012PEM 1040733Longmoor Lane, NatebyBad Pothole adjacent to gully. This is a deep crack between the gully surround and the adjacent road that would cause a cyclist to lose control and fall. It is particularly dangerous here as children…Reported
7284724 Nov 2012PEM 1040725The road with Jubilee Tower on (Wyresdale Rd?)Long, deep pothole right in the line that (fast descending) cyclists take before the cattle grid, when heading from Jubilee Tower towards Lancaster. (there are loads of other potholes too, it's just…Reported
7279022 Nov 2012PEM 1040669top of ramsgate rd ,crossland rd northhole getter deeperReported
7272819 Nov 2012PEM 1040663whalley roadroad surface failing around monhole coverReported
7266617 Nov 2012PEM 1038308The whole of Hillock Lane is a mess with pot holes and ruts from one end to the other, this lane is used by lost of cyclist and joggers and is an accident waiting to happen, cycle at night at your pe…Reported
7260514 Nov 2012PEM 1038303Higher Lane ScortonCompletely failing surface with dozens of potholes all the way along Higher Lane Scorton. It is not fit for use by road vehicles.Reported
7260414 Nov 2012PEM 1047927Hollins Lane FortonMultiple Potholes on this part of Hollins lane mostly on the edges of old patches. Avoiding them puts cyclists at greater risk from passing motors on this part of NCN Route 6.Reported
7260314 Nov 2012PEM 1038305Hollins Lane FortonMultiple Potholes on this part of Hollins lane mostly on the edges of old patches. Avoiding them puts cyclists at greater risk from passing motors on this part of NCN Route 6.Reported
7260114 Nov 2012Hollins Lane FortonOvergrown hedge trees and brambles overhanging the road at a hight that endangers cyclists. Railtrack cut this back and put in a new fence a few years ago and haven't touched it since. It is now a se…Reported
7260014 Nov 2012PEM 1038331Whams Lane, Bay HorseLots of potholes all the way along Whams Lane mainly on the flat section east of the M6. They are mostly on the edge of old patches. They are on both sides of the road. They are dangerous as they for…Reported
7259914 Nov 2012PEM 1227658Hollins Lane FortonWater flooding out onto the road again. It looks like the drain or culvert must be blocked again. This has happened before and been fixed. There is a ditch comes down the field and enters a drain or…Reported
7259714 Nov 2012PEM 1038327Hollins Lane?Water welling up through a gully and causing flooding right down the road. See Photos. It looks as though this could be water coming down a drain in Whams Lane and welling up because the continuation…Reported
7259614 Nov 2012PEM 1038324No Named on map.A whole series of deep potholes with the gravel being washed out by the constant river flowing down this road from Wagon Road. See Photo.Reported
7256413 Nov 2012PEM 1038302Station RoadSequence of holes and dips with patches of very uneven road surface - due to patch repairs and heavy load vehicles (lorries and buses) wearing holes in the road just where cyclists need to be.Reported
7252911 Nov 2012PEM 1037210Cleveley Bank Lane??Frequent deep flooding across the road that has only occurred since Network Rail made a new major access. Network rail have put in a roadway across the field in connection with work on the embankment…Reported

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