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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
8891019 Jul 2013Birminghamredditch road A441length of and road potholes every where, the white lines are barely visual and it's 2 lanes one way 1 lane the other and there is meant to be solid white lines as the road goes into and out of a big …Reported
29522 Mar 2007BuckinghamshireLength of about 50metres is very rough and has several potholes across width of road, which is single track hereFixed
8931310 Aug 2013HampshireLength of 120 metres multiple potholes, ruts and broken up roadRejected
183276 Mar 2009NorwichEarlham RoadLenght of road approximately 30 metres in lenght subsidence has made uneven.Fixed
223720 Feb 2007GloucestershireCheltenham RoadLenght of potholes and rutting at junction with Elmbridge RoadReported
8899324 Jul 2013LeicestershireLeicester LaneLeicester Lane, enter from Leicester Road towards Great Bowden before the bridge on the left side of the road were farm traffic has been turning onto the lane has worn the edge to a deep hole. This i…Reported
9605630 Jan 2014West SussexSunte Av. Haywards Heathlefthand side of road when travelling west - east.Reported
2516318 Jan 2010SurreyRoundabout above M3 J3 (A322?)Left-hand lane riddled with potholes, probably from recent freeze / thawReported
8549524 Apr 2013HertfordshireLeft side towards Park St Lane from M25 badly rutted. Very dangerous because forcing cyclists into middle of road. This whole stretch of road needs resurfacing urgently. Reported
8678717 May 2013HertfordshireLeft side on route to ware side on bend large area of broken road and pot holes causing danger to cyclists, motorbikes who are forced out into the the centre of the road into on coming traffic. The …Reported
654820 May 2007HackneyKingsland High Streetleft side of the road surface has started to desintegrate due to pressure from busses,Reported
9308429 Dec 2013GloucestershireLeft side of the road full of holes and ruts along a long stretch of the road which has been there for a long time. Reported
4917325 Feb 2011West SussexLeft side of the carriageway. Road is crumbling away, putting cars into middle of the road, into oncoming traffic. The rest of this road was recently surfaced with a new chip surface, but this corne…Fixed
199716 Feb 2007Wakefieldaketon roadleft side of road surface covered in old repairs that are falling appartReported
731662 Dec 2012HillingdonLeft side of road has gone in and unevn surface due to poor surfacing Fixed
4486627 Jan 2011North TynesideWest bound slip road off A1058 to A19 (silverlink) roundaboutLeft lane of the slip road is pretty much covered in potholes leading up to the lights.Fixed
7149927 Sep 2012SurreyA331Left lane A331 Northbound. Large deep pothole, particular hazard to cyclist and motorcycles. Close to edge of carriageway markings, left side.Reported
8221615 Mar 2013SuffolkLeft hand side of the road, going up hill out of Charsfield (after passing the school on the left hand side)Reported
280702 Feb 2010Buckinghamshirehigh streetLeft hand side of the road when facing south has sunk causing a large dip in the road surfaceReported
8306123 Mar 2013North SomersetRaglan LaneLeft hand side of the road (going down from Vee Lane) seems to have collapsed into the verge - forcing cyclists into the middle of the road.Reported
786488 Feb 2013EdinburghSt Johns RoadLeft hand side of St Johns road going into town in Costorphine there are a number of sunken drains. They vary in terms of deterioration but most of them can dent a wheel if you hit them.Reported
774322 Jul 2007HackneyStamford HillLeft hand side of roadway is raised due to depression in roadway. This pushes cyclists out into main busy road lane. Reported several times to TFL help line to no avail!!!!Reported
1175011 Mar 2008Haringeyhampden roadleft hand side of road, the pot holes that were repaired last year have been destroyed again, gravel and hardcore across road in various placesReported
3645320 May 2010LancashireGreetby Hillleft hand side of road just before right hand turning to Tower Hill RoadFixed
122541 Apr 2008West SussexHammerhill/Cookfield RdLeft hand side of road going in a northly dirtection. Also, numerious other ones on opposite side of road.Reported
8271920 Mar 2013Hammersmith and FulhamUxbridge RoadLeft hand side of road by Shepherd's bush green, numerousReported
5761119 Jun 2011BlackburnGreen Arms RoadLeft hand side of road (a whole lane) unusable by bike - forced to ride in middle of wrong lane. Bendy, country road - very dangerous. On the map below I have clicked exactly where the hazard is.Reported
203153 May 2009Gloucestershireroad to chavenageLeft hand side of lane full of holes maybe five or six altogether plus all the stones out of the holes are covering the left track, impossible to ride on that side of the roadReported
1002289 Mar 2014West SussexMAIN A 24left hand lane before railway bridge badly damaged causing to get into outside lane as damage to vehicle suspensionReported
9752212 Feb 2014BristolCorner of Baldwin Street/Colston AvenueLeft hand lane as you come round the corner, pothole big enough to lose a motorbike front wheel downFixed
79754 Aug 2007South LanarkshireUnnamedLeft hand lane as you approach the junction from north west is very rough.Reported
9027426 Sep 2013NorthumberlandA1068 Fisher LaneLeft hand land heading towards roundabout, road surface broken up.Rejected
9081812 Oct 2013LancashireHill Top Lane, Whittle-le-WoodsLeft hand edge of road very uneven with broken edges of previous repairs in direction of travel, up to a 1inch step for about 6 feet in one place and for about 20 feet a bit further on.Reported
965243 Feb 2014BirminghamLeft front wheel on car keeps hitting it leaving a hard jolt on steering wheel Fixed
3898223 Aug 2010East AyrshireB769Left edge of road breaking up in several places, previous repairs poorReported
3898323 Aug 2010East AyrshireB769Left edge of road breaking up in several places, previous repairs poorReported
3348129 Mar 2010ThurrockWharf RoadLeft direction of road going towards town. Road dips down and appears to be having a land slide. The problem has been in the road for several years and has got worse this Winter with the Squibb heavy…Fixed
2651622 Jan 2010WorcestershireLeft and right wheel track pot-holes of very jarring depth, approx 3-4" depth and rutted. Negative cambered road exacerbates nasty effects of hitting them.Reported
2431328 Dec 2009Durhammorley crescentleeking water and pot holesFixed
3066127 Feb 2010StaffordshireDerby StreetLEEK, STAFFORDSHIRE. Roundabout next to the monument at the bottom of derby street. Terrible road service with uneven service and holes. Several motorcyclists have nearly come off going around the ro…Reported
756497 Jan 2013Stoke-on-Trentleek roadleek road 64 potholes ,raised manhole covers disgusting road ,this is leek road going towards stoke from lymkiln lightsIn progress
8461612 Apr 2013KirkleesLeeds RoadLeeds Road in Huddersfield is in a terrible state, and large chunks of road have now come away, revealing vast canyons across a long stretch from the Leeds Road playing fields up to the gas works nea…Reported
3348329 Mar 2010OxfordshireA4183 VineyardLeaving mini roundabout if travelling south towards town centre pothole is directly after roundabout.Reported
1554631 Oct 2008GloucestershireNot namedLeaving Lechlade on Hatherop road about 50 yards before the Cartersfield Garage. Elliptical pothole. Major axis parallel to direction of travel. Approx 18" along major axis and 6" to 8" along minor…Fixed
598813 Sep 2011NorfolkFolgate RoadLeaving College Drive and turning right onto Folgate Road- growing line of disintegrating tarmas where 2 halves of road surface join in the middle of the road- just where a biker is likely to hit mak…Reported
6204417 Dec 2011HaltonCycleway on the side of Rocksavage Expressway.Leaves, trees & branches on the cycleway by the side of Rocksavage Expressway.Reported
9140531 Oct 2013TraffordDerbyshire road. SaleLeaves that have been wet and pulped by passing vehicle traffic causing extremely slippery road surface. Cars have been witnessed losing traction as well as cyclists. Hazzard has deteriorated in the…Reported
732856 Dec 2012LancashireLA1leaves on cycle path below station access next to Giant Axe Field.Rejected
422539 Jan 2011SurreyEpsom Road, Guildford,leaves and loose stones and broken glass. Would be easy to clear up with a road sweeper, and would make cycling significantly safer as cycle lane could be better usedReported

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