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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
28061 Mar 2007WiltshireNew road surface last year, still unfinished. Some drain gratings partially sealed with tarmac, many need raising as they are a hazard to cyclists. Inspection covers lost under the new surfacing, som…Fixed
6980214 Jul 2012BristolToronto roadNew road surface is like a wash board, bad enough for cars/vans but a nightmare for bikers, making it difficult to handle.Fixed
147011 Feb 2007DerbyKeldholme LaneNew road surface has sunk around the drain cover.Fixed
8723027 May 2013Cheshire West and ChesterNew road surface ends, why??Rejected
5175916 Mar 2011BristolMina RoadNew road repairs have been completed here and the new tarmac is poorly laid. raised edges and very uneven surface mean the road surface in large stretches is much worse than before. worst section is…Fixed
6926224 Jun 2012Haringeywhite hart laneNew road narrowing at section of road where vehicles are able to go fast, including wide heavy vehicles - this is a small "industrial" zone surrounded by residential.It's necessary to move into the …Reported
783115 Feb 2013DundeeBeauly AveNew road layout sign bent over at 45 % , now the metal reflective part of the sign is at a acute angle (at face height) and is very hard to see even in day light .Reported
7066114 Aug 2012Stockton-on-TeesYarm RoadNew road layout forcing cyclists into the right lane (of two), competing with motor traffic going straight on and right at the approaching roundabout, while left turning traffic now has the 'default'…Rejected
12036526 Nov 2015KentHigh crossnew road dressing missing from road surface over a large area and distance on road, believe that this should still be under warranty as less than year oldReported
3743415 Jun 2010PlymouthMannamead RoadNew road "safety Islands" is a potential death trap. They've been installed to allow pedestrians an island to cross road but as a cyclist when going past them motorists then "squeeze by" me the cycl…Fixed
7991618 Feb 2013Cheshire EastCrewe RoadNew resurfacing tarmac has come up creating massive series of potholes all next to each other -very dangerous.Reported
456551 Feb 2011Cheshire EastCrewe RoadNew resurfacing tarmac has come up creating a pothole. Can see paint on the old road underneathFixed
37839 Mar 2007LeedsA65 Kirkstall RoadNew red coating is very uneven compared to usual road surface. Sections of paint overlap giving a very bumpy ride.Reported
9780214 Feb 2014ManchesterPalatine RoadNew pothooles emerging inbetween the poor temporary repairs already attemptedReported
998015 Mar 2014CumbriaCollin RoadNew potholes, debris and unevenness due to continual patching of potholes.Reported
509599 Mar 2011BristolNew potholes opened up after repair.Rejected
2146919 Jun 2009WiltshireCourt HillNew potholes near to previously reported one.Fixed
6813319 May 2012CroydonHolmbury GroveNew potholes in shoddily dry-filled old potholes (see photo)Reported
3687631 May 2010CroydonWhitehorse RoadNew potholes in rut along road 1m from LH kerb (see photo)Reported
3689031 May 2010LambethGreen LaneNew potholes in road (see photo)Reported
3297122 Mar 2010Cheshire West and ChesterB5081New potholes have formedFixed
9604930 Jan 2014WorcestershireCamp Hill Road, WorcesterNew potholes have developed and existing ones have worsened over the past 24 hours.Reported
963491 Feb 2014WorcestershireCamp Hill Rd, WorcesterNew potholes have developed and existing ones have deteriorated (more than 10 in total)Reported
10091115 Mar 2014WorcestershireCamp Hill Rd, WorcesterNew potholes have developedReported
8457911 Apr 2013Bath and North East SomersetNew potholes forming on end of recently completed repairReported
369151 Jun 2010WorcestershireArundel DriveNew potholes developed recently around area of unfilled potholes previously reported.Fixed
3572327 Apr 2010WorcestershireArundel Dr, WorcesterNew potholes developed near existing ones but highways seem to repair only the individual holes that are reported and ignore the others in vicinity hence this report.Fixed
2541919 Jan 2010Transport for LondonTrinity RoadNew potholes approaching traffic lightsReported
746612 Jan 2013PooleNew potholes appearing. 50cm across 7cm deepReported
8479713 Apr 2013SunderlandNew potholes appearing and old repairs just coming loose. Most of the repairs are reasonably uneven along the trunk road and repairs on top of repairs. It would be massively beneficial to replace sec…Fixed
7435829 Dec 2012DevonRenney RoadNew potholes and at foot of road prone to floodingReported
8576528 Apr 2013HampshireNew potholes + badly repaired old potholesReported
1098969 Jan 2015NorfolkNew pothole, with others nearby. Reported
1214228 Mar 2008EdinburghOswald RoadNew pothole, road breaking up around itReported
2666623 Jan 2010Worcestershirenew pothole, moderately deep, quite large.Reported
399456 Oct 2010HillingdonSt John's RoadNew Pothole where a previous one had been covered over. (Appeared in end of September)Fixed
37348 Mar 2007WandsworthLower Richmond RoadNew pothole that looks like a small trenchFixed
499227 Mar 2007Devonburnt house lanenew pothole starting beside repaired oneReported
6800316 May 2012HampshireNew pothole resulting from top 3" of Tarmac delaminating, the debris still littering adjacent gutter, getting bigger as daily shock takes tollFixed
733959 Dec 2012LancashireCable street LancasterNew pothole opening up where an old patch is breaking up.Reported
7668720 Jan 2013Stoke-on-Trentstanley matthews waynew pothole on roadRejected
9935428 Feb 2014RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadNew pothole on B790 Houston Road, large deep pothole at edge of road. Potholes on this road take far too long to repair (some are never repaired) after being reported to you via this website. It's …Fixed
2069816 May 2009StaffordshireWraggs LaneNew pothole often hidden under puddle, growing quickly.Reported
1036633 May 2014West SussexNew pothole near recent repairsFixed
8058925 Feb 2013KentRye roadNew pothole merging with old breaking up fill creates water puddle refills immediately to spray over pedestrians .Not only is pothole a danger to vehicles but push bikes motor cycles as well.Reported
3968030 Sep 2010Bristolcliftonwood crescentnew pothole just where you cycle, dangerous at nightFixed
286958 Feb 2010CambridgeshireNorthampton Streetnew pothole inside old pothole that still hasn't been filledReported
3054526 Feb 2010DevonSt Michael's RoadNew pothole in the middle of the road. Stones from the hole are being scattered by traffic.Reported
339232 Apr 2010CroydonCroham RoadNew pothole in road surfaceFixed
12001812 Nov 2015NorfolkNew pothole in poorly maintained road. Pothole is by a vernacular passing space. Why isn't this properly surfaced?\nThis road needs formal passing spaces to stop the migration of debris. Reported

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