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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
4119925 Nov 2010Dumfries and Gallowayunclassified road between b7021 & a746n number of large potholesReported
2274613 Sep 2009Dumfries and GallowayA747n number of holes in the roadReported
2690124 Jan 2010BlackpoolMythop hill Marton BlackpoolMythop Hill, off Preston New Road (The A583 Blackpool). There are approximately 10-12 potholes on this road, ranging from the top of the road to a further 500 metres down. If travelling on a bike or …Reported
891224 Oct 2007SurreyLittleworth RoadMy wife uses this road while commuting by bicycle, and has complained to me about its condition on many occasions. I have now seen the road for myself and am completely horrified; the almost total…Fixed
4356719 Jan 2011Cumbriaisel roadMy tyre deflated and dented alloy when I hit this tonight.Fixed
370725 Jun 2010Plymouthaustin avemy street is full of thmFixed
7002320 Jul 2012Lambethcroxted road on he junction of glazebrook close se21 8ssmy property 50ft from my front door and the vibration of buses and hgv vehicles is rattling my windows and rumbling through my property and waking me up all through the nightReported
3568426 Apr 2010EalingA406 North Circular RoadMy pothole is located on a busy junction of a main road. When lorries catch the pothole my house visibly shakes with the vibration that follows. Please help me to look after my home and fill-…Reported
4903424 Feb 2011EssexNevill waymy driveway kerb stone has become dislodged because of gully prob caused by melting ice and expansion. it is a hazzard in the dark and kerb stone completley dislodged and is damaging my tyres and my …Reported
4395620 Jan 2011Buckinghamshirehodds wood road cheshamMy Daughter rides her bike and the potholes alsong this road especially on the part that is parrallell to the train track is quite hazardous. It is also difficult to avoid them while driving as cars…Reported
9588428 Jan 2014BirminghamHolyhead road near the junction B21 0AP ‎My cars suspension has bee damaged by massive potholes, it's shocking how the council don't boter to fix them?Reported
2627821 Jan 2010BuryBury New Rd - Moss LaneMy car ran over this 'pothole' & as it was quite deep it punctured my passenger side tyre.Reported
7365617 Dec 2012ShropshireRudge roadMy car hit a large pothole near rudge hall. It was dark and late so I couldn't get a good look.Reported
9435613 Jan 2014LancashireCrosshall Browmuultiple poor patching...Reported
398534 Oct 2010West SussexShaftesbury AvenueMuultiple instances of missing tarmac, depressions surrounding metalwork along busy stretch of road at busy and dangerous junctionsReported
8523919 Apr 2013Hertfordshirea4146mutliple potholes. road in poor conditionReported
2433029 Dec 2009Transport for LondonBridge StreetMutiple very poor quality repairs often round manholes makes this section very difficult for cyclists who have to pull out into the traffic lanes to weave their way round all the dips and holesFixed
230721 Feb 2007Denbighshiremutiple potholes that would result in crash it hit.Fixed
932871 Jan 2014Glasgowmutiple potholes impossible to see at nite opposite and downhill from darnley train station Reported
6599531 Mar 2012Cheshire EastMutiple potholes around small grids, not attended to in recent repair just 5 feet away!Reported
785267 Feb 2013GloucestershireLittle Barrington - Great BarringtonMutiple potholes and broken road surface between Little Barrington and Great Barrington. Road surface on bridge dangerous for all two-wheeled vehicles, and dangerous/potential damaging for four-wheel…Reported
498721 Mar 2011ManchesterRange RoadMutiple potholes all along Range Road, from the Withington Road end, to the Alness Road junctionReported
282223 Feb 2010Kingston-upon-HullBude roadMutiple potholesReported
9195117 Nov 2013Lancashirelower lanemutiple pot hole and poorly repaired pot hole basical for the hole lenght of the laneReported
6084822 Oct 2011OldhamA663 Manchester RoadMutiple large and deep potholes on a main road which is also quite narrow, giving no chance of going round it without causing any passing motorist onto the opposite side of the road. I have today …In progress
2899211 Feb 2010Glasgowvictoria rdmutiple holes and ruts around the junction making cycling dangerous especially as this junction is particularly busy with buses.Reported
5538620 Apr 2011South LanarkshireMain Stmutiple holes and breaking up of road surface.Reported
7156129 Sep 2012ShropshireHight StMutiple holes across 1/2 the road width, getting worse each week.Fixed
3040225 Feb 2010ManchesterThorley Lane M90Mutiple deep potholes on either side ot the road, must be 30+ that are getting worse everydayReported
3238313 Mar 2010HaringeyMuswell Road, N10Muswell Road, Shocking surface after repeated building works. Very hazardous for the many cyclists that cycle down this road.Reported
8476913 Apr 2013East SussexMust be ten potholes here, some a foot deepReported
862356 May 2013HampshireMust be around 10cm deep nowReported
5120312 Mar 2011Buryfair hillmust be 20 large deep potholes leading to my house on my street. its like driving on the moonReported
782615 Feb 2013BristolMust be 10-15 potholes/ruts in this area some of which are as a result of poor previous work. Fixed
5774422 Jun 2011BromleyBirch Tree Avemumerous potholesFixed
494327 Mar 2007WarringtonYork RoadMultpile defects that include unevenness and potholesReported
581974 Jul 2011LambethMultitue of potholes from poor quality road surfaceReported
7624913 Jan 2013Leedsgibson lanemultitude of potholes, ruts, and loose road material where this road is literally breaking up. this is a bus route.Reported
9131528 Oct 2013Nottinghamshirebevercotesmultitude of potholes the length of the road - needs fully resurfacingReported
892747 Aug 2013ReadingMultitude of potholes outside gates of Reading School. Reported previously by other methods but refusal to act by the council. Not 50mm deep but cover half the road and are very dangerous for cyclist…Fixed
3549222 Apr 2010AberdeenCoronation RoadMultitude of potholes on a 200m stretch of road. Buckled a £350 bicycle wheel on one.Reported
581984 Jul 2011LambethMultitude of potholes from poor road quality deteriorating Reported
3735712 Jun 2010North TynesideNevis CloseMultitude of potholes all the way down the road. Impossible to drive down the street without hitting almost each and every one. Causing damage to suspension on our car. At one point near kerb road is…Rejected
9565626 Jan 2014SurreyKings RideMultitude of potholes all along Kings Ride. This is a recurring problem EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Most of the holes are filled in, then come back very soon after cold spell. Nobody fixes them for absolutely…Reported
2926214 Feb 2010EssexTHE KNARESMultitude of potholes , vehicles trying to dodge round them making it dangerous to on coming trafficFixed
627939 Jan 2012SurreyCharlesfield RoadMultitude of pot holes over a 100 yard stretch of road. Most of these are unavoidable and are constantly increasing in number.Reported
2959918 Feb 2010EssexLINKWAYMULTITUDE OF HOLESReported
6560921 Mar 2012West SussexReynolds PlaceMultipull potholes on Reynolds Place at the rear of West green shops.Reported
4869622 Feb 2011Northern Ireland Roads Servicedublin roadmultipule crater sized potholes between entrance to tptoppings and fire station were you branch off to head for tempo road from dublin road leaving enniskillen, causing road users to swerve unessarly…Reported

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