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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
1131633 Mar 2015KentPot hole that could damage vehicle as it's quite deepReported
12175912 Jan 2016NorthumberlandB6524Pot hole that fills with water on a decentFixed
6970911 Jul 2012Milton KeynesWordswoth Avenuepot hole that has been present for a few monthsReported
465368 Feb 2011Leedswighill lanePot hole that has caused damage to my car , tyre and alloy wheel.In progress
457882 Feb 2011EssexShooters DrivePot hole that has gotten bigger. It's opposide a parking space, so when the resident is in, you can't miss it and have to drive through it.Fixed
6040730 Sep 2011Cheshire West and ChesterPot hole that has not been marked for repair a day after a workman surveyed the road for repair.Fixed
7886710 Feb 2013East Sussexmanor way uckfieldPot hole that has reappeared yet again. Is one of many along the road. The whole road needs to be resurfaced as this is just one of about 6. This one is very large and causes hugh chunks of tarmac to…Reported
7700026 Jan 2013BristolPot hole that has recently been repaired appearing again. Fixed
778742 Feb 2013BristolPot hole that has recently been repaired appearing again. Fixed
778752 Feb 2013BristolPot hole that has recently been repaired appearing again. Rejected
779122 Feb 2013BristolPot hole that has recently been repaired appearing again. Fixed
564749 May 2011BirminghamWarstock LanePot hole that is approximatel rectangular in shape.Reported
863919 May 2013HertfordshireValley WayPot hole that is dangerous to cars and pedestrians - situated on entrance to public carparkReported
80247 Aug 2007SurreySalt Box roadPot hole that is difficult to avoid due to heavy traffic and narrowness of roadFixed
10832430 Oct 2014HampshireWoodlands RoadPot hole that is now getting very deep and dangerous. Previoulsy visited by Souther Water. Related to water leak under roadReported
5877626 Jul 2011ReadingCurzon StreetPot hole that is rapidly deteriorating due to traffic driving over itFixed
420617 Jan 2011SurreyWalton Bridge RoadPot hole that is rapidly growing on the bridge.Reported
12702730 Mar 2016LancashirePot hole that is unavoidable but to drive over causing potential damage to car suspension Reported
7670721 Jan 2013DerbyshireLeashaw Hollowaypot hole that is very dangerous to cyclists, also to motorcylistsReported
811564 Mar 2013SurreyHeath House RoadPot hole that jars the car even at low speed just other side of cross roads and thus having halted and then crossed the road into Heath House Road.Woking.Surrey the pot hole is on the left side of th…Fixed
779232 Feb 2013RochdaleOldham RoadPot hole that runs the width of lane 1. Area surrounding drain cover near by also a hazard to cyclists.Reported
13084324 Jun 2016East SussexBerlin roadPot hole that started off small but getting bigger each day as traffic is knocking the crap out of it slinging road stone all over the road causing traffic to run over it flicking road stone hit…Reported
4051531 Oct 2010CambridgeshireKintburypot hole that starts at the kerb and goes out 4-5 feet into the road . the size of it is about 5 feet x 3 feet and about 2-3 inches deep. The pot hole is out side 28 kintbury, Duxford, cb22 4rrReported
809241 Mar 2013Hertfordshirecucumber lane Essendon Hertfordshirepot hole that was filled two weeks ago is now the same as before this is a country road 1 and a 1/2 car wideReported
9914325 Feb 2014GlasgowCollina street g20 8auPot hole the full width of road accross collina st glasgow g20 8auReported
192515 Feb 2007AberdeenFriars Field Roadpot hole the size of a car tyre just where the road narrows, un avoidable when there is oncoming trafficReported
10626918 Jul 2014LancashirePot hole the whole of Ashley lane needs assessing Fixed
288529 Feb 2010StaffordshirePeakes Roadpot hole through previously filled trench braking upReported
1186451 Sep 2015BuryKersal cake roadPot hole to canal side of road between roundaboutsReported
1345621 May 2008North SomersetEbden RoadPot hole to edge of raised cushionFixed
60982 May 2007North SomersetSummer Lanepot hole to edge of trench back fillReported
9104020 Oct 2013GloucestershirePot hole to left of centre of the lane just past the bridge Fixed
8321825 Mar 2013HampshireWildern LanePot hole to the left and behind speed bump.Fixed
3477313 Apr 2010SurreyMary Road GuildfordPot hole towards centre of c/w 'southbound' trafficFixed
2608821 Jan 2010DevonHole HillPot hole towards centre of road.Reported
7988218 Feb 2013NorwichPot hole towards left of turn.Fixed
2514918 Jan 2010East SussexA268Pot hole towards the centre line between Rye Foreign and Rye.Reported
11508710 Apr 2015DurhamThe Avenue, Wheatley Hill, Durham.Pot hole very close to the left hand side of the road which is a sever hazard to bicycles.Fixed
838231 Apr 2013Bracknell ForestPot hole very dangerous and deep Can damage car and cyclists bike Reported
312182 Mar 2010NorfolkB1135Pot hole very deep and wide; the car in front of me hit it and wrote off his wheel and tyre.Reported
2716926 Jan 2010Windsor and MaidenheadBath Road A4Pot hole was never filled last year. It's now a worse hazard and a danger to cyclists who need to try and avoid itReported
784556 Feb 2013KentManor LanePot hole was repaired within the last few week. Very hard to miss as in a single track road if filled with water ID 75916Reported
6319921 Jan 2012LancashireDover Lnpot hole were you cycle. just outside enterance to stables. this hurt me and this pot hole damaged my rear wheel!!! could not see it as dark wt and rainy.Fixed
2694224 Jan 2010West BerkshireBeech Hill Road Beech HillPot hole westbound traffic lane close to c/w edgeFixed
1277469 Apr 2016Transport ScotlandA921Pot hole when coming off roundabout towards Inverkeithing on the A921Reported
9606330 Jan 2014Windsor and MaidenheadA330Pot hole where a previously filled trench has opened upReported
4404921 Jan 2011Glasgowberkeley streetpot hole where a strip of tarmac has been replaced running across the road, worse at left hand side but rut is forming right across road.Reported
1664423 Jan 2009LancashireRivington Roadpot hole where bikes would go.Fixed
6401512 Feb 2012LancashireEuxton Lanepot hole where cyclist go also road sinking due to hgvsFixed

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