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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
8699420 May 2013SurreyPothole in leading edge of speed-hump - a different one to the one I reported very nearby a few weeks ago. Fixed
359041 May 2010CoventrySt Martin's RoadPothole in left gutterFixed
252623 Feb 2007Tower HamletsGosset StPothole in left hand laneFixed
10578927 Jun 2014BournemouthPothole in left hand lane approaching roundabout from cem junction direction Reported
5867722 Jul 2011SurreyPothole in left hand lane as you come from lightwater over the m3 towards bagshot. Fixed
8276920 Mar 2013SurreyA322Pothole in left hand lane as you come from lightwater over the m3 towards bracknell.Reported
674324 May 2012West SussexJunction of Church Road and Billingshurst RoadPothole in Left hand lane exiting Church Road into Billingshurst RoadReported
2921913 Feb 2010GlasgowCoplaw StrretPothole in left hand lane just before left hand turn into Cathcart RoadRejected
2365023 Nov 2009BradfordRoundabout between Sticker Lane and Rooley LanePothole in left hand lane of roundaboutReported
747242 Jan 2013DevonA30 SLipPothole in left hand lane of slip road coming from Roundabout up onto the A30.Reported
7655817 Jan 2013ManchesterBooth St WestPothole in left hand lane when travelling along Booth St West acroos the junction with Cambridge St.Reported
9202420 Nov 2013Cheshire EastPothole in left hand wheel track, westbound. Fixed
995118 Jan 2008Brighton and HoveLewes Road A270Pothole in left laneReported
1022595 Apr 2014Highways AgencyM5 joining M6 NorthboundPothole in left lane of two lane of M5 approaching northbound junction 8 of M6, about 1mile backReported
5130012 Mar 2011DudleyA456 Manor WayPothole in left lane, on anti-skid surface at approach to traffic lights.Reported
815459 Mar 2013NorthamptonshirePothole in left tyre track on bend; unavoidable without crossing onto wrong side of carriageway; particularly dangerous for cyclists Reported
53014 Apr 2007NorthamptonshireRoad to Market Harborough through Clipstonpothole in lefthand side of road as you drive North towards Harborough on inside of bend at top of hill. Means a wider than normal line needs to be taken and cars swerve to avoid as it is visible lat…Reported
3495016 Apr 2010CroydonFactory LanePothole in LHS of road, plus road surface breaking up around large manhole cover in centre of road (see photo)In progress
441017 Mar 2007BuckinghamshireHonor End Lanepothole in line likely to be riden by cyclistReported
1552929 Oct 2008LeicesterUppingham RoadPothole in line of cycling on the road,difficult to avoid as busy road of HGV's where road narrows and a busy junction. The surface is deteriorating for some 50 metres westwards of pelican crossing.Fixed
4271412 Jan 2011LewishamHillmore GrovePothole in line of cyclistsReported
4322317 Jan 2011LewishamSunny denepothole in line of cyclistspassing parked carsReported
280282 Feb 2010Lancashirepothole in line of drivingReported
9821218 Feb 2014DevonTavistock Road, Roborough DownPothole in line of overtaking position for a motorbikeReported
3839428 Jul 2010OxfordshireAylesbury RoadPothole in line of route taken by cyclistsReported
7275520 Nov 2012EssexMagdalen StreetPothole in line of the drivers wheel near a island where people cross.Reported
999786 Mar 2014SurreyLangley Vale roadpothole in line of travelReported
1000407 Mar 2014SurreyWorple roadpothole in line of travelReported
994882 Mar 2014SurreyPark lanePothole in line of travel therefore unavoidableReported
8830225 Jun 2013NorfolkPothole in line of turning out of road onto long road on the cornerReported
916357 Nov 2013EssexLondon RdPothole in line of vehicle tyres.Reported
661735 Apr 2012West SussexLinch roadpothole in line of wheel, difficult to see as under trees dappled lightReported
4271512 Jan 2011SouthwarkPothole in line of where cyclists will cycle on roadReported
783796 Feb 2013BristolPothole in line with cyclist desire line. Fixed
998445 Mar 2014South LanarkshirePothole in line with cyclists , near side of road on approach to roundabout. Fixed
994892 Mar 2014South LanarkshirePothole in line with cyclists wheel at junction Bankhead hd and kings park avenueFixed
7653817 Jan 2013BristolPothole in line with line taken by cyclists. Fixed
626611 May 2007SurreyA331Pothole in line with off-side wheels of vehiclesFixed
4546531 Jan 2011LancashireRoyds StreetPothole in line with the normal driveReported
647652 Mar 2012FifeA92pothole in line with wheel line as heading up road, causes drivers to swerve slightly left or right to avoid it.Reported
4271612 Jan 2011LewishamPerry ValePothole in line with where cyclists cyclingReported
286387 Feb 2010BuckinghamshirePark Road / Chartridge LanePothole in location of passengers side wheel location on side of road going up the hill. Hole is getting larger in width continually.Reported
8648511 May 2013BarnetLong Lane, London N2Pothole in Long lane, N2Reported
1020541 Apr 2014Tower HamletsPothole in Maddams St by side of Sumner HouseReported
626276 Jan 2012OldhamLees RoadPothole in main carraigewayFixed
626246 Jan 2012Rochdaleoldham roadPothole in main carriagewayFixed
8873711 Jul 2013LincolnshireStamford RoadPothole in main carriageway. This pothole has already been reported several months ago but the authority has been negligent in not carrying out a repair inspite of other roadworks having been carrie…Reported
813648 Mar 2013HerefordshirePothole in main carriageway. 12" dia quite deep. Reported
420477 Jan 2011SurreyMeadrow, GodalmingPothole in main carriageway. It is in the centre of the natural line for cyclists and is a serious accident hazard. The edge of road surface for about 50m either side is also starting to break up.Reported
8910029 Jul 2013EssexPothole in main entrance roadReported

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