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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
838221 Apr 2013Cheshire EastPoor roadwork repair Reported
838711 Apr 2013Cheshire EastPoor roadwork repairReported
8553624 Apr 2013North YorkshirePoor roadwork repairReported
10644029 Jul 2014KirkleesPoor roadwork repairReported
10644129 Jul 2014KirkleesPoor roadwork repairReported
10644829 Jul 2014KirkleesPoor roadwork repairReported
1078215 Oct 2014BuckinghamshirePoor roadwork repair Reported
1078225 Oct 2014BuckinghamshirePoor roadwork repairReported
1117127 Feb 2015BuckinghamshirePoor roadwork repairReported
11252822 Feb 2015Isle of WightPoor roadwork repairFixed
7387521 Dec 2012YorkPoor roadwork repair and potholesFixed
9080812 Oct 2013CroydonPoor roadwork repair arising from pothole on bridge surface joint Reported
12217020 Jan 2016EdinburghPoor roadwork repair at the bus stopReported
11943211 Oct 2015KentPoor roadwork repair has caused road to sink and break up. It is now at the point it is causing cars to bottom out in the middle of the road and causing damage. Needs urgent attention.Reported
11942511 Oct 2015KentPoor roadwork repair to inside of bend Reported
13473716 Jan 2017HampshirePoor roadwork repair turned into a pothole Reported
5522118 Apr 2011EdinburghPoor roadwork repair with multiple potholes & rutted roadFixed
8948118 Aug 2013Central BedfordshirePoor roadwork repair, effectively a 'speed bump' on a 60 mph road. Dangerous: significant risk of damage to car suspensions.Reported
8362628 Mar 2013Cheshire EastPoor roadwork repair, ground breaking upReported
7927013 Feb 2013Cheshire EastPoor roadwork repair. Whole road needs resurfacing! Reported
838571 Apr 2013Cheshire EastPoor roadwork repair...breaking road surface Reported
756177 Jan 2013KentPoor roadwork repairs all over this corner cracking, breaking and opening back up. The whole corner needs to be repaired properly.Reported
886769 Jul 2013KentPoor roadwork repairs are breaking up and becoming very bumping.Reported
11941911 Oct 2015KentPoor roadwork repairs have meant potholes have opened back up.Reported
886879 Jul 2013KentPoor roadwork repairs opened back up into pothole right on inside of bend and junction.Reported
6896214 Jun 2012KentPoor roadwork repairs, holes re appearingReported
1072787 Sep 2014Southend-on-Seapoor roadwork. very ruttedReported
752585 Jan 2013WokinghamPoor roadworksIn progress
11246720 Feb 2015West SussexPoor roadworksReported
12359410 Feb 2016Northern Ireland Roads ServicePoor roadworks Reported
12954915 May 2016DevonPoor roadworksReported
12359710 Feb 2016Northern Ireland Roads ServicePoor roadworks about 6 months agoReported
4107020 Nov 2010OxfordshireManor Road (A44)Poor roadworks have lead to several dangerous potholes forcing cyclists to move out into traffic to avoid them.Reported
581864 Jul 2011LambethPoor roadworks joining surfacesReported
1078235 Oct 2014BuckinghamshirePoor roadworks leading to numerous potholes Reported
11097327 Jan 2015SheffieldPoor roadworks with many small potholes Reported
420917 Jan 2011CornwallPoor roadworks. Several inches deepReported
1499312 Sep 2008East DunbartonshireStation RoadPoor rough road surface over ~80 metres with various potholes and a deep longitudinal rut where cyclists must pass due to parked cars. Road is not wide enough for a cars and a cyclists to pass safely…Fixed
2078319 May 2009CambridgeshireA1123Poor rutted, uneven surfaceReported
10083514 Mar 2014Milton KeynesCranfield RoadPoor section of road covered in potholes.Reported
9915225 Feb 2014BedfordA600 High Rd/Harrowden Lane junctionPoor section of tarmac causing road users to pull out to avoid a nasty collection of holes.Fixed
192766 Apr 2009NorfolkB1107Poor serface and POT HOLESReported
2994221 Feb 2010DurhamFront StreetPoor signage of NCN1 - Sign points to a boggy marsh which is barely walkable let alone cycle-able. Sign also points both left and right, and after taking the right direction the signage does not repe…Rejected
2379930 Nov 2009Bath and North East SomersetA4 Bath Rdpoor signage on A4 at Saltford where road splits into two lanes, cars think left lane is for left turning only and this is unclear from the signage, no matter what I do (use right hand lane, ride in …Fixed
1148876 Apr 2015WarwickshireB4103 Castle RoadPoor skid residence surface due to heavy wear. Surface very slick and polished providing no grip.Reported
1148886 Apr 2015WarwickshireCastle Road B4103Poor skid residence surface. Surface very slick and polished providing no grip.Reported
10673312 Aug 2014WarwickshireB4103 Castle RoadPoor skid resistance on two sections of B4103 Castle RoadReported
1290361 May 2016SuffolkPoor state of repair Reported
1251493 Mar 2016SurreyPoor status of sleeping policeman.Reported
11248620 Feb 2015GloucestershireShurdington RoadPoor stretch of road for quite some way. Numerous potholes, although most tend to be shallow there are quite a number. Some stretch from the kerb to halfway into the road, impossible for cyclists and…Reported

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