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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
9173811 Nov 2013BristolPothole increasing in sizeFixed
6558820 Mar 2012CardiffAlfreda RoadPothole increasing in size and depthReported
8489515 Apr 2013CardiffAlfreda Roadpothole increasing in size and depthReported
9565726 Jan 2014CardiffAlfreda Roadpothole increasing in size and depthReported
9730810 Feb 2014CardiffAlfreda Roadpothole increasing in size and depth - hole previously repaired countless times but repair very poorReported
9778814 Feb 2014CardiffALfreda Roadpothole increasing in size and depth - poor previous repair on numerous occasionsReported
7399223 Dec 2012CardiffAlfreda Roadpothole increasing in size and depth. Previous repairs not sufficient standard to withstand elements (tarmac has been haphardadly added standing proud of road surface).Reported
970627 Feb 2014CardiffAlfreda Roadpothole increasing in size and depth. Previously repaired numerous times but very poor repair worksReported
8678417 May 2013CardiffAlfreda Roadpothole increasing in size and depth. Repaired previously countless times due to poor workmanship of previous repair.Reported
8062025 Feb 2013CardiffAlfreda RadPothole increasing in size and depth. Together with a number of other pot holes in the road, this has been repaired countless times but repaired properly. Poor workmanship has allowed the pothole to …Reported
5737410 Jun 2011West DunbartonshireBridge streetPothole increasing in size at entrance to to public car park and social work offices. Several workers taken a dunt as unable to avoid with parked cars at entrance. Frequently used by residents in fla…Reported
8546023 Apr 2013East DunbartonshirePothole increasing in size everydayReported
8195314 Mar 2013CardiffPothole increasing in size from weakness in Tarmac. Exacerbated by constant stream of water over it. Dangerous busy hill, slow moving bikes, fast moving cars.Reported
6345028 Jan 2012North East LincolnshireBritannia CrescentPothole increasing in size next to curbReported
3273119 Mar 2010CardiffAlfreda RoadPothole increasing in size with additional wear and tear.Reported
571192 Jun 2011WokinghamLangley Common RoadPothole increasing in size, difficult to avoid when oncoming traffic.Fixed
2063214 May 2009HounslowEdensor RoadPothole increasing in size, stretches across most of the road and deeper than when reported as hazard #9790Reported
4350318 Jan 2011CambridgeshirePark Lane, Histon, CambridgePothole increasing is size and depth around inspection plate and debris accumulating both in the gutter and across the lane width. Pothole is in an area of poor illumination at night time. Position…Reported
8535221 Apr 2013West SussexBalcombe RoadPothole infers round but this is a tadpole shape i.e. big head/body followed by thinner tail. This pretty well describes the shape of this pothole whch will surely take on the appearance of a fully g…Reported
28731 Mar 2007IslingtonDrayton parkPothole infornt of a road bumpFixed
4809017 Feb 2011StaffordshirePothole infront of jet garage big and nasty in-between the 2 lanes very bad and deep and wide.Reported
182745 Mar 2009Transport for Londonstreatham high roadPothole inside of fast laneReported
6937427 Jun 2012Cheshire West and Chesterpothole inside the junction forces cyclist into middle of lane at a busy road point.Fixed
4286214 Jan 2011SheffieldInfirmary RoadPothole inside the tram tracksFixed
38379 Mar 2007LambethGreyhound Lane SW16Pothole is 3 feet long by about a foot wide, and is 2-3 inches deepFixed
937927 Jan 2014SuffolkAnson Road roundaboutPothole is a big crack on the roundabout. It has been there for more than a year now and nothing has been done. It is very dangerous as ot is wide and long so a bike tyre would get stuck in it causin…Reported
5497514 Apr 2011KirkleesA636 Wakefield roadpothole is a danger to cyclistsReported
8503017 Apr 2013Haltonheathview closePothole is a narrow residential road and getting worse by the day.Reported
4145614 Dec 2010WandsworthPutney BridgePothole is about 4 inches deep on the north bound cycle lane going over Putney bridgeReported
6575525 Mar 2012HampshirePothole is about 500mm long and 150mm wide, and growing Reported
2746328 Jan 2010WandsworthMelody RoadPothole is about 6 inches deep and abot 2' x 2'.Reported
8342126 Mar 2013WiltshireA36Pothole is an understatement - its a huge crater. SO VERY DANGEROUS FOR ALL ROAD USERS. I nearly lost control of my motorbike as a direct result of the size and position of this hole.Reported
2517118 Jan 2010North Tynesidechurch road? EarsdonPothole is appearing and widening seems to have been caused by heavy loads and bad weather.Rejected
582436 Jul 2011SeftonPothole is appearing on the roundabout this was recently fixed but the problem is starting to arise againReported
1990420 Apr 2009NorthamptonshireA 413Pothole is approx 12 to 15 inches out from the road verge were a cyclist would normally ride. There are other previous repairs nearby that have now failed and are worsening by the day. These all ad…Reported
905449 Oct 2013North YorkshirePothole is approx half meter square with the same area again loses there has been a repair nearby in the recent past can't understand why this was not repaired at same time. Location just outside ent…Reported
10457523 May 2014StaffordshireGarden SteetPothole is approx. 2m from curb. cars park both sides of the street so hole is directly in line when passing parked cars in cycle.Reported
9517721 Jan 2014SurreyPothole is approximately 18 in.² and 3 inches deep. It is located 2 feet from the curb in the main carriageway. The road currently has wrote a text on the opposite carriageway meaning that both lane…Fixed
4535230 Jan 2011Transport ScotlandPothole is approximately 4 feet by 1 foot, several inches deepReported
4887023 Feb 2011KentMajor York's RoadPothole is around the front edge of a manhole coverReported
9290225 Dec 2013EssexPothole is at least 70cm in diameter in the center of the road, opposite 28 hall farm road. Reported
3905027 Aug 2010LancashireToogood LanePothole is at the bottom of a hill presenting a danger to cyclists.Reported
7393222 Dec 2012Birminghampothole is deep and put a bulge in my tyre side wallReported
7617312 Jan 2013GlasgowAnderston Quay A814Pothole is deep enough to throw a cyclist over the handlebars, and to cause damage to a vehicles wheels.Reported
877329 Jun 2013Perth and KinrossPothole is five metres long by two metres wide at widest points. Up to ten inches deep. The pothole is eating into the road continuously and is over a foot wider than it was in Autumn 2012. Previous …Reported
2995621 Feb 2010EdinburghNewtoft StreetPothole is forming across the road a few yards back from the giveway lines on Newtoft Street (On the right of the bus terminist if heading from Gilmerton Place towards Gilmerton Road)Reported
8234517 Mar 2013LambethPothole is getting bigger. Debris is strewn across the road. Please mendReported
1654719 Jan 2009HackneyGreen Lanespothole is getting deeper and wider every day, needs urgent attentionFixed
10343629 Apr 2014East SussexPothole is gradually getting worse and is now a large area of broken road surface.Reported
41429 Jan 2007Hounslowbath rdpothole is immediately to the right of drain cover, causing cyclists to swerve out further into lane than should be necessaryReported

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