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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
460864 Feb 2011StockportMOOR LANEPHOTOGRAPH ATTACHEDReported
12164411 Jan 2016Dumfries and GallowayPicture shows pothole formed by weather traffic etc\n\nPicture is taken facing opposite way from the direction of travel described above. The farm buildings in the location description are shown on t…Reported
579020 Apr 2007LeedsChapel LanePictures are a selection of some of the road defects in this streetReported
551711 Apr 2007LeedsChurch Road/ Hall LanePictures show a selection of potholes and ironworks. I cannot claim that this is comprehensive, only a selection of the worst at this location.Reported
11630916 May 2015NorfolkPiece missing from drain cover. My 5 year old daughter trapped her leg in this while we were crossing the road. Reported
507588 Mar 2011BirminghamWalford Rd.Piece of missing tarmac in centre of roadReported
1350927 May 2008South LanarkshireStation Roadpiece of road dug up never filled in properly- Station Road Law- have to drive onto opposite carriage way to avoid itReported
170395 Feb 2009EssexNotley Greeenpiece of road surface tea tray sized.Missing on a seam in the road you come off of the roundabout heading towards TescosFixed
687418 Jun 2012EdinburghMorrison Streetpiece of tarmac cut out, sand at the bottom. Thought this may be part of ongoing work there but now has not changed for more than 2 weeks.Reported
35567 Mar 2007HounslowHampton road westpiece of tarmac missing .Reported
6982915 Jul 2012ManchesterDevonshire St Npieces of asphalt removed from the roadReported
226094 Sep 2009LeedsRing Rd W Park A6120Pieces of wood on the roundaboutReported
12242324 Jan 2016Northamptonshirepightles terracePightles terrace/southfields. This stretch of road is appalling with numerous potholes of varying shapes and sizes. It's a hazard for elderly people both at the redclyffe care home and in sheltered a…Reported
1892126 Mar 2009Bradfordrear of Threshfieldpiited and uneven road surfaceFixed
10868514 Nov 2014LeedsMidland RoadPile of broken glass by dropped kerbReported
6198214 Dec 2011West Sussexunname country lanepile of builders rubbish consisting of maly bricks approximately 1 meter wide by ½ meter highReported
10868614 Nov 2014LeedsJunction of Hunslet Road and Leathley RoadPile of debrisReported
501528 Mar 2007LancashireCuerden WayPile of glass deposited on shared part of footway.Fixed
6906818 Jun 2012FlintshireFurnace RoadPile of gravel in junction and hidden potholes underneath. Bike slid as I turned into the road and hit a pothole hidden by the gravel. Number 1 suspect in causing the slashed tyre I found when I …Reported
938798 Jan 2014BuryBrandlesholme RoadPile of loose grit from the anti-skid coatingReported
68343 Jun 2007WandsworthWestbridge Road.Pile of old tarmacadam.Fixed
1486130 Aug 2008Scottish BordersB6401, West of MorebattlePile(s) of loose gravel at road junction (which is also a cycle route)Reported
7662819 Jan 2013BirminghamPilehole in the bus lane just one of many Reported
6646814 Apr 2012HampshireUnderpass approach, via A249 at WarblingtonPiles of Gravel, not seen from eastern approach until necessary for Motability drivers to return back through the underpass and mount the pavement. There has been no notices of warning or advice f…Reported
13198816 Aug 2016North AyrshirePiles of grit left after emulsion spray. \n\nFatal on bike Reported
999336 Mar 2014KentMote RoadPiles of grit/gravel covering a severely uneven stretch of road.Reported
940019 Jan 2014Transport ScotlandA898 Erskine BridgePiles of leaf litter road debris and other hazards on the pathway. This a path portioned off for cycling and it is very dangerous for cyclist to be cycling on it. The cycle paths on the Erskine bri…Reported
940029 Jan 2014GlasgowA739Piles of leaf litter, sticks & other debris on the pathway running down the side of the road at the southern general hospital. This is a very slippy section of the travel home I almost came off my b…Reported
935365 Jan 2014SurreyCaterham By-passPiles of leaves and other detritus along central reservation causing drains to be blocked and excessive water on North and Southbound carriageways. On A22 between Wapse lodge roundabout and Godston…Reported
2294927 Sep 2009Cumbriaburneside turn off plumgarth roundaboutpiles of road aggregate in road -layby type area on bend which is not delineated from raoad and especially in poor visibility is effectively in the roadFixed
6998419 Jul 2012BristolA38, Filton RoadPinch point for cyclists - either the cycle lane needs extending so that cars give cyclists more room at this point, or the pavement needs to be moved back.Rejected
9466415 Jan 2014GloucestershireDraycott, A4135Pinch point in road caused by bollards in centre of road and a deceptively large gap created by an excessively narrow on-road cycle lane. This makes passage through this restriction dangerous for cy…Fixed
9455914 Jan 2014GloucestershireDraycott, A4135Pinch point in road caused by bollards in the centre and excessively narrow on-road cycle track. The excessively narrow cycle track gives drivers the false impression that there is sufficient room t…Reported
10884519 Nov 2014Devon@ the Brunel Rd. end of Sustrans Bridge,Newton Abbot,TQ12Pine needles in abundance on a surface coming off the Sustrans bridge,& around the corner. Difficult to negotiate my cycle around this corner,without the debris.Also @ entrance to The Quay,Newton Abb…Reported
13640811 Feb 2017BirminghamPineapple RoadPineapple Road has much fallen tree debris upon in still, despite a street cleaning vehicle having passed along it recently. In particular the debris is accumulated in and around the pedestrian refug…Reported
3293922 Mar 2010DorsetPINEHURST ROAD WESTMOORSPinehurst road westmoors,at the junction of Heathfield road, four large pot holes, cars and bikes are swerving to miss them, Pinehurst road is in a very bad state of repairs, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEAS…Reported
9503719 Jan 2014TraffordPinhole from join of previous work Reported
9316430 Dec 2013WrexhamA495Pink non-slip surface disintegrating.Reported
3948620 Sep 2010BirminghamBournville LanePiot hole next to drain cover at the western end of Railway Bridge. Dangerous because its on a bend at LH side. Drivers come through the tunnel and pedestrians from station step into the road. Space…Reported
3948720 Sep 2010zzz No action possibleBournville LanePiot hole next to drain cover at the western end of Railway Bridge. Dangerous because its on a bend at LH side. Drivers come through the tunnel and pedestrians from station step into the road. Space…Rejected
1078256 Oct 2014Traffordchester roadPipe protruding from the ground up into the roadReported
141710 Feb 2007Essexchristopher martin roadpipe repair hole reopened aross one side of roadReported
8665615 May 2013HounslowBell RoadPipe under road broke with water leak a few weeks ago and now tarmac filling has completely sunk.Fixed
11573927 Apr 2015LancashireTrough RoadPipes were laid across the road, after some time the road crosing has sunk leaving a deep depression. large vehicles driving over this sunken road crossing causes adjacent properties to vibrate.Reported
7738929 Jan 2013SurreyPit hole right by traffic lights on carriage way to Weylea Avenue first left on roundabout. Looks like its around a draincover.Fixed
13000926 May 2016BristolPit hole/sink hole in the area where gas and water works have been recently been undertaken.Reported
562773 May 2011EssexPit holes along this road. Deep one especially next to Edward court Reported
7644015 Jan 2013DevonBuddle Lane, ExeterPit in road. It looks as though this has tried to be repaired on many occasions, but loosens up every time very shortly afterwards.Reported
7145925 Sep 2012West SussexWarnham roadPit in tarmac-nasty angle on edge of hole which could be hazardous for cyclists.Reported

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