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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
4022416 Oct 2010LancashirePot hole and rutted roadFixed
11075426 Jan 2015HertfordshirePot hole and rutted road on rounderbout cars keep swerving to miss them. \nReported
1548525 Oct 2008East Lothianclifford roadPot hole and severe swell. Pot hole has previously been fixed but swell is severe and serious danger in poor lighting conditionsFixed
6645814 Apr 2012WarwickshireWoodcote roadpot hole and shallow depressionReported
4157423 Dec 2010HampshireLongacres (Titchfield Common)Pot hole and sinking manhole cover posibly indicating a more serios subsidance issue.Reported
10431817 May 2014NorthamptonshirePot hole and steep lip caused by poor road repair. Dangerous to cyclistsReported
7005920 Jul 2012LancashirePot hole and subsiding gully grid.Reported
4547131 Jan 2011LincolnshirePot hole and sunken drainReported
649136 Mar 2012OldhamA62pot hole and sunken manhole - very deepReported
2949617 Feb 2010SouthwarkWells WayPot hole and sunken manholes.Reported
768319 Jul 2007BuryBury Old RoadPot hole and surface raised at side of the roadby tarmac being squeezed to the side of the road. I think there is also a drain that is sunken at this crossroad. It is on the Bury old Road and Sheepfo…Fixed
3902125 Aug 2010Cheshire EastFlash Lanepot hole and surrounding road sunkenFixed
207818 Feb 2007Herefordshire????????Pot hole and uneven road surfaceReported
7223930 Oct 2012LancashirePot hole and uneven surfaceReported
644016 May 2007EnfieldSt Martins Road N9Pot hole and uneven surfaces on approach to Hertford Road from St Martins RoadReported
507468 Mar 2011WokinghamMill Lane SindleshamPot hole and uneveness of road after many pot holes filled.Fixed
897541 Sep 2013OxfordshirePot hole and very poor road surfaceReported
897551 Sep 2013OxfordshirePot hole and very poor road surfaceReported
897561 Sep 2013OxfordshirePot hole and very poor road surfaceReported
897571 Sep 2013OxfordshirePot hole and very poor road surfaceReported
897581 Sep 2013OxfordshirePot hole and very poor road surface Reported
897591 Sep 2013OxfordshirePot hole and very poor road surfaceReported
897601 Sep 2013OxfordshirePot hole and very poor road surfaceReported
1174881 Jul 2015HertfordshirePot hole and very poor surfaceFixed
3535620 Apr 2010Doncasterpark drivepot hole and very uneven surfaceReported
10529811 Jun 2014EssexRayleigh Road A129Pot hole and water problem of water for years seeping out of a drain and adding to the erosion of the roadReported
4876823 Feb 2011LincolnshireBannisters Lane FramptonPot hole annd lots of associated other minor holes near it.Fixed
625094 Jan 2012LancashireCuerdale lanepot hole apering around road drainReported
315475 Mar 2010HertfordshireDancers Hill RoadPot hole appeared around drain in gutterReported
6901116 Jun 2012EssexHanging Hill Lanepot hole appeared beside street drainReported
11083727 Jan 2015HampshireA331Pot hole appeared on A331 between Aldershot and Ash Vale carriageway heading towards M3Reported
7303927 Nov 2012LancashireCuerdale Lanepot hole appeared right in the secondary cycling position. this pot hole gave me a pinch puncture and made me late for work. This could do damage to a bike and is dangerous as on a unlit road that …Reported
211522 Jun 2009ShropshireLongdon RoadPot hole appearing at road juntionFixed
12257227 Jan 2016NorthamptonshireunknownPot hole appearing from previous pot hole repair going towards the A5Reported
7250710 Nov 2012Cheshire EastWalnut Tree LanePot hole appearing to be a puddle as I approached, as it was filled with water, but deep enough to bring the bike to a sudden stop at 12-13 mph so that I came off, scraping my left forearm, grazing (…Fixed
35557 Mar 2007PlymouthClifton AvenuePot hole appears to be a few inches deep about 12 inches diameter. I'm a motorcyclist and have had to avoid it for about 2 weeks, causing an unatural driving line into clifton close.Fixed
884632 Jul 2013LancashirePreston new Roadpot hole appering by manhole coverFixed
916628 Nov 2013North SomersetBackwell BowPot hole approx 1.5ft long by 1ft wide and about 2 inches deep located on edge of previously patched spot. Certainly a risk to cycles and carsFixed
12453323 Feb 2016Hammersmith and Fulhamshepherds bush greenpot hole approx 12 inches round and 5 inches deep.Reported
2539919 Jan 2010WokinghamA329 Reading Road j/w Green lane WinnershPot hole approx 1m into c/w adjacent to junction of A329 Reading Road/Green Lane Winnersh, on HRA jointFixed
637704 Feb 2012SurreyB3411 Mytchett Rd.Pot hole approx 2ft from edge of road at the apex of rail bridge.Fixed
10168525 Mar 2014HertfordshirePot hole approx 300x300mm 50mm deep. Would seriously damage a motorbike tyreReported
8553124 Apr 2013DerbyshirePot hole approx 400mm diameter 60mm depth. Reported
864099 May 2013North YorkshireField Lanepot hole approx 6" by 6"Reported
502528 Mar 2007WarwickshireNew RoadPot hole approximately 18 inches round, very deep (perhaps 4-5 inches) and very dangerous. I was unable to avoid the hole this morning due to on coming traffic and am going to get my wheel checked t…Reported
216171 Jul 2009OxfordshireAysgarth RDPot hole approximately 1ft in diameter and 20-30cm in depth.Fixed
6988716 Jul 2012GreenwichPot hole approximately 2' in diameterFixed
1098638 Jan 2015LancashirePot hole approximately 500mm from the kerbFixed
9862221 Feb 2014South LanarkshireGoldie Road, UddingstonPot Hole approximately 60cm in length x 40cm wide x 8cm deep. Another pot hole 20m further down the road as well. 2 Pot Holes 20m apart. Both in centre of roadReported
1032726 Jan 2008Worcestershireb 4211pot hole apprx 2 feet long and 1-2 inches deepFixed

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