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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
1024949 Apr 2014KirkleesWakefield RoadPot hole in the road causing danger to cyclist - serve to avoidReported
311172 Mar 2010Kentheath road coxheatpot hole in the road getting largerReported
12459724 Feb 2016SunderlandSedgeletch Road,Houghton le SpringPot hole in the road just down from the traffic light stop lineFixed
7711828 Jan 2013North SomersetWolvershill RoadPot hole in the road on Wolvershill RoadReported
2184715 Jul 2009HampshirePot hole in the road that could damage/buckle a bicycle wheel or even cause the rider to be thrown from the bikeFixed
10893624 Nov 2014Richmond upon Thamesrichmond roadPot hole in the road travelling south down Richmond Road, just appeared after the rainIn progress
8235217 Mar 2013NorfolkBurston RoadPot hole in the road way that seems to be getting bigger by the dayReported
970747 Feb 2014Oxfordshirehigh stpot hole in the road where the high street joins the side road down to goring mill. the tarmac is gone and while rubble underneath can be seenReported
9905725 Feb 2014LeicestershireGreat Bowden RoadPot hole in the road, danger to cyclistsReported
1006021 Jan 2008LeedsNunroyd AvenuePot hole in the road, dangerously placed.Reported
10965231 Dec 2014Wandsworthpriory lanePot hole in the road, reported previously but nothing done. It's getting biggger.Reported
1063730 Jan 2008Neath Port TalbotBaran RoadPot Hole in the road. Caused my tyre to burst when I hit itReported
1063830 Jan 2008Neath Port TalbotBaran RoadPot Hole in the road. Caused my tyre to burst when I hit itReported
216532 Jul 2009East SussexA26Pot hole in the road...Reported
2425320 Dec 2009IslingtonShaftesbury Roadpot hole in the same place has happened again causing stones and fairly large size stones flying around.Fixed
1273944 Apr 2016LancashireChorley Roadpot hole in the secondary position going down hill. if hit by a cyclist could easily unseat or brake there wheels.Reported
1233177 Feb 2016LancashireCurerdale LanePot hole in the secondary position on a busy cyclist communing rout straight after a corner.In progress
1233187 Feb 2016LancashireCurerdale LanePot hole in the secondary position which could causes damage to a bike or even unseat a cyclistFixed
12374512 Feb 2016LancashireCurerdale Lanepot hole in the secondary position. Will only get bigger.Fixed
12089117 Dec 2015LancashireWhally RdPot hole in the secondary position. after pedestrian crossing . it is a fault since the road was relayed, just gone bad again.Fixed
7187013 Oct 2012SuttonLondon Road. A24Pot hole in the southbound carriageway just at the stop line of the lights on the A24 at the Sparrow Lane junction. The Hole is exactly where cyclists would be and is at a point where the carriage w…Rejected
371627 Jun 2010HampshirePot hole in the southbound side of Whinwhistle road Wellow HampshireReported
784096 Feb 2013NorthumberlandSlaley village to Riding MillPot hole in the tarmac surface.Fixed
8731329 May 2013NottinghamshireRadley Road HalamPot hole in thr orad that has been ther for some timeReported
5757117 Jun 2011Hampshiresouthbourne avenuepot hole in through road idiots in vans park oppisite it so it is unavoidable to drive over itReported
6527814 Mar 2012DerbyshireA6 Buxton RoadPot hole in trench adjacent to 40 mph sign travelling north on A6 between Furness Vale and New Mills. It has clearly been filled a number of times previously.Fixed
6124010 Nov 2011BristolPot hole in usual place for this location.Rejected
4342518 Jan 2011SuffolkCase Lane, Bentley, SuffolkPot hole in usual road line for tyres, particularly cycles/motorcycles. Hole present for more than a year, and reported several times. Hole continues to get bigger every time the weather is poor…Reported
4918825 Feb 2011SuttonWestmead RoadPot hole in Westmead Road just before the junction to turn right into Benhill Road. This is particuarly hazadous to cyclysts who are turning right into Benhill Road.Rejected
1202322 Mar 2008SurreyA264Pot hole in what appears to be previously repaired road.Fixed
8657313 May 2013Windsor and MaidenheadWelley RoadPot hole in what looks like an old road repairReported
4753414 Feb 2011WokinghamMill Lane SindleshamPot hole in wheel track towards Lower EarleyFixed
12890327 Apr 2016CumbriaPot hole in white linesReported
937767 Jan 2014East Sussexwillingdon park drivepot hole in Willingdon park drive near turning into brodrick roadReported
10683518 Aug 2014CumbriaRoad heading south through Bowston towards BurnesidePot hole inches deep. Caused serious bicycle accident on 1st August. Residents describe similar accident a week earlier.Reported
12286431 Jan 2016CardiffAlfreda Roadpot hole increasing in size and depthReported
9523822 Jan 2014NottinghamshireNottingham RoadPot hole increasing in size over last couple of weeks, near side of road.Reported
6343928 Jan 2012BradfordA650 junction with Hamm Strassepot hole increasing in size over the last few weeks - high traffic levelsReported
1147803 Apr 2015NorthamptonshirePot hole increasing poor repair. Filling with water.Rejected
4435123 Jan 2011CardiffAlfreda RoadPot hole increasing with wear and tear.Fixed
1002579 Mar 2014WarringtonNew LanePot hole inthe middle of a T junctionReported
1147221 Apr 2015MiddlesbroughEarlsdon avePot hole is 12inchs x 12inchsFixed
892266 Aug 2013LeicesterPot hole is 40mm plus deep and 120 wideReported
1071662 Sep 2014Transport for LondonKentish Waypot hole is a hazard to cyclistsReported
12902630 Apr 2016LeedsBroadgate RisePot hole is at edge of junction near kerb. Causing loose surface when exiting street. Debries on radReported
9803117 Feb 2014Stockton-on-TeesThe Avenuepot hole is close to the traffic lights when exiting on to Yarm road and can not be easily avoided.Fixed
11526414 Apr 2015KentChurch HillPot hole is composed of several holes which have formed from the road flooding at this point. The holes stretch across the whole width of the road and are difficult to avoid, they are also filled wi…Reported
781233 Feb 2013NorthamptonshireWeedon Road, northamptonPot hole is deep and just before an intersection that requires a lot of drivers attention. Very distracting and hard to avoid.Reported
2650322 Jan 2010LancashireBalshaw LanePot hole is developing, from the recent bad wintry weather, its in the center of the cycle lane. Due to the nature of the road, its on the exit of a busy gyratory system with the amount of motoris…Reported
11372411 Mar 2015CroydonOld Lodge LanePot hole is getting bigger every day, the pot hole has been like this for the past 4 weeks and as you can imagine is dangerous to motorcyclists and could couse damage to vehicles rims.Reported

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