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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
1215769 Jan 2016BirminghamPot hole due to what looks like poor road work repair lots of debris on roadReported
6412715 Feb 2012StockportPot hole dye to erosion of surfaceFixed
8995711 Sep 2013Buckinghamshiregrenville closepot hole edge of roadReported
13044510 Jun 2016WiltshirePot hole edge road Reported
751114 Jan 2013Isle of WightLane EndPot hole exactly where a cyclist would ride./Users/alexanderhopkinson-woolley/Desktop/DSCF2917.JPGReported
11046722 Jan 2015DevonA376Pot hole Exmouth bound.approx 250m from pink house corner.Reported
11045722 Jan 2015KentPot hole exposing metal manhole \nReported
9849220 Feb 2014SuffolkPot hole filled but all rubble left behind which people our skidding on & it keeps flicking up & hitting my car, any damage will be paid for by mid suffolk councilReported
971098 Feb 2014Suffolkjubilee terracepot hole filled in 4 days ago now back and much bigger, there will be a accident as so bidReported
211362 Jun 2009Cumbriano namepot hole filled in recently but now breaking up again due to poor workmanship in the first placeFixed
11284726 Feb 2015HertfordshireKimpton RoadPot hole filled with water. Rainfall has washed away all the roadside guttering such that the kerbside is now one long pothole down the hill into Kimpton from Cuckoldscross. Suggest replace/repair …Fixed
10307022 Apr 2014NewcastleJesmond Road A1058pot hole fixed - but now there is another one!Fixed
7757930 Jan 2013Norfolkgordon avenuepot hole following snow/frostReported
598602 Sep 2011Staffordshirea4091 fazeley rdpot hole formed after roadworks by water company the whole trench across the road is collapsingReported
12112128 Dec 2015NorthamptonshirePot hole formed around repairReported
3301623 Mar 2010CoventryDaventry RoadPot hole formed by side of drainFixed
1427117 Jul 2008NorfolkHethersett LanePot hole formed in edge of previous roadworksFixed
991516 Jan 2008Derbyshiresheffield rdpot hole formed in poorly repaired road worksReported
6233130 Dec 2011HampshireWhichers gate road, Roland's castlePot hole formed next to a drain coverReported
12579711 Mar 2016EdinburghHuntly StreetPot hole formed next to a sucken manholeReported
7689424 Jan 2013Cheshire West and ChesterA559Pot hole formed on road side of grid which is collapsing. hole goes all the way down into the grid and there is clearly little 'earth/foundation' under the collapsing tarmac.Fixed
4717011 Feb 2011LancashireCuerdale Lnpot hole formingFixed
672862 May 2012HarrowOxhey LanePot hole forming around a surface water drain gratting.Reported
4824218 Feb 2011LancashirePreston Rdpot hole forming around manhole coverFixed
2488015 Jan 2010NorwichBer StreetPot hole forming arround a cover in the roadFixed
997634 Mar 2014OxfordshireA329Pot hole forming in road surface forcing vehicles towards the centre of the road into the path of oncoming traffic.Reported
5187116 Mar 2011LancashireStation RdPot hole forming round drain.Fixed
4872922 Feb 2011LancashireChorley Rdpot hole forming round manhole getting quite bad nowFixed
4873222 Feb 2011LancashireCentral Drivepot hole forming round road drain.Rejected
398735 Oct 2010CambridgeshirePark Lane, Histon, CambridgePot hole forming, and getting progressively deeper, at corner of SV plate cover in path of cyclists. Loosened tarmac chippings from the hole are scattered around the hole which is near a bend.Reported
1975817 Apr 2009SandwellTollhouse WayPot Hole from a slip road lane off a dual carriage way (A457) in which it has to be driven over to turn right into High Street (A4030)Fixed
6524613 Mar 2012NottinghamshirePot hole from bad jointing of two road surfacesReported
7198418 Oct 2012WandsworthPot hole from bad repairs in very dangerous position on corner of roundaboutReported
9605430 Jan 2014West SussexPot hole from bad weather Reported
809922 Mar 2013LambethPot hole from badly deteriorated road Reported
499332 Mar 2011BromleyCedars Road, BeckenhamPot hole from badly made repairFixed
4554731 Jan 2011IslingtonPot hole from badly repaired roadworks.Fixed
38149 Mar 2007Gloucestershirejunction Norwwod road and Bath roadpot hole from degrading road repairFixed
966094 Feb 2014MedwayPot hole from join in Tarmac Reported
696889 Jul 2012DerbyshirePot hole from oot previous repair large patch required major hazard on main roadFixed
6570924 Mar 2012NorthamptonshirePot hole from poor repairs Fixed
752325 Jan 2013BuryPot hole from poor repairsReported
8231916 Mar 2013Cheshire EastPot hole from poor road mending Reported
6100229 Oct 2011CumbriaPot hole from poor road repairs Hole right in front of drivewayFixed
10345129 Apr 2014NorfolkPot hole from poorly filled in roadworks Reported
6226828 Dec 2011LiverpoolPot hole from repair Reported
1022755 Apr 2014EssexPot hole from repair that has since failedFixed
752305 Jan 2013BuryPot hole from road works getting worseReported
12222721 Jan 2016BristolPot hole from sunken repair to road\nFixed
9254013 Dec 2013Hampshirefoxcotte lanePot hole from the edge of the kerb out into the road on a bend.Reported

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