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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
9486617 Jan 2014LincolnshireStation Road Branston LincolnPossibly drain collapse combined with potholeReported
825926 Aug 2007SurreyConnaught RoadPossibly due to nearby drain, hole in roadReported
977412 Jan 2008CornwallRoad from Luckett to HorsebridgePossibly one of the worst bits of rural road anywhere - uneven surface, poorly repaired holes, new potholes etcReported
170515 Feb 2009GlasgowA81Possibly the deepest pothole I've seen, about car wheel sized and about 1ft wide, right in the line of cycle traffic or cars, unavoidable due to two lanes of traffic. Possibly sunken manhole cover, u…Reported
8894421 Jul 2013MertonWestern Road CR4Possibly the worst hole I have ever seen. Collapsed road at bus stop where previous roadworks have collapsed. On bus stop where bike lane runs. Deceptive as you approach as it has a raised bit of tar…Reported
650018 May 2007CoventryKnoll DrivePossibly the worst piece of road surface I have encounteredFixed
5665015 May 2011LiverpoolGreenbank DrivePossibly the worst road in Liverpool. Numerous potholes (20+), varying in depth from 2 inches to over 1 foot deep. Extremely dangerous to all road usersReported
12577211 Mar 2016HampshirePossibly the worst road surface I've seen for a long time. The raised surface is deeply rutted and potholed in a number of places with holes up to two feet long and three inches deep. In daylight on …Fixed
8456911 Apr 2013LambethUnion GrovePossibly the worst road surface in Lambeth. Entire length of road totally cut up and uneven. Think the double decker buses using it as a turnaround for Wandsworth Road are to blame. Needs totally new…Reported
314724 Mar 2010LeicestershireNew Ashby RoadPost at road crossing with button to trigger change of lights.Reported
3577228 Apr 2010HaringeyWood Valepost hole due to road sinking between tarmacReported
11466631 Mar 2015SunderlandSedgletch RoadPost hole in roadRejected
4734513 Feb 2011LancashireWest waypost holes formingIn progress
282934 Feb 2010LeicestershireEpinal Way, LoughboroughPost of lit street sign in middle of cycle path very close to junction, causing obstruction - particularly dangerous at night due to poor visibility. Needs removing and/or painting white to aide visi…Reported
36029 Jan 2007CambridgeshireShort St / Emmanuel RdPost segregating cycle bypass has been knocked over at an angle so that it points into cycle lane at an angleFixed
2630321 Jan 2010East Sussexst anne's roadpost snow and ice tarmac lifted and bulge, becoming deeper, loose gravel. Two similar hazards. St Anne's road, EastbourneReported
7744129 Jan 2013LambethClapham Common SouthsidePost the snow, the whole cycle lane northbound along the common is now potholed/puddled; southbound is almost as bad, exacerbated by poorly restored road surface. Needs addressing quickly. It is sa…Reported
10098317 Mar 2014South GloucestershirePosted problem yesterday but read as Morley road. Should be acton turnville road. While section of a fast road very potholed. One half foot deep! Incredibly dangerous to cyclistsReported
10490531 May 2014Cheshire West and ChesterPosters all along Sibbersfield Lane, Churton Road and Chester Road saying 'home rule' possibly far right campaign. Such posters shouldn't be on roadsignsRejected
1005620 Jan 2008GlasgowDumbarton RoadPosthole just before bus stop on Partick Bridge, eastbound. This area has been patched many times, mostly badly.Reported
2782530 Jan 2010SuffolkEastgate StreetPostholes in road.Rejected
971208 Feb 2014SunderlandBlind LanePot hole in the road which catches the off side of vehiclesFixed
1621929 Dec 2008Yorkhuntington roadPot hole in road surface, adjoining old reinstatement of a services trench. Within on road cycleway.Fixed
648425 Mar 2012SurreyGreen Dene, Sheepleas, Crocknorth Road, Dunley Hill Farmpot holes and uneven carriage way for left hand side going down steep hillReported
9455814 Jan 2014CumbriaSilver StreetPot =hole - nothing more nothing less!Reported
10738511 Sep 2014HampshireDurrants road , B2149pot adjacent to roadside gullyReported
890923 Oct 2007BedfordshireLondon LanePot and collaped surfoceFixed
193116 Apr 2009BedfordshireHigh StreetPot and rutted surface that is a danger to cyclistsReported
1012422 Jan 2008Blackburnhollinsbridge st.pot around drain coverFixed
183959 Mar 2009EalingMontague Roadpot at a t junctionReported
6018418 Sep 2011WestminsterPot at side of manhole Reported
1322742 Sep 2016WiltshirePot due to wear and tear close to kerb forcing cyclists to either cycle right up to kerb and debris, move out into the traffic on a 40mph on a sweeping bend or plough through the pot hole.Reported
8895522 Jul 2013StaffordshirePot heReported
13357324 Nov 2016Renfrewshirem8 glaspot hiles again proper patch require dnot alump of dirt next day holes again m8 east bound as you join m8 on rmap from Glasgow airport inside lane heading east bound.Reported
472823 Mar 2007LancashireChelmsford PlacePot hle about 20cm in diameterFixed
9480117 Jan 2014SurreyPot hoes repairs in the last few weeks have failed already Reported
7273620 Nov 2012West SussexCuckfield Rd, Staplefieldpot hol and broken road surface.Reported
12837418 Apr 2016Northumberlandfisher lanepot hol;e in middle of the roadFixed
9295026 Dec 2013NorfolkPot holdFixed
1206579 Dec 2015BristolPot hold arising from heavy use. \n\nHave seen two people hurt trying to walk over the road and falling in. \n Reported
1206589 Dec 2015BristolPot hold arising from heavy use. \n\nHave seen two people hurt trying to walk over the road and falling in. \n Fixed
4093015 Nov 2010HampshirePortsdown Hill RoadPot hold at edge of road.Reported
7748129 Jan 2013CardiffNorth roadPot hold gradually getting worse. Has gotten larger since snow.Reported
8445710 Apr 2013WokinghamShinfield RoadPot hold in the road going away from Reading. Left hand sideFixed
8309224 Mar 2013West SussexPot hold on badly maintained roadReported
861835 May 2013WakefieldStamford AvenuePot hold on left side of road a couple of yards before turning onto Stamford Avenue WF10 5NXReported
9917826 Feb 2014NorwichPot holds around drain and uneven road. By traffic lights. Fixed
5202318 Mar 2011NewcastlePot hole Fixed
5799329 Jun 2011BexleyPot hole Reported
616971 Dec 2011ShropshirePot hole Reported

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