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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
10810021 Oct 2014NottinghamshirePot hole could lead to damaged cars or injured pedestrian. Been like this a few weeks now.Reported
6997419 Jul 2012BuckinghamshirePot hole crack in road Reported
11624515 May 2015BoltonStation RoadPot hole danger to any road user, likely to cause damage to vehicles and people.Fixed
8777210 Jun 2013WalsallScarbrough RoadPot hole dangerous for anyone on bicycle or pedestrains crossing the road at this junctionReported
1276007 Apr 2016LincolnshireA157Pot hole dangerous for cyclistsFixed
11449526 Mar 2015WiltshireThe PortwayPot hole dangerous to cyclists and motoristsReported
499492 Mar 2011Central BedfordshireWestoning RoadPot hole dangerous to cyclists as need to swerve into grass verge or out into traffic coming from behindFixed
1304049 Jun 2016WestminsterPot hole dangerous to cyclists.. As are several more in that road Reported
8512718 Apr 2013BrentPot hole deep Reported
8317124 Mar 2013GloucestershireB4008Pot hole deep enough that you have to cycle around it on a busy motorway junction bridge. It has been marked (presumably for repair) for some timeReported
815209 Mar 2013HackneyNew North RoadPot hole deep espicalky when overtaking bus cyclist beware Reported
2929214 Feb 2010OxfordshireUpavon Way / Faulder AvenuePot hole deep in sizeReported
915686 Nov 2013BrentPot hole deep one Reported
733257 Dec 2012SolihullSharmans Cross RoadPot hole developed as a result of previous road works and sewerage problems. Road surface breaking up across entire road.Reported
818820 Aug 2007DevonPot hole developed at side of road approx 800mm X 500mm X 100mm deep. It is not possible to drive up road (due to narrowness) without driving through pothole. Damage likely to be caused to vehiclesFixed
8063626 Feb 2013BradfordPot hole developed due to poorly maintained roadReported
4717211 Feb 2011WokinghamOxford Road j/w A329 Reading Road WokinghamPot hole developed on channel line at junctionFixed
2656922 Jan 2010Plymouthnewnham, road, PlymptonPot hole developed overnight. approx 30cm away from kerb into the road. Is on the down hill side of the road.Rejected
934463 Jan 2014KentSwale WayPot hole developing as surface breaks up at side of manhole in middle of road. Vehicles swerving to avoid pothole.Fixed
9756912 Feb 2014SurreyPot hole developing due to flood damage Reported
782815 Feb 2013HackneyDalston LanePot hole developing in centre of junction. The tarmac is crumbling around a metal drain cover. This pothole is in the direct line that cycles take when crossing the junction. Swerving/ taking an al…Reported
463857 Feb 2011LancashireMoor Lane (aka Salterforth Lane)Pot hole developing on Moor Lane (aka Salterforth Lane) just before junction with Higher Lane B6251.Fixed
747392 Jan 2013SurreyPot hole developing on the roundabout.Reported
12414417 Feb 2016OxfordshireA329Pot hole developing where previous repair is failing.Reported
10855710 Nov 2014BedfordMilton Road, Clapham, Bedfordpot hole difficult to avoid on bikeReported
2543420 Jan 2010LancashireHeatons Bridge Roadpot hole directly opposite entrance to mushroom farmFixed
4465926 Jan 2011KentChartway StPot hole down to large rocks in the bottom of the roadReported
4444724 Jan 2011Boltonjunction of Wolfenden Street leading onto Halliwell RoadPot hole down to the cobbles which starts from the side road and its junction and out onto a busy main road. Cars are having to SWERVE around it and onto the other side of the road, a terrible accid…Fixed
7346211 Dec 2012WandsworthPot hole due to bad road works Reported
7148326 Sep 2012SeftonPot hole due to bad weather Reported
12975619 May 2016HampshirePot hole due to broken Tarmac surface\nFixed
3309824 Mar 2010AberdeenPalmerston rdpot hole due to cobble stones working lose after roadworksReported
6909318 Jun 2012Devondont think it has one. Hill from beach upto the hairpinPot hole due to deterioration of road surfaceReported
12684727 Mar 2016HertfordshireWest mill roadPot hole due to extremely shoddy workmanship on installing an underground conduit. A deep hole outside West mill old people's home in the chicane areaReported
9774614 Feb 2014EssexPot hole due to failure of road repair 400 wide by 100 deepFixed
8711723 May 2013BuryPot hole due to poor resurfacing - a stretch of bad Tarmac for approx 200metresFixed
1273503 Apr 2016LincolnshirePot hole due to poor/lack of maintenance Reported
7969216 Feb 2013DerbyshirePot hole due to road breaking up reported 31 jan, very dangerous Fixed
1022715 Apr 2014EssexPot hole due to road degradationReported
9615131 Jan 2014WiltshirePot hole due to standing water Fixed
9614930 Jan 2014WiltshirePot hole due to standing water damage Fixed
782955 Feb 2013IslingtonBall's Pond RoadPot hole due to sunken tarmac at point of previous roadworks. There is a patch in the tarmac which has subsequently sunk leaving a highly uneven surface. This pothole is in the path that a cyclist …Fixed
9132929 Oct 2013Tower HamletsPot hole due to the road collapsing it is a very big hole and take up half my leg in depth Reported
893109 Aug 2013WiltshirePot hole due to very recent rd road works for new house development opposite the Bank turning Rejected
13319 Feb 2007CambridgeshireCaxton End just north of Ford LH side of roadPot hole due to waterFixed
3777428 Jun 2010Kingston-upon-ThamesBank LanePot hole due to wearFixed
876536 Jun 2013Bedfordpot hole due to weather erosion Rejected
1215769 Jan 2016BirminghamPot hole due to what looks like poor road work repair lots of debris on roadReported
6412715 Feb 2012StockportPot hole dye to erosion of surfaceFixed
8995711 Sep 2013Buckinghamshiregrenville closepot hole edge of roadReported

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