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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
1264810 Apr 2008BuckinghamshireA416pot holes ( they springing up like rabbits and becoming deeper) carks etc there is section where the entier top surface has come off just after you leave ashley green and approach the round about ar…Reported
2504616 Jan 2010WokinghamA329 Reading Road j/w Oxford RoadPot holes (2 number) on channel joint of A329 Reading Road with Oxford Road WokinghamFixed
1645514 Jan 2009NottinghamRuddington Lanepot holes (again - keep being patched and recurring)Fixed
5756017 Jun 2011AberdeenshirePot holes (massive) on junction - dangerous Reported
5187016 Mar 2011BristolSpeedwell roadPot holes (one big one, several smaller ones and a general poor road surface) for about 200 meters from Speedwell Road (Ventnor road junction) to Speedwell Road (outside the church/by the traffic isl…Fixed
1071823 Sep 2014West LothianUnknownPot holes - multiple locations. Largest pothole north of Bangor fishery travelling towards south mains farm - previous repair has not lasted and hole has been getting larger again over past 2 mont…Reported
9821718 Feb 2014Surreybyfleet rd/oyster lanePOT holes - severalReported
9822118 Feb 2014Surreybyfleet rd/woodham lane/new haw roadpot holes - severalReported
5465710 Apr 2011Durhampot holes / ruts / uneven surfacesFixed
10761822 Sep 2014HounslowArgyle AvePot holes / ruts in road surface for the whole road. Has been like this for months. Almost come off bike in the darkReported
13409 Feb 2007North SomersetSouth Road / Queens RoadPot Holes / Sinking RoadReported
11853827 Aug 2015LeicestershireGilmorton LanePot holes 0.5m to 1m from edge of roadReported
838772 Apr 2013IslingtonPot holes 2-4 Fixed
4961328 Feb 2011RenfrewshireLINSIDE AVENUEPOT HOLES 3 IN A ROWReported
672281 May 2012WandsworthLower common SouthPot holes 3 in a rowReported
672291 May 2012WandsworthLower common SouthPot holes 3 in a rowReported
6936727 Jun 2012BrentPot holes abt 12 intotal Fixed
4801917 Feb 2011NottinghamshireA17 - long lane junctionPot holes across complete lane of A17 west bound at junction with Long Lane. Cars swerving across incoming traffic to avoid deep pot holes. Accident waiting to happen!!Reported
11726722 Jun 2015SunderlandA1052 Front Street ,Chiltern Moor,Houghton le Spring ,TYne and WearPot holes across the laneRejected
55731 Jan 2007HerefordshireBakers Lanepot holes across the whole width ot the road some have been badly patched up in the past and lasted about a month and getting worseReported
397261 Oct 2010NorthumberlandBowsden to Duddopot holes all across the road. Not possible even on bile to ride through without riding into and out of pothole. some attempt of repair to road before and after this section but very haphazard and po…Fixed
170916 Feb 2009RenfrewshireChurchill DrivePot holes all along Churchill Drive and lots of debris at junction of Churchill drive and Brisbane Rd. Standard of the pavements at top end of Churchill below whats expected. There were resurfaced ab…Reported
711207 Sep 2012North YorkshireBeechwood Grove, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG2 8QPPot holes all along road which are potentially very dangerous for cyclists and motorists. Please note that this road is a cul de sac with a school at the end of it!Reported
12229123 Jan 2016KentPot holes all along this road and has been for years. The ones that were repaired were repaired badly. The road needs to be closed and re surfaced Reported
3353329 Mar 2010NorwichPot holes all along Witard road and Plumstead roadFixed
996934 Mar 2014SurreyPot holes all around this area and all along A24Reported
10340928 Apr 2014GloucestershirePot holes all down the centre and side of roadReported
8061725 Feb 2013LeicesterbeatricePot holes all down the roadReported
9844519 Feb 2014West SussexPot holes all long this road Reported
1024227 Apr 2014SurreyCranley Roadpot holes all over cranley roadReported
1948310 Apr 2009Kingston-upon-HullAnlaby RoadPot holes all over the junction of various sizesReported
919 Jan 2007Northamptonshirepot holes all over the main road in luttonReported
8236017 Mar 2013SalfordEccles new roadPot holes all over the place causing traffic to zig zag across the metrolink links.Reported
2757528 Jan 2010BuckinghamshireMoor RoadPot holes all over the place.Fixed
5289125 Mar 2011Monmouthshirebatwell lane, shirenewtonpot holes all over the road - were repaired about a year ago, but every one of the fillings they used have gone! needed resurfacing. thank you.Reported
935945 Jan 2014DevonSmeatharpe to Honiton main road.pot holes all over the road and the road is breaking up approximately half mile either side of the entrance to the stock car race stadium.Reported
8495815 Apr 2013WokinghamPot holes all over the road damage to tyres Rejected
7773631 Jan 2013CornwallA3072Pot holes all over the road!Reported
6080419 Oct 2011Oldhamwilkes streetpot holes all over the road, the surface looks to be just coming apart.In progress
2003223 Apr 2009CoventryHerrick RoadPot holes all over the road.Reported
342787 Apr 2010Norwich0ak,lanepot holes all sizesFixed
814508 Mar 2013Cheshire EastPot holes all the way down coronation street very bad at night!!!Reported
3546022 Apr 2010BoltonArley lane, haigh wiganpot holes all the way down the lane must be hundreds of them. getting very badRejected
2243724 Aug 2009RotherhamMeadow streetpot holes all the way down the road not just one MANY potholes these could damage peoples tyersReported
5698927 May 2011Transport for LondonArundel St Westminster, London WC2Pot holes all up the road, especially on the corner making it a Hansard to turn. its been like this for a year!Reported
8009519 Feb 2013Cheshire EastTunstall RoadPot holes all up Tunstall RoadReported
1185817 Mar 2008SunderlandWesternmoorPot holes along give ways lines into streetFixed
4928626 Feb 2011NewcastlePot holes along length of Leazes Lane. Some bad repairs. Rejected
1598311 Dec 2008Warringtonhillock lanepot holes along length of road(approx12minimum)+ very dangerously uneven surface on hillock lane between the junctions of somerset way & dam lane.riding a bike is starting to get quite frightening es…Reported
9614630 Jan 2014Hertfordshirebircwood avenue outside 43Pot holes along outside of our house cars driving past covering walkers with waterReported

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