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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
5532219 Apr 2011YorkGeldof RoadpotholeFixed
5532319 Apr 2011YorkGeldof RoadpotholeFixed
5532619 Apr 2011YorkElmfield AvenuepotholeFixed
5532719 Apr 2011YorkElmfield AvenuepotholeFixed
5533019 Apr 2011YorkGeldof RoadpotholeFixed
5533219 Apr 2011YorkBarfield RoadpotholeFixed
5533819 Apr 2011Cheshire EastChelford RoadpotholeFixed
5534019 Apr 2011YorkPotholeFixed
5534219 Apr 2011Leedsgledhow valley rdpotholeReported
5535019 Apr 2011Leedsnorthgate lanepotholeReported
5536820 Apr 2011YorkGeorge StpotholeFixed
5537120 Apr 2011Yorkgeorge stpotholeFixed
5541120 Apr 2011YorkMonks Cross DrpotholeFixed
5541320 Apr 2011YorkJockey LanepotholeFixed
5541920 Apr 2011WarringtonCromwell AvenuepotholeReported
5542320 Apr 2011YorkJockey LanepotholeFixed
5543920 Apr 2011LeedsGledhow Valley RdpotholeReported
5544020 Apr 2011LeedsGledhow Valley RdpotholeReported
5544721 Apr 2011EssexDuke StreetPotholeReported
5546721 Apr 2011StaffordshireBall Haye StreetPotholeReported
5547221 Apr 2011StaffordshireAshbourne RoadpotholeReported
5547321 Apr 2011StaffordshireHamil DrivepotholeReported
5547521 Apr 2011StaffordshireBadnall StreetpotholeReported
5548321 Apr 2011YorkPotholeFixed
5549421 Apr 2011YorkPotholeFixed
5549521 Apr 2011YorkPotholeFixed
5550821 Apr 2011Cheshire EastA523potholeReported
5552121 Apr 2011YorkBedale AvepotholeFixed
5552922 Apr 2011Cheshire EastBull Gate LanepotholeReported
5554022 Apr 2011OxfordshireLondon RoadPotholeReported
5554222 Apr 2011OxfordshireWallingford RoadPotholeReported
5555222 Apr 2011StaffordshireBall Haye StreetPotholeReported
5556022 Apr 2011StaffordshireA53 Leek RoadpotholeReported
5557022 Apr 2011StaffordshireA523potholeReported
5557122 Apr 2011StaffordshireA523PotholeReported
5557322 Apr 2011Cheshire EastA523potholeReported
5557522 Apr 2011NottinghamshireMain RoadpotholeReported
5557622 Apr 2011NottinghamshireMain RoadpotholeReported
5558623 Apr 2011NottinghamshireA608 Mansfield RdpotholeReported
5558923 Apr 2011NottinghamshireMain RoadpotholeReported
5559023 Apr 2011NottinghamshireFlatts LanepotholeReported
5559123 Apr 2011NottinghamshireHucknall RoadpotholeReported
5559323 Apr 2011NottinghamshireHucknall RdpotholeReported
5559423 Apr 2011NottinghamshireSelston RdpotholeReported
5559523 Apr 2011NottinghamshireMain RdpotholeReported
5559723 Apr 2011NottinghamshireHucknall RoadpotholeReported
5559823 Apr 2011NottinghamshireAnnesley CuttingpotholeReported
5559923 Apr 2011NottinghamshireHucknall RdpotholeReported
5560023 Apr 2011NottinghamshireHucknall roadpotholeReported
5560923 Apr 2011StaffordshireStanley RoadpotholeReported

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