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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
6453626 Feb 2012Cheshire EastTowers RoadThere has been a rut for a number of months (aprox 10feet long which has developed into a pot holeReported
6453526 Feb 2012GlasgowPoor repair now exposed sharp drain edges will dismount a cyclist and cut car tyres Reported
6453426 Feb 2012NorthumberlandSharperton to HarbottleDeep pothole in road - if a cyclist hit it they would probably come offFixed
6453326 Feb 2012EssexSawyers Hall LaneManhole cover at junction of Highlands ave/ Sawyers Hall Lane, Brentwood is sunken and is a danger to cyclists, especially so near the schools.Reported
6453226 Feb 2012NewportPentre-Poeth RaodPothole eaten out by frost and rainFixed
6453126 Feb 2012NewportPentre=Poeth RoadTwo potholes on opposite sides of roadFixed
6453026 Feb 2012NewportThe GriffinAbout 2 square metres where road top surface eroded to under-surfaceReported
6452926 Feb 2012WestminsterA40 elevated section - Westway - EastboundA deep rectangular pothole possibly around 8" deep. It looks like a previous repair in which half the repair has lifted. Whilst posing little risk of injury to car drivers, this is a fast road freque…Reported
6452825 Feb 2012SwindonWhitworth RoadSquare potholeReported
6452725 Feb 2012Cheshire West and ChesterFrog laneA pothole!Fixed
6452625 Feb 2012BromleyCommonside ,KestonpotholeRejected
6452525 Feb 2012BromleyCommonside ,Kestonbroken manhole surroundFixed
6452425 Feb 2012SolihullA452, Kenilworth road. Balsall CommonPothole 120mm deep, on the slip road entering Blooms garden centre on the A452Reported
6452325 Feb 2012SuffolkA1141Large-ish hole near the left gutter. There is a cycle race on this road next weekend (March 3rd), and this represents a fairly serious hazard.Reported
6452225 Feb 2012HampshirePot hole Fixed
6452125 Feb 2012WiltshireStoford to Devizes RdHole (Crevice) in road - repair of a repair of a repair has disintegrated again. Now multi-layered pot hole. The hazard ? Try riding through it on a bike when you're being squeezed by cars for a s…Reported
6452025 Feb 2012SurreyWheelers LaneBig potholeReported
6451925 Feb 2012GlasgowLarge pothole/ crater on lane 1 heading south towards hospital approx 1.5 m x 0.7m x 0.15 m deep. This pothole has been reported several times now and is only increasing in size to due the lack of…Reported
6451825 Feb 2012SheffieldShenstone Roadrelatively small pot hole (at the moment) - because cars park on both sides of the road it is quite difficult to avoid, so is likley to get bigger.Fixed
6451725 Feb 2012East RenfrewshirePothole and previous bad repairs approx a 25 m by 0.5m section of road is riddled with potholes, areas around previous repairs breaking up due to poor initial repairs. Lots of loose gravel on road d…Reported
6451625 Feb 2012South Gloucestershire10 metre gulley where previous road repair have sunken edges have broken and a large pot hole has opened up at the beginning of the rut. This is incredibly dangerous for cyclists causing them to have…Fixed
6451525 Feb 2012HertfordshireHigh Street (Berkhamsted)A potole on a mini-roundabout that is very difficult to miss.Reported
6451425 Feb 2012CardiffAlfreda Roadlarge potholeReported
6451325 Feb 2012East RenfrewshireLochlibo Rd, large pothole approaching bend. Lots of loose gravel on road very dangerous to 2 wheeled road users. Reported
6451225 Feb 2012LincolnshireBridge End RdThere is a large (approx 18") pothole outside my house on the uphill L/H lane of the A52, Somerby Hill. Not so noticeable when cars go over it, except for the occupants I expect but when heavy lorri…Reported
6451125 Feb 2012CroydonSanderstead Hill, CR2 0HA2 significant defects on sanderstead hill opposite the church. 1 following utility works, 1 breakdown in road surface. They span the whole road and defects like this occur the whole way up the hill.…Reported
6451025 Feb 2012HackneyBeen here long time after being badly fixed!Rejected
6450925 Feb 2012DevonPothole just after crossing near carpark entrance and a large rut has appeared next to the pedestrian crossing in middle of road Reported
6450825 Feb 2012CumbriaA 592Large pothole hidden in puddle. Big enough to cause a cyclist ot motorcyclist to crash. Highly likely to cause damage to motor vehicles.Reported
6450725 Feb 2012CumbriaBuckthorn LaneHedge trimmings all across the road for several hundred metres. A danger to motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists in particular as it causes punctures. This may cause a cyclist/motorcyclist to lo…Reported
6450625 Feb 2012GloucestershireUley RoadSection of repair has come loose and is now missing leaving a wide gapReported
6450525 Feb 2012Windsor and Maidenheadburfield road and priest hillThis proved nearly lethal to me 2 night ago. My wheel got caught in this pothole and I was lucky not to be thrown off into the path of an oncoming car. It is a relatively small but deep pothole.Reported
6450425 Feb 2012GloucestershireCrawley HillSurface worn exposing two previous surfaces, creating large deep potholesReported
6450325 Feb 2012RenfrewshireLarge pothole on the left hand side of the carriageway after a blind bend meaning to avoid the pothole you need move out onto the opposing carriageway. Reported
6450225 Feb 2012GloucestershireA4135 WoodmancoteSeveral sections of missing surface, makes the roundabout difficult for cyclistsReported
6450125 Feb 2012Flintshireaston hall laneasphalt worn away round gridReported
6450025 Feb 2012LancashireChain laneThe road is breaking up on Staining road, the pot hole is now over a metre long and the concrete is showing as all the Tarmac has gone.Reported
6449924 Feb 2012City of LondonThreadneedle StThere is rocking manhole cover outside Bank tube station near exit 2. It makes such a clatter that it can't be long before it collapsesIn progress
6449824 Feb 2012Kingston-upon-ThamesA2043 Malden RoadSunken manhole in middle of cycle lane on the A2043 heading towards the A3.Reported
6449724 Feb 2012SheffieldYewtrees LaneA stretch of road about half a mile long that has a very bad surface with numerous pot holes and badly filled pot holes on top of other filled-in pot holes. Has recently been patched in some places b…Reported
6449624 Feb 2012NorfolkHigh StreetTarmac around inspection chamber broken upFixed
6449524 Feb 2012EssexNorth Station RoadL pothole in cycle lane heading north along North Station Road 10 metres south of the railway bridge at North Station Road. Reported by rtr rep to Essex County Council some months ago. No action take…Reported
6449424 Feb 2012GloucestershireVery rough road with numerous holes and broken TarmacReported
6449324 Feb 2012Hertfordshiresandridgebury lanedeep pothole that caused me to fall off and damage the rimReported
6449224 Feb 2012StaffordshireNo name shownRoadsign at junction has been demolished. Could be removed by scrap metal thieves.Reported
6449124 Feb 2012BlackpoolHawes Side LaneVarious stretches of deep ruts and potholes in centre of lane, worst northbound. Probably no big deal for car drivers but a major hazard for motorcyclists. These ruts restrict where I can travel in t…Reported
6449024 Feb 2012WarringtonGarrett FieldHole in road inReported
6448924 Feb 2012WarringtonCurrans RoadHole in center of the road at the junction between Currans Road and Winwick RoadReported
6448824 Feb 2012Havering1 x 2 foot pothole 5" deepFixed
6448724 Feb 2012LancashireSouthfield Lanelarge number of big potholes along stretch of roadReported

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