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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
465027 Feb 2011SeftonMornington RoadLong hole just wide enough to fit a tire. Goes right down to the cobble stones underneath.Reported
465017 Feb 2011East Lothianclifford roadeep pot hole previous repairReported
465007 Feb 2011Leicesternumber of potholes on Humberstone lane between Lloyds Bank and Tescos on both sides of road. Some are very deep and are a real danger to motorcyclistsReported
464997 Feb 2011East Lothianclifford roadpot hole re appeared from a poor repairReported
464987 Feb 2011East Lothianeast roadMultiple pot holes and ruts in the road along the length of east road. This is a real cycling hazard especially on the down hill stretch when trying to avoid holes. There are so many that you avoid o…Reported
464977 Feb 2011LeedsEast Chevin Road, OtleyPotholes x 2 approx 10-20yds apartReported
464967 Feb 2011WokinghamAndrews RoadTwo potholes about 30cm across on the corner of Andrews Road and Lakeside.Fixed
464957 Feb 2011HounslowHall roadRight beside manhole coverFixed
464947 Feb 2011HounslowHall roadRepair broken downFixed
464937 Feb 2011Wiltshirea429Severley deteriorated road surface causin vehicles to veer in fornt of oncoming traffic to avoidReported
464927 Feb 2011Lancashireholmeswood roadwidespread hole covering half of the west bound laneReported
464917 Feb 2011Lancashirehall lanehole outside school - been repaired once but hole spread to the side as wellReported
464907 Feb 2011Lancashirehall lanelarge deep hole 1m from side of roadReported
464897 Feb 2011SheffieldDenmark Rd and Derby St, SHEFFIELD 2There are a number of potholes on Denmark Rd from the junction of Jeffrey St up to Penns Rd, also on Derby St at the end before you turn on toward Litchford RdIn progress
464887 Feb 2011GlasgowVery deep and dangerous pothole. Will burst vehicle tyres if hit or worse for cyclist/motor cyclistReported
464877 Feb 2011GlasgowGlasgow Rd Bailliestonseries of pothole within about 30ydsReported
464867 Feb 2011WandsworthVery dangerous pothole, pls repair asap before u have to folk out tax payers money as compensationReported
464857 Feb 2011WandsworthIt is in the middle of the road very deep u will have someone claiming any day if not repaired asapReported
464847 Feb 2011GlasgowGlasgow Rd, Bailliestonlarge hole in road due to sunken drainReported
464837 Feb 2011GlasgowMain Street BailliestonLarge pothole that was filled a few weeks ago but has reopened even worse than beforeReported
464827 Feb 2011EssexBuckhurst WaySevere pothall that causes an extreme jolt to cyclists and motorbike riders. This whol stretch of Buckhurst Way is very uneven and very unpleasant to ride / cycle on.Reported
464817 Feb 2011GlasgowGlasgow Road BailliestonVery large pothole due to sunken drain, has been like this for some timeReported
464807 Feb 2011GlasgowMultiple potholes along Hardgate road from exit from hospital all way to traffic lights at Shieldhall Road.Reported
464797 Feb 2011North TynesideA1056, Killingworth Waypothole on the approach to junction under the a19 bridge.Rejected
464787 Feb 2011DerbyshireB6014Two Potholes, one rather deep it managed to buckle my wheelReported
464777 Feb 2011Newportllanwern roadits very uneven and there is alot of themReported
464767 Feb 2011Carmarthenshirea lot of large pot holes on this small stretch of roadReported
464757 Feb 2011SheffieldReney RoadSeveral large potholes near the kerb and in the roadIn progress
464747 Feb 2011KentLower RoadVery dangerous potholes which cause drivers ahead to swerve around them as they are located on both sides on the road.Reported
464737 Feb 2011HighlandBack road between Reay and ThursoTwo holes associated with a filled service trench. The hoe extends into the road base. There's also a smaller hole close by on the opposite side of the road while you are out.Fixed
464727 Feb 2011South Gloucestershirecharlton roadreasonably large pothole, feel quite a big bump when driving over it. most cars avoid it by going in the other lane as its not a very busy streetReported
464717 Feb 2011BoltonLabumum RoadLots of pot hole along 500m of roadFixed
464707 Feb 2011BoltonLever Edge LaneThe road surface gone and a number of pot holesFixed
464697 Feb 2011BoltonMorris Green Lane/ Lever Edge LaneA very big pot hole on a very busy roadFixed
464687 Feb 2011SeftonDeansgate Lane NorthPothole which is directly in a cars wheel track.Reported
464677 Feb 2011BoltonSt Helens and Morris Green Lane3 Pot holes all near to each otherFixed
464667 Feb 2011SeftonManchester RdPothole near kerb edge - tarmac crumbled away and is now missing, exposing old stone sets beneath.Reported
464657 Feb 2011BromleyWest Common RoadA raised edge to the road surface due to the verge being worn away by cars parking on soft soil at the point where a footpath crosses the road. At all other points along the road there is a raised ba…Fixed
464647 Feb 2011SeftonSussex Rd1. 'Gulley' i.e. grid-iron/drain cover in gutter on downhill approach to traffic lights. Location westbound on Sussex Rd at lights junction with St Lukes Rd in Southport, Merseyside. The whole thing…Reported
464637 Feb 2011GlasgowDeep pothole, with blunt edges when travelling southboundFixed
464627 Feb 2011WestminsterDouble loose manhole cover causing both a huge danger and very loud crashing sound when busses/lorries etc pass over. Reported
464617 Feb 2011WandsworthULLATHORNE ROADa succession of large holesReported
464607 Feb 2011WokinghamPothole at entrance of road.Fixed
464597 Feb 2011GloucestershireNot sure - Harp Hill or Aggs HillNumber of deep holes, on edges of previous patchesReported
464587 Feb 2011EssexLondon RoadPotholeFixed
464577 Feb 2011EssexLondon RoadPotholeFixed
464567 Feb 2011GloucestershirePriors RoadOn entrance to roundabout, coming from Prestbury - quite a deep hole...Reported
464557 Feb 2011GlasgowPossil RoadDeep hole in road surfaceReported
464547 Feb 2011South LanarkshireCastle AvenueBlocked drain causing severe floodingReported
464537 Feb 2011GlasgowRight Across W Regent St, at the Jnc of West Regent St and Renfield Street, EastboundFixed

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