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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
6791015 May 2012Bath and North East SomersetA363Several deep potholes on A363, just outside Bathford heading towards Bradford-on-Avon. The holes have appeared unexpectedly and are deep, with sharp edges. They cut the offside RHS front tyre of my…Reported
6790914 May 2012HillingdonThis road has a very large series of potholes an broken tarmac... In fact the whole road is probably more pothole than tarmac. In urgent need of resurfacing before it causes an accident. Reported
6790814 May 2012Leicestershireillston road2 large pot holes on both sides with a raised lump in betweenReported
6790714 May 2012WarringtonStretton RdRoad patching around a drainage grid has been eroded away, leaving a rut in the road which a cycle or motorbike wheel could be caubghtFixed
6790614 May 2012Hertfordshirethe twistdeep potholeReported
6790514 May 2012WarringtonBarleycastle LaneNumber of potholes and previously-filled holes where filling is breaking down and eroding. Some of these are particular hazards for cyclists as they are they are the distance from the Kerberos a cycl…Reported
6790414 May 2012LambethPendenis Rd, Gracefieldcountless cracks, holes and deeper holes in all the roads mentionned, very poorly maintained cycling area with little thought to anything but owning a 4x4 to be able to use what Lambeth calls roads b…Reported
6790314 May 2012Suffolkcoddenham road, b1078PotholeFixed
6790214 May 2012Cheshire EastTabley Rd, junction with Ladies Mile, knutsfordRoad surface completely broken up and edges of ironworks exposed. This is half of width of the road and at a junction, is dangerous for cyclistsReported
6790114 May 2012Buckinghamshirefarnham laneA series of large, deep potholes on southern edge of Farnham lane. The road is narrow at this point - Cars struggle to get round the pothole, or be surprised by cars in the wrong lane.Fixed
6790014 May 2012FifeScottish Water valve cover sunk 60mm below level of road. Pothole around cover 100mm deep by 80 mm wideReported
6789914 May 2012BirminghamLordswood RoadLarge sharp hole to left of drain , extremely hazardous in the dark if you don't know it is there.Reported
6789814 May 2012Transport for LondonPothole arising from badly restored works Reported
6789714 May 2012Oxfordshire3 inch deep pothole. Dangerous when meeting oncoming traffic.Fixed
6789614 May 2012LambethPotholes x3 and debrisFixed
6789514 May 2012Oxfordshire5 inch deep potholes on inside of bend. Not visible until only 15 metres away. Serious hazard if meeting a car from the opposite direction.Fixed
6789414 May 2012LambethPothole Fixed
6789314 May 2012LambethPothole and debris outside no39Fixed
6789214 May 2012BristolGroup of 7-8 potholes near the London Inn junctionFixed
6789114 May 2012YorkRoad showing signs of subsidence with hole developingFixed
6789014 May 2012YorkOld hole opened up againFixed
6788914 May 2012YorkRepeatedly patched speedbump falling apart. Fixed
6788814 May 2012WandsworthSevere dip in road from repair.Reported
6788714 May 2012YorkQuick road repairs, previously reported, collapsed in first significant rain. Fixed
6788614 May 2012LeicesterPothole in the middle of the road on the roundaboutReported
6788514 May 2012Cheshire EastMultiple potholesReported
6788414 May 2012Cheshire EastVery broken road surface Reported
6788314 May 2012Cheshire EastVery broken road surface with potholeReported
6788214 May 2012East SussexUpper horsebridge roadNarrow wide deep pot hole.. extending 1/2 meter out into roadFixed
6788114 May 2012KentThis poor road surface has been like this for many weeks and causes me to pull across the road on my bike - not safe for cyclists. Reported
6788014 May 2012EssexDeep pothole. One of many on this stretch of road.Reported
6787914 May 2012HillingdonNew Windsor Street, UxbridgeThere are 2x manholes in the carriageway outside number 37, New Windsor Street, Uxbridge. The tarmac around them had sunk quite badly. A repair was carried out about 2 weeks ago with some temp tar …Reported
6787814 May 2012CardiffPentwyn DriveDeep pothole on Pentwyn drive, was previously repaired. This could cause damage to car suspension and wheels as it's fairly deep,Reported
6787714 May 2012LeedsSheepscar Street Southlarge deep pothole next to the traffic lights outside the plumb centre car park on Sheepscar Street South.Reported
6787614 May 2012PlymouthThe road is uneven resulting in a car potentially bottoming when entering the corner.Fixed
6787514 May 2012West SussexPothole due to poor repair, dangerous to all road usersFixed
6787414 May 2012West SussexRake RoadLarge deep hole filled with water exactly where the cars inside wheels are on the road.Reported
6787314 May 2012West SussexRake RoadVery large deep hole on dangerous narrow s-bend.Reported
6787214 May 2012HampshireB3011Pothole.Reported
6787114 May 2012HampshireBramshill RoadPothole.Reported
6787014 May 2012CoventryNutbrook AveLarge pothole and surface of the road is broken up and spread across the road.Reported
6786914 May 2012North YorkshireBrownmoor LaneMultiple pot holes on tarmac stretch of the laneReported
6786814 May 2012Cheshire West and ChesterBurton Road, NestonDeep potholeFixed
6786714 May 2012CoventryWarwick RoadLarge deep pothole in width reduced section of road. Ensures that every car and cyclist will hit it. Deep enough to damage a car and injure cyclist.Fixed
6786614 May 2012KentSelling road2 enormous holes in the road. the first is flagged on the map. the 2nd is part of a large metal road cover 50 metres nearer towards Faversham on the same road. These are both car tyre and suspension …Reported
6786514 May 2012BristolRutFixed
6786414 May 2012CoventrySiskin DriveLarge hole in aligne with car laneReported
6786313 May 2012zzz No action possiblehole Rejected
6786213 May 2012LambethClapham common northsideThe road is very bumpy with ruts and potholes and very dangerous. It throws you off your bike The road narrows and buses are forced to come near cyclists who cannot maintain a steady ride as you are…Reported
6786113 May 2012WandsworthNightingale lanedeep lethal potholeReported

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