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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
540274 Apr 2011CroydonMill LanePothole on short road between A23 and industrial estates (see photo)Reported
540264 Apr 2011SalfordPothole in centre of road coming out of stablefold onto Barton road Reported
540254 Apr 2011OxfordshireWhichurch Hillholes in the roadReported
540244 Apr 2011WokinghamFinchampstead roadroad surfce badly damagedFixed
540234 Apr 2011Powysred lanenumerousReported
540224 Apr 2011Powysred lanepotholeReported
540214 Apr 2011Powysred lanepotholeReported
540204 Apr 2011Powysred lanepotholeReported
540194 Apr 2011Powysred lanepotholeReported
540184 Apr 2011SurreyIsland Farm RoadLarge patches of the road surface are missing or have large cracks, causing cyclists to swerve around them.Reported
540174 Apr 2011GlasgowAnniesland RoadTwo small square drains with deep, sharp-edged potholes around them. Just at the lights, middle of the inside lane.Reported
540164 Apr 2011BirminghamGeorge StreetVery poor area with several merged potholesReported
540154 Apr 2011NorfolkWash LaneNumerous pot-holes casued by excess water on road surface (blocked drain on corner of Wash lane and Darrow Green Road), also water coming from Lamas farm. There is also a lot of dirt & dedris on the…Reported
540144 Apr 2011OxfordshireMollington RoadPothole in road surfaceReported
540134 Apr 2011LeicestershireMain St. GilmortonPoor road surface- numerous defects. Gilmorton Main St from Kimcote all the way through (30mph sign to 30 mph sign)Reported
540124 Apr 2011LeicestershireHall Lane/Kimcote RoadPotholesReported
540114 Apr 2011LeicestershireWalto New RoadsPotholeReported
540104 Apr 2011GreenwichPathway has been narrowed due to new buildings on left (as you look at the Thames) but what remains is covered in sand causing real problems for cyclists and pedestrians and push chairs. The council …Fixed
540094 Apr 2011StirlingPolmaise RoadPrevious patching is discentegrating & new holes opening up around man hole coversReported
540084 Apr 2011StirlingKings Park RoadPotholeFixed
540074 Apr 2011Bath and North East SomersetEckweek LanePothole just outside nursery gateRejected
540064 Apr 2011Kentgore green roadseries of potholesReported
540054 Apr 2011GlasgowWestland Drivedeep potholes & associated debrisFixed
540044 Apr 2011BromleyBucks Cross Rdpoorly maintained stretch of roadwayFixed
540034 Apr 2011NorfolkB1113Narrow, but deep pothole. dangerous for cyclists as it is close to a sharp bend and forces you out into the middle of the road.Reported
540024 Apr 2011EssexPotholes causing by wear Several of themReported
540014 Apr 2011DevonSeveral deep potholes located along this section of road between bridge trough woods up te hill Reported
540004 Apr 2011BuckinghamshireSheepcote LaneThe entire length of the road!Reported
539994 Apr 2011Blackpooleast park driveheading from the stanley park, towards the hospital. just at before the traffic light junction is a drain with badly eroded road all around it. this is a real hazard to cyclist at a busy junction!.Fixed
539984 Apr 2011Glasgownisbet streetpotholes around manholeReported
539974 Apr 2011BirminghamCadbury RoadRough area of road generally but there is a pothole in particular at the road junction causing problemsReported
539964 Apr 2011Glasgowold shettleston roadseveral potholes on this roadReported
539954 Apr 2011BirminghamCadbury RoadPothole on rough-surfaced residential roadReported
539944 Apr 2011BirminghamWake Green RoadPothole in middle of busy main road junctionReported
539934 Apr 2011Glasgowcarmyle aveserveral potholes on this roadReported
539924 Apr 2011Glasgowshettleson roadserveral potholes at this juctionReported
539914 Apr 2011Glasgowbartiebeith roadlarge area of potholes full of waterReported
539904 Apr 2011Glasgowtumbull streetdeep potholeReported
539894 Apr 2011SurreyJnc East St and High StHole and uneveness and a raised edge around a manhole coverReported
539884 Apr 2011BexleyLarge pot hole and split road service. Very hazardous when cycling along this road. Road surface is damaged at various points along this road with the top layer missing in some sections. Reported
539874 Apr 2011BexleyLarge pot hole against several of the speed humps. Ruts and gullies present across the width of the road as well for the section between the oval and Meadow view. Other areas of the road were relayed…Fixed
539864 Apr 2011BexleyLarge pot hole just as you drive around the electricity pole. Very hazardous to both cars and cyclists. Fixed
539854 Apr 2011WestminsterA40 Bayswater RoadHuge pot hole.Reported
539844 Apr 2011BuckinghamshireRectory Hill, amersham buckshazard is a pothole almost on the crown of the road but EXACTLY where the offside wheels would be if driving normally. it is on the 'going up' side of the road on RECTORY HILL in Amersham Bucks alm…Reported
539834 Apr 2011Birminghamtrescott lane - Tudbury rd junctionThe whole road is breaking up at the junction (mini roundabout) most drivers simply go the wrong way round the roundabout to avoid the massive pothole but its now progressing to the oncoming lane.Reported
539824 Apr 2011WokinghamPlough LaneThere are numerous potholes developing along the edge of Plough Lane to approximately the junction with Bean Oak Road. The road is narrow and these are hard to avoid, thus worsening them. Heavy mac…Fixed
539814 Apr 2011Midlothianwallace crescentroad throughout Wallace Crescent in poor and dangerous conditionReported
539804 Apr 2011East SussexPenhurst LaneLarger than a pothole but has been there for some considerable time. I am unable to specify size as on narrow lane unsuitable for stopping. The first Sussex Marathon took place on this stretch of r…Reported
539794 Apr 2011Derbyshiresnelsmoor lanethe whole approach and exit from the roundabout is breaking upReported
539784 Apr 2011NorthumberlandPrincess Louise Road, Blyth.Pothole.Fixed

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