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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
6841327 May 2012Cheshire EastHolmes Chapel Roadseveral large potholes near to the entrance to Sibelco's Dingle Bank QuarryReported
6841227 May 2012Cheshire EastHolmes Chapel Roadnumerous potholes, some large, very dangerous for cyclistsReported
6841127 May 2012Milton KeynesEast StreetCircular pothole almost in the centre of the road. It is just by the southern end of the football pitch, typically just south of the last parked car.Reported
6841027 May 2012BlackpoolDivision Lane FY4 5EATwo potholes where the stones underneath the Tarmac are exposed and thrown into the air by passing carsReported
6840927 May 2012WandsworthAtherton St, SW11 2JEaPothole bout 3 ft wide by 2ft and 6ins deep. It is down to the large stones used as a base for the road which are being flicked up by cars wheels that drop into the hole. The flicked up sharp larg…Reported
6840827 May 2012Cheshire EastPothole around drain with drain metalwork upstanding on cycling lineReported
6840727 May 2012HertfordshireWallington RoadPotholes in road where previous crack repairs have failedReported
6840627 May 2012Cambridgeshire3" deep 1.5 m square hole Fixed
6840527 May 2012Cambridgeshire1 m pothole Fixed
6840427 May 2012Plymouthplymbridge roadseveral area deeply rutted on down hill to cycle route(plym valley)Fixed
6840327 May 2012MonmouthshireHereford RoadVery poor road surface for many years and getting ever more dangerous, I've seen motorcyclists almost fall off and I've nearly been "thrown" into the paths of overtaking cars several times. This has …Reported
6840227 May 2012MonmouthshireForest Coalpit road?Road surface is deeply potholed on a downhill section round a bend, very dangerous is you are not expecting it.Reported
6840127 May 2012WandsworthPotholeReported
6840027 May 2012KentPothole on narrow road. Reported
6839927 May 2012Milton KeynesA509Elongated area of subsidence on northbound carriageway, at northern end of viaduct after the layby.Reported
6839826 May 2012DurhamBellows Burn Lane TS27Many deep potholes on both side of the road making avoiding them increasingly difficultFixed
6839726 May 2012CambridgeshireHigh StreetA narrow but long crack in the road surface, probably just deep enough for a skinny bike tyre.Fixed
6839626 May 2012East DunbartonshireGartconnell Drive, Bearsden, Glasgow G61Long gully the whole length of this streetFixed
6839526 May 2012KentSheephurst LaneBadly repaired & damaged surface over a large area very dangerousReported
6839426 May 2012BuckinghamshireBadly fixed holes failing over a large areaReported
6839326 May 2012SurreyHurstlands/Greenhurst Lanenumerous potholesReported
6839226 May 2012ManchesterOxford PlaceThe road has worn away quite badly, cars and bikes both have to swerve to avoid it. It is a big patch of damaged road which has been repaired intermittently over the years but needs doing properly.Reported
6839126 May 2012NorfolkPot hole from worn / frost damage road Fixed
6839026 May 2012BromleyA232poorly repaired stop-cock potholeRejected
6838926 May 2012BromleyA21nomerous potholes , down to the wire-mesh reinforcingRejected
6838826 May 2012BromleyGates Green Rdlarge pothoeFixed
6838726 May 2012BromleyChurch Rd ,farnborough,Kentlarge potholes caused by missing road surfaceFixed
6838626 May 2012Waltham ForestGrove Green RoadpotholeReported
6838526 May 2012Haveringabbs cross laneroad has a big ridge where bad repair taken place,as cars and buses go over it it makes my windows shake in back of my house and causing house to vibrate abnorminally ,as buses come past every 12 min…Fixed
6838426 May 2012Hammersmith and FulhamA number of potholes possibly resulting from an attempted repair that has worn away.Reported
6838326 May 2012Hammersmith and FulhamTwo potholes in the middle of the lane Reported
6838226 May 2012OxfordshireJunction of A415 and The Downs Road, StandlakeAbout 5 potholes together on left side of junction going from witney on the A415 onto The Downs road Standlake.Reported
6838126 May 2012OxfordshireThe Downs (Near Standlake)Large deep, very dangerous pot hole. Someone has put a traffic cone in the hole as a warning. The local roads in general ae in a poor state with many pot holes. Its on the left side of the road headi…Reported
6838026 May 2012East Riding of Yorkshirerowland hall laneRoad surface broken up width of roadReported
6837926 May 2012East Riding of YorkshireRowlandhall lanepothole at side of roadReported
6837826 May 2012Lancashirelong moss lanepothole on bendReported
6837726 May 2012BuckinghamshireChesham Road (A416) & Station Road, AmershamSunken storm drain with failed road surface surrounding it on Chesham Road (A416), Amersham just prior to the junction with Station Road, directly opposite Dr Challoners Grammar School - extremely ha…Reported
6837626 May 2012BuckinghamshireAmersham Road (A416) @ junction South Road, AmershamVery hazardous and previously poorly repaired pothole at the junction of Amersham Road (A416) and South Road, Amersham - greater than 1.5m² in area and greater than 40mm in depth, forcing cyclist in…Reported
6837526 May 2012BuckinghamshireStation Road & Station Approach, AmershamLoose manhole cover, potholes approx 20mm deep & >250mm² in area, that are developing around the edges around the defect at the junction of Station Road & Station Approach in Amersham, just undernea…Reported
6837426 May 2012StaffordshireBradwell lane, Arnald groveTop surface missing, two paches on the junctionFixed
6837325 May 2012East SussexWartling Hill, Near Herstmonceux, East Sussex200 metres of broken road surface, almost impossible to ride a bike without damage to rims. Edge of road broken away with up to 12 inch deep drop offs. Its been like this for 6 months and is very dan…Reported
6837225 May 2012DevonPothole Reported
6837125 May 2012DevonPotholeReported
6837025 May 2012Rochdaleashworth rdpotholes galoreReported
6836925 May 2012HampshireA327Pothole on the right side of the left lane entering the roundaboutReported
6836825 May 2012West SussexEatergate LaneA BT access cover on Eastergate lane, badly eroded along its inside edge, leaving a deep groove and knife edge along the road surface.Reported
6836725 May 2012West BerkshireShop Lane, Donnington, NewburyThe whole of Shop Lane Donnington is now dangerous to anything on two wheels, particularly when going downhill. This has been made worse when all traffic, including heavy vehicles, had to use this r…Fixed
6836625 May 2012EssexLots of Very deep rut holes and gullys from Orchard Lane to Buckhurst Way Reported
6836525 May 2012HertfordshireLarge hole in footpath. Two feet by one and a half feet wide. One foot deep. Reported
6836425 May 2012KirkleesGreen Lane and Washpit New RoadPotholes and lots of them some deep some not.Reported

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