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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
4239710 Jan 2011Transport for LondonLarge pothole connected with drain Reported
4239610 Jan 2011Redcar and ClevelandSouth Bank RoadMultiple pot holes some serveral decimetres across and several centimeters deep along a 100m stretch of South Bank Road in front of the old Council / British Steel Offices. These are proving a signi…Fixed
4239510 Jan 2011SurreyManor RoadMASSIVE pothole.Reported
4239410 Jan 2011SurreyWalton RoadPotholeReported
4239310 Jan 2011HampshireSilchester Road TadleyBroken top surface across most of the width of the road about 5m in lengthReported
4239210 Jan 2011Cheshire EastA50PotholeFixed
4239110 Jan 2011SurreyWalton RoadLarge potholeReported
4239010 Jan 2011Cheshire EastA50PotholeFixed
4238910 Jan 2011MedwayCity WayThe is are large number of poy holes along the length of the road with many in clusters of 4 or 5Reported
4238810 Jan 2011Kingston-upon-HullAnnandale RoadNumerous potholes of various depths and widths. Causes vehicles to swerve into the opposite sides of the road in order to avoid them. All the speed bumps are breaking up and collapsingReported
4238710 Jan 2011SurreyWalton RoadTwo large pothles close together, opposite the entrance to the car parkFixed
4238610 Jan 2011TraffordMoss Vale road Stretford Urmston BorDeep pot holeReported
4238510 Jan 2011EdinburghSouth Charlotte STreetLarge area of uneven, rutted, badly patched road. A section which is meant to be for buses, cycles, taxi's only. Surface so poor have to cycle at snails pace.Reported
4238410 Jan 2011DudleyRacecourse Lane, Pedmore, StourbridgeA number of large potholes on the stretch of road named Racecourse Lane, Pedmore, Stourbridge, DudleyReported
4238310 Jan 2011EdinburghNorth Charlotte StPothole all the way around manhole coverReported
4238210 Jan 2011EdinburghBrandon Street/Dundas StLarge pothole at edge of bus stopReported
4238110 Jan 2011ManchesterWythenshawe RoadQuite a lot of pretty bad potholes on both sides of the road. Very harardous for cycling.Reported
4238010 Jan 2011HertfordshireMutton LaneDeep potholeReported
4237910 Jan 2011HertfordshireWagon RoadNumerous potholes - road surface breaking upReported
4237810 Jan 2011Transport for LondonSouthwark StreetPothole on Southwark StreetReported
4237710 Jan 2011Staffordshirekestrel drivetrip and vehicle hazard, could cause significant vehicle damage and accidentReported
4237610 Jan 2011FifeB981Number of potholes west side B981 2 miles after A921/B981 junction.Reported
4237510 Jan 2011DevonA 39potholesReported
4237410 Jan 2011West SussexCan't be missed, road in a dreadful state of disrepair.Reported
4237310 Jan 2011EdinburghBroughton RoadLarge T-shaped pothole cross full lane at junction. Unavoidable, could easily throw someone off a bicycle or chop their tyre up.Reported
4237210 Jan 2011SurreySmithy LanePrevious repair opened up. Large and dangerous to all road users. The whole road is in poor condition.Reported
4237110 Jan 2011St HelensPimbo RoadVarious potholes across both side of the roadFixed
4237010 Jan 2011West SussexA24 northbound, southwater, horshamPothole in centre of carriageway. There are several on this section of road. Previous repairs have re-opened. The entire section needs re-surfacing.Reported
4236910 Jan 2011LancashireBeacon LaneLarge previously repaired section of road full of pot holesFixed
4236810 Jan 2011EdinburghBroughton RoadSeries of deep potholes and uneven road surface. Hazardous for cyclists, forces them to middle of the road.Reported
4236710 Jan 2011OxfordshireTirrold Wayvery uneven road surface under a treeReported
4236610 Jan 2011EdinburghBroughton RoadLarge square cut out of road, partly filled with tarmac, but below the level of the road. Sharp edge could really damage wheel.Reported
4236510 Jan 2011LewishamA 2210 Brookmill RoadAwful potholes/ruts. This area was in very poor condition before the snow and has now deteriorated so it is ABSOLUTELY LETHAL FOR CYCLISTS. The potholes are too deep to go over so you have to swerv…Reported
4236410 Jan 2011EdinburghBrandon StreetLarge area of sunken road surface, handily highlighted with yellow spray paint for the last year, but never repaired.Reported
4236310 Jan 2011YorkNew Road HessayPothole at eastern edge of road just before turn in to Hessay Industrial Estate - New Road YO26 York City CouncilFixed
4236210 Jan 2011EdinburghQueen streetArea of very bumpy ground on corner - enough to throw cyclist off bicycleReported
4236110 Jan 2011EdinburghQueen streetLarge pothole, right where cyclists would go. Large area of cracked tarmac around it. Very dangerousReported
4236010 Jan 2011EdinburghQueen streetHuge pothole, next to manhole cover. Every single car that crosses the junction hits it. Reported last year, filled with some tarmac, but not compacted properly - not surprised it has come back again…Reported
4235910 Jan 2011CalderdaleShaw Wood Road / New Road / BroadgateSeries of pot holes on roadReported
4235810 Jan 2011EdinburghQueen StreetLarge, long pothole, right where cyclists wheels would go. Looks like two potholes have merged.Reported
4235710 Jan 2011CalderdaleHalifax RoadSeries of pot holes and loose tarmacReported
4235610 Jan 2011BuckinghamshireA4146Large pothole on A4146 on south carriageway approx 0.5 mile south of dagnall. highly dangerous, causing traffic to serve round it to avoid.Reported
4235510 Jan 2011LeedsBoston Spa High StreetHoleReported
4235410 Jan 2011East Riding of YorkshireMultiple pot holes plus lifted TarmacReported
4235310 Jan 2011West Sussexgay streetmany and various sized and shaped potholes - a couple large enough to cause vehicle tyre and wheel damageReported
4235210 Jan 2011Nottinghamshirethornton avenuepot holes for about 20mReported
4235110 Jan 2011Nottinghamshirethornton avenuepot holes for about 20mReported
4235010 Jan 2011West Sussexjunction of storrington, thakeham and rock roadsmany and various sized and shaped potholesReported
4234910 Jan 2011West Sussexhigh streetlarge holeReported
4234810 Jan 2011Wandsworthpriory lanepotholeReported

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