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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
722991 Nov 2012West SussexYapton LaneSurface layer of road missing.Reported
722981 Nov 2012West SussexToddington LaneSunken valve / manhole cover.Reported
722971 Nov 2012PlymouthDerriford RdHole in road by hospital entrance.Rejected
722961 Nov 2012Hammersmith and Fulhamputney bridgeReported failed pothole has strewn debris over pavement and carriageway, pothole was fill 7 days ago and had failed AGAIN after 4 days, it is not repaired yet.Reported
722951 Nov 2012CambridgeshireStretten Avenue, Cambridgetransverse pothole after road hump,Fixed
722941 Nov 2012Cheshire EastMoss Brow LaneLarge potholeReported
722931 Nov 2012Cheshire EastMoss LaneSeveral large potholesReported
722921 Nov 2012HertfordshireRoundabout Junction of A4147 and Swallowdale LaneTwo adjacent manholes at exit from roundabout, with large voids in surrounding tarmac. Very dangerous for cyclists, especially as when it is wet, they are under water and can't be seen.Reported
722911 Nov 2012North SomersetWhitecross road junction of Clifton RoadBroken down backfilling around man hole. Multiple holes, exposed frame likely to damage/trap cycle wheels causing fall or rtc in middle of cross roadsReported
722901 Nov 2012North Somerset31 Bournville RoadLarge pot hole thro top and previous surfaceReported
722891 Nov 2012BuryBedford Streetpotholes on Bedford Street. Tarmac is gone and the cobble stones are bare. Opposite of No. 21 Bedford Street.Reported
722881 Nov 2012West SussexPothole surrounding drain makes it very difficult to enter Laughton Road!Reported
722871 Nov 2012GlasgowArcherhill TerraceWorkmen have dug a trench across the entrance to my street. It is a very dangerous ramp approx 3inches deep. No signs have been put up. It could cause an accident. Especially for cyclists at night.Reported
722861 Nov 2012EdinburghWest shore roadHole in road at drain at kerbReported
7228531 Oct 2012South TynesideFollingsby Lane SunderlandFreshly cut (Today) hedge trimmings on roadFixed
7228431 Oct 2012GloucestershireMetz Way, GloucesterOn cycle route: wet leaves, broken glass, and brambles growing across cycle route at ground levelFixed
7228331 Oct 2012BromleyRookery Rd , Downe ,KentpotholeReported
7228231 Oct 2012SurreyHurstlands/Greenhurst LanepotholesReported
7228131 Oct 2012GloucestershireHigh Street (A4135), Cam, GloucestershireSunken drain coverFixed
7228031 Oct 2012SurreyMoorhouse RdpotholesReported
7227931 Oct 2012SurreyClacket lanemany potholes , road in a very poor conditionReported
7227831 Oct 2012SurreyPilgrims LanejunctionReported
7227731 Oct 2012zzz No action possiblePilgrims Waynumerous potholesRejected
7227631 Oct 2012KentPilgrims Waynumerous potholesReported
7227531 Oct 2012LancashireChurch LaneA rut forming in the centre of a trench cut into the road surface, its start to the finish of the bridge. See photo for more info.Reported
7227431 Oct 2012GlasgowRosyton RoadBadly damaged road surfaceReported
7227331 Oct 2012GlasgowCumbernauld RoadLarge pothole on the cycle lane, deep enough to puncture or damage wheelReported
7227231 Oct 2012GlasgowPothole around manholeReported
7227131 Oct 2012BarnetDeep and dangerous pot hole 8 inches deep could cause accident Reported
7227031 Oct 2012EdinburghDundas Street2 large potholes in close vicinity to each otherReported
7226931 Oct 2012SomersetHuntworth LaneThe road surface is now badly broken up almost across the entire road for a distance of 10 to 20 metres causing cyclists to swerve and possible damage to wheels. ( Particularly bad westbound ).Reported
7226831 Oct 2012Telford and WrekinHoles on edge of roadRejected
7226731 Oct 2012Telford and WrekinHoleFixed
7226631 Oct 2012Telford and WrekinPoorly maintained cycle path almost no room for bikeRejected
7226531 Oct 2012Telford and WrekinLong holesFixed
7226431 Oct 2012Telford and WrekinPot holeFixed
7226331 Oct 2012NorthumberlandRunnymede rdPotholes x 2Fixed
7226231 Oct 2012NorthumberlandRunnymede rdPotholeFixed
7226131 Oct 2012LiverpoolEdge Lane Drivesunken gridReported
7226030 Oct 2012NottinghamCoronation AvenueNumerous potholes along Coronation AvenueReported
7225930 Oct 2012NottinghamshireCompton Acres RoadCrumbling road surface with some potholesReported
7225830 Oct 2012WestminsterGrove End Road NW8 LondonDeep pothole. A danger to all road users.Reported
7225730 Oct 2012EdinburghLang Loanpatch of road surface approx 100 metres long of broken/rutted road 2 cyclists / 2 punctures / 1 bounced off and broken lightReported
7225630 Oct 2012WiganPepper LaneThe surface poorly repaired, see photo for more info.Reported
7225530 Oct 2012Transport for LondonA3 Kingston RoadMud on highwayReported
7225430 Oct 2012WiganPepper LaneA stretch of road surface, breaking up to the steady pounding of trucks. Has been patched in the past, now quickly deterioration.Fixed
7225330 Oct 2012WandsworthParkgate RoadLarge pothole in ground, broke my cycle wheel and almost knocked me into traffic so is a danger to cyclists.Reported
7225230 Oct 2012WiganPepper LaneAppears may have been a drain or some other cover, has been filled in and now the surface is deteriorating. See photo.Reported
7225130 Oct 2012WiganPepper LaneThe road surface is deteriorating due to over use by motor vehicles, see photo for more info.Reported
7225030 Oct 2012WiganBoundary/Pepper LaneThe road has become unevenness due to rut or gully, a pothole is starting to form, nearest to the kerb. See photo for more info.Reported

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