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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
4286114 Jan 2011North LanarkshireStirling Road A803Deep pothole in main road (eastbound) out of Kilsyth just where 30 mph limit changes. Don't know details as it was dark. Felt the shudder and heard the bang crash as my car wheel crashed into it.Reported
4286014 Jan 2011SheffieldOxford StreetVery large and deep pot hole in the middle of the road.Fixed
4285914 Jan 2011NottinghamshireWilley LN B600Old Pothole been filled a while ago, has now got bigger and have to go on the wrong side of road to avoid, its as multiple pot holes so below is total sizeReported
4285814 Jan 2011Highways AgencyA19 southboundSingle pothole that you hit after exiting the moor farm roundabout. Front left suspension is (suspected) broken after hitting it quite hard.Reported
4285614 Jan 2011DevonLimers LaneVarious large and deep potholesReported
4285514 Jan 2011HampshirePontail rd - Kings rdRe-appearing pothole at junction of Pondtail rd - Kings rd, Fleet. This patch has been poorly repaired before, leaving cracks around the edges. These have caused subsequent holes. 2nd hole further …Reported
4285414 Jan 2011LincolnshireB1176b1176 heading towards bitchfield in left handlane. About 1/2 mile before bitchfield just before some woods water is running of a field through on to th road and it has frozen intothe roads and blown …Reported
4285314 Jan 2011Transport for LondonBath Roadmultiple pot holes in roadReported
4285214 Jan 2011HillingdonBath Roadtarmac surrounding manhole cover has been compeletly worn away.Reported
4285114 Jan 2011Suffolkbrookes corner, queens hillThe road from the A143 to Chevington is now in a dangerous state, the whole road up to the cross roads in Chevington is riddled with potholes, ruts and an uneven road surface with the incorrect Cambe…Reported
4285014 Jan 2011Wakefieldb6128 - westfield roadA series of big pole holes. Big enough to cause damage to a car, or bike wheel.Reported
4284914 Jan 2011BuckinghamshireB488 Church RoadPothole in roadReported
4284814 Jan 2011BuckinghamshireB488Potholes in the RoadReported
4284714 Jan 2011BuckinghamshireLammas RoadVarious potholes at the top of Lammas Road, Cheddington - LU7 0RYReported
4284614 Jan 2011SurreyA322 Bagshot RoadSevere holes appearing in the carriageway causing damage to vehicles suspension and wheels.Reported
4284514 Jan 2011ConwyConway Road, Colwyn BayLarge pothole in the road. Top surface of the road has broken away, there is gravel on the pavements and in the road from it. Very dangerous as I have to turn right here and this pothole prevents m…In progress
4284414 Jan 2011West SussexB2145Pot HoleReported
4284314 Jan 2011West SussexB2145deep hole south bound B2145 at sidlesham common near bus stopFixed
4284214 Jan 2011OxfordshireB4012Top surface of road disintegrating. Soon to be pothole.Reported
4284114 Jan 2011CamdenTheobalds roadA mini assault course of potholes and sunken road next to the manhole coversReported
4284014 Jan 2011zzz No action possiblePothole arising from Winter weather.Rejected
4283914 Jan 2011HertfordshirePothole arising from Winter weather.Reported
4283814 Jan 2011HertfordshirePothole arising from Winter weather conditions.Reported
4283714 Jan 2011HertfordshirePothole/Road Structure Collapse due to poor installation/repair.Reported
4283614 Jan 2011HertfordshirePothole arising from Winter weatherReported
4283514 Jan 2011HertfordshireRoad Structure Damage requires filling, surfacing and levelling.Reported
4283414 Jan 2011HertfordshirePothole arising from sub zero temperatureReported
4283314 Jan 2011HertfordshirePothole due to erosion by weather conditionsReported
4283214 Jan 2011HertfordshireCollapsed Road StructureReported
4283114 Jan 2011South LanarkshireRockhampton AveLarge PotholeReported
4283014 Jan 2011Transport for LondonKennington Park Road (A3)Pothole in patchwork road surface (see photo)Reported
4282914 Jan 2011Transport for LondonBrixton Road (A23)Pothole at RH edge of bus lane (see photo)Reported
4282814 Jan 2011Hartlepoolstation lanepotholeFixed
4282714 Jan 2011Hartlepoolseaton lanepotholeFixed
4282614 Jan 2011Transport for LondonBrixton Road (A23)Potholes on edge of trench along RH edge of bus lane near junction (see photo)Reported
4282514 Jan 2011Hartlepoolelizabeth way junctionspotholesFixed
4282414 Jan 2011Transport for LondonBrixton Road (A23)Potholes and bumpy patchwork road surface (see photo)Reported
4282314 Jan 2011Transport for LondonBrixton Road (A23)Potholes and bumpy patchwork road surface (see photo)Reported
4282213 Jan 2011BoltonHuge hole on the road on the left hand side when travelling towards the railway bridge Fixed
4282113 Jan 2011Kentballards hillold pothole repaired now disintegratingReported
4282013 Jan 2011Perth and KinrossLangsidehole in roadReported
4281913 Jan 2011DerbyshireSheffield RoadLarge pot hole close to the central white line. steer left to avoid it and drive into another one on the left hand side. On the bend and difficult to avoid due to speed of other drivers. This is one …Reported
4281813 Jan 2011Wandsworthpriory laneseries of holes roughley 2m by 2mReported
4281713 Jan 2011PlymouthMiller WayLarge pot hole on rounaboutFixed
4281613 Jan 2011OxfordshireKennylands Roaddeep elongated hole laterally across roadReported
4281513 Jan 2011CaerphillySt Mary Streetsquare edged potholeReported
4281413 Jan 2011WorcestershireEvesham roadA large scab of tarmac missing in the roadway; that also has a deeper hole within it that goes some 4 to 5 inches deep revealing the aggregate below the road surface. Particular hazzard to cyclistsReported
4281313 Jan 2011GlasgowDelvin RoadEntire section of road is uneven and full of holesReported
4281213 Jan 2011CumbriaUnclassifedSeries of potholes along unclassified road.Fixed

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