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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
674374 May 2012Dumfries and GallowayPotholeReported
674364 May 2012Dumfries and GallowayPotholeReported
674354 May 2012Dumfries and GallowayPothole Reported
674344 May 2012HertfordshireA507largeReported
674334 May 2012North SomersetCollapse of road on bend near entrance to schoolReported
674324 May 2012West SussexJunction of Church Road and Billingshurst RoadPothole in Left hand lane exiting Church Road into Billingshurst RoadReported
674314 May 2012West SussexBroadbridge Heath RoadSeveral holes on or near verge on southbound carriageway of Warnham to Broadbridge Heath road about 10m north of turning right into Byfleets Lane. Riding these could easily throw me off my bike.Reported
674304 May 2012EalingActon Lane / Bollo Lane mini roundaboutPothole on miniroundabout. Middle of carriageway.Reported
674294 May 2012SalfordBack Hilton Street,Hilton St.West,Wellington St.WestBack Hilton Street and Hilton Street North all the way long from Knoll Street B6187 to Great Cheetham Street East A576 is regularly repaired but at all time after few weeks after filling holes in roa…Reported
674284 May 2012SurreyApprox 600 long by 300 wide by 100 deepReported
674274 May 2012CambridgeshireFowlmere RoadA large pot hole in the middle of the lane.Fixed
674264 May 2012SomersetSeries of large potholes Reported
674254 May 2012HampshireThere are several pot holes along Boyneswood Road including a very deep one approx where I marked where the pavement has been brought out around a tree. The council have recently installed a pavement…Reported
674244 May 2012HertfordshireBroad Court, Welwyn Garden CityVery large pothole, difficult to avoid.Reported
674234 May 2012ManchesterPothole Reported
674224 May 2012PowysSeries of potholes on the near side from Upper Chapel towards Lower ChapelReported
674214 May 2012West SussexLordings LaneLarge pothole, 100m of poor surfaceReported
674204 May 2012SomersetFlood Reported
674194 May 2012Cheshire EastCrewe RoadPotholes keep getting repaired and get bigger and bigger every year. Usually repaired and they reappear a few weeks laterReported
674184 May 2012Cheshire EastSydney RoadPot hole right where the tyres would goReported
674174 May 2012CumbriaA5093 at THE HILL, MILLOM.Quite a deep pothole appeared suddenly.Reported
674164 May 2012Surreya large pothole about 50/60cm long by 30cm wide which has been filled in before, about 60cm in from curb. Everybody serves to avoid it in daylight as road unlight, hit it a night. could knock off …Reported
674154 May 2012ShropshireShepherd's LaneWhat I first noticed as a small, round hole a few months ago has increased in size and becoming more and more of a hazard.Fixed
674144 May 2012LeedsRun of holes about 100 yards long. EXTREMELY hazardous to cyclists as there is no alternative route. As a cyclist you are forced into the middle lane if you are going straight on and the inside of th…Fixed
674134 May 2012East SussexJust a regular pothole Reported
674124 May 2012CumbriaPeter Gate, CotehillHoles in road, possibly bad restoration.Reported
674114 May 2012ManchesterOatlands RoadHole caused by damage to existing road repairFixed
674104 May 2012DevonRut appears across road near near build homes also road been repaired to a very poor standard very uneven surface Reported
674094 May 2012DevonVery large pothole Reported
674084 May 2012PlymouthPot hole getting bigger at the lights of ham road.Fixed
674074 May 2012GloucestershireOldends LaneAppalling series of pot holes across the whole width of road in some places! Repairs have been made up to the Dairy Crest entrance and stopped...... Hazard is between Dairy Crest and the Spa Pub in…In progress
674064 May 2012RotherhamA631 Tickhill RoadPotholes openining up, rutted surface, rough surface, poor drainage and debris carried across road in rain.Reported
674054 May 2012RotherhamGypsy LanePotholes and rotten road surface - full width of road, lengthy section - a range of hazards from potholes to ripples and deformed surface. Uncomfortable in a car, downright dangerous on a bicycle.Reported
674044 May 2012StaffordshireCharles Knowle Lane, Rushton SpencerThe whole of our lane (400mtrs) is full of serious, wide and deep potholes all over the lane. We cycle up and down this lane frequently and it is really dangerous to cyclists.Reported
674034 May 2012BedfordWick End bury End Road, StagsdenThere are 6 very large, very deep potholes that are making the road almost impassable. These potholes have grown rapidly over the last 2 weeks and if it continues over the next 2 weeks the road will …Fixed
674024 May 2012GlasgowMaryhill RdRoad surface breaking up. Multiple wide, shallow potholes, size is for biggest individual one only.Fixed
674014 May 2012OxfordshireBreakup around storm drainReported
674004 May 2012GlasgowMaryhill RdPotholeFixed
673994 May 2012Cheshire Eastkay laneOuside the drive of 1 Kay Lane Lymm Cheshire WA13 0TN. it is deep and full of water and is possibly a broken drain from the brook that is either side of the driveReported
673984 May 2012SolihullHolly Lane Balsall CommonTwo holes at edge of roadReported
673974 May 2012WarwickshireA4177 Birmingham Road Five ways.Adjacent to the entrance to the farm shop.Reported
673964 May 2012SuffolkOrford Road/ B1078Due to recent heavy rain, a lot of sand and gravel has been washed on the road over a 100m stretch of road (shallow S-bends ) between Tunstall village and Tunstall CommonFixed
673954 May 2012Kenttemple waythere are a couple of large pot holes in my road that are causing some problemsReported
673944 May 2012North YorkshireDunkeswick LaneMany, many potholes and incredibly uneven road surface.Reported
673934 May 2012OxfordshireA420Double pot hole - car width apart so both wheels have to go into the hoes or else you need to swerve onto the other side of the road.Fixed
673924 May 2012WandsworthWestbridge RoadTwo potholes near curb on Westbridge Road near junction with Sunbury LaneReported
673914 May 2012WandsworthEarlsfield RoadHole on speed hump big enough to buckle wheel outside 139-ish Earlsfield RoadReported
673904 May 2012Telford and WrekinMafeking RoadNumerous potholes. One in particular well over 60mm depth.Rejected
673893 May 2012BarnetA1 Barnet wayQuite a few large Potholes on the right hand lane, southbound from Stirling Corner on the A1 to Apex Corner. There are a few.Reported
673883 May 2012Windsor and MaidenheadWaltham RoadSevere erosion around drain coverReported

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