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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
6915920 Jun 2012SurreyA248 New RoadLHS of road moving East, drain and surrounding road sunken and breaking up.Reported
6915820 Jun 2012LambethNormanhurst RoadSeries of deep pot holes in the middle of the road. Some larger than others all very serious. All quite deep.Reported
6915720 Jun 2012SurreyB2128 Church hilllong section of road so severely degraded as to make cycling hazardous, especially as around blind bend.Reported
6915620 Jun 2012SurreyB2128Sever linear break-up of surfaceReported
6915520 Jun 2012SurreyCranleigh Rdroad been patched around manhole cover, leaving cover with sections missing.Reported
6915420 Jun 2012Surreyb2128Botched repair of drain on Roundabout surface sunken to dangerous levelReported
6915320 Jun 2012Surreyb2128Deep pothole through to gravel under road of extreme danger to cyclistsReported
6915220 Jun 2012Northumberlandunnamed road north west of Limehouse Lane near PontelandNumerous potholes of a worsening state over a approx 500m stretch of road making it almost impossible to avoid one without hitting another.Fixed
6915120 Jun 2012Cheshire EastCongleton Roadnumerous potholes and rutsReported
6915020 Jun 2012Cheshire EastFlash Lanepothole right on the cycling lineFixed
6914920 Jun 2012StaffordshireMain Street Stretton Burton-on-TrentDANGEROUS PotholeReported
6914820 Jun 2012EalingVictoria Road, Acton, LondonLarge pothole located on the lane markings between the 1st and 2nd lane in a difficult one way system. A perfect hazard for an unwary cyclist finding their way round stationary trafficReported
6914720 Jun 2012BristolRichmond Roadpothole outside 144 Richmond Road Montpelier BS6 5ERFixed
6914620 Jun 2012LeedsA660/Woodhouse LaneSunken cover, cracked road surface, clangs whenever a vehicle passes.Reported
6914520 Jun 2012LeedsA660/Otley RoadA chain of large potholes where road surface is crumbling.Reported
6914420 Jun 2012West SussexGreen Lane/Hillfield RoadFoliage on both sides of the road have reduced Green Lane at the access to the main road (Hillfield Road) to one narrow lane. It is now dangerous both entering and leaving Green Lane, and cars are be…Reported
6914320 Jun 2012SurreyAldershot roadA pothole approximately 2 or 3 feet from the kerb, about 15 to 20 feet before the right hand bend. A further pothole/crack is present as you have begun turning into the right hand bend, about 30 f…Reported
6914220 Jun 2012Cheshire EastBonis Hall Lanepothole surrounding grid, right on the cycling lineFixed
6914119 Jun 2012BromleyWest common rdpoorly mainted old trench workRejected
6914019 Jun 2012BromleyBourne Way ,Hayes ,Kentthe 'outside' of the bend had been pushed up into a series of ripplesRejected
6913919 Jun 2012BromleyWood Lodge Lanelarge patches of road surface missingRejected
6913819 Jun 2012HaveringPothole in pavement on path under railway line. Not very visible at night so hazardous to pedestrians.Fixed
6913719 Jun 2012ShropshireDarliston to Fauls road near Whitchurch, ShropshireDrain or waterpipe repaired. Tarmac suface above repair site is sinking.....again!Fixed
6913619 Jun 2012SurreyBroken road surface in area of previous patching. Deepening pothole exposed. Dangerous to cyclists and cars. Thiis is only the worst in a series of defects along about 200m on this roadFixed
6913519 Jun 2012Islingtonessex roada pothole has developed around a drainFixed
6913419 Jun 2012SurreyBlackmans Roadstretch of poorly maintained road surfaceReported
6913319 Jun 2012SurreyApproach rdthe 'give-way' dotted lines have been over-painted so many time that they are a series of humpsReported
6913219 Jun 2012SurreyB269 Croydon Rdold trench work has sunken and now has a series of potholesReported
6913119 Jun 2012SurreyB269 Croydon Rdlarge potholeReported
6913019 Jun 2012EalingGully cover disturbedFixed
6912919 Jun 2012PortsmouthPortsdown hillpot hole in middle of the road causing a split in my tyre so having to fork out 100 for a new tyre!!!GREATReported
6912819 Jun 2012North YorkshireB6265Very, very bad corrugated road surface. Extremely dangerousReported
6912719 Jun 2012Cheshire EastBexton RoadSurface of raised red coloured section of road, "speed hump", badly broken up and potholed. Almost throws a cyclist of the bike and impossible to avoid without dismounting. This has been reported bef…Reported
6912619 Jun 2012EdinburghDiabolical road surface all the way along Chambers Street Eastbound. Substandard attempts have been made at repairs, but the road needs resurfacing from scratch before a cyclist gets knocked off and …Reported
6912519 Jun 2012EssexLarge pothole around drainFixed
6912419 Jun 2012EssexSeriously loose / jutting out paving kerbstones. A particular hazard to pedestrians in this unlit street. Also high risk of wheel and tyre damage to vehicles. Reported
6912319 Jun 2012North YorkshireHilltop LaneLarge hole, which also floods to make large water nuisance . It is on a blind bend. Also gravel on road nearby It is difficult to sure of true size due to lot of waterReported
6912219 Jun 2012WarwickshireA4177 Birmingham Road HattonFootpath Blocked by fallen tree.Reported
6912119 Jun 2012WarwickshireA4177 Birmingham Road HattonOverhanging branchwes blocking the cycle track. It is dangerous you have to cycle close to traffic to get around it.Reported
6912019 Jun 2012WarwickshireA4177 Birmingham Road HattonCover has moved from its current seating exposing the manhole.Reported
6911919 Jun 2012OxfordshireMorrell Ave, OxfordPothole, south side Morrell Ave, nearest house number is 110. Surface of whole length of Morrell Ave, south side, is badly degraded. Going downhill very bumpy.Reported
6911819 Jun 2012EssexUlting Road, NounsleyRoughly circular pothole in road surfaceReported
6911719 Jun 2012Gloucestershire2" deep potholeReported
6911619 Jun 2012LeedsA660/Woodhouse LaneLarge pothole near kerb.Reported
6911519 Jun 2012LeedsA660/Woodhouse LaneExposed edge of inspection cover where road surface has broken away around it.Reported
6911419 Jun 2012ShropshireA41 jcn A53 foot by 1.5 foot hole that was reported to both the Highways Agency and Shropshire CC a fortnight ago. the hole has previuosly been repaired several times and is on a roundabout jcn of A41 with A5 …Reported
6911319 Jun 2012North SomersetA368Growing pothole in middle of roadReported
6911219 Jun 2012EssexRoad surface breaking up. Reported
6911118 Jun 2012Essexvilla road, stanway, colchestera big pot hole outside stanway liberary.Reported
6911018 Jun 2012West SussexBackwood LAnepotholeReported

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