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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
7023425 Jul 2012DevonPoltimore parkVery deep & large hole at side of roadFixed
7023325 Jul 2012EssexHigh Roaddeep pothole several feet squareReported
7023225 Jul 2012Hampshirereabarn closepot hole and lose debrisReported
7023125 Jul 2012GatesheadHolyoake GdnsPothole and loose gravelFixed
7023025 Jul 2012HampshireCrondall Lane, FarnhamAppears too late to avoid, and a danger to cyclists.Reported
7022925 Jul 2012StockportHeaton Moor RdA recent repair is deterioratingFixed
7022825 Jul 2012Wandsworth1m in length about 10cm deep!!! Reported
7022725 Jul 2012WandsworthHuge hole in road about 1m in diameter Reported
7022625 Jul 2012GlasgowHillington Rd SouthAdvanced stop lines at junction not repainted after replaced road surfaceReported
7022525 Jul 2012MertonThere is a huge void below this hole. Needs sorting urgent.Reported
7022425 Jul 2012CaerphillyBig pothole requiring attention. Fixed
7022325 Jul 2012EssexChelmsford roadmassive pot hole very dangerous if cycling, needs urgent attention as a friend of mind went down it today and cracked his wheel!!Reported
7022225 Jul 2012DoncasterCockhill Field LnLarge potholeFixed
7022125 Jul 2012KirkleesWhite HillA tarmac surface has been placed over cobbles some time ago and is now all breaking up and making the road very potholey and patchy. It is also under a railway tunnel on a steep slope. I have to virt…Reported
7022025 Jul 2012Redcar and ClevelandWilton LaneA series of potholes and poorly patched tarmac on a downhill stretch of country lane. Some are large enough to accommodate whole cycle wheels. This is a fast downhill section of a narrow country la…Fixed
7021925 Jul 2012LeedsDean LaneIt looks and feels like a paving slab that has been ever so slowly rising but has now got to the point that if you hit it at anything over about 15mph it will damage a car wheel. It's on the right si…Reported
7021825 Jul 2012HerefordshireNonameA series of potholes and other imperfections over the length of the lane.Reported
7021725 Jul 2012North YorkshireOtley Road, Beckwithshaw - B6162Beckwithshaw at jubction of B6161 and B6162 Batch of large potholes on busy junction. Difficult to avoid cars wothout the addition of potholes to negotiate.Fixed
7021625 Jul 2012OxfordshirePotholes have developed (once again) on a poorly repaired trench recently dug across the road.Reported
7021525 Jul 2012DerbyshireStation Road/Alvenor StreetHole appeared next to a drain coverFixed
7021425 Jul 2012South GloucestershireHortham Lane junction with A38 AlmondsburyTraffic signals not detecting cycle on approach and not changingReported
7021325 Jul 2012South GloucestershireBerwick Lane, Compton Greenfield, Bristol (on Avon Cycleway)Potholes and uneven surfaces over approx 1/2 mile of the Avon CyclewayReported
7021225 Jul 2012StockportBirkdale RdSuccession of potholes, one in particular is a hazard to cyclistsReported
7021125 Jul 2012East DunbartonshireMilngavie RdRapidly developing potholeFixed
7021025 Jul 2012East DunbartonshireManse RdSeveral potholes along edge of old repair on South side of the road, and one on the North sideFixed
7020925 Jul 2012Northumberlandseveral holes along the minor road,from bolam lake to harnham. also a cattle grid in a dangerous collapsed stateFixed
7020825 Jul 2012EssexThis area is directly adjacent to hole #70207, these two holes cause traffic to swerve in to oncoming traffic Reported
7020725 Jul 2012EssexHole approx 10-12 inches deep extending 1-2 feet into road, this hole is less than a cars width from another hole in the centre of the road causing traffic to swerve onto the right hand side of road,…Reported
7020625 Jul 2012EssexRoadway caved in due to small hole not being repaired previously Reported
7020525 Jul 2012DerbyLondon road ( West side)Pothole in waiting area for cyclists before traffic lightsFixed
7020425 Jul 2012CumbriaSt John's StreetSmall but deep pothole hazardous to cyclistsFixed
7020325 Jul 2012BuckinghamshireNorthchurch LaneNumerous potholesReported
7020225 Jul 2012WiltshireB3089Large hole formed - road has disintegrated next to large drain cover leaving large deep hole. Two days ago a a section of the road broke away from side of the drain, 24 hrs later it has tripled in si…Reported
7020125 Jul 2012BarnetFitzjohn Ave2M kerb, needs to be reset.Reported
7020025 Jul 2012BarnetFitzjohn Avecw potholeReported
7019924 Jul 2012EdinburghVery bad pothole at traffic lights. Electrical cables exposed on road!Reported
7019824 Jul 2012StaffordshireCheadle Road, Altonlarge pothole on edge of road on dangerous bendReported
7019724 Jul 2012HampshireBramley RoadThis is more of a craterReported
7019624 Jul 2012LancashireHole 250mm x 250mm x 50mm deep in centre of roadway. Reported
7019524 Jul 2012EssexWorn out section of road surface resulting in two areas where Tarmac layer is gone completely. Serious hazard on junction Reported
7019424 Jul 2012EssexSeam in road pavement eroded (no Tarmac in it)Reported
7019324 Jul 2012EssexPrevious street works for something have sunk. Rut/hole extends 4 metres across roadReported
7019224 Jul 2012EssexLarge hole striding from frost and vehicle wear. Size and depth of hole is serious danger to all road users especially two wheeled Reported
7019124 Jul 2012Leicestershire'Murder bump' fitted in carriageway - a speed bump in sections with gaps insufficiently wide for a trike to ride between them. Forcing partial mounting of the bump risking death or serious injury to …Reported
7019024 Jul 2012LincolnshireDeep pot hole adjoining drain on busy roadReported
7018924 Jul 2012Hammersmith and FulhamDeep pothole at location of 3 small water manholes.Reported
7018824 Jul 2012Devoncoach roadpothole at the side of the roadReported
7018724 Jul 2012WarwickshireA426On the A426 between the A5 and Junction 1 of the M6, there are potholes, crumbing road surfaces and sinking drainage grids.Reported
7018624 Jul 2012BristolVale Lane/Headley Lane junctionJunction of vale lane going onto headley lane there is a large pothole.Fixed
7018524 Jul 2012KentHogtrough Hillnumerous potholesReported

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