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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
4349018 Jan 2011EssexB1393 (London Rd)A massive pot hole in the roadReported
4348918 Jan 2011GatesheadA1MPotholes and uneven road surfacesRejected
4348818 Jan 2011BuckinghamshireIver LanePotholeReported
4348718 Jan 2011BuckinghamshireNorthchurch Lane (Hog Lane on some maps)Some deep potholes have appeared outside 'The House in the Wood' were earlier poor pothole repairs have failed.Reported
4348618 Jan 2011Transport for LondonSEVEN SISTERS ROADCouple of pothole on westboundReported
4348518 Jan 2011EdinburghA71Broken tarmac surrounding manholeReported
4348418 Jan 2011HertfordshireNorfolk Waylots of little onesReported
4348318 Jan 2011Vale of GlamorganB4268Large trench like holeFixed
4348218 Jan 2011West LothianA71Deep hole, previously fixedFixed
4348118 Jan 2011CroydonFrant road, Thornton HeathThere are a number of deep potholes in Frant Road and a particularly large one at the junction of Meadow View RoadReported
4348018 Jan 2011NorthumberlandAlemouth RoadThe road is breaking up where previous road repairs have eroded and cracked leaving large potholes and uneven road surface which causes a danger to cyclists. Cyclists are forced to move out into the …Rejected
4347918 Jan 2011LeedsA64A large pothole around a drain providing a hazard to car, cyle and motor cycle usersReported
4347818 Jan 2011BristolCumberland Rd2 potholes close to each other. One is huge and could be a major hazard to a cyclist particularly one with small wheelsFixed
4347718 Jan 2011Cheshire EastCornfields RoadMultiple potholes (at least 5) and some subsidence in a single track roadFixed
4347618 Jan 2011BuckinghamshireClifford roadA series of large potholes on road heavily used by school traffic.Traffic having to drive on wrong side of road to miss them.Road is Clifford road in Princes risborough.Reported
4347518 Jan 2011BuckinghamshireNo name, leads on from "Perry Hill"Nasty pothole on the road between Edgecott Village/ Calvert and Gawcott Village. Close to the sharp bend. Left hand side heading to Gawcott. Is in urgent need of repair, as it is round a bend it is e…Reported
4347418 Jan 2011Rhondda Cynon TaffChurch Road TontegSeveral potholes over 5 - 10 metres of road alongside where previous road repairs have taken placeReported
4347318 Jan 2011HaringeyPark RoadA very wide and deep pothole, close to the curb on a narrow, busy section on Park Road in Crouch End.Reported
4347218 Jan 2011Kenthunton hilllarge pot hole and road surface breaking upReported
4347118 Jan 2011Transport for LondonUpper StreetSeries of potholes at junction of Upper Street and City Road --- very busy junction and these potholes are adding to an already dangerous place.Reported
4347018 Jan 2011Kentheath roadpot hole right opposite speed limiting obsticalReported
4346918 Jan 2011WandsworthPutney BridgeVast hole on Putney Bridge Southbound, at the crest of the bridge, in the bus lane, spreading to the main carriagewayReported
4346818 Jan 2011Kentamsbury roadpot hole and road surface breaking up slowly getting largerReported
4346718 Jan 2011HampshireHeath RoadPothole worn right through to hardcore below tarmac.Fixed
4346618 Jan 2011Kentamsbury roadlarge pot hole in the roadReported
4346518 Jan 2011SurreyRanmore Common RoadA pothole about 18 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. On Ranmore common, close to Ranmore lodgeReported
4346418 Jan 2011EssexA13 London Road West boundVery Deep pothole, about 30cm long 20cm wide and about 5cm deepReported
4346318 Jan 2011Brighton and HoveTo Stanmer VillageOn road leading up to Stanmer Village, Nurseries, etc.; There are an excessive number of potholes, with debris, making cycing exceedingly hazardous, especially in heavy rain as puddles obscure pothol…Reported
4346218 Jan 2011KentValley Road, FawkhamHedge sticking out on the road keeps scrating my carReported
4346118 Jan 2011North SomersetMill LaneAbout a 3rd of the road is missingReported
4346018 Jan 2011Transport for LondonYork RoadThere are a large number of potholes along York Road between Waterloo & Westminster Bridges. Both sides of the road are bad, but the south side of the road (from Waterloo Bridge to Westminster Bridg…Reported
4345918 Jan 2011KentAsh Road ,Longfield3 big pot holes togetherReported
4345818 Jan 2011EssexHigh StreetSunken manhole cover by traffic light stop line on high streetReported
4345718 Jan 2011KentCastle Hill, Hartley, KentBig pot hole near the old peoples home as you driving down from church roadReported
4345618 Jan 2011Sheffieldhollowgate and fosters wayseveral potholes and those that have been filled are very unevenIn progress
4345518 Jan 2011EssexB1038Potholes on centre line of road entire length of villageReported
4345418 Jan 2011Wirralgreasby roadroughly 10metres in length, 5cm in depth and covers half of the carriage wayReported
4345318 Jan 2011CambridgeshireWadloes RoadPotholes running the length of a scar in the road surface.Reported
4345218 Jan 2011Oldhamoldham roadpotholes in roadRejected
4345118 Jan 2011OxfordshireOutside 61 Lea Road Sonning Common RG4 9LHA very large hole, its bottom filled with rough stones. If a cyclist hits thiss it could topple him.Reported
4345018 Jan 2011LeicestershireSouth DriveBig Pothole degrading.Reported
4344918 Jan 2011KentThe Lees ClosePothole in roadReported
4344818 Jan 2011OxfordshireLower Roadbig holeReported
4344718 Jan 2011North SomersetThe LynchEver expanding pothole on a bad corner, on approach to old railway bridge, which is impossible to avoid unless risking hitting an oncoming car.Reported
4344618 Jan 2011OxfordshireWroslyn RoadMultiple deep holes and surface damageReported
4344518 Jan 2011LeedsWhingate Junction B6154Various potholes. Some have been filled in but have sunk and need re-filling. Some are recent.Reported
4344418 Jan 2011LancashireChapel Lanesunken manhole, sharp edges and holeReported
4344318 Jan 2011Lancashiresouth side carriagewaysunken manhole, sharp edges and holeFixed
4344218 Jan 2011WiltshireEarls Court RoadThere's been a large pothole on this road for some time (at least two years), but I've recently noticed that lumps of tarmac seem to be working their way out of it and left to lie on the road nearby.Reported
4344118 Jan 2011Dudleylinwood roadlarge dinner plate size holes by 6 inches deep all over the road from the gutter to the middle of the road you cannot avoid them at all, the entrance to road was cut out and redone but holes have re…Reported

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