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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
5197117 Mar 2011East AyrshireCompletely worn out road. Potholed. Needs resurfacing. Reported
5197017 Mar 2011East RenfrewshireUtterly disgraceful road condition littered with dozens of deep, car damaging potholes. Reported
5196917 Mar 2011CamdenKing Henry's RoadThe whole street is a succession of trenches every 50 meters.Reported
5196817 Mar 2011RenfrewshireUtterly disgraceful road riddled with deep potholes. Reported
5196717 Mar 2011AberdeenA956 roundabout at top of beach boulevardPothole in one lane of the roundaboutReported
5196617 Mar 2011AberdeenMarket StreetPotholesReported
5196517 Mar 2011HampshirePothole before pedestrian crossing Reported
5196417 Mar 2011BuckinghamshirePothole with additional pothole!Reported
5196317 Mar 2011BuckinghamshirePothole developed from previous patching. Reported
5196217 Mar 2011KirkleesHagg Hill LanePotholes, worn gullies in road and generally poor road surface after ineffective repairs in previous yearsReported
5196117 Mar 2011AberdeenVictoria RoadSeveral potholes heading "up" Victoria Road away from the city centreReported
5196017 Mar 2011WandsworthHuge pothole - many others on coliston and brathway road SW 18Reported
5195917 Mar 2011AberdeenVictoria RoadPothole in road now exposing cobbles beneath tarmac.Reported
5195817 Mar 2011AberdeenVictoria RoadSunekn road surface as you go onto the bridge over the river on Victoria RoadReported
5195717 Mar 2011AberdeenMarket StreetVery obvious rut in main junction of Market Street / Virginia Street and Guild StreetReported
5195617 Mar 2011AberdeenMarket StreetPothole in road just as the two lanes along Market Street heading towards the city centre split into 3. It's on the left hand side near the kerb and poses a risk risk to cyclists who are trying to ai…Reported
5195517 Mar 2011CoventryPot hole repaired but condition has worsened torn my tyres Fixed
5195417 Mar 2011LiverpoolDelamore StreetpotholeReported
5195317 Mar 2011LiverpoolDelamore StreetPotholeReported
5195217 Mar 2011LiverpoolKirkdale ValePothole and a large amount of gravel on the road surfaceReported
5195117 Mar 2011LiverpoolHall LaneSunken manholeReported
5195017 Mar 2011LiverpoolMarmaduke StreetPothole near junction with Church Mount but in general the road surface is in a very poor condition ( uneven and ruts from previous repairs ) right along Marmaduke Street from Edge Lane up to Wavertr…Reported
5194917 Mar 2011LiverpoolWoodhouse ClosePotholeReported
5194817 Mar 2011LiverpoolDelamore StreetPotholeReported
5194717 Mar 2011LiverpoolDelamore StreetPotholeReported
5194617 Mar 2011LiverpoolCarisbrooke RoadPotholes and sunken manholesReported
5194517 Mar 2011LiverpoolHarlech Streetseries of potholesReported
5194417 Mar 2011LiverpoolCounty RoadPotholeReported
5194317 Mar 2011CambridgeshireLarge, deep pothole.Reported
5194217 Mar 2011LiverpoolMount Vernon GreenPotholesReported
5194117 Mar 2011LiverpoolLeeds StreetPotholeReported
5194017 Mar 2011LiverpoolBedford Roadrut across the road surfaceReported
5193917 Mar 2011West SussexTitmus drivePotholeFixed
5193817 Mar 2011Lancashire4 inch or more deep pothole in line of cycling just on corner was reported before and seemed to be filled in with loose gravel which has now spread over the road on corner so as well as a pothole the…Fixed
5193717 Mar 2011AberdeenshireB993Large single pothole on NW side of the roadFixed
5193617 Mar 2011BirminghamGolden Hillock RoadAlong the entire stretch of road from the roundabout to the Coventry Road there are gullys running across the road at regular intervalsReported
5193517 Mar 2011BirminghamGolden Hillock RoadGully across road with associated potholesReported
5193417 Mar 2011BirminghamWalford Rd.Deep pothole close to junctionReported
5193217 Mar 2011HackneyOld Street/Hackney RoadSunken manhole at shoreditch crossingReported
5193317 Mar 2011Transport for LondonOld Street/Hackney RoadSunken manhole at shoreditch crossingReported
5193117 Mar 2011HaringeyPotholeReported
5193017 Mar 2011Transport for LondonNew Cross RoadPothole around metal coverReported
5192917 Mar 2011HighlandPotehole due to a poor repair job Reported
5192817 Mar 2011EssexPothole outside :Fairholme:, Highland Avenue, Brentwood, CM15 9DD. Highland AvenueReported
5192717 Mar 2011WestminsterKensington RoadCollapsed drain and surrounding road surface (2x)Reported
5192617 Mar 2011GloucestershireFowler's Hill Quenington to Hambidge Lane LechladeNot a hazard. An advance thank you for fixing numerous hazards. Noticed all the white paint on the road between Quenington and Lechlade. Not only are all the potholes going to be fixed, it looks l…Fixed
5192517 Mar 2011West DunbartonshireA8014Pothole where the road goes into one lane going rouind the corner. Damaged my car and ruined my driveshaft.Reported
5192417 Mar 2011OldhamLarge potholes in centre of road. Reported
5192317 Mar 2011GlasgowBadly potholed road Paisley bound from sainsburys. Damaging cars. Reported
5192217 Mar 2011LiverpoolWalton RoadpotholeReported

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