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IDAddedsort iconAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
662859 Apr 2012NorthamptonshireLarge pothole which is increasing in size Reported
662849 Apr 2012PlymouthQueens Gate MewsLarge pothole in centre of cobbled roadFixed
662839 Apr 2012NorwichBad potholes in otherwise good road, in dangerous line for cyclistsFixed
662829 Apr 2012BarnetNo working drains due to them all blocked causing cars to aqua plane A406 east prior to The junction with a1 Reported
662819 Apr 2012PowysA 44 TRUNK ROAD WORCESTER > ABERYSTWYTHSubstantial section, c 300m of very rough broken road surface on A 44 main trunk road just east of New Radnor. The rough section contains patched up repairs, broken top surface, and several pothole…Reported
662809 Apr 2012LeedsTarmac broken by lack of maintenance Reported
662799 Apr 2012DerbyshireDeep pothole in middle of road/junction. Hazard to all road usersFixed
662789 Apr 2012BrentAll drains are blocked causing small puddles then big puddles at btm of hill Traffic going towards Sudbury Reported
662779 Apr 2012LiverpoolSpeke Hall AvenueA huge hole deliberately dug to block a right of way between Hercules Drive and Speke Hall Avenue. See . The blocked path (Bailey's Lane see map) comes o…Reported
662769 Apr 2012GatesheadTarmac broken up revealing sub surface also breaking up causing a growing pothole to formRejected
662759 Apr 2012SurreyShallow but large potholeReported
662748 Apr 2012DerbyshireOxcroft Lane BolsoverRoad Surface BrokenReported
662738 Apr 2012DerbyshireWhaley RoadBadly repaired potholesReported
662728 Apr 2012DerbyshireOxcroft Lane from Mansfield Road Clowne / BolsoverPothole just prior to bend on nearside (coming from Mansfield Road towards Oxcroft Lane). 40cm x 40 cm and about 10cm deep !!Reported
662718 Apr 2012SurreyMerrow St.Many shallow potholes along the length of this road. They have been outlined in white paint for months, but little work has been done to fix them. Some are deep enough to be dangerous to cyclists in …Fixed
662708 Apr 2012CamdenUpper Woburn PlaceVery deep potholes surrounding several manholes along Upper Woburn Place Southbound.Reported
662698 Apr 2012LincolnshireB1202 - Church Hillpotholes and uneven surface forcing the cyclist towards the middle of the road.Reported
662688 Apr 2012SurreyGrovehill RoadPothole in road surface in the middle of the road.Reported
662678 Apr 2012EssexRuts and uneven surfaceReported
662668 Apr 2012StaffordshirePotholeFixed
662658 Apr 2012LewishamLee ParkNumerous potholes at the top of Lee park for around 50 metresReported
662648 Apr 2012HighlandScorguie DrivePothole at edge of sinking drainReported
662638 Apr 2012ClackmannanshireA977Oil for approximately 5 milesReported
662628 Apr 2012NottinghamshirePothole on poor stretch of road, where surface is quite bad on both sides for about 10 meters. Fixed
662618 Apr 2012KentHosey Hill,westerhamvery poorly maintained stretch of roadReported
662608 Apr 2012Cheshire West and ChesterSeries of potholes on left as turning into salters lane from the streetFixed
662598 Apr 2012NorthamptonshireWeather related damage Fixed
662588 Apr 2012EdinburghPrevious repairs to drain covers, water access hatch and manhole covers broken and missingReported
662578 Apr 2012EdinburghBroken tarmac and missing previous repair material over10 stretch of road to Varying depth , upto 3 Reported
662568 Apr 2012EdinburghBroke tarmac along30 m of road , dethvaries, but goes as deep as 30cm in places- very dangerous for bikes- forced to ride in moddle of roadReported
662558 Apr 2012DevonTwo potholes. Reported
662548 Apr 2012EdinburghBroken tarmac across whole width of carriagewayReported
662538 Apr 2012DevonPothole. Reported
662528 Apr 2012Edinburgh4 water access hatches poorly reairedReported
662518 Apr 2012EdinburghWhole cover1 above road surface with broken and mossing tarmac all aroundReported
662508 Apr 2012EdinburghEdge of cover 2 cm above rd and brolen tarmac All aroundReported
662498 Apr 2012EdinburghPromine Nt edges pf cover5 cmReported
662488 Apr 2012EdinburghSunken and broken tarmac in middle pf carriageway, causes cyclists to swerve on approach to island- very dangerousReported
662478 Apr 2012Edinburgh6 cm deep by 10 by 10 cmReported
662468 Apr 2012EdinburghHole in tarmac6 deep, 15 cm by 30 cmReported
662458 Apr 2012EdinburghUneven, crackedanhole cover, 5 cm deep along 20 cm of edgeReported
662448 Apr 2012East Riding of YorkshireHoughton laneVery deep and dangerous pothole. Difficult to avoid and swerving could create a collision with oncoming cars.Reported
662438 Apr 2012EssexDeep pothole at top of hill just before schoolReported
662428 Apr 2012LeedsBlack Hill Roadmud, oil and dirt on road from nearby quarry, on steep hil dangerous to usersReported
662418 Apr 2012West BerkshireChurch streetsection of road about 20 metres long by 2 wide is a mixture of potholes, uneven surface and long deep gullies which present a clear danger to cyclists as there is no way to avoid it without cycling d…Reported
662408 Apr 2012EssexVery deep pothole on westbound lane coming from Grange Hill to Woodford. Opposite building site. Very dangerous as cyclist have to swerve to avoid.Reported
662398 Apr 2012CornwallHole around drainFixed
662388 Apr 2012LeedsPothole on roundabout Reported
662378 Apr 2012St HelensLongton Lanenumerous potholesReported
662367 Apr 2012Cheshire EastBroken surface for several miles towards Holmes Chapel requiring riding at least 3 feet from kerb as surface too broken to ride on . Reported

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