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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
10757119 Sep 2014East DunbartonshireSunken manhole Reported
10757019 Sep 2014HertfordshireFour inch deep ten foot long six foot wide pot hole in the middle of the carriageways surface continuing to break upReported
10756919 Sep 2014BirminghamWingfooot wayPot hole across the whole of the carriage wayReported
10756819 Sep 2014Buckinghamshire4 potholes close togetherReported
10756719 Sep 2014GlasgowA761 Paisley Rd WestPoorly maintained road surface, large, deep potholes and pooly repaired road surface between Dalfoil Ct and Crookston RdReported
10756619 Sep 2014WolverhamptonCompton Rd WestLarge dip in the tarmac, possibly due to subsidence. Tarmac itself is unbroken, making this especially hazardous for cyclists as it is not obvious.Reported
10756519 Sep 2014GlasgowHarvie StDeep and dangerous pothole at the corner of Paisley Rd West and Harvie St that could dismount a cyclist causing injuryReported
10756419 Sep 2014HampshireSeries of holes/ruts across the width of the road along the painted stop lineReported
10756319 Sep 2014BuckinghamshireDeep large potholeReported
10756219 Sep 2014NorfolkCollapsed steel thingy. Deep hazard. See photo for details.Reported
10756119 Sep 2014NorfolkCollapsed steel thingy. Deep hazard. See photo for details.Reported
10756019 Sep 2014EssexNevendon RoadPotholeReported
10755919 Sep 2014EssexNevendon RoadPotholeReported
10755819 Sep 2014WorcestershireFrom Norgrove Lane through to Crumpfield LaneNumerous single and group potholes along the entire lane stretch, some of significant depth and width making passing along the lane very difficult.Reported
10755719 Sep 2014BristolStaple Hill RoadThe surface on the road of this busy junction is very bad. There are holes, gaps and debris to avoid when on my bike.Fixed
10755619 Sep 2014South GloucestershireChurch RoadLong gap on the road which could catch the front wheel of a bike. It is quite deep. very dangerous.Reported
10755519 Sep 2014OxfordshireFawler RdPothole x 2Reported
10755419 Sep 2014ShropshireExcessive amounts of gravel, stones and dust/mud along most of road centre from Smethcott to Walkmills. This is dangerous to brake and manouvre on, and combined with road edges in poor repair in pla…Reported
10755319 Sep 2014CamdenCamden St.This is a new pothole, but at the same place a number of pot holes used to be a year ago. At the time the pothole were fixed quickly, but it seems the solution was only temporary.Reported
10755219 Sep 2014HackneyDalston Lane, HackneyVery large, 8 inches deep and 2 feet wide depression with steep/vertical sides. This is accompanied by heavily 'tramlined' asphalt before and after. This is just before Bus Stop G on Dalston Lane, if…Reported
10755119 Sep 2014Bath and North East SomersetBlackrock LaneBlackrock Hill road has numerous potholes and is strewn with mud and gravel. This is potentially hazardous to road users and especially cyclists given its narrowness, numerous bends, and steep inclin…Reported
10755019 Sep 2014DurhamLangley Park Front StreetPothole on a fast decent and bend into a busy village. If cyclists were not aware of the pothole then they may fall of and into oncoming cars coming round the corner.Fixed
10754919 Sep 2014Richmond upon ThamesBroomfield Hill, Richmond ParkLots of gravel on the road, which is on steepest gradient & on corner section of Broomfield Hill between Robinhood gate and Latterstyle gate. This is close to where a cyclist fell off & died less tha…Rejected
10754819 Sep 2014HertfordshireSandy LaneDue to poor drainage a section of the road regularly floods after a heavy downpour forcing cyclists out into a busy road. The drain cannot cope with the excess water. This has been a problem for many…Reported
10754719 Sep 2014City of LondonShocking road condition Reported
10754618 Sep 2014MertonWESTERN AVENUE / MOUNT ROAD / LAVENDER AVENUENo signage to warn traffic (in LAVENDER AVENUE) that the junction with WESTERN ROAD it is actually a crossroads, NOT a T-JUNCTION, and that there is the possibility of cyclists approaching them from …Reported
10754518 Sep 2014DorsetLarge pothole deeper than 4inchesReported
10754418 Sep 2014MidlothianDangerous holes around manhole over just where cyclists ride.Reported
10754318 Sep 2014East SussexNew Bridge Road, near RickneyThe road is in a *terrible* condition, it looks like a minor earthquake has struck! The road in parts has started to sink and collapse. There are large cracks in the road. It is *extremely* dangerous…Reported
10754218 Sep 2014GloucestershireBourne LaneMultiple potholes and unevenness all the way down Bourne Lane. A hazard to cyclists and motorcyclists, and an annoyance to motorists.Reported
10754118 Sep 2014ManchesterBarlow Moor RoadVery poor road surface and sunken ironworks push cyclists out into path of cars on this busy section of roadReported
10754018 Sep 2014WiltshirePearce WayPearce way has been left with a poor road surface and numerous uneven sections and potholes following roadworks by the developers of Hampton Park 2Reported
10753918 Sep 2014ManchesterBarlow Moor Road at junction with Stanton AvePotholes and sunken ironworks make the road surface unsafe for cyclists, who are pushed out into traffic to avoid a fall.Reported
10753818 Sep 2014BoltonManchester Road B6536Multiple potholes and uneven road surface over an extended length of road. Due to heavy traffic use and seemingly long overdue resurfacing. The condition of the road surface means it is necessary to …Rejected
10753718 Sep 2014Wiltshiremoberly roadlarge pothole in the carriageway on a bend at the bottom of the hill at a narrow point in the ride. It is in a very dangerous position for cyclists.Reported
10753618 Sep 2014Transport for LondonBig pothole westbound Reported
10753518 Sep 2014LeedsBlack Hill LaneMany potholes and uneven areas on the road surface of a narrow road which is on a National Cycle Network Route (newly signposted)Reported
10753418 Sep 2014BedfordSunderland Hill B660Really bad road surface on the B660 as you come up Sunderland Hill, Just past the crossroads in Ravensden, traveling towards Colmworth. It starts half way up the hill and is from the kerb and extends…Reported
10753318 Sep 2014GlasgowNCT 756Broken manhole creating uneven surface.Reported
10753218 Sep 2014SurreyLarge dip in the road makes it dangerous for cyclists and potentially cause damage to car wheels and suspension.Reported
10753118 Sep 2014GlasgowClyde Walkway NCR 75Large potholes on Clyde WalkwayReported
10753018 Sep 2014GlasgowBroomielawLow areas around several manholes, causing hazards for cyclists on the shared use paths.Reported
10752918 Sep 2014NorthamptonshireLondon Road.The road surface is very damaged on the Swimming Pool side of the road, this is from traffic the light section to the Corn Market Hall. Ruts, pot holes and gullies make this very dangerous part of m…Reported
10752818 Sep 2014Powysx2 large potholes in centre of Heol Palleg located on the hill between graveyard and the houses at bottom of hill. Deep enough to cause damage to vehicles. Caused me to crash road bike and concuss my…Reported
10752718 Sep 2014LincolnshireHurnbridge RoadWide cracks down the middle of the road along some few hundred metres where one side of the road has sunk and the other hasn't.Reported
10752618 Sep 2014WokinghamThere is a huge area (10 meters by 2 meters) of flood damage on the south side of this roundabout. It is extremely hazardous for two wheeled vehicles. Some idiot (I would guess not authorised) has tr…Reported
10752518 Sep 2014BexleyThames Road / Thomas RoadThe road around a manhole cover has broken up and is revealing the manhole frame.Reported
10752418 Sep 2014Hampshirenone"Cheese grater" road surface due to lack of maintenence, including large potholes, loose chippings, cracked road surfaceReported
10752318 Sep 2014HampshirePortsmouth Road/London RoadLarge "bump" in area marked for cycle use, extremely dangerousReported
10752218 Sep 2014SurreyOakland Avenuepothole in the middle of the road at an intersection can cause an accident as cars turn into Oakland AvenueReported

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