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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
13451110 Jan 2017SuffolkHunston rdPothole in middle of carriageway - clear hazard for cyclistsReported
13451010 Jan 2017Northern Ireland Roads ServiceFailure of repair outside house No72a Dunover RoadReported
13450910 Jan 2017SolihullGrove RoadMultiple pot holes in the road surface on the left edges travelling from the warwick road. Also holes forming on the centreline of the road. Road surface is in poor conditionReported
13450810 Jan 2017EdinburghDeep pothole that needs immediate repair\nReported
13450710 Jan 2017BarnetHendon Wood Lane/B552Resurfacing over roadworks has broken down with passage of traffic.Reported
13450610 Jan 2017HampshireFlowers LaneTwo large sections of road surface have broken up due to lorries and traffic , the two holes reach right to the edge of the road and 0.6m into the road considerably narrowing the remaining road surfa…Reported
13450510 Jan 2017CumbriaMultiple small potholes plus one large pothole. 60cm x 40cm across 10cm deepReported
13450410 Jan 2017Newhamlarge potholeReported
13450310 Jan 2017Newhamtarmac breaking up around manhole coversReported
13450210 Jan 2017Lancashirestation rd vicarage closepot holeReported
13450110 Jan 2017HertfordshireBarnes LaneContinuous row of pot holesReported
13450010 Jan 2017SomersetMassive pot hole nearly fell in it .Fixed
13449910 Jan 2017RenfrewshireStation Road in Bishopton.Streetlight STILL out on Station Road Bishopton. You have fixed some nearby BUT NOT THIS ONE! THE MIND BOGGLES AS TO WHY! First reported 15/11/16 Twelfth report 10/01/17 STILL NOT FIXED!Reported
13449810 Jan 2017SurreyChobham LaneThere are 2no holes, one on each carriageway approximately 50m apart. One is Eastbound and one Westbound. Both are deep holes and have potential to damage wheels and burst tyres. RECOMMEND THEY REQU…Reported
13449710 Jan 2017RenfrewshireA8 Greenock Road64th report Large regular flood that blocks Paisley bound side of the A8 carriageway on leaving Bishopton. Flood is up to 250mm deep right across that side of the road. There is either no drainage he…Reported
13449610 Jan 2017LancashireChurch Road in Treales, near KirkhamThere are two large pot holes by the side of Church Road in Treales, near Kirkham. The pot holes are located on the side of the north bound side of Church Road about 100 yards south of the junction …Reported
13449510 Jan 2017Transport for LondonWestbound on Peckham High StreetVehicles going straight ahead from a left hand turn lane are placing vulnerable road users at risk of death due to bike lane pushing bikes between traffic. This happens every morning between 6am and …Reported
13449410 Jan 2017ManchesterFlooded pavement from blocked gully Reported
13449310 Jan 2017Glasgowrather deep circular pothole, engulfs tyres when driving over. has cracked the front bumper of my friends carReported
1344929 Jan 2017Cheshire West and ChesterVery bad home I and quite a few others have been hitting and getting a puncture Fixed
1344919 Jan 2017BuckinghamshireDeadhearn LaneSeveral areas of failed wearing course and base course creating hazardous passage for all 2 wheel road users.Reported
1344909 Jan 2017HillingdonPothole Reported
1344899 Jan 2017Cheshire EastOver Road B5074Depression around what looks like a manhole or drain. The tarmac around it has deteriorated causing quite a bump as you drive over it which cannot be avoided with traffic coming the opposite directio…Reported
1344889 Jan 2017SouthamptonReally deep ditch / rut in the road. Right after the round about on Winchester road (towards Shirley direction). Reported
1344879 Jan 2017Transport for LondonEastbound side of road 1.5m from kerb.\n\nManhole cover cracked and subsided. \nNoted 6/1/17.Reported
1344869 Jan 2017Transport for LondonPeckham High St Westbound at junction with A2215Cars ignoring road layout between 6am and 7am most mornings - using bus lane to jump the queue at the lights then charging straight on from a segregated left turn lane putting vulnerable road users a…Reported
1344859 Jan 2017WiltshireBig hole between kerb and drain cover - hazard for cyclistsReported
1344849 Jan 2017Cheshire EastHulseheath laneDeep hole exacerbated by temporary road closure warning signsReported
1344839 Jan 2017Oxfordshiredivinity roadPothole on busy road used by many cyclistsReported
1344829 Jan 2017Oxfordshiredivinity roadPothole on route used by many cyclistsReported
1344819 Jan 2017Cheshire EastBuxton Old RoadLarge pothole which has appeared on Buxton Old Road Disley just after the junction with Chantry Road within the last 10 days. Virtually impossible to see it is there in the dark (early mornings or l…Reported
1344809 Jan 2017BradfordAlbert terracePotholes need filling in all along this roadReported
1344799 Jan 2017CardiffLake Rd WestRoad works some time between 23/12/2016 and 2/1/2017 have been poorly filled in causing a hole that fills the entire usuable width of the painted cycle lane. Some fill has already spilled across the…Reported
1344789 Jan 2017KentRoad cracking and subsiding. Lethal for a motorcyclist Reported
1344779 Jan 2017OxfordshireEastern By-pass Road, Oxfordshire, England, OX3 southbound nearside lane offside wheel track Reported
1344769 Jan 2017HertfordshireCassiobury DriveLarge pothole/ poor surfaceReported
1344759 Jan 2017RenfrewshireStation Road in Bishopton.Streetlight STILL out on Station Road Bishopton. You have fixed some nearby BUT NOT THIS ONE! THE MIND BOGGLES AS TO WHY! First reported 15/11/16 Eleventh report 09/01/17 STILL NOT FIXED!Reported
1344749 Jan 2017RenfrewshireA8 Greenock Road63rd report Large regular flood that blocks Paisley bound side of the A8 carriageway on leaving Bishopton. Flood is up to 250mm deep right across that side of the road. There is either no drainage he…Reported
1344739 Jan 2017LeicestershireKettering roada pot hole and road erosion has appeared where the road was repaired last yearReported
1344729 Jan 2017WrexhamRuts and gully's forming on both sides of carriageway with debris in the middle. Causing a serious risk to cyclists and motorcycle,sReported
1344719 Jan 2017Cheshire EastA529Dangerous and deep collapsed drain overReported
1344708 Jan 2017NorfolkSt Georges RoadGulley at kerb in front of driveway at No 6Reported
1344698 Jan 2017Highways EnglandA112 very large potholes on LHS of East carriageway - Previously filled? but now VERY dangerous.Reported
1344688 Jan 2017HaringeyWatermead WayA 'hump' that stretches across Watermead Way near Tottenham Marsh Electricity Transformer Station on the A1055, N17. It's very close to it is a pedestrian refuge island. Looks like the road has previ…Reported
1344678 Jan 2017LeicestershireA formerly filled in trench running along the road. Heading towards Cross Green it is just above the Royal Anglian PH and very difficult to miss if a car is coming the other way.Reported
1344668 Jan 2017SurreyDeep pothole, danger to cyclistsReported
1344658 Jan 2017HertfordshireLemsford VillagePothole around road drain.Rejected
1344648 Jan 2017HertfordshireLemsford VillagePothole around road drain.Reported
1344638 Jan 2017HertfordshireLemsford VillageLarge pothole around road drain.Reported
1344628 Jan 2017GloucestershireThis pot hole is down to the metal bridge!!!Reported

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