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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
1180843 Aug 2015HackneyBritannia WalkPotholeReported
1180833 Aug 2015OxfordshireUnnamed road - Berrick SalomeThis section of road is a patchwork of small repairs of varying sttates of failure. There are plenty of depressions, cracks and the surface is very hazardous to 2 wheeled road users. It has been in n…Reported
1180823 Aug 2015Windsor and MaidenheadIt appears that many of the hatchings have been repainted along the a30 between sunningdale and bags hot. They have been painted extremely thick and when overtaking slow moving traffic in my motorcyc…Reported
1180813 Aug 2015Southamptonjunction Westwood Road and Brookvale Road, SouthamptonpotholeReported
1180803 Aug 2015SomersetGully gap in Tarmac about 6 inches wide in place and for up to 2-3 metres in length\nReported
1180793 Aug 2015GloucestershireThe BroadwayThere are many potholes and eroded road surface on the Broadway in Dursley GL11 6AQ some are over 2 inches deep with sharp edges. The situation has been made worse by major Road works conducted by Se…Reported
1180783 Aug 2015SheffieldMAnchester roadPotholes all over the road on both bends.Reported
1180773 Aug 2015BuckinghamshireHedsor RoadWhole stretch of road Potholes and Bad surfaceReported
1180763 Aug 2015CumbriaB6413Pothole opposite 2 west brownrigg cottages, plumptonReported
1180753 Aug 2015Hampshire400x200mm down to subbase Reported
1180743 Aug 2015HampshireRectory roadSunken utilities cover.Reported
1180733 Aug 2015HertfordshireB176 Cheshunt. Hertfordshirespeed hump bricks are disintegrating and there is a manhole collapsing.Reported
1180723 Aug 2015KentPoorly set drain cover that punctured both front and rear tyres in my road bike. Also caused me to swerve severely amongst traffic!Reported
1180713 Aug 2015SuffolkHinderclay RoadPoor condition road surface for circa 500m, flooding at times of prolonged rain, gravel and other debris and uneven road surfaces. From area outside the main entrance to the factory to the west and m…Reported
1180703 Aug 2015NorfolkB1113New PotholeReported
1180693 Aug 2015RenfrewshireA8 Greenock Road12th report Large regular flood that blocks Paisley bound side of the A8 carriageway on leaving Bishopton.Flood is up to 250mm deep right accross that side of the road. There is either no drainage he…Reported
1180683 Aug 2015RenfrewshireA8 Greenock RoadRegular flood on A8, most likely a blocked/badly maintained drain. 15th report to Council on 03.08.15 1st reported to council on 29.10.14. No action taken since first reporting. Road surface is also …Reported
1180673 Aug 2015YorkLarge pothole adjacent to manhole cover. Reported
1180663 Aug 2015YorkPothole adjacent to manhole cover. Reported
1180653 Aug 2015DevonFluder Hill, Kingskerswell, Torquay.Deep pothole exactly the same colour as the road surface (the road had just sunk into a hole beneath it). It's very hard to see as it is the same colour as the road still. Located near the top of a h…In progress
1180643 Aug 2015GloucestershireRoad from May Hill to Yew TreeRoad surface in terrible condition on steep hill very dangerous for cyclists.Reported
1180633 Aug 2015DevonBradham laneHole through to loose rocks underneath.Reported
1180623 Aug 2015WalsallAldridge BypassMany potholes foundReported
1180612 Aug 2015Southampton2 large pot holes on the junction of Malvern rd and Norham ave.Reported
1180602 Aug 2015LancashireDorchester Roadpothole near to grid on Dorchester road. right hand side of road near to traffic islandReported
1180592 Aug 2015LeedsArea deteriorated from previous works. Large pothole in the centre of the road. Reported
1180582 Aug 2015LincolnshireThe Rides Langtoft.4" deep hole 8" in Diameter around 1 foot from kerb on junction. Easy to see in daylight, however could catch a cyclist at nightReported
1180572 Aug 2015SurreyPothole where road surface is failingFixed
1180562 Aug 2015SurreyB386 Chertsey RoadLarge area of missing road surface. Suspect failed repair.Reported
1180552 Aug 2015SurreyB386 Chertsy RoadVery poorly repaired pothole. the contractor appears to have used the minimum amount of material to hide the rough sharp edges of the hole, but has failed to repair to the level of the surrounding ro…Reported
1180541 Aug 2015Very deep pothole, big enough to swallow a wheel and will cause damage to any vehicle that hits it. It is on a single track road so it pretty unavoidable.New
1180531 Aug 2015OxfordshireVery large pothole....getting larger every month, present for over 12 months\nReported
1180521 Aug 2015GlasgowMultiple potholes poorly repaired over last 6 years covering majority of Loganswell road between roundabout and nitshill road. Complete resurface required.Reported
1180511 Aug 2015Transport for LondonThe new road surfacing at this junction has left a raised line of bricks across the end of Klea Avenue. The other night when turning onto Klea Avenue, I didn't see this and hit it so hard that my han…Reported
1180501 Aug 2015East Riding of YorkshireLots of deep potholes from the location pinned on the map travelling South.Reported
1180491 Aug 2015DoncasterRoad surface very deteriorated and lots of potholes all along this section of road when travelling northReported
1180481 Aug 2015SurreyAsbestos sheeting Reported
1180471 Aug 2015North Somersetnorth end B3133deep hole by drainReported
1180461 Aug 2015Derbyshirea5012 via gelliaOn the A5012 Via Gellia near the turn up to Bonsall/Pig of Lead there are two man hole covers in the road where the road has crumbled significantly around the edges. I came down the road by bicycle…Reported
1180451 Aug 2015DevonUnnamed, runs from California Cross down to Gara BridgeA series of potholes now merging into a long and dangerous rut/gully. Towards the centreline/crown of the road, and now deep enough to cause damage to vehicles. The entire top half of this road down…Reported
1180441 Aug 2015Devonshute lanelarge deep pothole in the road which you cannot go around as the road is to narrowReported
1180431 Aug 2015West SussexRoad broken up two large holes. Very deep. Reported
1180421 Aug 2015DevonFluder HillA small area of road has sunk rapidly in past 2 weeks and is now starting to crack. The main drain and the water main are under this area. It is already a major risk to cyclists who are coming down…Reported
1180411 Aug 2015East RenfrewshireMearns RoadOverhanging branches obstructing free passage on footpath. Branches hang down to 1.25 metres from the ground.Reported
1180401 Aug 2015East RenfrewshireMearns RoadOvergrown nettles encroaching across footpathReported
1180391 Aug 2015DorsetTerence RoadRoad surface has crumbled resulting in loose chippings and rutted surface. The road is only 16 foot wide. One side is always used to park vehicles. Any cyclist rounding the junction from Wareham Rd i…Reported
1180381 Aug 2015WarwickshireRounds Hill/John O'GautPotholes beyond final yellow markings for new road surface, Rounds Hill, John O'Gaut. Please take new surface further.Reported
1180371 Aug 2015DudleyMaidensbridge DriveLarge pothole in middle of roadReported
11803631 Jul 2015East DunbartonshireCanniesburn RoadSpeed hump becoming detached and sharp nails protruding. High risk of causing puncture.Reported
11803531 Jul 2015HounslowPothole due to broken up road surface with loose gravel and stone kicking up on cars and damaging paintwork. Reported

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