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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
11036819 Jan 2015East Sussexlangney riseLarge pothole by pedestrian crossingReported
11036719 Jan 2015West SussexFord LaneTarmac missing exposing concrete underneathReported
11036619 Jan 2015West SussexBurncell Road YaptonPothole side of road on approach to Yapton. map position approximate. Pothole and a loose drain cover / damage to tarmac around it in nearby areaReported
11036519 Jan 2015West SussexLyminster RoadManhole appears to be collapsingReported
11036419 Jan 2015West SussexFerry Roadseveral potholes opening upReported
11036319 Jan 2015West Sussextoddington laneFailted pot hole repairReported
11036219 Jan 2015West SussexGrinstead Lane, east sidePothole, rapidly depening, in an area where the road surface is breaking up generallyReported
11036119 Jan 2015HaringeyHarringay RoadGoing North, the road is extremely uneven for an extended stretch, making cycling uncomfortable and dangerousReported
11036019 Jan 2015HampshireBury Lane, opp. Village Bells P.H.Area around SCWW manhole broken away. This is in middle of carriageway.Reported
11035919 Jan 2015LancashireAldcliffe Roadlarge potholeReported
11035819 Jan 2015OxfordshirePotholeReported
11035719 Jan 2015OxfordshirePotholeReported
11035619 Jan 2015OxfordshirePotholeReported
11035519 Jan 2015OxfordshirePotholeReported
11035419 Jan 2015OxfordshirePotholeReported
11035319 Jan 2015Suffolk15cm deep hole down to substrate. Reported
11035219 Jan 2015HampshireWeyhill Road is becoming rutted (the Tarmac has \"flowed\") such that as you turn in to Jenson Gardens from the west it is very bumpy for cyclists making the right turn safelyReported
11035119 Jan 2015Dumfries and Galloway PotholeReported
11035019 Jan 2015Sheffieldwadsley park crescent, sheffield, S6 4RPSeveral deep potholeReported
11034919 Jan 2015SurreyPothole southbound on cottimore lane, been fixed poorly before. Thanks.Reported
11034819 Jan 2015Transport for LondonA23PotholeReported
11034719 Jan 2015OxfordshireB4507 near Childrey crossroads with B40013 smaller potholes 12x12" - 12x18" in short successionReported
11034619 Jan 2015West SussexHuge pothole, could cause serious damage to vehicles,let alone a cyclist if the were to go into it. Big enough to swallow a cyclist's front wheel. I sighted this Sunday 18th January.Reported
11034519 Jan 2015West SussexBeehive ring roadLarge hole getting bigger by the dayReported
11034419 Jan 2015East Dunbartonshiremilngavie rd junction with birch viewDeep potholeReported
11034319 Jan 2015East Dunbartonshiremilngavie rdPothole in middle of roadReported
11034219 Jan 2015HertfordshireGalley HillPothole in the road.Reported
11034119 Jan 2015Hertfordshireframe is loose in ground, makes a racket when ridden/driven over. will break road surface soonReported
11034019 Jan 2015LancashireHyndburn road, whalley roadpoithole in middle of the roadReported
11033919 Jan 2015Dumfries and GallowayA746pothole /road breaking upReported
11033819 Jan 2015Dumfries and GallowayA746potholeReported
11033719 Jan 2015Buckinghamshirea421pot hole as you go onto the round aboutReported
11033619 Jan 2015BuckinghamshireTingewick RoadJust as you come onto the roundabout heading towards Buckingham there is a potholeReported
11033519 Jan 2015East RenfrewshireNether Auldhouse RoadPotholeReported
11033419 Jan 2015East DunbartonshireMilngavie RoadDeep and unavoidable potholeReported
11033319 Jan 2015East DunbartonshireSwitchback RoadDeep and unavoidable potholeReported
11033219 Jan 2015Highways AgencyPothole Wearing coarse missing about 500mm x 500mm outside lane of motorways Reported
11033118 Jan 2015CoventrySpon EndHole in the ground which I have to avoid every day as I cycle around the corner. It's slippy and could cause a cyclist to fall off if they didn't know the hole was there.Reported
11033018 Jan 2015Buckinghamshirepotholes on the Finmere bound carriageway opposite the lay by, were filled in 2014 but are back in a dangerous position, have seen cars go on to other side of road to miss them.Reported
11032918 Jan 2015Hertfordshirepark avenue bushey hertfordshire & Bushey mill lane roundaboutThe whole section of the round-about is in very poor condition with several potholes,-0.371341,3a,75y,170.09h,56.84t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s7EoXyaaaNZ1_dwMg0ycU…Reported
11032818 Jan 2015Hertfordshirewd232bnThe road surface is very poor and is dangerous to other users, especially cyclist. The 2 meter section has serveral potholes and has loose debris.Reported
11032718 Jan 2015HampshirePothole in road - comes at bottom of a long and quick descentReported
11032618 Jan 2015HampshireLots of potholes and rutting along side of road on inside of bend - forces rider (and presumably cars?) into middle of road, which is steepReported
11032518 Jan 2015StaffordshireLarge deep potholeReported
11032418 Jan 2015StaffordshireLarge deep potholeReported
11032318 Jan 2015SurreyHole appearing at edge of a manhole cover. Road beginning to break up around the manhole.Reported
11032218 Jan 2015BarnetRidgeview RoadHole in road.Reported
11032118 Jan 2015HampshireThe surface along this road has broken down leaving a rutted and uneven roadReported
11032018 Jan 2015HampshireRoad repair has broken down again leaving a potholeReported
11031918 Jan 2015HampshireLarge section of Tarmac has broken down leaving a drop off in the road surfaceReported

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