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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
13651914 Feb 2017HackneyHaggerston RoadNow that the recent building works along Hoggeston Rd look to be completed, could you please look at improving the road surface please? The length of road along that block (between the shopping area …Reported
13651813 Feb 2017CornwallPothole / subsidence of road surface - could cause vehicles to veer into the hedge.Reported
13651713 Feb 2017CumbriaDalzell StreetGreat big deep pothole that looks just like a puddle when it rains but has the potential to cause big damage to any vehicle that hits it.Reported
13651613 Feb 2017RotherhamB6410 - Broom LaneTop surface has come awayReported
13651513 Feb 2017GatesheadBurnthouse LanA section of previously repaired tarmac has broken up and turning into a large pothole/gully. As the road is narrow it is impossible to avoid if vehicles are heading the opposite direction.Reported
13651413 Feb 2017GloucestershireA couple of now very large and deep pot holes. Now capable of causing real damage to vehicles or those on 2 wheels. Reported
13651313 Feb 2017SuffolkBury Rd A143A bad pothole that is very dangerous as people are swerving around it to try and miss it into the oncoming traffic. 2 weeks 6 cars were all stopped there as they had all hit it and blown tyres and t…Reported
13651213 Feb 2017GloucestershireDeep rut/hole that could cause an accident. Severely rattled the suspension on my car and may have caused damage. Hole not seen until it was hit even in day light. Needs addressing before someone is …Reported
13651113 Feb 2017GatesheadA692 Lobley HillA pothole has appears in what appears to be a previously dug trench across the carriageway. The pothole is ideally placed to catch a car's offside front wheel - or to avoid you need cross into the a…Reported
13651013 Feb 2017Surreybig potholeReported
13650913 Feb 2017Croydonnear entrance to frylands wood scout centre there a few holes in a line in the middle of the roadReported
13650813 Feb 2017GatesheadA692 Lobley Hill RoadArea of tarmac starting to break up badly after being worked on several times Difficult to avoid as it is between the kerb and an road islandReported
13650713 Feb 2017GatesheadShibdon RoadNumerous (approximate 15-20) potholes appearing in short section of road making it hazardous for both cyclists and motorists. There is a large area of poorly repaired tarmac near the bus stop (seve…Reported
13650613 Feb 2017Croydonbig pothole near verge of grassReported
13650513 Feb 2017Suffolkno nameNarrow road, deep hole likely to damage wheelsReported
13650413 Feb 2017LeedsTarmac has come away from road at both sides of speed bump, a lot of the speed bumps are like this throughout Magpie Lane.Reported
13650313 Feb 2017LeedsLarge pothole just before and after the speed bumpReported
13650213 Feb 2017BarnsleyDearne Valley parkwayMetal filings on road. On dearne Valley parkway Barnsley from Hoyland round about to elscar round about eastboundReported
13650113 Feb 2017HampshireTrunk roadDeep hole on the road, as you're driving it's on the passenger side. Not wide but quite deep.Reported
13650013 Feb 2017Hertfordshirestation road, WheathampsteadDeep hole, filled with waterReported
13649913 Feb 2017Cheshire EastVery deep pothole a few feet after the pedestrian crossing heading towards Nantwich road, nearly got hit by a car today trying to avoid this it's very dangerous.Reported
13649813 Feb 2017Derbyglass on shared use path over about 20m at foot of broken street light plus large pieces of glass in adjacent grass ditchReported
13649713 Feb 2017Derbyshirepothole on left heading downhill from KennelsReported
13649613 Feb 2017Derbyshiredeep pothole on south directionReported
13649513 Feb 2017OxfordshireSt Giles (Northbound carriage way)Pothole approximately 1.5ft x 0.75 ft, occurring about 4ft from kerb. Many cyclists having to swerve to avoid potholeReported
13649413 Feb 2017EssexA12 Ingatestone BypassPatch on the A12 needs resurfacingReported
13649313 Feb 2017WarwickshirePothole and Road breakage. Very close to kerb. Had to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid on bike. Potentially disastrous. Reported
13649213 Feb 2017BarnsleyDearne Valley parkwayMetal filings on road. On dearne Valley parkway Barnsley from Hoyland round about to elscar round about eastboundReported
13649113 Feb 2017SurreyTilley laneTrench across the road impossible to avoid at speed downhill. Whole junction needs resurfacing as lots broken road and loose gravel going into sideroad. Fast section on a bike.Reported
13649013 Feb 2017EssexMaldon Road / A12 Slip RoadA12 slip roadRejected
13648913 Feb 2017Wiltshire12 x 18\" size. On cycling line. Others of a similar size in vicinity just before sharp right hand bend. Reported
13648813 Feb 2017WiltshireNasty pothole and broken surface right on the cycling line about 30 to 60cm from the verge. Nasty one for cyclistsReported
13648713 Feb 2017South GloucestershireIt's a 2' long ridge in centre of road. Nasty one for cyclists overtaking nearby parked cars who may strike this at an oblique angleReported
13648613 Feb 2017Northern Ireland Roads ServiceNewforge LanePotholes all over the road, f*cking everywhereReported
13648513 Feb 2017HampshireWhitsbury RoadPotholes - severalReported
13648413 Feb 2017Dumfries and GallowayPotholeReported
13648313 Feb 2017Dumfries and GallowayPotholeReported
13648213 Feb 2017BristolLots of potholes In progress
13648113 Feb 2017WiltshireBin knocked over on top path of Monkton Park. Reported
13648013 Feb 2017HertfordshireLondon roadStretch of road poorly resurface after construction of retail buildings. Potholes between joints, poorly connected joints between old and new road, top layer has eroded offReported
13647913 Feb 2017OxfordshireGravel HillGravel Hill - from the Market Place to Pack and Prime Lane, up past Friar Park entrance. This section of road is a a multitude of potholes, terrible repairs, unevenness - one of, if not THE, worst se…Reported
13647813 Feb 2017Stockton-on-Teessouth streetpoor road surfaceReported
13647713 Feb 2017Glasgowlocated in the bus lane, when heading South East towards the city centre, is a sunken drain which is large and dangerous, especially to cyclists as the tarmac surrounding the drain is collapsing. Th…Reported
13647613 Feb 2017DorsetHorton roadA stretch of several potholes when heading north (although the southbound side is also in pretty bad shape) - unavoidable unless it is clear of oncoming traffic. This was repaired a month ago - and …Reported
13647513 Feb 2017HertfordshirePotholes caused by buses. Very dangerous and deepReported
13647413 Feb 2017HampshireA3 London RoadBReakdown of road surface around manhole cover in road, leaving roundabout going south-west towards purbook/coshamReported
13647313 Feb 2017EssexHole which reappears from time to time due to water runoff. Precisely on cyclists' line on this occasion. Other smaller holes also in vicinity. Reported
13647213 Feb 2017Stockton-on-TeesStokesley CrescentTwo potholes which are a hazard to cyclists and detrimental to carsReported
13647113 Feb 2017Stockton-on-TeesCat 2 pothole in middle of roadReported
13647013 Feb 2017Surrey500 x 500 pothole in channel lineReported

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