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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
1198887 Nov 2015SuffolkB1438, Melton Roadfew potholes outside school entranceReported
1198877 Nov 2015Cardiffcardiff Road Taff's wellTwo large potholes surrounding two drains in close proximityReported
1198867 Nov 2015Hertfordshireflooded underpassReported
1198857 Nov 2015Hertfordshireflooded underpassReported
1198847 Nov 2015South LanarkshireHoleReported
1198837 Nov 2015Denbighshireknown locally as Efa Plas roadThis is a dangerous junction, has been the site of a fatal M/B accident. Visibility is bad reduced due to the dangerous fencing the Council installed some years ago. Its a very steep hill, this time …Reported
1198827 Nov 2015OxfordshirePothole near the side of the road it is tree covered so a dark section of the road which means you don't see it until it is too late and buckle your alloy wheel driving through it. Reported
1198817 Nov 2015CambridgeshireC road March-Turves Whittlesey RoadCrossing has notoriety for bringing down cyclists - road lining poor alignment of panels poor - threshold between tarmac/landing kerbs poor - pedestrian footway strips not even and slippery (untreate…Reported
1198806 Nov 2015HertfordshireBig hole that used to be a bollard. Been there for at least a year. \nReported
1198796 Nov 2015Hammersmith and FulhamBroken road surface making huge pothole with lots of loose Tarmac and stonesReported
1198786 Nov 2015West LothianTerrible road surface from traffic lights all along B7015 to Livingston.Reported
1198776 Nov 2015WarwickshireRoad is collapsing and sinking creating a very uneven surface with at least 1 foot between highest and lowest point causing steering wheels to buck\nReported
1198766 Nov 2015BristolDeep large holeFixed
1198756 Nov 2015WandsworthBedford hill road on railway bridge next to Tooting Bec Cmm.a selection:- pothole, ruts and damaged surface covering approx. 2 metresReported
1198746 Nov 2015HampshireSouthleigh Road – New Lane cycleway. ----------------------------------------------------------- Potential hazards which might become apparent during wet and wintry conditions: …Reported
1198736 Nov 2015Hertfordshirebirds hill cul de sachole at join between cul de sac on birds hill onto birds hill main roadReported
1198726 Nov 2015EnfieldSpeed hump lifting away from road surface Fixed
1198716 Nov 2015HertfordshireRuts on bend LH side going towards Jones Road causing vehicle to excessively vibrate when wheel contacts itReported
1198706 Nov 2015HertfordshireSmall deep hole just as you turn into Burygreen Road causes vehicle to judder if wheel hits itReported
1198696 Nov 2015EssexPothole very deep in line with tyre trackReported
1198686 Nov 2015CambridgeshireHuntingdon RoadTwo potholes in the path of cyclists (formerly cycle lane, but not marked due to road works) and exactly at a pinch point where road narrows to one lane. Will force cyclists to swerve or lose balance…Reported
1198676 Nov 2015Richmond upon ThamesPothole\n\nHad caused me to puncture after hitting it in the dark\nIn progress
1198666 Nov 2015CoventryNew Whitley junction. At the southbound A444 sliproad"LOOK LEFT" arrows painted on the road are pointing the wrong direction .If cycling/walking from Leaf Lane towards JLR, when crossing the S-bound sliproad for the A444 the arrows and warnings painted…In progress
1198656 Nov 2015SuffolkSandpits LaneLarge diameter, deep pothole.Reported
1198646 Nov 2015CambridgeshireCycle path covered in rotting leaves making it slippery and dangerous. I came off my bike just riding around a rubbish pick up van at very slow speed in the park as my wheel slipped out on the leaves.Reported
1198636 Nov 2015CambridgeshireMadingley RoadCycle path next to Madingley Road is covered with rotting leaves making it very slippery and dangerous.Reported
1198626 Nov 2015CambridgeshireThe cycle path is covered in rotting leaves making it difficult to see in the dark (catseyes are covered) and very slippery.Reported
1198616 Nov 2015South GloucestershireA38Manhole corner exposed as Tarmac has formed a pothole around itReported
1198605 Nov 2015CamdenCalthorpe StRoad surface missing around drain forms a thin rut which is hazardous as it's at the point of the road narrowing. It is a very popular road with commuting cyclists.Reported
1198595 Nov 2015CamdenHigh HolbornSunken circle (size of manhole) in the road around a drain. I rode over it, lost my balance and fell off bike resulting in 8 stitches in my knee.Reported
1198585 Nov 2015KentI have hit a pothole tonight that has been on the A20 for 3 days. It has ruined my alloy wheel and tyre and I know it it a recurring pothole that has ruined wheels on cars over the last few months.Reported
1198575 Nov 2015HighlandElzy PlaceRut along the road and quite a tripping hazard.Reported
1198565 Nov 2015NorthumberlandB6319There are several potholes of various sizes on both sides of the B6319 road running through Allerwash.Rejected
1198555 Nov 2015NorthamptonshireDecaying repair of previous pothole Reported
1198545 Nov 2015Cheshire West and ChesterHooton Roada big pothole , just where my cycle wheel wentFixed
1198535 Nov 2015HampshireHiltingbury RoadPotholeReported
1198525 Nov 2015Stockton-on-TeesA177 Durham Road both N & S bound carriagewayA177 southbound and northbound carriageways. Dual carriageway section by junction with Thorpe Thewel and Wolviston. The bushes at the side of the road have grown and are encroaching past the 'edge …Reported
1198515 Nov 2015GlasgowShields RoadSubstantial collection of leaf mulch on cycle route.Fixed
1198505 Nov 2015NorfolkSee photoReported
1198495 Nov 2015NorfolkSee photoReported
1198485 Nov 2015RenfrewshireStation RoadStreetlight out on Station Road BishoptonReported
1198475 Nov 2015RenfrewshireB790 Houston Road4th report of a series of large potholes left in road following water main burst. Water running from a SW burst has scoured out the road surface leaving a series of large potholes. SW dug up road to …In progress
1198465 Nov 2015RenfrewshireB790 Houston Road2nd report of Pothole has appeared following recent rainfall. This pothole keeps coming back, you don't repair it properly and then it re-appears. The area around the pothole has been marked up for a…In progress
1198455 Nov 2015SurreyA3046Very uneven broken road surface on both sides of road, extremely difficult and dangerous to cycle on as bike veers all over the surface.Reported
1198444 Nov 2015DevonDrains are continually blocked causing the whole road to flood. Tonight 2230 041115 3ft water in the centre of the road. Dangerous causes Aqua planning. \n\nThese drains and the flooding needs urgent…Reported
1198434 Nov 2015West SussexAdur AvenueA deep pothole in the centre of the road of a size that could damage both cars and bikes. It also pools with water in the rain hiding the hazard.Reported
1198424 Nov 2015BuckinghamshirePothole at the side of the road surface braking away.\nReported
1198414 Nov 2015DoncasterSeveral potholes on both sides of the road.\nPotential vehicle damage risks and hazards to cyclist's safety,\nThe worst potholes are now significantly deep and getting worse, especially since there a…Reported
1198404 Nov 2015EssexPines HillThe surface is rutted and pitted after a number of surface repairs which makes it dangerous to cycle down as it forces you to swerve to avoid them and this is a busy road.Reported
1198394 Nov 2015Wiganleigh rdvery poor previous reinstatmentReported

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