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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
1084195 Nov 2014HackneyDalton LaneSunken mains valves, previously reported after initial restoration of roadworks. They have now been poorly filled in and still creating a hazard. The fails the Highways and Streetworks act on many l…Reported
1084185 Nov 2014Dumfries and GallowayA714pothole collapsed drainage grate needs urgent attensionReported
1084175 Nov 2014West SussexA281 Guildford RoadPothole formed due to post-roadworks patch sinking, approx 50cm by 50cm, currently approx 5 cm deep. Location = southbound A281 Guildford Road. Multiple such post-roadworks patches on this stretch of…Reported
1084165 Nov 2014NottinghamshireHolme LaneA number of potholes clumped together on this road.Reported
1084155 Nov 2014MertonKingston Roard opp Rutlish RoadThe carriageway near 13 Kingston Road SW19 (Opp Rutlish Road) has subsided due to a recent burst water main, the Thames Water contractor failed to excavate the surrounding area after repairing a brok…Reported
1084144 Nov 2014BromleyKentish WayPot hole on red route Danger to cyclists.Reported
1084134 Nov 2014WiltshireHowgare RoadIntermittently missing road surface.Reported
1084124 Nov 2014BrentneasdenPoor road surface condition. Potholes / breaking up across 1 lane spreading to second.Reported
1084114 Nov 2014SouthwarkLower Roada perfect rectangular sharp section missing from the roadReported
1084104 Nov 2014North YorkshirePot Bank B6161Small but deep pothole at foot of Pot BankReported
1084094 Nov 2014North YorkshireHollins Lane / Chain Bar Lane junctionMany holes and ridges on a busy junction 20+Reported
1084084 Nov 2014West SussexSelsey Avenue Bognor RegisSeveral potholes along this roadReported
1084074 Nov 2014WorcestershireB4638The whole fott/cycle path from the roadabout north of Chepstow Ave to Chepstow Ave. The whole of the top surface is ruined. It needs re surfacing. It is a danger to cyclist. Their are multipule holes…Reported
1084064 Nov 2014DevonCourtenay Road Newton AbbotA twice repaired hole has opened up again and needs attention. Last year my wife had to have a new tyre because of this hole which keeps re-opening.Reported
1084054 Nov 2014WarwickshireWillow Sheets MeadowPotholeReported
1084044 Nov 2014KentGoodley stock roadPothole in roadReported
1084034 Nov 2014CambridgeshireLondon Road A1301Recently filled trench following road repair is sinking leaving significant hazard for cyclists.Fixed
1084024 Nov 2014DevonA3072Pockmarked with potholes and temporary fillings the area is extremely difficult/dangerous, exacerbated by the speed of traffic on this fairly narrow section of road.Reported
1084014 Nov 2014West SussexPotholes due to rainwater erosion Reported
1084004 Nov 2014Waltham ForestDames RoadPothole in road. Fixed
1083994 Nov 2014Brighton and Hovesackville roadDrain cover sunk in middle of road - potential damage to my car wheelIn progress
1083983 Nov 2014SuffolkLower Road, Melton Suffolk Map Ref.TM295516Large pothole on nearside of single track road travelling from Melton and Lower Ufford Suffolk. Lane skirts Ufford Park Golf course.Reported
1083973 Nov 2014DevonCycle track by Newton RacecourseRaised wooden strip on cycleway has caused accidentReported
1083963 Nov 2014CoventryButts RoadA series of potholes along the road from what appears to be past attempts to manage previous potholes. These occur along both sides of the road, which are deep in places and should a car be along sid…Reported
1083953 Nov 2014Comhairle nan Eilean SiarSandwick Roadjunction with Smith Avenue and Island roadSunken manhole close to a busy junction in the direct track approaching the roundabout.Reported
1083943 Nov 2014DevonNear Membury CrossBlocked underground culvert resulting in the water exiting from a drain cover and streaming downhill 30metres before crossing the road to another drain cover. The water is spread across the road sur…Reported
1083933 Nov 2014SuffolkHolbrook RoadDeep, narrow and difficult to see potholeReported
1083922 Nov 2014NorfolkNorth Walsham RoadNasty hole at ironworkReported
1083912 Nov 2014WestminsterDeep hole.\nReported
1083902 Nov 2014CardiffThe whole of cae glass Road needs work. Worse Road in cardiffReported
1083892 Nov 2014HertfordshireRoad appears to be sinkingReported
1083882 Nov 2014HertfordshireRoad appears to be sinking\nReported
1083872 Nov 2014WiltshireDeep pothole hazard to motorcyclists on roundabout \nReported
1083862 Nov 2014Edinburghgilmerton roadWater stopcock cover loose (saw old lady trip and almost fall)Reported
1083852 Nov 2014NottinghamThis section of Meadows Way (towards the city) has a series of potholes, raised manhole covers and defects which are very dangerous to cyclists. Cyclists are forced to either take a wide approach to …Reported
1083842 Nov 2014NottinghamPothole or subsidence of road. Dangerous to cyclists whom are forced to swerve to avoid it. Not obvious until you are on it.Reported
1083832 Nov 2014NottinghamshireRoad surface is breaking up and damaged. Repaired previously.Reported
1083821 Nov 2014CambridgeshireKing's Parade / St Mary's PassageTwo setts missing from the road.Fixed
1083811 Nov 2014CroydonWestow Hill SE19A large pot hole in the centre of the carriagewayReported
1083801 Nov 2014HertfordshirePothole on edge of roadReported
1083791 Nov 2014RenfrewshireStreetlight r20 not workingFixed
1083771 Nov 2014RenfrewshireStreetlight r24 not working\nFixed
1083761 Nov 2014RenfrewshireStreetlight r39 is not working\nFixed
1083751 Nov 2014OxfordshirePothole arisen following what I assume we're holes dug to check the foundations of the road. The concrete used to fill the hole has now sunk (there are multiple potholes on this road caused by this s…Reported
1083741 Nov 2014OxfordshirePothole arising from badly restored road works. Just before it and slightly to the right is another pothole of similar depth. At night as the road is not lit, it is extremely dangerous coming around …Reported
10837331 Oct 2014EssexSchool Lane, HarlowPotholes by the dozen mainly down the center of the road in School Lane Harlow. Just too numerous to detail.Reported
10837231 Oct 2014Highways AgencyTwo potholes here in slow lane. Hits right wheel at 70plusIn progress
10837131 Oct 2014Dumfries and GallowayA752 potholes close togetherReported
10837031 Oct 2014Cheshire EastNewcastle Road A50Pothole in the center of the road.Reported
10836931 Oct 2014Dumfries and GallowayA746now a bit dip in the road after patching as the suspention crashes into the hollowReported

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