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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
12861821 Apr 2016SheffieldFielding roadPothole about 18 inches round. About 3 inches deeoReported
12861721 Apr 2016North AyrshireDubbs Road, Stevenston, North Ayrshire.Large pothole on NCN7 near Kilwinning, Ayrshire. This is a narrow single track road and the hole covers about 33% of its width! Very dangerous if not seen when full of water etc..Reported
12861621 Apr 2016StaffordshireGreensforge lane2 huge potholes approximately 30cm diameter each, 5cm deep. These can injure a horse, throw a cyclist off and damage cars. Also at this location there is a lot of sand and debris that has washed onto…Reported
12861521 Apr 2016North Lanarkshireuncovered water manholes Reported
12861421 Apr 2016NorfolkDecayed repair. 30cm x 5cm deep Reported
12861321 Apr 2016Transport for LondonPotholes, broken Tarmac surface and more, in the run-in to bus stop KE Reported
12861221 Apr 2016StaffordshirePotholeReported
12861121 Apr 2016Kentsign post pointing in wrong directionReported
12861021 Apr 2016GlasgowRaised metalwork\nReported
12860921 Apr 2016HackneybALLs pond roadLARGE HOLE ON MAIN ROADReported
12860821 Apr 2016NewhamA118 Romford RoadPreviously repaired pothole breaking up and causing significant problem at narrowing of the road beside a zebra crossing. Pothole previously repaired after causing a significant accident involving a …Reported
12860721 Apr 2016EdinburghSouth Clerk StreetLarge amount of uneven surface with large cracks and holes, causing cyclists to dangerously swing out onto the roadReported
12860621 Apr 2016HampshireCrown LaneA deep pot hole at bottom of a descent hidden by shadow from the railway bridge under which it is situated. A serious danger to cyclists.Reported
12860521 Apr 2016Lancashiredangerous holeReported
12860421 Apr 2016Lancashiredangerous holeReported
12860321 Apr 2016Lancashirebugger bastard holeReported
12860221 Apr 2016GlasgowFlorida AvenueLarge pot hole with subsurface exposed and holding standing water 1 of many on this streetReported
12860121 Apr 2016BuckinghamshireThere is about 4 potholes up 300 yds from the junction various sizes. That require repairing.Reported
12860021 Apr 2016Gloucestershire8\" X 6\" X 3\" deep pothole in centre of narrow road. Reported
12859921 Apr 2016TraffordDeep large area missing TarmacReported
12859821 Apr 2016SuffolkPotholeReported
12859721 Apr 2016SuffolkPotholeReported
12859621 Apr 2016SuffolkHuge potholeReported
12859521 Apr 2016SuffolkPoor pothole repairReported
12859421 Apr 2016SuffolkPotholeReported
12859321 Apr 2016SuffolkNumerous potholes at this location. Essex side of bridge Reported
12859221 Apr 2016EssexPotholeReported
12859121 Apr 2016Cheshire West and Chester\nPothole and gravel uneven repair\nFixed
12859021 Apr 2016Cheshire West and ChesterRepair useless hole dangerous\nFixed
12858921 Apr 2016Dumfries and GallowayA747travelling towards port William pothole just before road junctionReported
12858821 Apr 2016DurhamB6282potholeReported
12858721 Apr 2016DevonPothole Reported
12858621 Apr 2016BarnetDeep pithole at dangerous junction forcing sudden deviation\nReported
12858521 Apr 2016DevonLarge pothole, has been partially filled by frustrated member of public as has been here for weeks and nothing done despite being reported several timesReported
12858421 Apr 2016CoventryDangerous for cyclistsReported
12858321 Apr 2016CoventryLots of damage here\nDangerous to cyclistsReported
12858221 Apr 2016CoventryAll the Tarmac is broken causing many sharp bumps at the side of the road\nVery dangerous for cyclists. \nReported
12858121 Apr 2016CoventryAll drains on the road are like this. \nIt causes cyclists to bounce off their bikes if it is not noticed \nDangerousReported
12858021 Apr 2016CoventryBoth sizes of the road there are pot holes and dropped man covers. It pushes the cyclist into the centre of the road unexpectedly. \nDangerous and could cause cyclists to come off their bikeReported
12857921 Apr 2016CoventryThe whole intersection has many potholes. \nIt causes cyclists to come off their bike as it is difficult to avoid them. \nThere are many Lorries using this intersection. Very dangerousReported
12857821 Apr 2016CamdenAlbany Street x Triton Street2 potholes after pedestrian crossingReported
12857721 Apr 2016EssexPotholeReported
12857621 Apr 2016EssexPotholeReported
12857521 Apr 2016RenfrewshirePothole, next to drain cover\nHard to see before you're in itFixed
12857421 Apr 2016OxfordshireA415 Marcham RoadThe surface surrounding a drain has broken away, leaving a large hole with unprotected ironworks edges in it. Because of the position, it would be impossible to avoid if there is traffic in the adja…Reported
12857321 Apr 2016Bath and North East SomersetPotholes on the B3110 at the junction with Branch Road. Reported
12857221 Apr 2016Bath and North East SomersetMultiple potholes on Branch road at the Branch Road and A36 junction. Reported
12857121 Apr 2016Highways EnglandA34A series of irregular holes that pepper the carriageway, making for a very rough passage.Reported
12857021 Apr 2016Essexbroken drain in layby and toilet waste and water is flowing onto carriageway and smell is terrbileReported
12856921 Apr 2016RenfrewshireA8 Greenock Road3rd report of Large areas of road surface are breaking up due to the road normally being flooded here. The flooding has been known about for a long time and your refusal to deal with it is now result…Reported

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