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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
1311455 Jul 2016East AyrshireVarious pot holes along length of road Reported
1311445 Jul 2016East AyrshireRoad hump breaking up. \n\nHole in road Reported
1311435 Jul 2016East AyrshireJoint at hammerhead broken away. Also three other patches Reported
1311425 Jul 2016NorfolkBarnham Broom RoadThere is a pothole on Barnham Broom Road roughly half way between the B1108 Norwich Road and Rush Green / Bell Road. It's as you travel in the direction of Rush Green / Barnham Broom and is on a sli…Reported
1311415 Jul 2016NorfolkWramplingham Road / Melton Road junctionAt the junction where Wramplingham Road goes into Melton Road the junction where the lines are to mark where you stop is uneven and pot holed.Reported
1311405 Jul 2016NorfolkWramplingham RoadThere is a pothole on Wramplingham Road as you travel in the direction of Wymondham near some house just before you get to Slopers RoadReported
1311395 Jul 2016NorfolkWramplingham RoadThere is a pothole on Wramplingham Road after Green Lane as you travel in the direction of Wymondham just before a house.Reported
1311385 Jul 2016NorfolkWymondham RoadThere is a pothole on Wymondham Road after you've left Wramplingham and before Green Lane near the houses.Reported
1311375 Jul 2016BexleyA207 Junction with Avenue RdPothole in roadReported
1311365 Jul 2016BexleyA207 junction with Brampton Rd BexleyheathRelatively small but deep pothole, nearly came off bike.... Almost certainly damaged my expensive wheels.Reported
1311355 Jul 2016Highways Englandlane 1 between j11 & j10 about 800 yards from j10 just before the last bridge before j10Reported
1311345 Jul 2016KentWorn edge of road \nAnother same size problem is 100m further toward the end of the road same side Reported
1311335 Jul 2016West SussexNewton RoadHuge pothole!Reported
1311325 Jul 2016WestminsterVery deep sink holeReported
1311315 Jul 2016LincolnshirePotholeReported
1311305 Jul 2016KirkleesIn between HIck Lane and Station Roadvarious potholes in this area - as you turn from bradford road onto station roadReported
1311295 Jul 2016SuffolkPapeley MeadowSeveral holes and road breaking upReported
1311285 Jul 2016Dumfries and GallowayVery large deep and long pothole full of water. Gave my car a hell of a bang when I hit it Reported
1311275 Jul 2016SurreyLong rut in road at the join about central to the laneReported
1311265 Jul 2016Hampshireloose gravel covering pothole at Base of Woods Lane, on the Stop line of the junction with Farleigh Road Reported
1311255 Jul 2016WarwickshireFosse WayRut partially filled with poor surface. Several dips and uneven pieces of road in this section.Reported
1311245 Jul 2016SurreyMultiple patching have come undone on this pothole. It's also on the wheel line which results in it being broken up. Being on the left side this is dangerous particularly for cyclists Fixed
1311235 Jul 2016LincolnshireFerry Rd2 potholes next to each otherReported
1311225 Jul 2016WalsallAldridge BypassThere are rut/gully without the roundabout of Aldridge BypassReported
1311215 Jul 2016LincolnshireUnamed road between Kingthorpe and StainfieldpotholeReported
1311205 Jul 2016RenfrewshireNeuk AveTwo street lights not working in Neuk AveReported
1311195 Jul 2016RenfrewshireManse CrescentTwo streetlights out in Manse CrescentReported
1311185 Jul 2016BuryNo road markings at give way junctionReported
1311175 Jul 2016SurreyStonehill RoadRepaired Pothole breaking upReported
1311165 Jul 2016SurreyStonehill RoadA repaired pothole is breaking apartReported
1311155 Jul 2016SurreyWindsor RoadGlass in carriagwayReported
1311145 Jul 2016SurreyLittlewick RoadSunken manhole coverReported
1311135 Jul 2016SurreyLockfield DriveGlass in cycle laneReported
1311125 Jul 2016Hammersmith and FulhamUnmarked Road hump caused by poor tarmac laying Reported
1311115 Jul 2016NottinghamshireA deep Pothole in previously repaired area of road directly opposite number 19. \n\nHazardous to all road users especially pedestrians, equestrians and cyclists. Fixed
1311105 Jul 2016SunderlandSedgeletch Road,Houghton Le Spring,Tyne and WearJust after the bus stop (approx 2m)Reported
1311095 Jul 2016SunderlandA1052,Colliery Row,Houghton le Spring,Tyne and Wearpot hole in surface of the highway on the approach to bus stop outside of the flatsReported
1311085 Jul 2016OxfordshireCycle path completely overgrown. Now very difficult to see edge of path and in places on coming cyclists are obscuredReported
1311075 Jul 2016LancashireFreckleton Road at Kirkham (near Preston).Potholes again appearing in middle of road opposite the entrance to Kirkham Prison on Freckleton Road at Kirkham. This was reported on 23-05-2016, 10-06-2016 and 22-06-2016, but still not fixed or p…Reported
1311065 Jul 2016SurreySeries of ruts at joins of road sections in middle of the lanes as you cross the roundabout, mostly in the section closest to the supermarket. Reported
1311054 Jul 2016DevonA389Holes in road getting worse where road surface is sinkingReported
1311044 Jul 2016CumbriaGeneral wear to road surface on southbound side. Dangerous pothole just before junction to Crematorium. Fixed
1311034 Jul 2016OxfordshireNasty pothole reported a while ago, it is that dangerous now someone has put a cone it it with a sign on topReported
1311024 Jul 2016OxfordshireVery nasty pothole near side wheel track would have a motorcyclist offReported
1311014 Jul 2016OxfordshireTwo potholes within feet on each otherReported
1311004 Jul 2016BuckinghamshireOakington Avenue, Little Chalfontpothole with loose stones revealedReported
1310994 Jul 2016South GloucestershireA4174 ring roadThere is a pothole in the cycle path along side of the Ring Road. It is at the point where the cycle path is extremely narrow and next to the ring road. Due to the shape of the pothole thre is a …Reported
1310984 Jul 2016SuffolkPothole arisen from poorly filled in previous potholes that have since gotten bigger and deeper\nReported
1310974 Jul 2016Northamptonshire3 large potholes In progress
1310964 Jul 2016NorthamptonshireHuge pothole on pedestrian crossingIn progress

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