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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
10765824 Sep 2014NottinghamBull close roadRuts, lesions, cracks and ripples in the Tarmac.Reported
10765724 Sep 2014NottinghamMain roadRuts and lesions in the Tarmac surfaceReported
10765624 Sep 2014NottinghamMain roadVarious bits of patched repairs that have degraded, causing an area of potholes/ruts.Reported
10765524 Sep 2014NottinghamMain roadTarmac around manhole missing to a depth of 2 inches, ring width 4 inches approx.Reported
10765424 Sep 2014EssexLexden RoadPotholeReported
10765324 Sep 2014OxfordshireThrupp LaneTwo holes in a lane that gets a lot of use by lorries. The lane is single track tarmac with pull ins to let oncoming traffic through, it has no room for the trucks to move over to avoid the holes. Th…Reported
10765224 Sep 2014CalderdaleExley LaneSeries of bumps and potholes heading downhill on Exley Road. Extremely dangerous to cyclists, as the bumps are very hard to see until close, and the hill is quite steep, making avoiding action diffic…Reported
10765124 Sep 2014CalderdaleAs above from m62 junction to a62 junction Reported
10765024 Sep 2014GloucestershireUn-namedPothole (largest one of 3) 12 x 18" on road heading into EastleachReported
10764924 Sep 2014Islingtonstroud green road3 x areas of sunken road in a 50m stretch - massive danger to cyclists, I have to go over these every day and they are getting worseFixed
10764824 Sep 2014CambridgeshireMaid's CausewayOn entering the common, the crossing has separate entrances/exits for cyclists and pedestrians. The markings denoting which is which have worn away.Reported
10764724 Sep 2014SouthwarkChadwick RoadString of potholesReported
10764624 Sep 2014CambridgeshireSt Andrew's StreetThe advanced stop line for cyclists (going south along St Andrew's Street) has been partially destroyed by recent resurfacing, and is therefore being ignored by motor traffic there.Reported
10764524 Sep 2014East SussexBayley's Laneseries of 5-10cm ruts 0.5-1m from verge where top surface has disintegrated revealing substrate. This is a popular route for cyclists and this is a real hazard.Reported
10764424 Sep 2014East SussexBayley's Laneseries of 5-10cm ruts 0.5-1m from verge where top surface has disintegrated revealing substrate. This is a popular route for cyclists and this is a real hazard.Reported
10764324 Sep 2014LincolnshireFirth RoadPotholeReported
10764224 Sep 2014LincolnshireUnnamedPotholeReported
10764123 Sep 2014Sandwellhigh bullencross carriageway ruts on entry and exit to roundabout, high bullen Wednesbury travelling from Walsall st towards Dudley stReported
10764023 Sep 2014HampshireAvington park road to EastonLarge section of angle iron capping has broken free from the edge of the road and is loose inside the cattle gridReported
10763923 Sep 2014BrentPrevious repair breaking across the roadReported
10763823 Sep 2014Leeds4-5ft long thin rut running parallel to the pavement.Reported
10763723 Sep 2014Telford and WrekinOvergrown and unuseable cycle path covered in brambles with a street light in a VERY cycle path in places. From shawbirch roundabout to princess royal hospital.Rejected
10763623 Sep 2014CardiffCyfarthfa StreetDeep potholes - dangerous to driveReported
10763523 Sep 2014SuffolkCumberland StreetPotholeReported
10763423 Sep 2014Wolverhampton35 Meadow Road, Wolverhampton, WV3 8EZ. Tel 07977 288 630.Pothole becoming bigger and bigger at the entrance to my drive.Reported
10763323 Sep 2014MidlothianA703 Seafield Moor RoadFairly small but deep potholeReported
10763223 Sep 2014CamdenBroken and jagged manhole in road outside entrance to park - could injure or even kill a childReported
10763123 Sep 2014LeedsShadwell LaneDamaged and sunken road surface spanning nearly the full width of road. Very dangerous for cyclistsReported
10763023 Sep 2014Dumfries and Gallowaya747a number of potholesReported
10762923 Sep 2014Dumfries and Gallowaya746pothole along the straight before the farmReported
10762823 Sep 2014Dumfries and Gallowaycastlehillpotholes still there getting fed up of wasting my time and effert d & g need a sorting out as they practice what they preace about making there roads saferReported
10762723 Sep 2014WarwickshireTrench across road poorly filled. Significant hazard to cyclists. 2 down today residents report previous onesReported
10762623 Sep 2014EssexB1008Sunken manhole cover makes a loud noise every time a car goes over it!!Reported
10762522 Sep 2014KentA20 coast boundThe road has formed a ridge (bump) about 1-2 mts long in the outside lane next to central reservation. It hasn't cause any damage I am aware of, but can't be good for my suspension.Reported
10762422 Sep 2014North YorkshirePothole around drain. Filled with grass as it is that old.Reported
10762322 Sep 2014North YorkshireLong standing pothole around drain cover on inside of bend. So old has filled with grass.Reported
10762222 Sep 2014Cheshire West and ChesterThe surface of the cycle path between Blacon and the Shropshire Union Canal junctions on the Greenway cycle path in Chester is rutted and potholed. As it is also covered by leaves, so is very danger…In progress
10762122 Sep 2014Cheshire EastKay Lane Lymm CheshireCan anything be done about the high legh end of Kay Lane Lymm WA13 0TN please? Driving up and down it nearly every day isn't doing the suspension of my car any goodReported
10762022 Sep 2014HampshireViables Roundabout, BasingstokeThe road surface on Viables Roundabout, between the Jays Close and Cliddesden Road exits, has broken up and has gaps. This is particularly true between the Jays Close and Hatch Warren Way exits.Reported
10761922 Sep 2014NorthumberlandCockshawPothole, right on driving line, since there are always parked cars thereFixed
10761822 Sep 2014HounslowArgyle AvePot holes / ruts in road surface for the whole road. Has been like this for months. Almost come off bike in the darkReported
10761722 Sep 2014NottinghamMansfield RoadA series of ruts in Mansfield Road between Devon Drive and Burnham Street, the road defects are deep and abrupt, and run at right-angles to the direction of travel and therefore shake cyclists. The r…Reported
10761622 Sep 2014HounslowHounslow Rd2nd requested report as noticed this still have not been remedied and is still very dangerous for those on two wheels. Was reported in April this year, case number 103229Reported
10761522 Sep 2014HertfordshireLangley RoadNo street-lights meant I could not see the hazard.Reported
10761422 Sep 2014Cheshire EastWagg StreetRoad surface generally in poor condition with several potholes and developing potholesReported
10761221 Sep 2014CardiffPenarth RoadSunken backfill adjacent to drainReported
10761121 Sep 2014CardiffCastle Streetdrain cover tilted and surrounded by displaced road surfaceReported
10761021 Sep 2014HertfordshireLifting on bollards missing Reported
10760921 Sep 2014HounslowKew Bridge RoadManhole cover that moves and clanks when you ride over it. It's a really busy road so very dangerous to be thrown off balance here.Reported

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