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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
1176069 Jul 2015Highways EnglandA30 Warminster road travelling out of BathDeep, sharp edged hole, probably a drain, which I have hit twice at normal speed for this road 45-50 mph) whilst keeping to LHS of lane to give room to oncoming large vehicles. Made quite a loud ban…Reported
1176059 Jul 2015MertonPothole on left side of road heading towards Somerset Road.Reported
1176049 Jul 2015RenfrewshireA726 Barnsford Rd4th report on 09/07/15. Total lack of visibility at junction. I have to report this every year and it takes many reports before the council take any action to cut not just the grass but the trees and…Reported
1176039 Jul 2015Richmond upon ThamesPot hole Reported
1176029 Jul 2015WorcestershireBromyard RoadSunk metal inspection coverReported
1176018 Jul 2015BuckinghamshireCrossroads with High Street, New Road and Aston Abbots RoadPothole around manhole coverReported
1176008 Jul 2015HampshirePothole Reported
1175998 Jul 2015NorthumberlandPot hole or uneven road repair, not clear but very big hole when you hit it!Rejected
1175988 Jul 2015NorthumberlandPot hole in road on round about, as you leave sainsburys heading straight ahead on roundabout Rejected
1175978 Jul 2015HertfordshirePothole from poorly resurfaced roadReported
1175968 Jul 2015DundeePothole started couple of weeks ago but just getting bigger and worseReported
1175958 Jul 2015East AyrshireRoad undermined by a DEEP hole. Goes down over a foot deep. Reported
1175948 Jul 2015Durhamwear view at west view junctionworn road surface at joining roadsReported
1175938 Jul 2015Central BedfordshireMill Lane/Potton Road EVERTONSeveral dangerously deep potholes at the junction of Mill Lane and Potton Road in EVERTONReported
1175928 Jul 2015SurreyRoad subsiding across width of roadReported
1175918 Jul 2015RenfrewshireA726 Barnsford Rd3rd report on 08/07/15. Total lack of visibility at junction. I have to report this every year and it takes many reports before the council take any action to cut not just the grass but the trees and…Reported
1175907 Jul 2015CalderdaleMixenden RoadSpeed cushions that are loose, These cushions are on the stretch of Mixenden Road from top to bottom. Some are that loose that their movement is damaging the road round them, increasing the play that…Reported
1175897 Jul 2015CardiffLlantrisant Road A4119The road surface has a remade section that has deteriorated. There is now a substantial hole (about 12 inches deep) in the carriageway. This is my second time of reporting this and it has been there …Reported
1175887 Jul 2015North YorkshireSt HildeR'S ROADDeep hole next to the curb big enough to throw a cyclist off their bike and damage a car wheelReported
1175877 Jul 2015CardiffHuge hole in ground nearly broke suspension on my cat. Reported
1175867 Jul 2015KentFarmcombe RoadPothole in downhill carriageway outside no 76 Farmcombe RoadReported
1175857 Jul 2015GloucestershireDrain blockedReported
1175847 Jul 2015WarwickshireTainters HillSurface dressing failure at the Tainters Hill junction with A429 Coventry Road stones not sticking. Tyres churning up cheap dressing. Surface not been down a day and already failed.Fixed
1175837 Jul 2015Transport for LondonGreen Lanes/A105Crack running across lane.Reported
1175827 Jul 2015Highways EnglandIn lane 2 there is a patch of deteriorated potholesReported
1175817 Jul 2015HertfordshireSarratt RdLoose chippings on road following road resurfacing. Unsafe unstable surface for cyclists. Can this REALLY be the best method of road repair when it creates a danger for some road users? It also creat…Reported
1175807 Jul 2015HertfordshireSarratt RdLarge pothole forcing cyclists out into oncoming traffic. It's more or less opposite a large pothole you DID REPAIR on the other side of the road. Come on guys, are you nuts or something? * There's…Reported
1175797 Jul 2015HertfordshireLittle Oxhey LnA series of potholes around the railway bridge (on both sides of the road) making it almost un-rideable on a bike. It's time it was repaired it's a disgrace!Reported
1175787 Jul 2015HarrowOxhey LaneLong double rut particularly dangerous for cyclists, and forces them into the patch of traffic. This will cost very little to make safe.Reported
1175777 Jul 2015HertfordshireSandy LaneManhole cover missing exposing the drain.Reported
1175767 Jul 2015Transport ScotlandA75pothole the state of the a75 from dumfries to newton stewart is appallingReported
1175757 Jul 2015Cheshire West and ChesterWood LaneLarge void under road has led to surface collapsing leaving a dangerous hole in roadRejected
1175747 Jul 2015LambethKerb on speed table unstable/uneven leaving sharp raised edge about 40mm high Reported
1175736 Jul 2015MidlothianCockpen ViewDeep spreading surface damageReported
1175726 Jul 2015BarnetArgyle RoadLarge dip in road.Reported
1175716 Jul 2015Bath and North East SomersetClaverton Down RoadSeveral trench reinstatements have failed over about a 100m length of Claverton Down Road. On the north side by the traffic island a recent patch repair needs doing properlyReported
1175706 Jul 2015Bath and North East SomersetClaverton Down RoadDeep pothole. Failed road reinstatement, west bound lane. Has been present for many weeks.Reported
1175696 Jul 2015Bath and North East SomersetHarptree HillThis may be a failed trench reistatement because it was linear. I found myself trapped as if by tramlines while descending at about 20mph. I managed to stay upright but found myself being deflected…Reported
1175686 Jul 2015Newcastlesevere breaking up of surface on 2 bendsReported
1175676 Jul 2015Transport for LondonMerantun Wayhedges/bushes either side of Merantun Way over grown and need cutting back - both directionsReported
1175666 Jul 2015DevonSilver StreetDrain cover which has recently has tar replaced around it is now collapsing, causing a large hole in the road.Fixed
1175656 Jul 2015DevonDunsford HillDamaged road surface with many holes and ruts.Reported
1175646 Jul 2015LincolnshireFerry LaneLong stretches of the side of the road have been worn away leaving extremely dangerous potholes, any vehicle being forced into one, or entering one by mistake when they are full of water, would exper…Reported
1175636 Jul 2015EssexThe Village, WillingaleDeep pothole [approx 5 inches], approximately 18 inches across with a"sink" hole at the bottom of indeterminate depth which is approximately 4 inches across. The pothole was reported back in May and …Reported
1175626 Jul 2015SheffieldLimb Laneroad surface very badly patched on Limb lane- it is a narrow road with little room to take evasive action without endangering both self and driversReported
1175616 Jul 2015SheffieldLondon Rdthe stretch of road from the end of Abbeydale rd along London Rd towards St Marys Gate is diabolical. It's painful and dangerous and a serious deterrent to cyclists.Reported
1175606 Jul 2015NorthamptonshireBenefield road east of Brigstockelongated othole consisting of two parts joined by a potholeReported
1175596 Jul 2015NorwichNewmarket Rd A11Surface has melted rough surface depressed surface loose tarmac on roadReported
1175586 Jul 2015Lambethrailton roadspeed bump, full of holes quite dangerous for cyclists.Reported
1175576 Jul 2015YorkAlbermarle RoadThis is a pothole just after the downslope of a speedhump. It is deceptively dangerous and has led to a potentially serious accident.Reported

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