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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
13051012 Jun 2016North YorkshireChestnut Road, Cawood, north YorkshireLarge deep pothole on bend in road it is severe enough to jolt the car if not avoided. As cars are normally parked on the opposite side of the road and it is on a bend it is difficult to avoid. Wh…Reported
13050912 Jun 2016HampshirepotholeReported
13050812 Jun 2016SuffolkA1152 Orford RoadRecently repaired area around manhole cover has now sunk, leaving manhole cover sticking out dangerously.Reported
13050711 Jun 2016BuckinghamshireSchool laneA large gully by vergeReported
13050611 Jun 2016SurreyPothole resulting in pinch flat and damaged rimReported
13050511 Jun 2016WiltshireDropped access coverReported
13050411 Jun 2016East Riding of YorkshireSaltaugh Road / Russell DriveA few potholes / bad road surface at Russell Drive and Saltaugh Road in Keyingham. Road condition gets worse in quite a short time.Reported
13050311 Jun 2016NorfolkA12 Breydon BridgeTwo drin cover missing on edge of footpathReported
13050211 Jun 2016Highways EnglandA12 Yarmout bypassRuts and pot holes across full width of road along path of pedestrian underpass tunnel.Reported
13050111 Jun 2016SurreyFly tipping and asbestos. on bridleway Surrey Cycle Way 13Reported
13050011 Jun 2016North YorkshireSeries of potholes along length of roadReported
13049911 Jun 2016BirminghamTwo potholesReported
13049811 Jun 2016BirminghamPotholeReported
13049711 Jun 2016BirminghamPotholeReported
13049611 Jun 2016BirminghamA number of potholesReported
13049511 Jun 2016BirminghamPotholeReported
13049411 Jun 2016BirminghamPotholeReported
13049311 Jun 2016BirminghamPotholeReported
13049211 Jun 2016BirminghamPotholesReported
13049111 Jun 2016BirminghamTwo potholes\nReported
13049011 Jun 2016BirminghamPotholeReported
13048911 Jun 2016BirminghamLong potholeReported
13048811 Jun 2016BirminghamA string of potholes\nReported
13048711 Jun 2016BirminghamPotholeReported
13048611 Jun 2016BirminghamPotholes on edgeReported
13048511 Jun 2016BirminghamPotholesReported
13048411 Jun 2016BirminghamAbout 20 metres of close together potholesReported
13048311 Jun 2016BirminghamPotholeReported
13048211 Jun 2016BirminghamThree potholes close togetherReported
13048111 Jun 2016BirminghamPotholeReported
13048011 Jun 2016BirminghamDeep potholeReported
13047911 Jun 2016SunderlandJunction of Lady Street and Church RoadMissing road markings.Give way lines,centre lines and signs. You approach a cross roads and it's unclear that there is a road which has right of way as the give way lines are missing. Poor road su…Reported
13047811 Jun 2016StaffordshireNot named on OS Map- runs between Foxes Lane & Port LaneLarge pothole towards centre of narrow laneReported
13047711 Jun 2016GlasgowRaised iron work. Surrounding road surface substantially Degraded. Will damage car tyres and serious hazard to cyclists. Requires urgent attention Reported
13047611 Jun 2016DorsetBollard broken hole in footway Reported
13047511 Jun 2016WarringtonHalla way/Knutsford roadPothole on driving line, difficult to avoidReported
13047411 Jun 2016SouthwarkChatham StreetRaised and broken edging curbstone to a speed hump. Stone is fractured and sticking up.Reported
13047311 Jun 2016DorsetB3143Ruts and gulleys in B3143 which due to top dressing are now very dangerous as they are difficult to see. Before top dressing bad areas of the raod where top surface had come away were visible and …Reported
13047211 Jun 2016OxfordshireA4130 ( High Road)The road surface surrounding three sides of a kerb drain has completely broken away, exposing a sharp metal edge inside a hole.Reported
13047110 Jun 2016SurreyRoundabout that joins Fir Tree Road with Grandstand Road, Yew Tree Bottom Road, etcThis roundabout needs a complete resurface. The dangerous potholes, cracks, et al are bad with a car, let alone on a bicycle.Reported
13047010 Jun 2016SurreyBonsor DriveMedium pothole, on a corner that's often busy with traffic so not always easy to avoidReported
13046910 Jun 2016SurreyWAterhouse Lane / B2032Nasty pothole, on a hill, by a drain,Reported
13046810 Jun 2016EdinburghOvergrown and low hanging tree branches blocking round along pavement. \nHad to push through the branches & leaves to stay on the pavement as there were a big line of cars coming in opposite directio…Reported
13046710 Jun 2016Hounslowdangerous pothole 8cm deep 1m long and 20cm wideReported
13046610 Jun 2016CumbriaWidening pothole in an unavoidable position. Reported
13046510 Jun 2016HounslowRut shaped pothole. Whole road is dreadful stateReported
13046410 Jun 2016Hounslow. Whole road is dreadful stateReported
13046310 Jun 2016HounslowPothole. Whole road is dreadful stateReported
13046210 Jun 2016HounslowRut shaped pothole. Whole road is dreadful stateReported
13046110 Jun 2016HounslowRut shaped pothole. Whole road is dreadful stateReported

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