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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
11696510 Jun 2015StaffordshireParkhouse roadLarge pothole right on the exit of the roundaboutReported
11696410 Jun 2015WokinghamHeadley RoadMissing cover for what looks like a water stop tap in middle of lane on approach to roundabout.In progress
11696310 Jun 2015CumbriaHolme Houses and Winter LaneTwo stretches of Winter Lane between Burneside and Plantation Bridge are rough, rutted and peppered with potholes, this is meant to be a national cycle way however the current road surfaces make this…Reported
11696210 Jun 2015BexleyStation Road, Sidcuproad surface crackingReported
11696110 Jun 2015SurreyOutwood LaneOutwood Lane, running South from Bletchingley Surrey, to Outwood Surrey is part of the circular Surrey Cycleway. About 1 mile after going South from Bletchingley, just after the 30mph limit turns to …Reported
11696010 Jun 2015LancashireMill LaneVarious potholesReported
11695910 Jun 2015SheffieldSeries of potholes along this stretch. Previously reported, only one filled. Council must be aware as have had painted limes round them for a while. Reported
11695810 Jun 2015LancashireVale LaneMultiple potholesReported
11695710 Jun 2015LancashireCurdale laneblocked drain and multiple pot holes and some very poor previous repairs from before making the road very rough and cyclist need to be near the centre of the road to avoid.Reported
11695610 Jun 2015LancashireChurch browEdge of man hole cover starting to go. very bad position as right where a lot of cyclist go and the man hole cover is a risk as well on the hill making the likly hood of getting your wheel traped in …Fixed
11695510 Jun 2015LancashireWindmill lanea pair of pot holesReported
11695410 Jun 2015CumbriaHas no name - Access road to James Cropper PLC papermaillFailed repair patch - Pothole adjacent to a manhole cover causing tyhe cover to look raised and ne a hazard to vehicle, cyclista and pedestrians (no Paths on this road)Reported
11695310 Jun 2015WiltshireThe water treatment access road in Barton Farm Country Park, Bradford on AvonA sunken trench that extends half way across the tarmac road. The 2 end sections are deep and dangerous. It's on a busy stretch of National Cycle Network Route 4.Reported
11695210 Jun 2015HerefordshireJubilee Drive B4232Potholes at edge of carriagewayReported
11695110 Jun 2015WorcestershireA449 Worcester RdSeverely sunk ironworks within recently surface dressed section of carriagewayReported
1169509 Jun 2015Transport for LondonVery deep and dangerous pothole on edge of manhole. Reported
1169499 Jun 2015NorfolkAbandoned temporary sign - been there months despite logging previously...Reported
1169489 Jun 2015Lancashiremill lanetarmac all breaking up, from kerb to kerbReported
1169479 Jun 2015Lancashiredorchester roadrecently repaired hole, back againReported
1169469 Jun 2015BoltonNumerous potholes badly repaired over last two years. Now causing debris and divets and potholes in road surface which are unavoidable for motorists. Also close to a junction which on wet or icy cond…Fixed
1169459 Jun 2015SheffieldLarge depression forming in road. Previous repair seems to be compounding problem. Reported
1169449 Jun 2015BuckinghamshireMultiple potholes 3\" deepReported
1169439 Jun 2015HertfordshireOrchard Road, TewinWhen the road re-surfaced a while ago the drain cover was not raised This causes quite a noticeable "thump" as you go over it. Cyclists pull out into the road to avoid it thus causing a potential c…Reported
1169429 Jun 2015Surreyseveral Pot holes along cycle route 223
1169419 Jun 2015HackneyPensford St to Morning Lacluster of several potholes all across width of the road just after turning, makes drivers and cyclist meandering around which can be a risky movement.Reported
1169409 Jun 2015EssexUnnamed, just north of junction with Elms Hall RoadLarge long pothole 2/3rds way down long steep hill from Buntings Green to Stonebridge Hill and A1124 (near Halstead). Directly on a cyclist's line, some may be going anything up to 30mph downhill. Di…Reported
1169399 Jun 2015Solihulllarge pothole in centre of the road at the bottom of the hill.Reported
1169389 Jun 2015OxfordshireDukes Meadowpothole in middle of roadway on approach to the Zulu Shield roundabout where top layer has disappeared, presenting risk to two wheeled which will be leaned over and could cause unintentional dismount…Rejected
1169379 Jun 2015West SussexLyons RoadExtremely poor surface - "washboard" effect with many ruts. Significant danger to cyclists. Eastbound.Reported
1169369 Jun 2015DenbighshireEYARTH TO gRAIG ADWY WYNTUnevenness due to rut or gully, this is a deep gully partially hidden by the overgrown verge.Not that that should be cut as it is a haven for wildlife, however the hazard should be dealt with. This i…Reported
1169359 Jun 2015ReadingWaterloo Road1. Large Pothole in Middle of Road on Waterloo Road - close to junction with Collis St 2. Uneven surface and potholes Waterloo Road connection to Elgar Road - not smooth - so dangerous when turning …In progress
1169349 Jun 2015ManchesterMonton StreetLarge, deep potholeReported
1169339 Jun 2015GloucestershireStation RoadSunken gulley resulting from a bad roadwork repair.Reported
1169329 Jun 2015DenbighshireMaes Y Llan rd junction with Lon speriol uchafThis is a significant hazard for a cyclist and or a school child who could slip trip or fall, it is on a route used by many school children, its on a road that the county council will sweep because o…Reported
1169319 Jun 2015SurreyAppears to be a previously fixed hole, that has collapsed. It is outside the entrance to the allotmentsReported
1169309 Jun 2015EssexClare RoadHole in middle of left laneReported
1169299 Jun 2015EssexTilbury RoadLarge hole on tight bend, hard to see due to tree cover.Reported
1169288 Jun 2015LancashireNorth road/Parliament Street Junction with A683 LancasterSign obstructing view of oncoming traffic. At the junction of North Road/Parliament Street and the Greyhound bridge approach there is a large direction sign low down on central reservation. When wait…Reported
1169278 Jun 2015East Ayrshiredeep pothole 2 feet wide x 4 feet long at brow of hillReported
1169268 Jun 2015East AyrshirePothole deceptively hard on cars. 4 feet wide x 5 feet long in a hidden dip Reported
1169258 Jun 2015WarwickshirePot hole and road breaking upReported
1169248 Jun 2015Warwickshire4 large pot holes road serf ace breaking upReported
1169238 Jun 2015WarwickshireLarge pot holeReported
1169228 Jun 2015WakefieldOne of many potholes on roadIn progress
1169218 Jun 2015WarwickshireDeep holeReported
1169208 Jun 2015WakefieldOne of many potholes on road\nIn progress
1169198 Jun 2015WarwickshireDamerer to cyclistReported
1169188 Jun 2015WakefieldOne of several potholes on street\nIn progress
1169168 Jun 2015WakefieldPothole with deeper pothole within\nIn progress

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