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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
11240019 Feb 2015StaffordshireWatling st cannock.Pothole forming around the outer edge of a drain in the gutter.Reported
11239919 Feb 2015RotherhamWoodsetts LaneSeries of potholes on the road - varying in depth and regular intervals along the road until Dinnington.Reported
11239819 Feb 2015NorfolkB1108 Watton RoadThere is a pothole on the west bound carriageway of the B1108 Watton Road heading out of Norwich.Reported
11239719 Feb 2015KirkleesPotholes near poorly installed speed humps that are damaged by bus and other heavy road traffic. \nWas almost thrown off bike as could not avoid worst part. Reported
11239619 Feb 2015NorfolkMelton RoadThere is a pothole on the northbound side of the road on Melton road just before the road bends around.Reported
11239519 Feb 2015RenfrewshireA726 Barnsford RoadHuge hump in road following badly reinstated road surface after trench cut in road. Get who ever laid this sleeping policeman to remove it and put the road surface back properly.Reported
11239419 Feb 2015RenfrewshireA8 Greenock RoadRegular flood on A8, most likely a blocked/badly maintained drain. 4th report to Council on 19.02.15 1st reported to council on 29.10.14. No action taken since first reporting..... oh sorry, you erec…Reported
11239319 Feb 2015RenfrewshireA8 Greenock RoadLarge regular flood that blocks both sides of the A8 carriageway on the approach to Bishopton. Flood is up to 250mm deep right accross the road. there is either no drainage here or what is here is co…Reported
11239219 Feb 2015RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadBlocked drain 8th time reported on 19.02.15, road floods on blind bend. Road kerb stones have drainage holes in them to allow water to drain but these are clearly blocked as there is a regular flood …Reported
11239119 Feb 2015RenfrewshireArdgryfe CrescentSmall but annoying pothole developing right under the left hand wheel of your car. First reported on 12.01.15. Now much larger and deeper as no action has been taken to fix it! 4th report on 19.02.15Reported
11239019 Feb 2015West SussexWest StreetTrench across the entire road is poorly repairedReported
11238919 Feb 2015DerbyshirePothole in centre of Road\n\nReported
11238819 Feb 2015Highways AgencyThis pot hole appears every now and then, I have reported it before and you have patched it fairly promptly. \nIt's just as you exit the bridge on the eastbound carriageway in lane 3, in line with t…Reported
11238719 Feb 2015SuffolkGloster Road /Anson Road junctionstring of pot holes across junction, making it difficult to start off when cycling, with a risk of fallingReported
11238619 Feb 2015South LanarkshirePothole and debris on road. Extends over 13 metres approx\nReported
11238519 Feb 2015StockportRapidly growing steep sided hole now approximately 18 inches to 2 feet wide on the near side of the carriageway heading westbound towards stockportReported
11238419 Feb 2015CumbriaRoad surface breaking up leading to very uneven surface and potholes increasing in size and depth. Reported
11238319 Feb 2015CroydonRoad surface is rutted and broken for about 200 metres West of Kenley school Reported
11238218 Feb 2015Highways AgencyA2large pothole on the A2 towards dover - caused me to have a flat tyre.Reported
11238118 Feb 2015HertfordshireHuge pot hole and now rut, extremely large and dangerousReported
11238018 Feb 2015BirminghamTrafalgar road, Moseley, BirminghamI have damaged my wheels 3 times in the past 3 months due to pot holes outside my road. There are speed bumps and just right next to the speed bumps there are massive pot holes which you cannot avoid…Reported
11237918 Feb 2015CambridgeshireShort Road, SnailwellMedium pothole (enough to sink a tyre) just after a humpback bridge (so very little advance warning) about 6 inches from verge. Unlit road.Fixed
11237818 Feb 2015SheffieldA6187Multiple pot holes on both sides of the road for about 100 meters after the junction with fox houses. Vert difficult to negotiate on a bike due the number of them in one small section of road. This s…Reported
11237718 Feb 2015StaffordshireMassive hole in road. Covered in water. Extremely dangerous for cyclistsReported
11237618 Feb 2015OxfordshireBlewbury Road / B4016This is a deep pot hole which is just inside the village of East Hagbourne - as you enter the village from the direction of BlewburyReported
11237518 Feb 2015Highways Agencym5Whole series of holes on My southbound between Gordon and Clevedon (Junction. 19 to Junction 20). Road surface in dangerous condition forcing cars to swerve to avoid.Reported
11237418 Feb 2015DerbyshireGreen LaneThere are a number of significant pot holes down Green Lane in Dronfield, that have appeared since the wintery weather. While not huge this hole is quite deep and big enough and hidden by the raise…Reported
11237318 Feb 2015Staffordshiredunwood lanePOTHOLE ON STEEP NARROW DUNWOOD LANEReported
11237218 Feb 2015StaffordshireRoughcote LaneAT LEAST SIX POTHOLES ALL OVER THE ROADReported
11237118 Feb 2015Stoke-on-TrentA520 WESTON RDTWO LARGE POTHOLESReported
11237018 Feb 2015East Sussexb2099The surface of B 2099 at the top of Lymden Lane. The surface has been pock marked with repairs and various filled and unfilled potholes. The surface has also worn away in places. It was reported last…Reported
11236918 Feb 2015Stoke-on-TrentA520 WESTON RDloose grid and pothole close to Weston Coyney t.l.Reported
11236818 Feb 2015SurreyNumber of potholes and general disrepair of road affecting near side wheelsReported
11236718 Feb 2015East Sussex2099Pothole in Wadhurst left side before chicane on way to Ticehurst.Reported
11236618 Feb 2015East Sussex2099Pothole in Wadhurst left side before chicane on way to Ticehurst.Reported
11236518 Feb 2015East Sussex2099Pothole in Wadhurst left side before chicane on way to Ticehurst.Reported
11236418 Feb 2015SomersetdangerousReported
11236318 Feb 2015WarwickshireRut along on ramp to A45Reported
11236218 Feb 2015OldhamLarge area of patching breaking down againReported
11236118 Feb 2015OldhamTemporary fix rather predictably breaking down!!Reported
11236018 Feb 2015OldhamRoad breaking down around ironworks. Reported
11235918 Feb 2015OldhamLarge area of surface breaking down around ironworks. Reported
11235818 Feb 2015CumbriaPothole half way up the hill eastbound.Reported
11235718 Feb 2015SurreyKitsmead LaneThis pothole is deep and dangerous for cyclists. It is on a route much used by Surrey cyclists.Reported
11235618 Feb 2015CumbriaU5484The whole length of this mile long single track road is a nightmare to drive along. It's more like a slalom course, weaving about on the limited width to avoid scores of potholes and broken-up surfa…Reported
11235518 Feb 2015BarnetFinchley LaneDeep pothole near centre of busy roadFixed
11235418 Feb 2015Burybig hole in rdReported
11235318 Feb 2015CornwallA39Sharp-edged potholes in left side of road, looks like it's an area that's been resurfaced previously but now there's a deep, nasty hole in the tarmac. Been there at least 8 months.Reported
11235218 Feb 2015Cheshire West and ChesterTattenhall LaneRoad breaking up close to the edge and near a blocked drain. This causes flooding in moderate rain covering the pothole and dangerous road surface. The flooding has been happening for years and nothi…Fixed
11235118 Feb 2015Dumfries and GallowaypotholeReported

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