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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
12964416 May 2016CumbriaPotholes again very uneven surface generally all the way up the lane Needs a complete resurfacing Taking a lot of traffic with the university, kennels and Kankku\nReported
12964316 May 2016Tower HamletsThere is a huge crevice in the middle of the road. Reported
12964216 May 2016Tower HamletsThe road has been destroyed by trucks and not repaired properly. Reported
12964116 May 2016Tower HamletsThe whole of Fairfield Road needs to be resurfaced, the road is all cracked and uneven. Reported
12964016 May 2016Tower HamletsThe whole of Campbell Road needs to be resurfaced. Reported
12963916 May 2016Tower HamletsPotholeReported
12963816 May 2016HampshireWoodlands Road, Baughurst, Tadley, RG26 5NSLarge pothole causing cars to swing out to avoid it. It's also a busy road with a school and many kids use the route on their bikes and swing out to avoid it without looking for oncoming traffic.Reported
12963716 May 2016Dorsethole in middle of turnFixed
12963616 May 2016Bristolin middle of rd, deep, lots of surrounding poor surfaceReported
12963516 May 2016Norfolkchurch street horsham st faiths road going on to back street.lots of pot holes really big and dangerous, on the whole stretch on church street just off back street in horsham st faiths. it is along the bend and needs to be fixed, also road not even and very lu…Reported
12963416 May 2016BristolMultiple Deep potholes. Please fix!Reported
12963316 May 2016RenfrewshireA8 Greenock Road9th report of large areas of road surface are breaking up due to the road normally being flooded here. The flooding has been known about for a long time and your refusal to deal with it is now result…Reported
12963216 May 2016SurreyPothole expanding in size and various debris strewn across road\nReported
12963116 May 2016OxfordshireChinnor RoadA continuous stretch of holes and cracks, as well as surface debris where the road surface is rapidly failing. This is an area where one side of the road always has parked cars so the oncoming traffi…Reported
12963016 May 2016LeedsBarleyfields roadLarge hole in surface of the road in the left hand lane on the T-junction.Reported
12962916 May 2016OxfordshireUrgent repair needed - series of highly dangerous potholes in cycle pathReported
12962816 May 2016OxfordshireSerious hazard to cyclists urgent repair needed before someone is killedReported
12962716 May 2016OxfordshireBadly damaged patch of road due to building works. Serious danger to cyclists. Urgent repair needed Reported
12962616 May 2016LewishamThurston RoadThere are countless potholes on this stretch of road making it extremely dangerous for cyclists. It is very difficult to navigate around the holes because there are so many of them. They are getting …Reported
12962516 May 2016SurreyPotholes arising from deterioration of previous repairs. Reported
12962416 May 2016Brighton and HoveProvidence PlaceDeep pothole on the corner of Elder Place/Providence Place/York Hill, BrightonReported
12962316 May 2016EssexBromley RoadVery large, deep, and dangerous pothole around a sunken drain. If a bicycle wheel went into this, odds are that the rider would be thrown from the bike.Reported
12962216 May 2016West Sussexsmall deep pothole Reported
12962116 May 2016West Sussexmore potholesReported
12962016 May 2016West Sussexmultiple potholesReported
12961916 May 2016West Sussexmultiple potholesReported
12961816 May 2016NorwichFifers LaneSunken drain. A cone has been placed on top, but it has been like this for weeks.Reported
12961716 May 2016NorfolkB1140PotholeReported
12961616 May 2016LancashireRoad to Sawley from Holden near Copy NookHuge pot that caused to damage to a bike 15/5/16Reported
12961516 May 2016Highways EnglandDangerous tailbacks caused by right turn into Dryham. This should be restricted due to volume of trafficReported
12961416 May 2016StaffordshirePotholes at entrance to Station Road\nReported
12961316 May 2016Essexpothole crumbling away and getting bigger each dayReported
12961215 May 2016DevonA396Potholes in south bound lane of the A396 in the approach to the roundabout on the junction with the A361. Worst is about 8 inches square x 2 inches deep. Others are bigger but not so deep. They ar…Reported
12961115 May 2016SwanseaPothole - 300 MM. from curb, 30mm deep In direct path for cyclist and at pinch point in road caused by traffic island\n\nWheel damage and puncture 15.5.2016\nReported
12961015 May 2016NorfolkTuttles Lane East (B1135)There is a pothole on Tuttles Lanes East (B1135) at the end of Estelle Way where it meets Tuttles Lane East.Reported
12960915 May 2016HillingdonIckenham RdHole in manhole coverReported
12960815 May 2016LincolnshireYork roadHas been there for over 2 monthsReported
12960715 May 2016BarnetDeep pothole in the middle of the road forcing cars to endanger other road users to avoidReported
12960615 May 2016LancashireNumerous potholes along entire length of yewtree road causing significant hazard to cyclists.Reported
12960515 May 2016LancashireEdge breaking up Reported
12960415 May 2016LancashireDeep potholes and edge break up Reported
12960315 May 2016DevonPark LaneRemains of metal pole sticking out of the road.Reported
12960215 May 2016KentSmooth manhole mid corner, very slippery when wet followed by pot holes and rut on cycling line left of road heading in to Longfield road. Reported
12960115 May 2016Bradfordsigned cycle pathsigned cycle route is obstructed making it impossible to ride past, the cycle path is not maintained and the lighting is obscured by vegatationReported
12960015 May 2016BradfordCycle pathy route 66Glass and dangerous objects on signed cycle routeReported
12959915 May 2016WarringtonBeech RoadpotholeReported
12959815 May 2016Transport for LondonA21 Lewisham High Stbig hole next to drain coverReported
12959715 May 2016BrentVERY Deep potholeReported
12959615 May 2016BrentPoor road surface - road is uneven and layers under the Tarmac have been exposedReported
12959515 May 2016BrentPoor road surface and potholeReported

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