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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
11414819 Mar 2015RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadLarge pothole within area of broken up road surface. You have marked this up for repair for nearly two weeks but have yet to make a repair. Will this be repaired next week when the road is shut AGAI…Reported
11414719 Mar 2015CamdenVery deep pothole right where cyclists should be cycling. Reported
11414619 Mar 2015RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadLarge area of collapsing road and potholes that you have marked up to repair for twoo weeks but have yet to repair. Potholes are getting worse. Will you fix these when this road is shut AGAIN next …Reported
11414519 Mar 2015HerefordshireLarge pothole on debris strewn roadReported
11414419 Mar 2015HerefordshireLarge pothole on debris strewn roadReported
11414319 Mar 2015RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadLarge pothole that has been marked up for repair for two weeks now and still no repair made and pothole is getting worse. Will this be fixed during the Road Closure AGAIN?Reported
11414219 Mar 2015HerefordshireLarge pothole on debris strewn roadReported
11414119 Mar 2015HerefordshireLarge pothole on debris strewn roadReported
11414019 Mar 2015RenfrewshireB790 Houston RoadLeak and flood from Scottish Water recently "repaired" bit of road. SW dug up the road here, put it back and there is water pouring out from the cover flap, flooding the road and the adjacent Farmer…Reported
11413919 Mar 2015BristolPothole developing in the middle of the road along previous road maintenance.\nKicking up loose material.\nIn progress
11413819 Mar 2015HampshireWide pothole, gravel below tarmac surface visibleReported
11413719 Mar 2015CumbriaBadly repaired pothole on exit from roundabout into Washington street area. Creates a hazard to motorcyclists. Reported
11413619 Mar 2015WandsworthDryburgh RoadLarge pothole right in the centre of the road. This is an issue for cyclists as there are cars parked along the side of the road, so you are cycling fairly centrally. To make matters worse it is just…Reported
11413518 Mar 2015CambridgeshireStation Road, Tilbrooktarmac surface lost. causing potholes and uneven surface in area of previous poor patching,Reported
11413418 Mar 2015Central BedfordshireLondon Road?loss of road surfaceReported
11413318 Mar 2015NottinghamshireA6005 - Quuen's Road WestOn my way to work this morning, cycling at approximately 22mph in the flow of traffic and travelling towards Beeston, I hit one of the numerous potholes along this stretch of Queen's Road West. The f…Reported
11413218 Mar 2015CamdenKentish town rdDeep saucer shaped hole on Kentish town rdReported
11413118 Mar 2015SouthamptonThird Avenue, SouthamptonVery uneven road surface which is particularly hazardess for cyclingReported
11413018 Mar 2015SurreyTrumpsgreen RoadPothole, sunken surface around drain.Reported
11412918 Mar 2015Windsor and MaidenheadA30Pothole, middle of carriageway.Fixed
11412818 Mar 2015SurreyA30 / A325Ruts, potholes and sunken drain cover around roundaboutReported
11412718 Mar 2015Highways AgencyA46 at Beckford, WorcestershireThe surface is deteriorating rapidly. There are 2 main holes and the wheel rut formed by lorries is increasing. As it is the A46 I've not measured accurately. The danger to bikes and motor bikes is I…Reported
11412618 Mar 2015Swindonstirling roadsunken drain very deep, I hit it with a thud, I have 19" alloy wheels with low profile tires and have checked them thoroughly! thankfully no damage to alloy wheel but have had my tracking checked and…Reported
11412518 Mar 2015PooleKnights road, Bear Wood,PooleVery uneven raised road surface around manhole cover, sufficient to affect cycle steering to the unwary. Extends from kerb into carriageway.Reported
11412418 Mar 2015East DunbartonshireMosshead Roaddeep pothole at junctionReported
11412318 Mar 2015DerbyshireSelina StPotholeReported
11412218 Mar 2015Cheshire EastPothole Reported
11412118 Mar 2015Cheshire EastLarge pothole Reported
11412018 Mar 2015Birminghampothole on inside bendReported
11411918 Mar 2015DenbighshireunclassifiedPotholes, unevenness due to rut or gully, debris on road surface, debris on edge of road. Last year the council marked this road for repair, no repairs carried out, why ? con job or just could not be…Reported
11411818 Mar 2015CumbriaHollygate road, Dalton in Furness3 inch deep pothole, near edge of road but in line with near side wheelsReported
11411718 Mar 2015Suffolkno name of roadTwo potholes one outside each house.Reported
11411618 Mar 2015EssexChequers LanePothole 6 feet from the junction of the road into Chequers Lane from Stortford RoadReported
11411518 Mar 2015EssexStortford RoadThe hazard is a sunken manhole at the junction off a main road from the only entrance tothe residential area and Primary School. Many drivers are swerving to avoid it and causing near miss to traffic…Reported
11411418 Mar 2015East RenfrewshireCampsie GardensBroad pothole with break up of surrounding area.Reported
11411318 Mar 2015HampshireBent LaneA huge section of potholes that have now joined together. Opposite Bent Cottage just before the corner if you look on google maps you can see it clearly. It is difficult to miss as you have to get o…Reported
11411218 Mar 2015East RenfrewshireCampsie GardensPair of potholes either side of previous roadwork repair.Reported
11411118 Mar 2015East RenfrewshireCampsie GardensDeep pothole adjacent to previous repair.Reported
11411018 Mar 2015WestminsterSussex Gardens / A4209Potholes just before roundaboutReported
11410918 Mar 2015East RenfrewshireFenwick Roadlarge depression has broken up and is exposing cablingReported
11410818 Mar 2015CumbriaGarnett Bridge roadSeveral potholes have developed along Garnett Bridge road with one on the bridge which cannot be avoided. There are at least 3 serious holes heading back along GB road towards Potter Fell road.Reported
11410718 Mar 2015Isle of WightPothole in line with offside wheelsReported
11410618 Mar 2015South LanarkshireBig pothole at bottom of slip road when turning right for lesmahagowReported
11410518 Mar 2015North LanarkshireReally deep pothole coming down from overtown right at the last bend before law road end! Reported
11410418 Mar 2015Dudleywaterfront wayA collection of potholes around the edge of a traffic island and also in the centre driving area of the islandReported
11410318 Mar 2015ManchesterWilmslow RoadRoad markings are nearly invisible - cyclists in danger from cars frequently driving over cycle lanes (and often at speed). Poses a serious collision risk to cyclists and other motoristsReported
11410218 Mar 2015ManchesterParrswood RoadSerious potholes in southbound carriageway - the section of road between the junction with Fog Lane and the junction with School Lane is in poor condition with many potholes and bumps - some are part…Reported
11410118 Mar 2015WakefieldAs photo. Bad surface including two bad potholes.Rejected
11410018 Mar 2015Ealingouside number 9 pot holesReported
11409918 Mar 2015Cheshire West and ChesterPoor road repair, now causing double potholes and rutFixed

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