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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
13331713 Nov 2016WokinghamArbor Lane, WinnershA round hole with sharp edges about half a metre from the pavement, just where cycles runFixed
13331613 Nov 2016Wiltshiremanhole cover surround has collapsed with deep hole all around Reported
13331513 Nov 2016BuckinghamshireAlice Lane BurnhamLarge pothole and two smaller potholesReported
13331412 Nov 2016WirralKings ParadeA trench in the road has sunk with use and is now several inches below the road surface which could be damaging to vehicle suspension. It is very noticeable when traveling over it.Reported
13331312 Nov 2016EdinburghPothole arising from badly repaired roadwork trench. \nReported
13331212 Nov 2016StaffordshireMile flatBy the traffic lights is a big pothole, vehicles are swerving to avoid it causing them to go on the other side of the road, or cars are going down the hole and causing damage to there vechickes.Reported
13331112 Nov 2016DevonVery uneven & broken surface. Reported
13331012 Nov 2016Devonharepath hill A3052pothole and road breaking upReported
13330912 Nov 2016AberdeenMassive crater with burst pipe spewing water.Reported
13330812 Nov 2016AberdeenHuge pothole.Reported
13330712 Nov 2016HertfordshirePothole in middle of road\nReported
13330612 Nov 2016South Gloucestershirecromhall lanereported Pothole was fixed earlier in the year. now a new one has formed next to it. very hard to see at night, especially when full of water from rain.Reported
13330512 Nov 2016South GloucestershireB4058edge sinking from recent roadworks by wessex water.Reported
13330412 Nov 2016South Gloucestershirehacket lnpotholeReported
13330312 Nov 2016SheffieldHutcliffe Wood RoadCouple of large potholes, just after left hand bend.Reported
13330212 Nov 2016Southamptonlarge pothole very close to kerb and difficult to manoeuvre around in traffic.Reported
13330111 Nov 2016Cumbrialinwood road renfrewshire, pa1 scotlandroad full of holes past patching needs resurfaced.Reported
13330011 Nov 2016CumbriaLow Fellside Hill into Booths Car Park in KendalOn Low Fellside Hill down into EH Booths Car Park, there are at least four Potholes in the hill which need filling inReported
13329911 Nov 2016Renfrewshireferguslie park avenue, paisley, pa1fergusle park avenue,fergulsie, paisley,renfrewshire, pa1Reported
13329811 Nov 2016Renfrewshireferguslie, paisley, renfrewshire, pa1r74 street lamp pole dark Ferguslie, pa1Reported
13329711 Nov 2016CumbriaIntersection near to Station Road by Atlantis KitchensOn Station Road in Kendal, just past Stagecoach Bus Depot, there is a small intersection with a Give Way Sign on It and next to this street Sign is a rather large pothole, which is quite deep and it…Reported
13329511 Nov 2016Canal and Rivers Trust / Scottish CanalsBaber DriveI got 3 punctures on 3 of my tires the other day and I was already getting late to work. I have told my local council before but they say that our road is brilliant. I disagree and many of my neighbo…Reported
13329411 Nov 2016DurhamFreemans placeManhole at least 10 cms below road.Fixed
13329311 Nov 2016Telford and WrekinB4394 Shawbicrh Road Allslcott3 nos. Open gullies due to Missing gully gratingsReported
13329211 Nov 2016Telford and WrekinBtween Wappenshall and PrestoBroken SurfacingReported
13329111 Nov 2016Highways EnglandGable roadBig pothole on Gable Road Mirehouse, on the side near the labour club.Reported
13329011 Nov 2016LewishamCreeksideLarge depression (c.25cm deep) in the road surfaceReported
13328911 Nov 2016Northamptonshiregravel on road Reported
13328811 Nov 2016Northamptonshiregravel on road Reported
13328711 Nov 2016Northamptonshiregravel on road Reported
13328611 Nov 2016AberdeenshireDeep pothole, a real danger to cyclists.Reported
13328511 Nov 2016Bath and North East SomersetStaples HillSection of road with missing tarmac on corner of Staples Hill. Makes it impossible to take the correct line through the bend, forces cyclist into middle of road on steep, dangerous, blind corner.Reported
13328411 Nov 2016Cheshire EastPoor road repairReported
13328311 Nov 2016Cheshire EastInside of bend all uneven with potholesReported
13328211 Nov 2016GloucestershireMork Roadlarge pothole toward centre of narrow road just out from turning to some cottages on left hand sided - direction approaching Lindors hotelReported
13328111 Nov 2016IslingtonYork WaySeveral poyholes / cracks around the southbound 390 bus stop areaRejected
13328011 Nov 2016NorthamptonshireA428 Bedford RoadThere is a strip across the road where roadworks have taken place. The surface has sunken where the road has been dug up. The surface needs raising/ resurfacing to match the level of the rest of th…Reported
13327910 Nov 2016SurreyLonesome Lane, HorleyThis hole is in the driveline for cars and also bikes.Reported
13327810 Nov 2016StaffordshireD21469 potholes on 40m length of country lane causing difficult driving, hazard to passangers/drivers, potential vehicle damage and icy hazard when the water in the holes freezes.Reported
13327710 Nov 2016Leicestershireat foot of steps from platform 2. wife stepped in it because no lighting. urgent fix required.Reported
13327610 Nov 2016WestminsterDeep pothole right on corner. Would break a bicycle wheel if hit. Reported
13327510 Nov 2016NorfolkVery deep pothole on left hand side of road heading to Poringland from Stoke Holy Cross. Rough size of a dustbin lid and about 10cm deep.Fixed
13327410 Nov 2016South GloucestershireShellards LaneShellard's Lane heading East just before a bend, a deep pothole which could easily burst a tyre or damage a wheel, and cause a fall. Marked with white paint for many months yet no action to fill it u…Reported
13327310 Nov 2016West SussexStonefield closePot hole located on the road next to a curb. Dangerous to buggys or bikes!Reported
13327210 Nov 2016BristolNarrow sunken area alongside manhole cover, difficult to see and especially hazardous to cyclists. Nearly took me off last night and the shock was so severe that it threw the panier off my rack.Reported
13327110 Nov 2016RenfrewshireA8 Greenock Road56th report Large regular flood that blocks Paisley bound side of the A8 carriageway on leaving Bishopton. Flood is up to 250mm deep right across that side of the road. There is either no drainage he…Reported
13327010 Nov 2016LancashireSunken manhole, on Chain House Lane outside Garden Centre. In line with passenger side wheels. Sends shudder through car each time you run over it. Will cause damage to alloys. When cars see it t…Reported
1332699 Nov 2016North SomersetBasin formed due to poor specification of resurfaced adjoining old surface, uneven, fills with water diesel mix slippery, likely freeze in weeks to come.Reported
1332689 Nov 2016SuffolkPothole at edge of road, currently marked by the two traffic cones in itReported

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