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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
11616912 May 2015EdinburghElliot PlaceMultiple potholes/ badly broken road surface. The road has had speed bumps recently installed but the road surface continues to be of a terrible condition. I'd previously reported the road under Ma…Reported
11616812 May 2015Boltonpotholes in middle of roadReported
11616712 May 2015LancashireChequer LaneRoad worn out many potholes on both sidesReported
11616612 May 2015WiganWinstanley RoadDeep pothole in roadReported
11616512 May 2015LancashireMill Lane Up HollandContinuous poor surface with many potholesReported
11616412 May 2015Aberdeenfailing repair, already marked, not fixedReported
11616312 May 2015BarnetTenterden GroveLarge crater in road. Large enough to grab and hold a bicycle wheel, with high probability of sending the rider over the handlebars. Wide tyre marks on the road nearby. Major building work nearby.Fixed
11616212 May 2015ThurrockVarious potholes over 100 yards of varying depth, quite dangerous.Reported
11616112 May 2015SurreyLarge area at junction up to station. Severely rutted potholed and poorly repaired surfacing steep incline in placesReported
11616012 May 2015WarwickshireMultiple potholes in a very dangerous place pushing vehicles into oncoming traffic on a narrow bend. Off church side of the bridge on the hill. On the downward slope.Reported
11615911 May 2015NorthumberlandSmall pothole. Not hazardous for cars but cyclists. \nRejected
11615811 May 2015DurhamAnother deep pothole just yards from a recently filled oneIn progress
11615711 May 2015LeedsBelle Isle RoadThe entire length of Belle Isle Road has had loose, sharp gravel strewn across it in a very poor attempt to resurface the road. This has wrecked both of my tyres as they are now cut to shreds and has…Reported
11615611 May 2015HertfordshireAlbury Road / Gunns RoadVery bad, uneven surface, post holed and rutted from edge to edge for at least 150MReported
11615511 May 2015SurreyPothole near left side of road when travelling Sth WestReported
11615411 May 2015StockportMajor deterioration around drain leaving exposed ironwork posing a hazard to bikes and cars. There are remains of a poor quality previous repair. \n\nI have a photo but can't submit it through the ap…Reported
11615311 May 2015HackneyMiddleton Roadvery poor road surface for cyclists - all the way along road. Ruts, deep potholes, rough surface. Raised tables at junctions are too steep and uncomfortableReported
11615211 May 2015WarwickshireA452 Leamington RoadMany potholes close together, section of road needs relaying due to heavy use from trafficReported
11615111 May 2015CumbriaA7 heading northPothole on northern side of bridge at Westlinton on A7 at start of bridgeReported
11615011 May 2015CambridgeshirePark roaddeep pothole at edge of road, parking opposite means it is hard to avoid.Fixed
11614911 May 2015SouthamptonBassett AvenuePotholes and uneven road all along Bassett AvenueReported
11614811 May 2015SurreyChurch laneThere is a large pothole around a drain on the road near my house it on the driving line, some one will have an accident or a burst tyre and several along the road.Reported
11614711 May 2015SurreyRepair to road following previous gully had started collapsing, leaving a foot wide trench starting to form across the entire road, just as you exit the corner.Reported
11614611 May 2015KentSt Johns RoadThe lines marking the cycle lane along St Johns Road in Tunbridge Wells are worn out and invisible. They give very little protection to cyclists but what little they do give is reduced when they are …Reported
11614511 May 2015West SussexTruslers Hill LaneSunken drain that hides in the shadowsReported
11614411 May 2015Kentold otford roadMud, debris and sharp plant cuttings on the cycle track surface. This hazard has been previously cleared by yourselves less than 6 weeks ago but due to poor/blocked drainage has recurred. The thorns …Reported
11614311 May 2015KentFarmcombe RoadPothole around a manhole in the road surface. The hole is located outside the driveway of number 60 Farmcombe Road, Tunbridge WellsReported
11614211 May 2015BarnetA massive pothole is getting worse around a sunken manhole. Reported
11614111 May 2015HampshireLockerley Road, Between Dunbridge & Butts Green, LockerleyA series of potholes & broken surface defectsReported
11614011 May 2015HampshireBotley Road, RomseyPoorly refilled trench right across roadReported
11613911 May 2015HampshireTemplars Way, between Asda & School Lane Roundabouts.Sunken trench right across road, especially bad in traFFIC LANES WHERE TRAFFIC HAS pushed surface down more. Sharp edges to trench cause "thump" when crossing. This has been reported before, has NO…Reported
11613811 May 2015Highways EnglandChestnut Ave. EastleighArea previously repaired now a hazard - a square pothole in centre of roadReported
11613711 May 2015Transport ScotlandA99Dangerous on the exit after a bend on the A99 with a 60mph road limit. Completely burst my tyreReported
11613611 May 2015Brighton and HoveCoombe RoadWhere the speed hump was taken out at the chicane, four potholes have formed (at car width, at each side of the repair). Potholes are now so big that cars are swerving to avoid them, and if I drive d…Fixed
11613511 May 2015DenbighshireGladstone terrace out of LlandyrnogPothole, unevenness due to rut or gully, surface poorly restored after roadworks.Reported
11613411 May 2015BarnetPothole and hazard for cyclists particularly if passing along on a cycle with a another vehicle Reported
11613311 May 2015WalsallLake AvenuePothole found with water leakage around the areaReported
11613210 May 2015Cheshire EastMill LaneDangerous Gap due to sunken manhole cover around its sideReported
11613110 May 2015Cheshire EastPexhill RdMissing cover for water stop cock in roadReported
11613010 May 2015SomersetPotholes\nReported
11612910 May 2015Waltham ForestPothole arising from poorly maintained road surface Fixed
11612810 May 2015DerbyshireLongford LaneLarge potholes on the apex of a bend, with lots of gravel/stone across the road.Reported
11612710 May 2015Cheshire Eastboothbed lnlots of potholes and broken road surfaceReported
11612610 May 2015NewhamWestfield Avenue, E20Manhole has shaken loose and detached from surrounding road surface, leaving dangerous sunken gap around it.Reported
11612510 May 2015WiganVery deep hole Reported
11612410 May 2015LeedsRing RoadDeep pothole in road just before entrance to Marks and Spencer storeReported
11612310 May 2015StockportThe road surface around this junction is terrible. Big holes which damage vehicles and need attention. \nIt's clear they have not been repaired in a long time. Reported
11612210 May 2015EssexPothole from poorly maintained road. anger out for cycling\nReported
11612110 May 2015EssexPothole arising from poorly maintain drain. Dangerous for a cyclistReported
11612010 May 2015EssexPothole arising from poorly maintained drainReported

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