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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
10770427 Sep 2014Lincolnshirestallingborough road, keelbyvery deep pot hole on edge of roadFixed
10770327 Sep 2014Dumfries and Gallowaya77large pothole travelling towards girvan near to middle of roadReported
10770227 Sep 2014Dumfries and Gallowayb70212 pothole next to each otherReported
10770127 Sep 2014SunderlandRoad in very poor condition on the brow of the hill east boundRejected
10770026 Sep 2014SunderlandPlastic 5x10 half batt. Kerb has a hole through approx 5ins. X 8inchs . Severe trip hazard as young children play in this locationFixed
10769926 Sep 2014SurreyKent Road, E. Moleseydip in road surface at right angles to carraigewayReported
10769826 Sep 2014EssexBrentwood RoadPothole running lengthwaysReported
10769626 Sep 2014ManchesterParrs Wood RoadA horizontal band of pot hole just as the road ascends causing immediate braking and then bouncing of a bicycleReported
10769526 Sep 2014TraffordThe surface of the road is badly broken up. Reported
10769426 Sep 2014DevonBuckeridge Avenue, Teignmouth, DevonLarge area that has lost top surfaceReported
10769326 Sep 2014DevonBuckeridge Avenue, Teignmouth, DevonPot hole in centre of roadReported
10769226 Sep 2014Cheshire EastMud/manure from nearby farm causes road to be very low in grip (i.e. slippy and skid risk is high)Reported
10769126 Sep 2014WiltshireA338Road surface along edge of manhole broken away leaving hole.Reported
10769026 Sep 2014OxfordshireNorth Hinksey LaneAn intermittent deep rut along the edge of the northbound carriageway. Children cycle to and from North Hinksey Primary School along this road & the rut is a serious hazard to them. Follow the lin…Reported
10768926 Sep 2014OxfordshireNorth Hinksey LaneA deep gash inroad surface, easily enough to through a cyclist off their bicycle, immediately south of a pedestrian crossing. On the other side of the pedestrian crossing, the road surface is torn…Reported
10768825 Sep 2014Cheshire EastBooth lane, middlewich.In the middle of a main road. And is leaking water.Reported
10768725 Sep 2014SurreyThe DriftOver half a mile of appalling road surface, akin to the third world. The whole length of The Drift is a danger to cyclists and to cars' suspension systems.Reported
10768625 Sep 2014Birminghamscotland lanehuge pot hlesReported
10768525 Sep 2014Birminghamkitwell lanelots of potholes very dangerous for a cyclist trying to avoid the speed bumps and cars..forced through them!!!Reported
10768425 Sep 2014SurreyTwo separate deep wide ruts on a steep descent due to poorly maintained repairs. There s no room to avoid traffic for cyclists on this descent. Leads to an enormous pothole at the end. Deadly. Reported
10768325 Sep 2014SurreyHuge pothole at the bottom of a stretch of poorly maintained Tarmac on a steep hill. There is little room for cars to avoid a bicycle taking evasive action. Extremely dangerous. Fixed
10768225 Sep 2014Kingston-upon-ThamesBurton Road, KingstonVery bad road surface combined with several potholes over a wide area. When travelling west on King's road on a bicycle and turning into Burton road the pot holes make it very dangerous. This will …In progress
10768125 Sep 2014HertfordshireQuite a few potholes in road, aome on the side where people park. Main hole is in middle of road and getting rapidly largerReported
10768025 Sep 2014GlasgowTantallon RoadBadly eroded utility track containing numerous potholes. Right on cyclists running line. A real hazard. Right outside Langside Primary School too !. Been this way for years.Reported
10767925 Sep 2014GloucestershireB4008Pot hole.Reported
10767825 Sep 2014BuckinghamshireBell LaneMultiple potholes across the roadReported
10767725 Sep 2014Canal and Rivers Trust / Scottish CanalsMud covering significant portion of pathReported
10767625 Sep 2014NorfolkFifers laneVarious potholes, of various depths, rutting in the road. Very dangerous for cyclists.Reported
10767525 Sep 2014Powysberrington hill (bottom of) cwmtwrchPotholes and cracking across whole section of roadReported
10767425 Sep 2014South GloucestershireChurch road.Long ridge pothole with a couple deep potholes either end which is unavoidable on a pushbike.Reported
10767325 Sep 2014South GloucestershireLong pothole ridge covering most of the road including a couple deep potholes which are unavoidable on a pushbike.Reported
10767225 Sep 2014SurreyParley DriveBroken glass and debrisReported
10767125 Sep 2014South GloucestershireThis is a long deep pothole which is Unavoidable on a push bike. Reported
10767025 Sep 2014Denbighshirea539Large number of pot holes. Just round the bend in the road, very hard to see before being right on top of them.Reported
10766925 Sep 2014South GloucestershireThis is a long deep pothole which is Unavoidable on a push bike. Reported
10766825 Sep 2014South GloucestershireThis is a long deep pothole which is Unavoidable on a push bike. Reported
10766725 Sep 2014South GloucestershireThis is a long deep pothole which is Unavoidable on a push bike. Reported
10766625 Sep 2014EssexA12PotholesReported
10766525 Sep 2014MedwayIslingham Farm RoadDeep pothole, seen at last minute (while cycling) on very dark unlit roadReported
10766425 Sep 2014GwyneddPotholes arising from badly repaired road works. Reported
10766325 Sep 2014GwyneddMultiple potholes arising from numerous road repairs. This is the case from the Glyntwrog to the top of Ceunant.Reported
10766224 Sep 2014West SussexWorthing RoadSmall access cover in roadway is sunken and looks like it could collapse further. It is situated on exactly the line that cyclists are likely to use coming northbound downhill on this road, so prese…Reported
10766124 Sep 2014ShropshireSydnal laneNumerous ruts and potholes all along this road that force cyclists onto the wrong side of the roadReported
10766024 Sep 2014BoltonSmith's RoadThe section of road has many pot holes of varying sizes and depths.Fixed
10765924 Sep 2014DerbyshireMultiple pot holes and uneven broken up road surfaceReported
10765824 Sep 2014NottinghamBull close roadRuts, lesions, cracks and ripples in the Tarmac.Reported
10765724 Sep 2014NottinghamMain roadRuts and lesions in the Tarmac surfaceReported
10765624 Sep 2014NottinghamMain roadVarious bits of patched repairs that have degraded, causing an area of potholes/ruts.Reported
10765524 Sep 2014NottinghamMain roadTarmac around manhole missing to a depth of 2 inches, ring width 4 inches approx.Reported
10765424 Sep 2014EssexLexden RoadPotholeReported

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