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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
13700822 Feb 2017East DunbartonshireDrymen RoadPotholes near busy roundaboutReported
13700722 Feb 2017Hertfordshirelarge wholeReported
13700522 Feb 2017BuckinghamshirepotholeReported
13700422 Feb 2017WarwickshireFosse wayWide, deep pothole along the edge of a drain cover. It is very hazardous due to its location on the narrow, fast Fosse Way road.Reported
13700322 Feb 2017LancashireBlindmans laneRaised manhole at edge of carriage way on blindmans lane ormskirkReported
13700222 Feb 2017LincolnshirePotholes and dangerous road surfaces at junction off A52 entrance Eaudyke Road opposite barley mowReported
13700122 Feb 2017GloucestershireOn the edge of the roadReported
13700022 Feb 2017BarnetPotholeReported
13699922 Feb 2017Barnet2ft longReported
13699822 Feb 2017Barnet1ft wideReported
13699722 Feb 2017SurreyRecurrent pothole with vicious edges. Is located to the near side of the road as you travel from Binscombe towards the B3000.Reported
13699622 Feb 2017HaringeyPoor repair. 2ft wide. 5cm deepReported
13699522 Feb 2017HaringeyDangerous downhill length of holeReported
13699422 Feb 2017HaringeyPothole Reported
13699322 Feb 2017SurreyFuel leak from garage on A23/Gatton Park Rd junction all the way up Gatton Park Road\nReported
13699222 Feb 2017NottinghamshireLarge potholeReported
13699122 Feb 2017SurreyBrockhamhurst Road, BetchworthThe road is breaking away at the edge and there is a large pothole which is impossible to avoid if there are cars coming from the other direction.Reported
13699022 Feb 2017Cheshire West and ChesterDeformed road surface with a tarmac "wave" for several metres westbound between side road and traffic lights. Reported
13698922 Feb 2017Cheshire EastTarmac bump then hole in road surface followed by long groove between two different road surface types. Extremely difficult to handle a bicycle on this surface. Requires pulling out towards centrelin…Reported
13698822 Feb 2017Stoke-on-Trentalastair road oakhill stoke on trentlarge pothole with potential of stones damaging nearby carsReported
13698722 Feb 2017HackneySignals not functioning properly for pedestrians/cyclistsReported
13698622 Feb 2017East SussexSluice LaneRoad surface missingReported
13698522 Feb 2017SurreyLockfield DrioveArea around single lane sleeping policeman traffic calming mound has sunk so impossible to traverse without risking possible damage to vehicle.Reported
13698422 Feb 2017SurreyA320Pothole on right side of southbound lane.Reported
13698322 Feb 2017A259 brighton road Shoreham by Sea west sussex3 holes aboutique 600 mm from the curb right where cyclist ride in the road. Each hole is approximately 500 mm long and 150 mm deep. These when raining disappear and create a dangerous hazardNew
13698222 Feb 2017DerbyshireGladstone Stdeep pothole in Gladstone St Glossop, about 5 yds from junction with Victoria StReported
13698122 Feb 2017IslingtonCleveland RoadPoor quality road surface that is dangerous for cyclists and this well used cycle routeReported
13698022 Feb 2017SuffolkOld Station Road Halesworth Suffolk IP198JJRoad surface not re-instated correctly leaving a hole with crumbling edges.Reported
13697922 Feb 2017BradfordValley RoadPothole in roadReported
13697822 Feb 2017Cheshire EastBuxton RoadA537 Buxton Road, just up from junction with Fence Avenue, middle of road is breaking up and is now extremely dangerous, problem has existed for many weeks and nothing has been doneReported
13697722 Feb 2017WandsworthTranmere Roadpothole on Tranmere road at the end of littleton street's southbound laneReported
13697622 Feb 2017Harrowbroken surfaceReported
13697522 Feb 2017PlymouthNumerous potholes on poor road surfaceReported
13697422 Feb 2017PlymouthPothole on badly maintained road\nReported
13697322 Feb 2017Cheshire EastMudhurst LaneReally bad pot hole that has deteriorated a lot in the past 2 months due to weather. I have hit it in my car and it felt like the car was going to fall apart, one hell of a crackReported
13697222 Feb 2017LincolnshireWigsley RoadBroken road surface at a cross roads with pot holes and fractured road. This has been a bad section of road for several years that is deteriorating further.Reported
13697122 Feb 2017Transport for LondonLondon Road A24Surface crack dangerous to cyclists. It's dangerous because traffic bottlenecks as you approach the lights and cars force you to ride closer to the kerb, then you hit the hole which puts you off bala…Reported
13697022 Feb 2017NottinghamshireMoor LaneThis piece of road has been a mess for some years. There are some poor quality previous repairs mixed with new potholesReported
13696922 Feb 2017TorbayCary ParadePothole TestReported
13696822 Feb 2017Transport for LondonCrack in surface dangerous to cyclists Reported
13696722 Feb 2017Lincolnshirebrant roadround potholeReported
13696622 Feb 2017SurreyA246 , Young StA246 (Young St) near Leatherhead on the bridge over the river Mole. In the last few days a fair sized area of the road has broken up causing a dangerous hazard to cyclists on a fast narrow stretch of…Reported
13696522 Feb 2017SurreyWalnut Tree CloseLoose drain cover on busy road with constant traffic causes a disturbing noise every time a car drives over it = disturbing and irritating for neighbouring flats!Reported
13696422 Feb 2017Hertfordshirenumerous potholes on inside lane Reported
13696322 Feb 2017RenfrewshireA8 Greenock Road67th report Large regular flood that blocks Paisley bound side of the A8 carriageway on leaving Bishopton. Flood is up to 250mm deep right across that side of the road. There is either no drainage he…Reported
13696222 Feb 2017BradfordPothole starting on corner as you come off the roundabout. Could be in a dangerous spot for cyclists Reported
13696122 Feb 2017BradfordHole opening up at traffic lightsReported
13696022 Feb 2017DevonA3072Large & deep potholeReported
13695922 Feb 2017Highways EnglandPothole in left hand lane of southbound carriageway as road passes over roundabout - large enough that people are swerving to avoid.Reported
13695822 Feb 2017Highways EnglandSeries of potholes from worn out road surface, there are 4 'stretches' of them which are merging together about 1 - 2m in length. They are on the a34 Carr great where the slip road joins and ate gett…Reported

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